UD Under Deluge

Hurricane Sandy was no sweetheart as she slugged her way across the state. Here's a snapshot of the storm, from warnings to impact to apres la deluge. - NOTE TO STUDENTS - IF YOU ADD, IT SHOULD GO AT THE BOTTOM. TELL THE STORY FROM BEGINNING TO END


  1.  First the predictions.. 
  2. UD has been here before. Check out our experts talking about last year's Irene. 
  3. SeaTalk - Hurricane Research
  4. Every disaster needs a theme song. 
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    #thescorpions #delaware #meme #hurricane #sandy #hurricanesandy
  6. Hurricane Sandy 'Perfect Storm' East Coast Storm Track: Could Hurricane, Winter Storm Strike US?
  7. Be prepaaaaaaaared!
  8. Friday: It begins... Students are told to evacuate campus. Classes are canceled. And those who stay are required to fill out a form explaining why they are not fleeing. 
  9. Now it's an emergency.
  10. The University of Delaware canceled classes for Monday.
  11. They then added Tuesday to that.
  12. Poor misunderstood Sandy. She just wants to make friends. 
  13. Whoops!  FYI, the UD bill would be much larger.. 
  14. Are those automated calls getting annoying yet?