Walla Walla Chevron clerk shot during robbery

Walla Walla Police were dispatched this evening at about 9:45 to the Chevron convenience store, 1916 Isaacs Ave, after the clerk had been shot during a robbery. The female clerk was transported by ambulance to a local hospital.

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  1. The U-B posted details about a account at a local bank that was set up to help with medical and recovery costs for the shooting victim.

  2. An account has been set up for the victim of a shooting at a Walla Walla convenience store earlier this week. Those who wish to donate to help with the medical and recovery costs for Miriam “Mo” Clark can do so at Banner Bank. The account was set up for Clark and her husband at the Ninth Avenue branch, but contributions can be made at any of the bank’s locations. The official name of the account is “FBO (for the benefit of) Thomas & Miriam Clark.” Clark was wounded by a single gunshot during a robbery Tuesday night at Aziz Chevron, 1916 Isaacs Ave. The bullet passed through her arm into her abdomen, requiring surgery. She is in the process of recovery.
  3. That was a really wonderful thing her husband did and I'm glad that the WWUB posted this. +1.
  4. i hope she makes a speedy recovery and is able to work soon...
  5. The latest U-B story on the convenience store shooting. It includes the identity of the clerk and quotes from two Walla Walla Community College coaches who are believed to be the first to arrive on the scene after the robbery and shooting.

  6. Late Tuesday night reports of a shooting began to appear on the Union-Bulletin Facebook page.

  7. ‎9:47 robbery, female shot in stomach
  8. oh man....we have a student at ferndale whose mom works there!
  9. KEPR Action News Gas station clerk shot in stomach during attempted robbery in Walla Walla. Happened at the Chevron on E. Isaacs. Police are looking for suspect.
  10. U-B photographer, Matthew Zimmerman Banderas was at the scene as WW police investigate the scene of the crime.
  11. BREAKING: Clerk hospitalized after a shooting during a robbery at Aziz Chevron at around 9:45pm Tuesday evening. Police looking for "two younger males" who are believed to have fled southbound from the East Isaacs Avenue location. More details as they become available.
  12. The community began to comment on Facebook. 
  13. Hope justice is served! Prayers go out to the victims family! Hate the fact that this town becomes more and more dangerous!
  14. I COMPLETELY agree with you, Jessica. So sad... in MANY regards.
  15. Its because there is nothing in walla walla to do but to get in to trouble everything is shutting down or going out of buisness
  16. ‎"Nothing to do but to get into trouble" Seriously? What about going to a movie, picking up a book, getting a job, spending time with family, volunteering. Who says 'Small Town USA' should provide youth of things to do so they don't go into mad, gun wielding fits through out the land? Sorry, what a cop out to bad parenting, supervision and just plain bad morals! I was bored many times as a youth and I didn't rob a gas station. Geesh!
  17. With you Pam, my husband and two kids have grown up here and none have gotten into trouble. Just an excuse.