Survivor to Thriver: Confronting Sexual Assault on Campus

More than 80 University of Rochester students, faculty, staff, and community members came together during Survivor to Thriver: Confronting Sexual Assault on Campus, to address issues of sexual assault and gender violence on college campuses.

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  1. University President Joel Seligman began Wednesday’s daylong series of events by offering remarks about the importance of combatting sexual violence, an area he said is of “fundamental importance” to the campus community. After expressing his gratitude to those who organized and supported the conference, Seligman said, “As a former law school dean who supported domestic violence clinics at two different law schools, I have been exposed first hand to the horror of sexual violence. I join those in our community who wish to take all appropriate steps to prevent sexual assault.”
  2. During the conference’s keynote address, former Division III student-athlete Maggie Maloy shared her personal story of recovery after an assault. 
  3. A panel discussion followed, focusing on demystifying the process of reporting acts of sexual assault. 
  4. Sexual Assault on Campus - Stop. Ask. Clarify.
  5. Activities moved to Wilson Commons in the afternoon, where attendees had the opportunity to view posters featuring ongoing efforts to prevent and respond to gender violence, while community and campus organizations shared information about their services in “Caring Circles.” 
  6. Two lectures delivered by English Professor David Bleich and Rev. Dr. C. Denise Yarbrough, director of Religious and Spiritual Life, rounded out the conference program.