Tyson Rhame Bio

Tyson Rhame – Entrepreneur, Pilot & Philanthropist


  1. Tyson Allen Rhame is a philanthropist and influential entrepreneur. After graduating from the United States Air Force Academy, Tyson Rhame made a career from his passion for aviation by enlisting in the United States Air Force Reserves. He workedhis way up the ranks and is now a highly decorated Lieutenant Colonel. Ty Rhame’s success in aviation also led him to a secondary career as a part time pilot fora major US airline. His Air Force training and experience provided the foundation for Ty Rhame to become the successful entrepreneur he is today.
  2. Tyson Rhame is the co-owner and provides strategic planning advice to several businesses that he has invested interest in such as the Recleim Group, a state of the art appliance de-manufacturing company and SterlingFunders.com a tool that connects entrepreneurs who need capital with investors. Tyson A. Rhame has developed a very impressive business portfolio, however,his philanthropy is also valued in the community and a noteworthy attribute tohis overall brand. Tyson Rhame has donated over $80,000 to various charities. Becauseof his passion for the environment, Ty Rhame has also donated over 1,000 acresof land between Georgia, South Carolina, and Tennessee for land conservation purposestotaling over $20 million dollars. Over the years, Ty Rhame has connected his entrepreneurialattributes with his passion for giving and created avenues such as the RhameHouse Foundation to assist in the enhancement of students overall learning experiencein Atlanta schools. The Rhame House Foundation has donated computers andsporting goods such as tennis racquets and wrestling mats to assist in theeducation process and reward students with exciting extracurricular activities.On Ty Rhame YouTube ( https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=CIJWKbS_Hvw )he has collectively displayed the interaction that the Rhame House Foundation has with children and also the positive impact his donations and efforts have made in the Atlanta community.
  3. Tyson Rhame utilizes social media channels such as Ty RhameFacebook and Ty Rhame Twitter to share his wisdom, motivation, or education on entrepreneurship and leadership skills. Also, Ty Rhame interactively connects with his audience through Ty Rhame Slideshare to educate others using relevant points, illustrations, and examples. For instance, in the Ty Rhame presentation“Traits of Successful People” Ty outlines the attributes one can look for within themselves to determine their ability to be successful in their dreams and aspirations. A few major points that Tyson Rhame relays in this presentation are that successful people take ownership of their failures, and in doing so he mentions, “The most accomplished people, the ones that achieve truly incredible levels of success, give credit where credit is due, and are not afraid to sit on their own bottom. They take the blame when they deserve it and avoid blaming others.” He also states “another trait of a successful person is being an avid reader.” He then goes on to elaborate on the benefits of reading, and how it builds a stronger mental capacity for the business and entrepreneurial worlds. Tyson A. Rhame’s Air Force education, training, and overall grooming along side his entrepreneurial experience has led him to create influential and motivational resources to guide anyone seeking success, military or civilian.Ty Rhame uses the same motivation to groom leaders
    in his position as Lieutenant Colonel with the US Air Force as well.
  4. Tyson A. Rhame is an active member of the United States AirForce Academy Endowment Board of Directors. Within this role, Ty Rhame works with Congressmen and other board members in the selection process of candidates for the Air Force Academies. He also uses this platform to encourage cadets early on in their career to maximize their potential for the future by utilizing their Air Force training and opportunities to the highest extent. Hisinfluence has made an impact on countless cadets that have met with him. Ty Rhame’s military background and education has enhanced his entrepreneurship and overall focus and vision as a businessman. Tyson A. Rhame is a wealth of knowledge and welcomes to share his leadership abilities and words of wisdom to inspire others to be great leaders themselves in their own endeavors.
  5. Tyson Rhame is a well-rounded businessman that has created a solid foundation in entrepreneurship with his business portfolio, but yet is always looking for new investment ventures to add to his portfolio. Ty Rhame’s influence and capital has fueled the success of several companies such as JBREM, who manufactures hats that cater to consumers such as truck drivers and athletes who wear baseball caps and sunglasses and often place their sunglasses on their head when not in use. The JBREM hats have pockets that are built in each side to place the arms of sunglasses in to prevent them from falling off the head.

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  7. Tyson Rhame’s investments span over a wide range of industries such as automotive, personal security, apparel, yachting, and real estate.Moreover, he never places a ceiling cap on his philanthropy or investing which in turn continues to make him a successful entrepreneur. Ty Rhame’s links to all of his informational postings, presentations, and words of wisdom can befound at tyrhame.com and facebook.com/tysonrhame