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Hire, train, supervise, and schedule kitchen and service staff.Develop and revise kitchen procedures to optimize workflow and use kitchen ceramic protection kit for effortless cleaning with great outcomes.Maintained consistent inventory with minimal waste, overseeing purchasing to ensure full menu availability.


Diploma in Mechanical Engineering. Spend 2001-2004 inspecting and observing quality of the ceramic scratch resistant paint protection coating project. Good knowledge of all international surface preparation standards, painting / coating application standards and other inspection standards.


As we know cocktails are the main item in every bar. And every bar is not complete without the cocktail. So we provide cocktail shakers with quality glass.


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I am a professional designer with more than six years experience in creating unique Hermes mens watch designs, jewelry and accessories. Have knowledge and skills to design and make jewelry of excellent quality. Create and assist in producing the visual merchandising for the store during normal and sales seasons.


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Hello friends my name is Jay Cain and my age is 26 years. I have my own business in UK. I am electronics research engineer and also doing job in home internal designing company and provide wooden venetian blinds uk. Making many projects and share on this site.


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My name is Dais Peter and I am the owner of a srs business. There are a number of employees who work in my business.. But sometimes I have to take action of downsizing which means to reduce the number of employees because of their performance and sometimes for my profit.


Hi, This is Daniel Jaxon. I am a Health Products Adviser in Isaboost company. We are working at supplements like protein and many weight loos products.


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