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UN Women at Rio+20

At Rio+20, UN Women called for robust policies & strong commitments to ensure women’s central role in sustainable development. Social media was used to widely engage civil society networks and the public at large to bring their voices to the conference.


  1. UN_Women Jun 18, 9:05am

    Ms. #Bachelet: We are here to make our voices heard & tell the world about the Future Women Want. #WomenRio #futurewewant

  2. UN_Women Jun 18, 9:10am

    Ms. #Bachelet: Fewer than 1 in 10 Heads of State &Gov & fewer than 1 in 5members of parliament are women. #WomenRio #futurewewant #Rioplus20

  3. UN_Women Jun 18, 9:19am

    Ms. Gro Brundtland: Now is the time to unleash the unused potential of half of the world’s population. #WomenRio #futurewewant

  4. UN_Women Jun 18, 1:06pm

    Ms. #Bachelet: @unfoundation’s Clean @cookstoves Alliance creates global market for clean&efficient household cooking solutions. #WomenRio

  5. UN_Women Jun 19, 8:47am

    Welcome to the #Rioplus20 forum on The Future Women Want! Follow us here. #WomenRio

  6. UN_Women Jun 19, 8:54am

    #Bachelet:We need a new development paradigm:inclusive,people-centered,protecting the environment, &human rights,for all of us. #WomenRio

  7. UN_Women Jun 19, 9:17am

    .@shakyaprerana from @wagggs_world: If a woman gets education, she will educate the entire family. #WomenRio #futurewewant

  8. UN_Women Jun 19, 9:31am

    Here is the video that was just shown at the Women Leaders' Forum! #WomenRio #futurewewant

  9. UN_Women Jun 19, 10:56am

    Unbelievable turnout at Women Leaders’ Forum.We don’t have enough space nor time for all the inspiring comments!Great energy! #WomenRio

  10. UN_Women Jun 19, 2:15pm via HootSuite

    We're simultaneously tweeting from our Forum & now #Rioplussocial with Ms. #Bachelet! Watch live at #WomenRio

  11. UN_Women Jun 19, 3:47pm

    Minister @christianfbach: “Number 1 & 2 in #Denmark are women – sometimes I feel marginalized.” ;-) #futurewewant

  12. UN_Women Jun 19, 3:53pm

    Ms.Cousin of @WFP: Breaking cycle of poverty&hunger begins w/ women.When women can grow food,communities eat. #WomenRio

  13. UN_Women Jun 20, 3:30pm via
    Unable to follow our Leaders' Forum yesterday? No worries, read Ms. #Bachelet's closing remarks!