Unofficial Mills at Radio 1's Big Weekend 2015

Unofficial Mills spent the weekend at Radio 1's Big Weekend 2015 in Norwich.


  1. This weekend Radio 1's Big Weekend finally arrived in the East. Ten years of campaigning had finally paid off - as the event headed to Earlham Park in Norwich. And I was lucky enough to be there for both days.
  2. I was lucky enough to have a production pass to go many areas I've never had a chance to go before. It meant I saw a lot of Nick Grimshaw interviewing the stars backstage.
  3. But it also was a bit confusing about where I could go and couldn't go. At one point I was practically next to the main stage. I was innocently looking to find the festival site!
  4. The highlight for those in the guest area was the sparkly BBC Radio 1 logo which shone even when it started to rain.
  5. Scott was the first person to appear on stage at the weekend, introducing 5 Seconds of Summer. Although he didn't do the rap with them...
  6. There was a lot of talk in Norwich about Snoop's Norwich City match. They're playing a big game on Monday, so this bolstered support.
  7. There were a lot of old faces backstage too. Andy Parfitt, the former boss of Radio 1, and Comedy Dave.
  8. Back in the backstage area there were a lot of interviews taking place for the Radio 1 Breakfast Show and the live shows that day. This was the closest I came to the artists as they stood by the massive '1' outside Earlham Hall.
  9. There was a lot of ticker tape and confetti this year. It didn't seem to behave and looked like the stage had been attacked by kids with toilet roll.
  10. I'm sure the wheel was bigger at previous Big Weekend events. Perhaps they had to downsize it to fit in the farmer's market? Playing to the Norfolk stereotypes there!