#DemocracySaturday - Building democratic societies

How can we build democratic institutions that respond to the needs of all parts of societies? Here are some of the most popular #DemocracySaturday tweets and Facebook posts. Join the global discussion on building democratic societies - we’d love your input!

  1. In Somalia a paralegal that participated in our trainings gives legal assistance to internally displaced persons (IDPs) in the Ajuran IDP camp in Garowe. #DemocracySaturday
    Photo: UNDP in Somalia/Noor Khamis
  2. In Somalia a paralegal that participated in our
  3. A fundamental aspect of a democratic state is the right of its citizens to participate in decision-making processes. The success of development and participatory governance depends on both a robust state and an active civil society with healthy levels of civic engagement.
  4. A fundamental aspect of a democratic state is ...
  5. Students attend class at a public school in Bamako. Attending primary school is becoming the norm in Africa, but the quality of education remains a challenge. ©Marco Dormino/UN
  6. "Democracy cannot be exported or imposed; it must come from the will of the people. The rest of us can support nations on the path they lay out for themselves to meet their aspirations for equity, inclusiveness and empowerment." - Helen Clark
  7. Iraq: Children play in a newly rehabilitated school in Chebayes. UNDP’s Local Area Development Programme (LADP) aims to strengthen local authorities to plan and manage reconstruction and development activities. UNDP/Iraq
  8. Good governance in Ghana - transparency & accountability in resource management key to dev:  http://on.undp.org/tStTj  #DemocracySaturday
  9. “Democracy is based upon the conviction that there r extraordinary possibilities in ordinary people.” - H. E. Fosdick #DemocracySaturday
  10. "Do your little bit of good where u r; its those little bits of good put 2gether that overwhelm the world” - Desmond Tutu #DemocracySaturday
  11. "Courage is what it takes 2 stand up & speak, courage is also what it takes 2 sit down & listen.” - Churchill #DemocracySaturday
  12. "Democracy, good governance & modernity cannot be imported or imposed from outside a country." - Emile Lahud #DemocracySaturday
  13. We are here to help governments to be more responsive to the needs of ordinary citizens, including the poor.

