Road Signs in UAE and Their Meaning

For any person willing to drive in the UAE is it important that you acquire a driving license from a recognized and certified driving school. This article will expound on some of the road signs used in the UAE and their meaning.


  1. There are three types of road signs in the UAE, and here is the explanation of their meaning prepared by 
  2. 1. Control signs

    Once a person has started driving lessons, the driving instructor will teach him/her the various control road signs that assign a driver right of way. Such signs include the “No entry” sign that prevents a driver from entering a certain road or area. Another control sign is the “Stop sign” that means a driver must stop once they see that sign on the road.
    2. Mandatory signs

    In driving school, the driving instructor must educate a learner on the mandatory road signs that show drivers actions they must take on the road. One of these signs is the “Turn right only” sign. This sign has a white arrow pointing right and means the drive must only turn right. Another sign in this category is the “Ahead only sign”. This sign has a white arrow pointing upwards and means that drivers must move ahead only and not take any turns on the road.
    3. Warning signs

    An individual will not acquire a driving license without learning about the various warning signs taught in the UAE driving schools. These warning signs inform a driver of a potential hazard so as to be cautious on the road. “Pedestrian ahead” sign tells a driver that there may be pedestrians ahead and so the driver should slow down. “Roundabout ahead” is another warning road sign that warns a driver of a roundabout along the road so that the driver may be in the right lane before going into the roundabout. “Junction ahead” is another warning sign that prepares the driver to move at the right speed as he/she will merge with other vehicles at the junction ahead.