#ResilienceSunday - Preventing crises, enabling recovery

How can we make developing countries resilient to threats posed by conflicts and disasters? Here are some of the most popular #ResilienceSunday tweets and Facebook posts. Join the global discussion on preventing crisis and enabling recovery - we’d love your input!

  1. On #ResilienceSunday, we're sharing an old but beloved photo from UNDP Pakistan. After the 2010 floods, women in the province of Sindh, Pakistan took UNDP construction training classes, learned masonry and rebuilt their communities.

    Pictured are the first female masons of Sindth province to continue work as masons, traditionally a profession for men in Pakistan.
    Photo: Saotomi Kato
  2. On #ResilienceSunday, we're sharing an old but ...
  3. When a crisis strikes, we help build more resilient communities and lay the best possible ground work for longer-term development.

    For #ResilienceSunday read more about this crisis and prevention focus area here: on.undp.org/vUfyv
  4. When a crisis strikes, we help build more ...
  5. From blood diamonds to long lasting development in Sierra Leone - read @svbroc's blog:  http://on.undp.org/vTMAN  #ResilienceSunday
  6. "Central African Republic must not become another #Rwanda" says @UN Secretary-General:  http://on.undp.org/vGTCA  v@BBC #CARcrisis
  7. How did Rwanda progress with the #MDG's? Check out our final infographic in our 3 part #Kwibuka20 series: pic.twitter.com/1g2WUqfHSm
  8. After Rwanda genocide, reconciliation & reconstruction began. See #2 in our 3 part #Kwibuka20 infographics series: pic.twitter.com/6Rf0ijKSzZ
  9. Today marks the 20th commemoration of the Rwanda genocide. Check out #1 of our 3 part infographic series: #Kwibuka20 pic.twitter.com/GYFkF5E8t4
  10. 20 yrs ago nearly a million women, men & children were killed in the Rwandan genocide. See our vid msg 4 #Kwibuka20:  http://ow.ly/vwKZz 
  11. Rwanda, 20 Years Later
  12. " Resilience is all about being able to overcome the unexpected. Sustainability is about survival." - Jamais Cascio #ResilienceSunday
  13. FACT: 95% of disaster-related deaths occur in developing countries:  http://ow.ly/uQgHV  #ResilienceSunday
  14. Rebuilding trust between state & citizens = critical 4 post-crisis peace. More:  http://ow.ly/uQg9q  #ResilienceSunday #Gov4Peace
  15. WATCH: Infographic on importance of recovering livelihoods after crisis to save lives:  http://on.undp.org/v8NAm  #ResilienceSunday
  16. The building blocks of investing in our youth. Read blog to learn more:  http://on.undp.org/v8Olq  #ResilienceSunday
  17. " Resilience is all about being able to overcome the unexpected. Sustainability is about survival." - Jamais Cascio #ResilienceSunday
  18. One third of young people between 18 & 29 in Tunisia r jobless - we work 2 change this:  http://on.undp.org/uBPHG  #ResilienceSunday
  19. "Building resilience for sustained and sustainable development benefits from governance which is active, effective, honest, fair, and also, in my opinion, responsive and representative.

    I speak from a deep conviction that resilience is development."
    - Helen Clark
  20. in #Kosovo, a mother of 6 takes adult literacy classes so she can empower her kids out of poverty:  http://on.undp.org/u70VI  #ResilienceSunday
  21. “The difference between what we r doing and what we r capable of doing would solve most of the world’s problems.” - Ghandi #ResilienceSunday
  22. “The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.” - Gandhi #ResilienceSunday
  23. Nearly 25% of Africa’s GDP from extractive industry. How can we ensure profits benefit development?  http://on.undp.org/to36Y  #ResilienceSunday
  24. Education is the foundation of country ...
  25. In #Bangladesh, we introduced multilingual education and taught preschool children with their mother languages. The education kept the local languages and tradition alive and kids really felt in love with it! Read more: on.undp.org/t9vHQ #ResilienceSunday
  26. How do we help ppl in Jordan build their livelihoods? Check out this inspiring example:  http://on.undp.org/sVIEZ  #ResilienceSunday
  27. Pakistan: Schoolgirls pose for the camera during class at a Refugee Affected and Hosting Area (RAHA) Programme. Almost 1.7 million Afghan refugees still remain in Pakistan following their large-scale repatriation in 2002. ©UNDP Pakistan
  28. Jordan: Children inside a classroom at Za’atri refugee camp, host to tens of thousands of displaced Syrians. UNDP works to help ensure that the humanitarian response to the emergency also contributes to longer-term development objectives and more resilient communities. ©Mark Garten/UN
  29. More than 35,000 Palestinian refugees, formally
  30. More than 35,000 Palestinian refugees, formally living in Syria, have fled to neighboring Lebanon where they face terrible living conditions. We changed that for 2,000 of them. In cooperation with UN-HABITAT and the support of the Swiss Agency for Development and Coordination Government, the German government and the U.S. Department of State, we prepared more than 300 shelters for the winter.
  31. Bangladesh: A female beneficiary of a UNDP-supported project which helped build 15,000 disaster resilient homes and shelters, safeguarding millions of lives and livelihoods. Crisis prevention and recovery is essential to development and is a cornerstone of the work of UNDP. #ResilienceSunday #undp #pnud #Bangladesh #resilience #disaster #crisis #prevention #development
  32. How can we help prepare disabled people in developing nations for a natural disaster?
  33. UNDP Administrator Helen Clark visits Green One UN house
  34. For #ResilienceSunday, check out our video of the Green One UN House in Hanoi which contributes further to the efficiency and effectiveness of development results in Viet Nam.
  35. Burundi: Children play alongside the site of a new school, in Gitukura. War widows and war veterans have come together to help build the school, part of a UNDP-supported project, so that their children have access to education. Disasters and violent conflicts are among the two greatest threats to progress in human development in the 21st century. #ResilienceSunday #undp #pnud #Burundi #war #conflict #development
  36. Bangladesh: One of the world’s most vulnerable countries to the impacts of climate change, Bangladesh is also one of the leaders in adaptation strategies, particularly in flood protection systems, disaster management schemes and irrigation programmes. Together with the UNDP-UNEP Poverty-Environment Initiative (PEI), its finance ministry works to analyze spending on climate change. Crisis prevention and recovery is essential to development and is a cornerstone of our work. Analyzing and understanding disaster risk is a critical first step in the process of reducing that risk. UNDP provides advice and support to disaster prone developing countries through risk management programmes, so that governments are better able to understand, predict and anticipate disasters and the potential damage they may cause. #ResilienceSunday #undp #pnud #Bangladesh #DRR #CPR #disaster #crisis #prevention #recovery #climate
  37. How can we ensure peace and stability are ...
  38. How can we ensure peace and stability are positioned at the centre of the debate on a new global development agenda?

