Helen Clark: Development in the 21st Century

During two days UNDP's Administrator Helen Clark gave a Symposium in Cambridge on Resilience, Rio+20 and the sustainable future we want

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  1. Helen Clark gave two lectures. The first, on April 16th, dealt with the topic of resilience.
  2. The Cambridge Humanitas conversations took place both in real life and online. Offline there was a conference room and live audience:
  3. .. but there was also a lively worldwide discussion online: see where the #dev21 audience was tweeting from:
  4. .. the online and offline debates were linked by projecting the Twitter backchannel live:
  5. .. which delighted some followers:
  6. .. and lastly the entire event was livestreamed (the Q&A starts at 53:00)
  7. Putting Resilience at the heart of the development agenda
  8. Tweeps tuned in from all over the world including French and Spanish language audiences:
  9. After the speech, a Q&A session started. Tweeps were also invited to drop in their two cents:
  10. Again, online and offline merged seamlessly. Tweeps asked questions online that Helen Clark answered in real life. The first question, answered at 1:19:40 of the livestream:
  11. .. the second one, answered at 1:20:37
  12. Day 2 of the Symposium kicked off with a Twitter Chat.