The challenges posed by higher education worldwide

The First UOC International Research Symposium held on 18 December included a round table on The challenges posed by higher education worldwide which explored the role of the UOC, universities, research and higher education in a globalized and ever-changing world.


  1. December 2013 / by Aleix Cabrera
  2. The speakers were Dr. Manuel Castells, President of the UOC's Scientific Commission; Dr. Helga Nowotny, President of the European Research Council at European Commission; Dr. Brenda Gourley, Ex-Vice Chancellor of the Open University in United Kingdomosep; Dr. Martin Carnoy, Professor of Education and Economics at Stanford University, and Josep A. Planell, President of the UOC, who also moderated the round table.
  3. "The UOC in the Global University System", Dr Josep A. Planell

  4. The President of the UOC, Josep A. Planell, reflected on the Massive Open Online Courses (MOOC). He stated that, according to the trends in global education, students, faculty members and university branches are increasing as also the necessities of online education do. However, Planell considered that a MOOC is not really a course.
  5. In his presentation of the role of the UOC as a global and inclusive university, Planell also highlighted the fact that the growth of the digital generation brings with it further challenges for higher education.

  6. “Learning is something more dynamic than just sitting down and studying,” Planell said in conclusion.

  7. “The University  in the Information Age”, Dr Manuel Castells

  8. During his talk, Dr Manuel Castells said that “in a globalized world, we need a global network of universities” and highlighted their role in opening students’ minds to creativity and knowledge.