People Power at McKenna's Ottawa Climate Consultation

Last night, an impressive turnout of close to 300 people participated to Catherine McKenna's town hall for the government's consultation on climate action. The People's Climate Plan and allies showed up and spoke up.


  1. Organizers from across Ottawa came together to help constituents, residents and the wider community speak up at the event.
  2. We kicked the evening off with a community meeting of about 50 people to talk about our shared values and get ready for the consultation

    Together, we discussed local concerns and ideas, and the best ways to bring the core pillars of the 'People's Climate Plan' to the consultation. We were calling for three things:
    1. Science-based action that keeps global warming under 1.5°C by keeping fossil fuels in the ground
    2. Building a 100% renewable energy economy by 2050,
    3. Justice for Indigenous Peoples, workers and climate-impacted communities
  3. When we got to the community centre, the line up outside kept growing and growing, until 100 people were waiting in line, spilling over into the street.

    Many had been told it would be over capacity or had not heard back about their registration, but many came anyway to speak up!
  4. While we waited, the community kept talking about the values that brought them here, and what kind of ambitious climate action we need to see from the government and hold them accountable to, including what the People's Climate Plan is calling for.
  5. The room was full, and Catherine McKenna announced there would be another town hall. Gave some details on the process of #CANClimateAction.
  6. After a presentation, people discussed in breakout groups along 4 themes. There were 24 tables in total buzzing with people bringing their values, ideas and solutions.
  7. Then people reported back and some inspiring truths came out. It was unclear how the report-backs would feed into the climate strategy public input -- but many expect their bold demands were heard.
  8. Some comments defined how ambitious people need the government to be on climate and most were met with loud, unanimous applause from the crowd.