Pacific Homecoming 2013

Scroll down for a crowd-sourced recap of the weekend's events, all collected from Tweets, Facebook posts, Instagram photos and Vine videos submitted under our event hashtag, "#PacificHC." Thanks to everyone who captured these moments and memories; see you next year!

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  1. Welcome to our look back at Pacific Homecoming 2013! It was a great weekend, full of wonderful memories.
  2. The thrill of high-flying stunts at Midnight Mania...
  3. ...and the agony of the feet...
  4. ...Creative and crowd-pleasing parade floats...
  5. Our first place, $500 winning float that my beautiful Tri Delta sisters and the brothers of Theta Chi worked so hard on; and it all paid off!! @pacifictridelta @pacificthetachi #homecoming #pacifichc
  6. ...and high-energy Lip Sync performances...
  7. Delta Gamma Lip Sync - Pacific 2013
  8. ...and...well, actually, we're not sure who these guys are, but they were all over the place this weekend.
  9. Come find us and get FREE SHIRTS! #pacifichc
  10. How did it begin? Days before anyone arrived, Tigers worked furiously to get ready for Homecoming...
  11. Midnight mania pom poms have arrived! Get yours at the Midnight Mania tailgate this Friday at 8pm! There will also be FREE food & beer! #PacificHC #FREE
  12. So excited to have been a part of planning University of the Pacific Homecoming 2013! Come check out the Homecoming Parade tomorrow starting at 1:00PM on the University Miracle Mile and Lip Sync at 2:30PM on Knoles Lawn. I look forward to seeing you there. GO TIGERS! #PacificHC #ASuopAE
  13. Shout out to Allison for helping us sew the finishing touches of the Parade Marshall's sash! #PacificHC #AllOrangeEverything @Allisondean92
  14. The morph suit men were all over campus, spreading Tiger spirit...seriously, who are those guys?
  15. Free Homecoming shirts! Look for us coming to a classroom near you. #pacificHC
  16. But they brought t-shirts, so we let them stay.
  17. And before we knew it, Homecoming had arrived!