1. Data Innovation: Generating Climate Solutions
  2. On 12 November, UN Global Pulse and Western Digital announced the winners of the Data for Climate Action (D4CA) challenge during an event at the Sustainable Innovation Forum. The event celebrated the winning projects and brought together business leaders, data scientists, and climate experts for interactive talks, discussions, and demonstrations of data visualizations and innovations.
  3. Data Innovation: Generating Climate Solutions
  4. The programme kicked off with recorded remarks by Deputy Secretary-General Amina J. Mohammed, who stressed the importance of data, innovation and technology for effective climate action.
  5. This message was reiterated by the U.N. Secretary-General’s Special Advisor on Climate Change, who noted in his keynote address the urgent need not only to act on climate, but to collaborate to harness new methods, technologies, and tools to inform decision-making and operational processes on the ground.
  6. He went on to highlight the importance of initiatives like the #D4CA challenge to catalyze shared commitment to use data to address climate change. He also emphasized the twofold purpose of data for good: leaving no one behind and shutting no one out of the process of realizing the 2030 Agenda.
  7. A panel of business leaders from Orange, Tableau, Planet and Earth Networks then engaged in discussions around the business incentives of donating data for social good, and provided examples of successful initiatives enabled through effective partnerships and stakeholder engagement.
  8. A second panel of data science and climate experts from Twitter, Western Digital, the World Resources Institute, and the International Centre for Tropical Agriculture (CIAT) tackled the importance of collaboration between the two fields and explored how some of the latest developments in machine learning and big data can support action on climate.
  9. The event concluded with the announcement of the winners of the D4CA challenge who presented their projects and thanked the 11 companies who provided the data and tools for this competition.
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  11. Innovation and Entrepreneurship for Transformative Climate Solutions

    At an event organised by UNIDO and WFP on 14 November, the head of Pulse Lab Jakarta talked about the Lab’s collaboration with government and other stakeholders, focusing on how they use innovation projects for achieving the SDGs in Indonesia.
  12. Data Innovation for Climate Action Fireside Chat at the Sustainable Innovation Forum

    The same day, the director of UN Global Pulse and the VP of Western Digital engaged in a discussion about #dataphilanthropy, #dataprivacy, and the frameworks that need to be put in place to ensure big data is harnessed safely for the public good.
  13. Innovation for SDGs and Climate Action

    The SDG Action Campaign organized an event on 15 November where governments, the private sector and civil society showcased innovative and transformative solutions for achieving the SDGs.
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