1. A new group of working communications professionals has begun its trek toward master's degrees in the UNC School of Media and Journalism's online Master of Arts in Technology and Communication program.

    The students came to Caroll Hall on the UNC-Chapel Hill campus for two days of getting to know campus, their course instructors, school staff, program alumni and each other. They also collected information to help them succeed in their part-time studies.

    Anticipation was high among students on their first morning of graduate school.
  2. And the MJ-school made a good first impression.
  3. Following a program overview from academic director Laura Ruel and a school tour, the newest MATC students quizzed other current students and alumni about their program experiences and study tips.
  4. The cohort's first-year professors stopped by to talk about their courses.
  5. Day 2 brought more professors and orientation to the Park Library.
  6. A second alumni/student panel focused on the final thesis project that awaits the new students following two years of online courses together.
  7. Before getting back to discussing their classes, the students got a chance to meet another MJ-school faculty member, Adam Saffer, who led a discussion inspired by this TED talk:
  8. Your Body Language Shapes Who You Are | Amy Cuddy | TED Talks
  9. After one last faculty talk, the students said goodbye and turned their focus to the first day of classes, just one week away.
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