Chuck The Coward


  1. There's this guy named Chuck C Johnson.
  2. Here are a few of his many crimes.
  3. 1. Chuck fucked up the UVA story.
  4. If you've been on an extended vacation, you may not have heard of the story of person named "Jackie" at the University of Virginia.
  5. How Chuck relates to this story is he was one of the people who acquired and published the full name of Jackie.
  6. Where Chuck then really fucked up is he published details of Jackie's social media accounts, and then misidentified one of the women in the photographs as Jackie. Alongside this profound mistake, Chuck claimed to have dirt on Jackie that has not materialized.
  7. Chuck C Johnson could be the only person to do a worse job at reporting the UVA story than Sabrina Erdely herself.
  8. 2. Chuck has a crazy martyr complex
  9. Just like Suey Park, Chuck seems to think he's put on earth for some grand cause for which he may lose his life:
  10. Give me a break.
  11. 3. Chuck threatens libel suits all the damn time.
  12. It's now a popular joke to point out how often this lunatic is threatening a libel suit. Chuck hates the First Amendment.
  13. Just a few snippets:
  14. 4. Chuck has no idea when to use the word "BREAKING"
  15. Examples of Chuck's "BREAKING" news
  16. "BREAKING: Activist WaPo #Ferguson Reporter Wesley Lowery Is A Registered Republican"
  17. "BREAKING: GotNews Is Reinitiating The Lawsuit To Get #MichaelBrown's Juvenile Records"
  18. "BREAKING: [Chuck Johnson] responds to NYT hit piece..."
  19. A lot of Chuck's "breaking" stories are updates on what Chuck is doing or Chuck's opinions.
  20. The rest are just prefixes to literally every new post on his silly news site, regardless as to whether the information is actually new or exclusive.
  21. With this definition of "BREAKING", every newspaper in the world can put the word in front of nearly every article they publish.