    Read more from our chief Helen Clark in the Guardian global development and share your thoughts for Resilience Sunday! ow.ly/p4jon
  39. How can women be agents of change in bringing peace to their community?Read more: on.undp.org/p3Nwz #ResilienceSunday
  40. FACT: 13 out of top 15 countries most vulnerable to natural disasters are in Africa: ow.ly/nMCWY #ResilienceSunday
  41. 'Where #women are economically disadvantaged, it is more difficult to build resilience to crises' - @HelenClarkUNDP #ResilienceSunday
  42. Fragile states are least prepared for natural disasters according to World Risk Report: ow.ly/nMCWY #ResilienceSunday
  43. A disaster resilient planet means everyone must be part of the solution: ow.ly/nvAnQ v @unisdr#iddr #ResilienceSunday
  44. Over the last 2 decades, nearly 2 trillion dollars have been lost to natural disasters: on.undp.org/nopBw #ResilienceSunday
  45. World Bank Building Resilience.jpg
  46. Training more female judges, lawyers & police increases prosecution of rape & assault cases: on.undp.org/mUZhR #ResilienceSunday
  47. To be resilient to disasters, cities must be engaged, aware, proactive & prepared - Jo Scheuer: on.undp.org/mDaSW #ResilienceSunday
  48. Armed violence costs global citizens $95-160 bil/yr in lost productivity:on.undp.org/mu5ur #ROL4Peace #ResilienceSunday
  49. Transnational organized crime is a threat to peace, human security & prosperity [video]: ow.ly/mgUpT v @UNODC #ResilienceSunday
  50. UNODC "Circulation" - English (60 seconds)
  51. 480937_10151416775812830_424665096_n.jpg
  52. RT “@UNDP: FACT: 1.5 bil people currently live in places affected by violence, conflict, or crime:on.undp.org/lArZd #ResilienceSunday
  53. FACT: 1.5 bil people currently live in places affected by violence, conflict, or crime:on.undp.org/lArZd #ResilienceSunday
  54. Engaging women in key roles is crucial to conflict prevention, peacebuilding & recovery: on.undp.org/lAE4I #ResilienceSunday
  55. Why are women often considered easy target for violence, esp. in crisis situations? Read: on.undp.org/jMW6T #ResilienceSunday
  56. "Guns fuel conflict, violence and high levels of
  57. 15,000-20,000 new victims are hurt/killed by landmines & explosive remnants of war each year.  http://ow.ly/iaOZu siResilienceSunday
  58. Learn how Senegalese women have rehabilitated mangrove forests to decrease soil salinity & increase fish populations:
  59. Success story: Learn how Senegalese women have ...
  60. What can help build a better world? Freedom from discrimination/persecution?
    VOTE and make YOUR voice heard! ow.ly/hemmK
  61. What can help build a better world? Freedom from
  62. Fact: 1 person dies every minute due to conflict or violent crime=526,000 deaths/year:  http://on.undp.org/hxK38 xKResilienceSundaynday
  63. Firing up the stove instead of a gun: by 2012 ...
  64. Fact: 1 person dies every minute due to conflict or violent crime=526,000 deaths/year:  http://on.undp.org/hxK38 xKResilienceSundaynday
  65. Would access to transport and roads improve YOUR life? See what others said and cast your vote at MY World 2015: ow.ly/heoaq
  66. Would access to transport and roads improve YOUR
  67. Tweeting to prevent violence: How is the world leveraging social media to drive peace? @CFR_org:  http://ow.ly/h8JON ReResilienceSunday
  68. What does development look like? Check out this
  69. Building resilience means making a country/region & the world strong in the long-term. What do u think is most effective? #ResilienceSunday
  70. @UNDP #ResilienceSunday An affordable quality home, food and an education for its citizens are imperative to build up a strong nation.
  71. After more than two decades of civil war, the fire department in Mogadishu had fallen apart. Now - it's building itself back up!
  72. Resilience Sunday | After more than two decades
  73. Check out Global Pulse - it monitors the early impacts of global crises on vulnerable populations  http://on.undp.org/gKjXs KjResilienceSundaynday
  74.  Nepal is one of the 20 most disaster-prone countries in the world. So Nepalis have to prepare! 
  75. Resilience Sunday | Nepal is one of the 20 most
  76. Over 650 sexual violence cases brought to court w/ a 60% conviction rate in DR of #Congo:  http://on.undp.org/gyaMx yaResilienceSundaynday
  77. Check out our photo gallery on preventing crisis & enabling recovery on Facebook: on.undp.org/gE61H
  78. For three months, beginning in May 2010, workers
  79. Interested to learn more about our work around preventing crisis & enabling recovery? Click here: