Are ecigs really less harmful than regular cigarettes


  1. From the time the world understood how harmful smoking was, there have been many people that have tried to kick the habit but very few that have succeeded. Commercial organizations have taken advantage of this as well by introducing multiple products which are supposed to help you quit smoking. Whether it is nicotine gum or nicotine patches, smokers have tried everything when it comes to getting rid of this bad habit.
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  3. But now, there is a new product available which is supposed to do a better job than all previous smoking cessation products. These cigarettes are designed in a way that they look and even feel like regular cigarettes. They even emit artificial smoke although they do not contain any tobacco. With e-cigarettes, smokers will inhale the nicotine vapour from the cigarette without inhaling any tobacco smoke with all its harmful carcinogens. It is this tobacco smoke which is most harmful to smokers as well as to the people around them.


    These e-cigarettes contain nicotine cartridges which have liquid nicotine. Whenever a user inhales from an e-cigarette, there is a tiny atomizer in the cigarette which turns this liquid nicotine into nicotine vapour. By inhaling this vapour, smokers get a nicotine hit within a few seconds instead of the usual few minutes that it takes with gum or patches. What's more, whenever a user inhales, there is a small LED light at the tip of the e-cigarette which glows orange to further simulate a regular cigarette.

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  5. Nicotine cartridges are available in various strengths as well. Most major brands like Gamucci, sell e-cigarettes with full, half and minimal strength. They are designed in this way to help people that are trying to quit smoking. Once a smoker gets used to the e-cigarette, he/she can slowly reduce the nicotine strength to a point where they don't need it altogether.


    The biggest advantages with e-cigarettes over other methods of smoking cessation are that the nicotine hit is much quicker and that their cigarette smoking experience is simulated. A major reason why smokers have a hard time quitting is because they miss the habit of inhaling smoke. This is why the e-cigarette works so well.

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  7. E-cigarettes are also beneficial from a monetary aspect. You can pick up a set of 5 nicotine cartridges for £ 8. Each nicotine cartridge can be compared to 100 regular cigarettes. Although you may find it a little expensive to pay for the e-cigarette kit in the beginning (£ 50), in the long run, you will definitely save money.


    As with any electronics, there are always cheap imitations flooding the markets a few weeks later. These imitations usually cost much lesser and look exactly the same. But, there is no guarantee that such e-cigarettes will have the desired effect. In fact, it's inadvisable to use them altogether. If you want to safely quite cigarette smoking. Stick to branded e-cigarettes.

  8. And as e-cigarettes catch on in popularity, they will start being used in clubs and pubs where smoking regular cigarettes is banned. These e-cigarettes definitely are the next best thing and, in my opinion, it's only a matter of time before they replace regular cigarettes.