#ResilienceSunday - Preventing crises, enabling recovery

How can we make developing countries resilient to threats posed by conflicts and disasters? Here are some of the most popular #ResilienceSunday tweets and Facebook posts. Join the global discussion on preventing crisis and enabling recovery - we’d love your input!

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  1. On #ResilienceSunday, we're sharing an old but beloved photo from UNDP Pakistan. After the 2010 floods, women in the province of Sindh, Pakistan took UNDP construction training classes, learned masonry and rebuilt their communities.

    Pictured are the first female masons of Sindth province to continue work as masons, traditionally a profession for men in Pakistan.
    Photo: Saotomi Kato
  2. On #ResilienceSunday, we're sharing an old but ...
  3. When a crisis strikes, we help build more resilient communities and lay the best possible ground work for longer-term development.

    For #ResilienceSunday read more about this crisis and prevention focus area here: on.undp.org/vUfyv
  4. When a crisis strikes, we help build more ...
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