#GreenWednesday - Protecting the environment

How can we protect our environment and reduce poverty simultaneously? Here are some of the most popular #GreenWednesday tweets and Facebook posts. Join the global discussion on protecting the environment - we’d love your input!

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  1. Nicaragua: Macario López Meléndez and his wife, Nellys Lanuza, live in Salale, a village affected by climate variability. Through a UNDP project Macario and his community acquired knowledge on sustainable land use and learned how to better use water resources. ©UNDP/Nicaragua
  2. Bangladesh: A boy walks his bike along a narrow mud path. Bangladesh is one of the countries most vulnerable to rising sea levels and frequency and intensity of extreme weather events. We work closely with the government in tackling these issues. ©GMB Akash/UNDP Bangladesh

  3. Climate change is one of the defining challenges of our time. Receding forests, changing rainfall patterns and rising sea levels will exacerbate existing economic, political and humanitarian stresses and affect human development in all parts of the world.
  4. Is it too late to reverse #ClimateChange?
  5. A sustainable agriculture can not only create opportunity for future environmental development but also eradicate poverty in the rural area.
  6. Agricultural geeks! As environmental sustainability is under severe threat, tell us for #GreenWednesday: how many organic farming methods and techniques do you know?