Live-tweeting Halloween, 2012

Last year, @room34 and I live-tweeted the 1978 classic, "Halloween." We decided to do it again this year.


  1. Some Background

  2. First, some background on my history with the movie, Halloween. The first year that I taught feminist theory in a Women's Studies department in 2006, I screened it on Halloween day. The class discussed it, along with Carol Clover's classic theory on "the final girl" from her book, Men, Women and Chainsaws. I remember thinking that I had the coolest job ever; I got to watch and critically discuss Halloween on Halloween! I wish I still had that same passion for teaching in women's studies. Oh well, that's another story. Anyway, I taught the film and essay again a few years later in my Queering Theory course. Here are my lecture notes from those classes:
  3. And one of my assignments for Queering Theory:
  4. Around the same time that I was teaching Halloween, @room34 and I decided to try watching the film every Halloween night, after our kids (who were then 3.5 and 3 months old) went to sleep. We tried. And failed, for years. Sometimes we were able to watch a little of it, before passing out on the couch. But usually, a crying kid or our exhaustion made it impossible. As the kids got older, we kept trying to watch it. And, we kept failing to finish it. Finally, last year in 2011, with our kids older (5 and 8), we tried again. I proposed that we live-tweet it and @room34 came up with a hashtag for us: #hlt2011 (Halloween Live Tweet 2011). Success! We made it through the whole movie and were able to document the experience. 
  5. After our success with the live-tweet last year, we vowed to do it again. But we weren't sure if we should live-tweet it, or try something else. We briefly considered reading Clover's theory on the final girl. 
  6. We also considered trying to see Halloween in the theater this year:
  7. And, we thought about adding Halloween 2 into the mix. 
  8. I got so excited thinking about watching Halloween and about Halloween in general, that I created an "Anything Can Happen on Halloween" Pinterest page:
  9. Of course, my enthusiasm was much greater for Halloween planning a few weeks ago. By the time the week of Halloween came, @room34 and I were too busy to really prepare. Halloween morning, I did think and tweet about how we might "watch" the movie--tweet it? live-giff it? meme it?
  10. Initially, after watching Donna Meager's live-tweeting on Parks and Rec, I was re-thinking whether we should tweet again. Was it overdone? Would we have anything new to say? 
  11. Then, I watched a deleted scene from the show in which Donna tweets Death Canoe 4 and read about what an awesome live-tweeter the actress who plays Donna (@unfoRETTAble) is, and realized that maybe we should live-tweet again this year. 
  12. But, by the time we sat down to watch Halloween, around 9:30, we still weren't sure if we were up for it. 
  13. Somehow, we fired up and tweeted the whole thing...