Gifts At Work: Therapy Dogs back at Powell Library!

December 12, 2012 -- Adorable, friendly dogs from the UCLA Health System's People Animal Connection came back for the second time for as a part of UCLA Library's Stress Busters series of events! The dogs became social media stars once again.


  1. Gifts to Partnership for Care (a part of the UCLA Fund) help defray operating costs for People Animal Connection. Volunteers and their dogs go through extensive training before they are allowed to visit patients at the hospital at UCLA. For the second time, People Animal Connection volunteers and their dogs have come to visit students during their finals week. They help students de-stress. And a lot of students have been introduced to this wonderful program.
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  2. Visits from the therapy dogs are just one part of Stress Busters, however. The Library also organized activities like yoga, chair massage (from FitWELL), Xbox, origami, and mindful relaxation, all in partnership with other departments and programs at UCLA.  This kind of collaboration is one of the things that makes UCLA so great!

    AND --The therapy dogs are a hit with students -- the line to meet the dogs extended out the door! 

  3. And staff:
  4. Dogs, dogs, dogs:
  5. Finn:
  6. We went up to visit the Therapy Dogs too!
  7. I (Sirinya) got to meet Scout. Scout is 11 years old and has been a therapy dog for the past four years. He comes twice a month to provide comfort and love to patients at the hospital on campus.
  8. This student came in just as we were leaving. He said he missed his own dog back at home, and was thankful that Scout (and Beth, Scout's person) were there.
  9. Thanks again to the People Animal Connection, Beth, Scout, and UCLA Library staff for all you do for UCLA!