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New Students Advice 2016

Advice for new starters from our past and present students at UEA.


  1. We asked a collection of our graduates and current students for some tips for our new students joining us in September. They came up with some words of wisdom, and offered some advice for things to pack before they arrive.
  2. Bring biscuits, and a pack of doorstops to hand out. Try not to confuse flat visitors with flatmates you haven't met yet and you'll be fine.
  3. Take lots of photos! They'll be great to look back on when you're old and graduated like me. Or even just the next day when you can't quite remember what happened the night before :P
  4. Everything seems a bit daunting at first - it's a big campus. No where is out of bounds. Make friends and explore :-)
  5. Pack extra socks, Marmite and spoons (all disappear far too quickly)! Never shut your door, talk to anyone and everyone and for at least your first year say yes to everything!!!
  6. Divide the amount of money you have by the number of weeks til you next get money and don't spend more than that each week.
  7. Bring a door stop and leave your door open while you sort tour room, its inviting for hall mates :) also bring good varied dvds for film nights, and also sone interesting ice breakers or talking points, I had unusual posters and a morph doorstop :)
  8. Join the international students outing, its fun!
  9. Some people settle into university really quickly but it can take time for others and can be quite a scary experience for those who are a bit shy. Don't worry if it takes a while to find where you fit in. Just be yourself :)
  10. Get involved in lots of extra-curriculars. Don't be tempted to skip early lectures because you're paying a lot of money for them.
  11. Take a doorstop, everyone talks to you if your door is open.
  12. Enjoy every minute. Three years sounds an eternity but it goes really quickly!
  13. Change for the washing machines, Clothes airer, asda delivery with your housemates, make big batches of food and freeze it, only buy a bus pass if you don't live on campus or are going to use the bus 2 or 3 times a week otherwise it won't be worth it.
  14. Speak to a lot of people - preferably a year higher. That conversation that goes 'click' and when both your eyes light up - that'll be your best mate throughout UEA.
  15. Enjoy yourself, you are capable of living an awesome life no mater where you do or don't "fit in." Work hard in everything you do, be polite to everyone, listen to others opinions but don't be suckered by them & bet on yourself.
  16. Smile. Keep your door and your mind open. You will get a cold in the first week so orange juice at the ready. Also, as lame as it sounds, everyone is in the same boat, so don't panic! You are at UEA and it's incredible.