State of the University: Convocation 2013

"While we do need to be concerned about costs, and employment, and speed to graduation, I’d like to suggest today that in both the national and local discussions, we need to remember the value of a liberal arts education."

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  1. ensemble 64.8 performing before the start of this year's State of the #University #Convocation 2013. #nanooknation
  2. #Chancellor Rogers moments before taking the stage for this year's #Convocation address. #nanooknation
  3. "The more efficient we are the more nimble we will be." Chancellor Rogers on #fiscal challenges. #nanooknation
  4. Full convocation speech in the link below...
  5. "Our job is helping students discover their place in the world is more than just a paycheck." -Chancellor Brian Rogers. #convocation #nanooknation
  6. Wow. Such an inspiring convocation this year #NanookNation!
  7. "We teach for life." - UAF Chancellor Brian Rogers at Convocation 2013. Watch the video! #nanooknation
  8. UAF - 2013 - State of the University: Convocation 2013