Skyler Rogers

I used to be the Community Manager around these parts. Though I'm no longer with the Storify team, I still follow some incredibly interesting people here! Try clicking on my Following list if you want to find some hidden gems in the amazing Storify community :)

Jacqueline Wolf

Laura Elgas

Cliff Lampe

academic monster.

Priya Kumar

Study Data Storytelling at the University of Michigan School of Information. Happiest when in the middle of an hours-long conversation that winds like a lazy river. (Cover photo: "The Tetons - Snake River," by Ansel Adams for the National Park Service. ARC 519904)

Dustin Hodge

me.tags = [UX | IxD | Transit | Urbanism | Maps | Data | Storygames | Music]

Justin Russell

User experience designer and web developer. Carries a camera everywhere. Likes to get Bangor going with @rebangor and events. Eats a lot of ice cream.

Morgan Burton

Reformed pre-med turned UX professional. I nerd out about all things tech, UX, social media - plus, I have the glasses.

Emily P Rodgers

Now: Special Projects Librarian, MLibrary. Then: Open Ed Coordinator at Open.Michigan. Advocate of openness, information/knowledge use, community growth.



The University of Michigan is a world-renowned public institution, fostering excellence for the good of all. #GoBlue!

Stephen X Flynn

Emerging Technologies Librarian at the College of Wooster. Founder of

Mariah Cherem

GREAT CHANGES. Dig: music, making, learning, reading, thinking, good grub, friends & my rad dog. Also: librarian, bass player & former community mgr.


User advocate, twittering geek, pen hunter, ordained minister, guitarist, geocacher, gadget enthusiast, former bagel salesman. 

Katie DT