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  1. Here's the story.
  2. Suey trolls a white Christian feminist by saying she ignores race issues in favor or criticizing Mark Driscoll, and really is no better than Driscoll himself. Goes as far as to call the woman an "industrial complex"
  3. Suey's current hot topic go-to issue for black activism is the Marissa Alexander case. It's a battle Suey is co-opting to help book events.
  4. The white woman (Rachel) eventually rides the guilt train into tweeting something about Marissa... except misspelled her name as "Melissa" - apparently it was an autocomplete issue.
  5. Suey then says a bunch of bullshit about how intent doesn't matter, Rachel should just somehow fess up and say that it wasn't an autocomplete issue or something.
  6. Step back for a moment and consider that "Melissa" was not an autocomplete issue. If that is true, then Suey's criticism is simply ablelist - not everyone has the same recall abilities (or language abilities) and shaming people for such a mix up is a waste of time.
  7. In the entire ordeal, Rachel is blamed for Suey's mental problems **, gaslighted, trolled and dogpiled by Suey supporters -- when Rachel finally breaks down after pleading her case several times, her supporters mock her for having a thin skin. In all this, Suey projects herself as the "real" victim. 
  8. ** - Suey says she deleted tweets after not getting a response from Rachel and Suey seems to have felt humiliated (and "unholy"!) by not getting a reply. This is forcing Rachel to do emotional labor - Suey is a really a religious zealot and emotional trainwreck and Rachel must deal with Suey with kid gloves.
  9. As always, hypocritical hashtag garbage.
  10. Hoping white feminists of #ChristianTwitter reflect and respond to #NotMyChristianLeader and the need for collective & WOC centered work.
  11. Because many white women love to call out men, but they refuse to be called out, making them even more so #NotMyChristianLeader.
  12. If one seeks to represent a group they don't by creating token WoC friends, that is not equality. It is manipulation. #NotMyChristianLeader
  13. It is typical for those with privilege/power to use "exposure" as a tradeoff for silencing dissent from marginalized. #NotMyChristianLeader
  14. It's not about who has participated in #NotMyChristianLeader, the silence of those who have not acknowledged it says much more. Your move.
  15. White feminists think they have paved the way, but will never admit to "the way" being paved by histories of racism. #NotMyChristianLeader
  16. The same people calling out Mark Driscoll publicly and saying he doesn't deserve forgiveness are today preaching love. #NotMyChristianLeader
  17. When @rachelheldevans refuses to acknowledge criticism of white feminism and ignores engagement of myself and others. #NotMyChristianLeader
  18. People aware of, but not committed to, racial justice have token friends, use tone-policing, & respectability politics #NotMyChristianLeader
  19. For all those who were asking, yes the hashtag was created as a critique of the Rachel Held Evans industrial complex. #NotMyChristianLeader
  20. Again, civility is a creation of liberal democracy that not everyone has the privilege to participate within. #NotMyChristianLeader
  21. There just comes a time when we grow tired of the same gatekeepers of feminism and communities speaking OVER us. #NotMyChristianLeader
  22. Asian women is particular are aware of the advantages of respectability politics--centering whiteness as the wedge. #NotMyChristianLeader
  23. It is alluring to center whiteness to access resources and power, but we must center blackness as non-black POC. #NotMyChristianLeader
  24. When white feminists call out leaders, they are brave and savvy. When WoC do it, we are labeled unruly and disruptive. #NotMyChristianLeader
  25. It slows us downs. We create echo chambers and operate around leaders instead of truly building as a collective. #NotMyChristianLeader