Argonauts 2016-17

Last year was good, this year is better


  1. “If people were to meet the players that play in the CFL, they would fall in love with the game, and they would fall back in love with the Argo’s,” - Lori Bursey, President of the Friends of the Argonauts
  2. New Look. New Home. New Beginnings.
  3. “Sitting outside again, in a new stadium where there are fewer challenges in terms of the schedule, and the players are excited.” - Carol Rose, President of the Cats Claws (Hamilton Ti-Cats)
  4. “When the local teams are doing well, that can drive the sporting culture in the city. I really believe that. I think we could have actually capitalized on the Blue Jays’ momentum last year.” - Ricky Foley, Argonauts Defensive End
  5. “I don’t see why we can’t do that at BMO. Once you start getting a smaller stadium, more intimate, you start creating more demand and it’s a better experience on game day. I know we got the fans, we do have the fan base.” - Ricky Foley