    We are here to build Democratic Government.
  14. India: Women waiting their turn to vote at a voting center in Jaipur, Rajasthan. UNDP helps countries around the world acquire the necessary skills to organize elections that enjoy the confidence of electoral stakeholders. Photo: Zubeni Lotha/UNDP India
  15. Share & like for #DemocracySaturday if you agree with our Associate Administrator Rebeca Grynspan that the time is ripe to take the transparency and accountability agendas forward: on.undp.org/sg30T
  16. Myanmar: A woman farmer in Chin State cleans fish in a pond. Effective local governance is a mechanism for inclusive representation and participation, reducing inequalities and strengthening social cohesion. ©Tom Cheatham for UNDP
  17. We must remember that when #women are empowered, so are their children. - @UN chief Ban Ki-moon #DemocracySaturday
  18. The World We Want - Democratic Governance
  19. #DemocracySaturday video: Check out our video and tell us why you think governments need to be honest and responsive to #endpoverty!
  20. China: Children of an indigenous ethnic minority group smile for the camera. The high incidence of poverty in most indigenous communities is often the most visible evidence of their exclusion from access to productive resources and basic social services. UNDP is committed to ensuring effective and inclusive participation of minorities and indigenous peoples in decisions that directly affect their lives. #DemocracySaturday #undp #pnud #China #indigenous #minority #democracy #inclusive #development
  21. Graphic design students from Sudan participate in a drawing contest for anti-corruption day.
    How can we move from transparency to accountability?
  22. India: A woman attends adult literacy classes. Women often have more difficulty accessing public services they need and are entitled to such as healthcare and education. By providing access to education, UNDP strives to ensure that women have a real voice in all governance institutions so they can participate equally with men in public dialogue and decision making. #DemocracySaturday #undp #pnud #India #women #education #governance
  23. Occupied Palestinian territory (oPt): A man shows his index finger marked with election ink after voting in Rafah Refugee Camp, Gaza Strip. UNDP’s Programme of Assistance to the Palestinian People (PAPP) works extensively in the field of democratic governance primarily to develop institutions and processes that are responsive to the needs of ordinary citizens, particularly the poor. #DemocracySaturday #undp #pnud #oPt #Palestine #Gaza #governance
  24. read the story of a young, inspiring and highly motivational Afghan who is educating his fellow youth in Mazar-e-Sharif to exercise their patriotic duty to vote: on.undp.org/qSyum
  25. Madagascar Elections 2013
  26. Nearly eight million people in Madagascar were expected to vote for a new president, in an election postponed several times and widely expected to break the country's five-year political impasse. "Not only will I fulfill my duty as a citizen, but I was motivated to vote today to finally choose a democratically-elected president," said Viviane, who works as a bank clerk.
  27. FACT: 18% of parliament reps in Asia Pacific are #women. Find out more on our work in the region: on.undp.org/p1Ogy #DemocracySaturday
  28. Democracy, not dictatorship, enables countries &
  29. Democracy, not dictatorship, enables countries & societies to thrive: Read more from our director for Latin America and the Caribbean Heraldo Muñoz in the Washington Post: on.undp.org/oQxE7
  30. Helen Clark & The Power of Persistence
  31. Explaining the link between civil society & development without the technical jargon: ow.ly/nZU7l v @DFID_UK #DemocracySaturday
  32. Ending corruption means making public institutions & officials accountable to the ppl: ow.ly/nvWbD v @oxfam #DemocracySaturday
  33. Rule of law is essential to addressing current threats to progress on human development: on.undp.org/n81JQ #DemocracySaturday
  34. On Democracy Saturday, cast your vote for the ...
  35. Happy #DemocracySaturday - RT if you agree with us that democratic governance is crucial 4 human development!
  36. UNDP-Expenditures-Practice-E.png
  37. "We must remember that when #women are empowered, so are their children." - @UN chief Ban Ki-moon #DemocracySaturday
  38. Citizens should be empowered to hold governments accountable for use of public resources: Michael Elliott @ONECampaign #DemocracySaturday
  39. In a democracy the poor will have more power than the rich, because the will of the majority is supreme. Aristotle #democracysaturday
  40. Governance isn't about institutions but about ppl being empowered to engage w/ them! @HelenClarkUNDP #DemocracySaturday v @UNDP
  41. Corruption undermines development: achieving Millennium Development Goals #MDGs will depend on the quality of governance! #DemocracySaturday
  42. Impressive! A mother of 2 is at forefront of fight against domestic violence in #Indonesia:  http://on.undp.org/j0K5p  #DemocracySaturday
  43. "Violent conflict & instability undermine the ...
  44. Fact: For poor ppl 2 make their voices heard, local institutions of governance r most important:  http://on.undp.org/iAq8L 8LDemocracySaturdayay
  45. "There is no 1 formula for democratic governance. Countries can be ‘differently democratic’." @HelenClarkUNDP #DemocracySaturday
  46. Kenyans will head to the polls next Monday, March 4th - We helped Kenyan authorities carry out a vast voter outreach campaign - Read more: on.undp.org/ibrV3
  47. Happy Democracy Saturday everyone! Kenyans will
  48. #UNDP helped Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) launch voter education campaign targeted at inclusion of youth & women #DemocracySaturday
  49. Check out these new numbers released by UNDP Serbia on fighting corruption & rising confidence in state institutions! on.undp.org/hXFSi
  50. Serbia is cracking down on corruption & ...
  51. RT @UNDP In Kenya 2007 election violence 1500 killed. Now, sports stars help prevent violence  http://ow.ly/1S5Wg1 #DDemocracySaturday
  52. Women should participate equally in politics - ...
  53. Women in #Kenya are prepared for leadership in view of the March '13 elections:  http://ow.ly/i/1omOr  #DemocracySaturday
  54. People in Latin America & the Caribbean are least likely in the world to feel safe in their communities. Find out what needs to be done: on.undp.org/hlBN0
  55. People in Latin America & the Caribbean are ...
  56. "We young people have to play a role in the ...
  57. Sad stat @UNDP: Did you know? Fewer than 10%of all heads of state & Government worldwide are women:  http://on.undp.org/gWKGi WKDemocracySaturdayrday
  58. What do you think are the biggest obstacles to democratic governance? Click below to see your answers!
  59. Good for #DemocracySaturday: Mobile technologies open new channels of communication b/w ppl & governments:  http://on.undp.org/gWKoN WKoN
  60. The more voters- the better! So far 10.8 million voters have been registered in anticipation for new elections in Nepal. 
  61. Democracy Saturday | The more voters- the ...
  62. China has largest parliament (3,000 members) - Micronesia has the smallest (just 14 MPs)  http://on.undp.org/gJEUT JEDemocracySaturdayrday
  63. BLOG: "People want bread, but they also want social justice and freedom."  http://on.undp.org/gxJQ1 xJDemocracySaturdayrday
  64. Check out our photo gallery on building democratic societies on Facebook: on.undp.org/gE4S3
  65. South Sudan: Voters form long queues at a ...
  66. Interested to learn more about our work around building democratic societies? Click here: