UNICEF's Next Generation Photo Benefit: #SeeingZERO

This year’s UNICEF's Next Generation Photo Benefit was a huge success, raising over $50,000 from ticket sales and the photography auction. All proceeds from the event will support UNICEF’s Next Generation’s Colombia Project.

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  1. @UNICEFNextGen photo benefit - amazing crowd and amazing photos all to a great cause!! @ Milk Gallery  http://instagram.com/p/ZboAhQrwBU/ rwBU/
  2. An incredible show of support - the gallery was packed throughout the night!
  3. Bacchus to the future: @awolerizku with his photo at #UNICEF benefit #seeingzero
  4. The super cool Nii-AMA and Juli at #seeingzero
  5. With two Nicole's at the Unicef Photo Benefit #unicef #unicefnextgen #unicefusa
  6. #nextgenphoto #unicefusa #nyc #milkstudios At the Unicef Photo Benefit with steering committee member Jaime Jimenez and my date Nikki Scrivener. #success #seeingzero #change
  7. Highlights from the @unicefnextgen photo benefit in #NYC last night. Surpassed our fundraising goal by more than $10K & raised awareness of @unicefusa's lifesaving work (+ my photo on top got 4 bids!) #believeinzero #seeingzero #everychild
  8. FEED Projects, UNICEF Inspired Gifts and Prinstagram photos were all on hand.
  9. The instagrams looked AMAZING at the @unicefnextgen photo benefit! Thanks @prinstagram for the beautiful prints!
  10. The theme of this year’s photo benefit is “Seeing ZERO.” The benefit showcased photographs from both professional and UNICEF's Next Generation photographers that represent ZERO in a shape, feeling, place or abstraction.