Advantages and Disadvantages of Technology to Young Children

How the modern day technology and digital devices are effecting young children.


  1. According to some experts the child who become computer literate at early stage are very well prepared for the school while others believe that too much involvement of children in technology may harm them. Although one cannot deny that in modern world the technology has covered almost all important aspects of life but it has also made a man dull. Today’s generation is no doubt very much intelligent when it comes to operating the modern digital devices but in terms of conversation skills they lack behind. So the question arises is that how soon the child should be introduced to technology. When is the right time for them to think about technology and digital devices. It is hard to sort out like that therefore from going through the advantages and disadvantages we can figure out what is best for your child when it comes to computer and technology.
  2. Advantages
  3. The advantages that technology can provide to toddlers when it is introduced at early stage are;
  4. 1. Improving the toddlers motor skills
  5. Pushing keys and manipulating a mouse gives a child a same valuable workout as a painting or doodling. That will result in good eye-hand coordination much like to become very skilled in later stages when using scissors, putting together a tricky puzzles or sewing.
  6. 2. Technological Awareness and enhancing learning skills
  7. The introduction of digital devices such as smartphones, iPad or laptop will make a child a technological literate. Operating a children applications on smartphones such as nursery rhymes sing and learn gives them opportunity to be in control of the application and learn and enhance their language and vocabulary.
  8. Disadvantages
  9. The disadvantage of the technology on the children when introduced in early stage are;
  10. 1. Lacking social interaction
  11. The modern day technology might be very much interacting but only between the user and the screen. The children when exposed very much to the screens gets addicted to the technology. They not only get limited to the technology but they become poor in their social skills. A child needs to build social skills and need to have face to face fun activity. They need to interact with other people as no educational software can compete with parents and other people in teaching department.
  12. 2. Lack of nature appreciation
  13. A child learns everything through nature’s provided five senses. The reason toddlers touch everything and get into everything is because that is the way they learn about the world around them. Once these sense is fully occupied by the technology and digital devices they ignore the nature around them. Things like making their hands dirty in the mud, figuring out how to stable the blocks so they don’t tumble down and butterflying catching will be lost in the toddler.
  14. If your child seems to be easily frustrated after the computer session or smartphone usage have them to limit their time on these things. Try scaling them back and involve them in other alternative activities such as cycling, board games and outdoor games. Involve them in reading books, or make sculptures from sand and other old fashioned activities that were done with 80’s and 90’s kids.
  15. Make a time table and limit their time on computer, TV and videos games. As too much on screen time will most probably make them dull and lazy. Physical activities are equally important for the children as studying. Mental and physical growth both need an equal attention. Activities like role playing, story telling, walk in the park, playing with play dough etc, increases the creativity in toddler. The technology at early stage of childhood is also important but it should have limitations and supervision as kids do not get addicted to it.
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