1. UN Data Innovation Lab Workshop Series

    On 22 and 23 September 2016, UN Global Pulse and UNDP hosted the second Data Innovation Lab workshop at the Microsoft Technology Centre in New York. The workshop is part of the ‘UN Data Innovation Lab workshop series,’ an initiative established by the UN System Chief Executives Board (CEB) in October 2015.
  2. The 2-day event brought together over 12 UN agencies with firsthand institutional knowledge of UN programmatic activities keen on further leveraging traditional and emerging sources of data.
  3. The event kicked off with remarks from UN Global Pulse Director, Robert Kirkpatrick, and UNDP Director of Strategic Policy, Pedro Conceição.

  4. Participants split into groups of six to design their own data innovation projects from initial idea to project concept. A group of data experts were also invited to the workshop and helped participants think through their project ideas.
  5. In addition to providing hands-on expertise and guidelines, Global Pulse and UNDP also previewed the “Data Innovation for Development Guide: from Idea to Proof-of-Concept” manual, a methodology that outlines the most important elements of designing and implementing a big data project.
  6. Data innovation and big data for the SDGs

    Lowering barriers to innovation by broadening awareness of the opportunities around big data for the public good is paramount to Global Pulse’s work.

    On 23 September 2016, Global Pulse, Microsoft and the SDG Action Campaign organized the #DataPlayground at the Microsoft Technology Centre in New York which gathered more than 130 participants. The event showcased a display of interactive visualizations from Global Pulse, Microsoft, the SDG Action Campaign, UNICEF, UNDP and UNHCR among others.

    Data innovations were explored during four breakout presentations:
    - Humanitarian Insights with Machine Learning (OCHA and Microsoft)
    - Big Data for SDGs (UN Global Pulse)
    - Numbers to Action (UN SDG Action Campaign and Paragon Partners)
    - Mobile Vulnerability Analysis and Mapping (mVAM): Delivering real-time food security data through mobile technology (UN World Food Programme)
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  8. On the theme of broadening awareness about the topic of big data for the SDGs Jake Porway, Founder and Executive Director of DataKind, and Anoush Tatevossian, Head of Strategic Partnerships and Communications for UN Global Pulse engaged in a discussion at the SDG Media Zone, live-streamed from the UN Headquarters.
  9. Finally, Global Pulse emphasized the role of big data for climate resilience by announcing the Data for Climate Action Challenge during the ‘Harnessing the Data Revolution for Climate Resilience’ panel organized by the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy, U.S. Department of State, and World Resources Institute.
  10. Data partnerships for the SDGs

    Over the past five years, Global Pulse has been working with forward thinking private companies willing to engage in data philanthropy by granting access to data and technology tools to the public sector.

    Two new partnerships were recently announced with BBVA and with Twitter.
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