#EndHIVThursday - Halting and reversing HIV/Aids

What can we do to stop HIV from spreading? Here are some of the most popular #EndHIVThursday tweets and Facebook posts. Join the global discussion on ending HIV- we’d love your input!

  1. FACT: In sub-Saharan Africa, young women r over twice as likely 2 hv #HIV as young men. More:  http://ow.ly/uNOT6  #EndHIVThursday
  2. There has been a development in #HIV prevention & treatment. What's happened?  http://ow.ly/ux3T6  v @guardian #EndHIVThursday
  3. Intimate partner violence can increase the risk of #HIV infection by around 50%:  http://ow.ly/uvJw9  v @UNAIDS #EndHIVThursday
  4. In Congo, we helped 800 #HIV-positive women 2 start business initiatives:  http://ow.ly/ux3Lm  #EndHIVThursday
  5. In Niger, women living with #HIV r now able 2 build businesses & start fresh:  http://on.undp.org/uhEcJ  #EndHIVThursday
  6. #HIV is the world’s leading infectious killer w/ 36M victims - 1.6M in 2012 alone:  http://ow.ly/tNzCJ  v @WHO #EndHIVThursday
  7. "We live in a completely interdependent world, which simply means we cannot escape each other. How we respond to #AIDS depends, in part, on whether we understand this interdependence. It is not someone else's problem. This is everybody's problem." - Bill Clinton
  8. "We live in a completely interdependent world....This is everybody's problem." - Bill Clinton #EndHIVThursday pic.twitter.com/RBYnfh3wnT
  9. Nobel prize winner believes a cure for AIDS is in our future. Read more v @guardian here:  http://ow.ly/tNmuN  #EndHIVThursday
  10. 4 every 1 person on treatment, 2 are infected with HIV; every minute a young woman is infected with the virus. #EndHIVThursday
  11. In #Burkina Faso, a 18-year-old girl with a ...
  12. Tuberculosis is a major public health problem in Burkina Faso. Our work is to coordinate and empower community-based initiatives in Burkina Faso that fight diseases, such as #HIV/#AIDS, #malaria and #tuberculosis.
  13. FACTS: More than 35.3M people r currently living with #HIV. 2.1M of those r adolescents. #EndHIVThursday
  14. The incidence of HIV is declining steadily in most regions; but 2.5 million people are still newly infected each year. #EndHIVThursday
  15. It's #EndHIVThursday. One in ten people living ...
  16. One in ten people living with #HIV worldwide are children under 15. Let's work together to eliminate discrimination against them!
  17. It's #EndHIVThursday What do you think your ...
  18. What do you think your government can do to respond to the #HIV crisis?
  19. #EndHIVThursday Photo: We help to promote ...
  20. We help to promote self-empowerment of HIV-positive women in Congo to start business and join associations for social and financial support.
  21. An AIDS-free generation needs 2 stop HIV infections among children & ensure access 2 treatment 4 mothers. - Ban Ki-moon #EndHIVThursday
  22. New #HIV infections among adults and children were reduced by 33% & AIDS-related deaths have dropped by 30% since 2001!
  23. South Sudan: A woman displays her HIV medication. Although new HIV infections continue to decline in the hardest-hit regions, 1 in every 8 new HIV infections in young women is the result of gender-based violence. UNDP helps countries to mainstream attention to HIV and health into action on gender equality and poverty reduction to achieve and sustain human development. #EndHIVThursday #undp #pnud #SouthSudan #HIV #MDG6 #MDGMomentum #development
  24. Sneak Preview of "From Despair to Hope: A UNDP Film"
  25. A short preview of UNDP Thailand documentary which tells the story of Apiwat, a man living with HIV. It is a glimpse into the stigma and discrimination people in Thailand face--both at home, work, school, or in their communities, and highlights the successful partnership between UNDP and the Royal Thai Police.
  26. Great news: UK steps up w/ £1bn commitment to save lives from HIV, TB & malaria: gates.ly/16mnB4B v @gatesfoundation #EndHIVThursday
  27. FACT: 9 million lives have been saved in 10 ...
  28. FACT: 9 million lives have been saved in 10 years thanks to resources provided to The Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria. Read more in Guardian global development from Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala: ow.ly/oU0hl
  29. FACT: 10 yrs ago 300K ppl had access to antiretroviral (ARV) therapy in resource-limited settings, last yr 9.7mil ppl did! #EndHIVThursday
  30. Did you know? In the decade since 2000, 1.1 ...
  31. Did you know? In the decade since 2000, 1.1 million deaths from malaria were averted!
    Like & share if you share our vision of halting & reversing the incidence of malaria: on.undp.org/oMYKo
    Photo: A young girl reads under her malaria net in West Bengal / Joydeep Mukherjee.
  32. Today is #EndHIVThursday. RT to show your support for the fight to end HIV and improve #globalhealth for all!
  33. '#HIV is a huge development issue because of what it does to societies: reducing their life expectancy' - @HelenClarkUNDP #EndHIVThursday
  34. This picture shows a man in Burkina Faso getting
  35. This picture shows a man in Burkina Faso getting tested at an HIV prevention and treatment center. Together with our partners, we support more than 100,000 infected patients including 35,000 orphaned children. 
    Photo: @UNDP Burkina Faso
  36. Did you know? There are 219 million cases of #Malaria every year: ow.ly/o8Zg7 v @WHO - RT to spread the word! #EndHIVThursday
  37. 10 million ppl living with #HIV now accessing treatment. Find out more this #EndHIVThursday: ow.ly/nJo75 v @UN_News_Centre
  38. First female African vice-president appointed @UN special envoy for #HIV/Aids! on.undp.org/nJ3ER #EndHIVThursday
  39. FACT: the risks of mother-to-child transmission of HIV can be reduced to below 1% by the appropriate use of HIV treatment. #EndHIVThursday
  40. 'HIV's not about 1 person, it's about the whole family.' Community approach to Aids care: ow.ly/nhyuc v @guardian #EndHIVThursday
  41. UNDP's response to HIV
  42. South Sudan: A patient holding her anti-retroviral drugs. UNDP supports national and local AIDS authorities to strengthen governance and coordination of HIV responses, and supports the use of flexibilities in intellectual property rights law to lower the cost of AIDS treatment and diagnostics. #EndHIVThursday #undp #uncares #unaids #HIV #AIDS
  43. Great news: 130,000 fewer HIV infections in children across 21 African countries last yr:  http://ow.ly/msgJ8 ReutReutersdHEndHIVThursday
  44. FACT: HIV/AIDS, TB & malaria claim 4mill lives annually. We work w/ globalfundnews to end this. RT to show support #EndHIVThursday
  45. Today is #EndHIVThursday. RT to show your support for the fight to end HIV and improve #globalhealth for all!
  46. This disease places millions at risk. It is a killer. What is it? Stigma:  http://on.undp.org/lKiQv QvEndHIVThursdayay vcsultanoglulu
  47. FACT: Only 1% of babies born to HIV positive mothers have HIV #EndHIVThursday
  48. Having HIV-positive friends is no reason to stop visiting them. Inspiring story from #Russia  http://ow.ly/ljwcW dHEndHIVThursday
  49. Russia: Supporting people living with HIV
  50. We help countries combat HIV through national planning, gender equality & international initiatives!  http://ow.ly/i/28jvp EnEndHIVThursday
  51. MDG poster HIV.jpg
  52. EndHIVThursday.jpg
  53. Guinea Worm Disease - soon to be 1st parasitic disease eradicated - video:  http://ow.ly/kCkau nytinytimesobGloballth #EndHEndHIVThursday
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  55. "When women have control over their sexuality, they can better protect themselves from HIV!" @HelenClarkUNDP #EndHIVThursday
  56. "It's important for health & development actors to see each other’s efforts as complementary!" @HelenClarkUNDP #EndHIVThursday
  57. It's End HIV Thursday! Read our chief Helen ...
  58. Globally there are 34 million people living with #HIV -The fight continues!  http://on.undp.org/ip7K5 K5EndHIVThursdayay
  59. After Babu was diagnosed w/ #HIV, his income fell by 50%. Why social protection makes a difference:  http://on.undp.org/i6KKa KaEndHIVThursdayay
  60. Sudan: Thanks to treatment in an antiretroviral therapy center, Fozia is now able to carry out daily work & provide for her family: on.undp.org/i6Nf2
  61. Fighting HIV/AIDS: Thanks to treatment in an ...
  62. Protecting women from sexual violence is essential for development! Håkan Björkman, Cluster Leader for our Partnership with The Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria, is rising to end violence against women and girls:
  63. Protecting women from sexual violence is ...
  64. VIDEO: Watch this clip from One Day On Earth & find out about great work to stop HIV from spreading in India:
  65. What drives the spread of HIV? Social exclusion, inequality & human rights violations:  http://ow.ly/hwDxm #EnEndHIVThursday
  66. Did you know these facts on HIV/AIDS?
  67. VIDEO: The results should silent the cynics - we are making a difference in the fight against HIV!  http://on.undp.org/hjh5p jhEndHIVThursdaysday
  68. Vote to end AIDS! Participate in the UNAIDS ...
  69. Way to go! Nepal recognizes 3rd gender, broadening access to #HIV/AIDS treatment & other services:  http://on.undp.org/h6H9t 6HEndHIVThursdaysday
  70. Did you know 45 countries limit entry, stay or residence for people living with HIV? Many of you agreed this should be changed! 
  71. End HIV Thursday | Did you know 45 countries ...
  72. Sub-Saharan Africa has 10% of the world's pop. but is home to 70% of those living w/ #HIV:  http://ow.ly/gUfnC  @GuguardianEnEndHIVThursday
  73. Mirlande Louis, pictured here, is a young sex worker in Haiti who's now taking a course in cosmetology. In her new line of work, she's much less vulnerable to HIV than before. Read more about what's being done to fight HIV in Haiti: on.undp.org/gStHh
  74. End HIV Thursday | Mirlande Louis, pictured ...
  75. The fight against HIV is ongoing: 34 million people are living with HIV worldwide.  http://ow.ly/gGabe EnEndHIVThursday
  76. Check out our Facebook gallery on halting and reversing HIV/AIDS, malaria and other diseases: ow.ly/gC9Tq
  77. Help eliminate stigma and discrimination against
  78. Are you interested in more information about our work on HIV/AIDS prevention? Click below!