Tinker, Make and Learn?

1/4 with @robinwb on #txeduchat

  1. Welcome to #txeduchat Let's start with introductions and what you hope to do NEW/DIFFERENT&WELL in your class in 2015.
  2. Robin, hope to be more organized but still creative in 2015. #tmlooe #txeduchat
  3. Happy 2015! Learn from/teach amazing 4th graders in N. TX. Resolutions: to learn more every day & give my Ss more voice/choice #txeduchat
  4. Don't forget to include the #txeduchat hashtag on your tweets so the others can follow along.
  5. Kali from Michigan and my hope for 2015 is to stay engaged with positive, supportive educators. #txeduchat
  6. Ken, AP at MS DAEP in San Antonio. I plan to invest more in my Ts, Ss & families in 2015 #txeduchat
  7. #txeduchat Lindsay Foster, Ft Worth, TX I want to get my kids connected with real world experiences & no just do test prep
  8. #TMLOOE #txeduchat A1 Theresa from SW MN. Resolution: More making; fun; passionate and eagerness for/with Ss.
  9. Hello! Meg from upstate NY. 😊 I would like to see more self-determined learning in my classroom this year. #txeduchat
  10. @mskiwifruit Hi Kali, hope 2015 gets off to a great start for you & your Ss! #txeduchat
  11. Excited to join the 1st #txeduchat for 2015 from Austin, TX. We resolve to expand our support to MS educators!
  12. Happy New Year #txeduchat , Learning Tech PhD researching STEM approaches via the arts, and Instructional Technologist, goal: improve
  13. @elena_SF_CA @growinglearners Happy New Year Elena, hope it is a wonderful start back for you with your learners! #txeduchat
  14. @Tom_Kilgore Thank you! My students are teachers and, yes, we are going to ROCK 2015. :) #txeduchat
  15. Alex, Austin, Tx Always had fun building things. Physics experiments to software. #TxEduChat
  16. Hi all! Jess, 5th grade, near Chicago. Looking for some inspiration on this back to school eve! #txeduchat
  17. @Tom_Kilgore Happy New Year Tom & Texas & don't ever want to overlook @nathan_stevens who lives real close to Ms Jenaia. #txeduchat
  18. @BSGSCSFoster Welcome Lindsay, great resolution on real world connections, that is on my list as well! #txeduchat
  19. @jackie_child Great to have you here Jackie, #txeduchat is an amazing PLN of incredible educators!
  20. Happy New Year #txeduchat Jeff here a MS administrator in Frisco. I seek to empower teachers & students to own learning!
  21. Wes Fryer, grade 4-5 STEM teacher @iesSTEM in OK. Looking forward 2 doing more regular reflections w students using kidblogdotorg #txeduchat
  22. REMINDER: #LISDchat TOMORROW, 8p CST. We're talking abt Effective Feedback - giving & receiving #lisdlearns #txeduchat #tasbechat
  23. Resolution: Enjoy life without grad school and fill in that extra time with TML. Welcome, @jackie_child. #txeduchat #tmlooe
  24. @TheOwl3 I was just tweeting you! Great minds. And..now I'm seeing more ESA friends! Hello all! #txeduchat
  25. My hope is to be more aware of the world I'm living in and to work to choose to be a part of the solutions to our problems. #txeduchat
  26. @txeduchat Joining in tonight for this #txeduchat -- although I am multitasking. Happy to learn here!
  27. @usabbs Brian I just went through GA on a Walking Dead film sight tour. What a beautiful state you have! :) #txeduchat
  28. #txeduchat Adam Powley, South Carolina coast. Resolve to get more real world interaction to my students
  29. Hello all! I'm Gabe, 3rd Grade Teacher from California. #txeduchat
  30. I built a mass driver and Van De Graph generator in HS. I wounder if they'll still let you do that sort of thing. #TxEduChat
  31. HNY #txeduchat Rob from East Lansing... leaning in for most of the hour.
  32. Nathan, official team member of the Knights of make-a-lot #txeduchat
  33. Welcome all #txeduchat and #tmlooe Q1 Do you care about the maker movement? If who WHY? #makered
  34. John W from Clovis, CA. Ed researcher/PD provider/grant writer. Sitting on both sides of the Red River tonight. #txeduchat
  35. A1 I care about the #makered movement b/c we need more hands-on, minds-on engaged learning in schools, esp engineering design! #txeduchat
  36. Jen from Chicago suburbs, checking in with #txeduchat as part of #tmlooe course.
  37. A1 Yes - building and creating things is a great learning and empowering experience. #TxEduChat
  38. #txeduchat Not too familiar w/ maker movement. not sure how to do that in SS class, but try to have Ss "making" things to get to Real World
  39. Houston area teacher here. My New Years Resolution is to warm my hands over smoldering effigies of Pearson & Charlotte Danielson. #TxEduChat
  40. @robinwb A1 maker culture = freedom you have already been doing it. Didn't have an official name #txeduchat
  41. A1 I do. An ever changing global market requires creative problem solving skills, even/especially for my at-risk teens #txeduchat
  42. .@robinwb #txeduchat #tmlooe A1 Yes #makered very important for Ss. Need to be creative; ok to fail and keep trying; space in lab/school
  43. A1: I care because this year we did our first Cardboard Challenge. I've never seen Ss so engaged. I want that every day! #txeduchat
  44. A1 #makered culture encourages cross-disciplinary connections- the world is multi-disciplinary & school activities should be too! #txeduchat
  45. #txeduchat A1: Anyone have a link that sums up the philosophy? Not sure how it applies outside of STEM...
  46. A1: I care about it a lot, but as a middle school ELA & SS Tr I'm not sure if/how/when I can bring it alive in my classes? #txeduchat
  47. A1 maker is real life. Using the tools and materials at hand to create a solution. You know learning #txeduchat
  48. A1 Builds on the whole constructionist school of thought. #TxEduChat
  49. A1. maker movement inspires Seymour Papert, Why? Kids learn socially, make individually,share globally  http://ln.is/www.youtube.com/FcrIu  #txeduchat
  50. Connie Hamilton; Classroom Questioning consultant and Elem Principal. Glad MSU won, makes Cowboy win easier to swallow. #txeduchat
  51. @wfryer Ss don't get enough opportunity to be creative any more! Need innovators to solve world probs and make world better! #txeduchat
  52. A1) Yes, I do care about the maker movement. Need to be able to come up with solutions and make conections to real world. #txeduchat
  53. Hi all. Sorry late to party. Danny. dir international virtual high school, brooklyn; frmr ss Tchr #txeduchat
  54. Joining a little late! Jackie - Grad student from CT #txeduchat
  55. @elena_SF_CA I also am trying to find a way to bring it into my literacy classroom of 5th graders. There must be a way! #txeduchat
  56. A1: The #makermovement allows 4 student innovation & creativity to really shine through. Reaches all Ss. #makered #txeduchat
  57. A1 if you do not care about maker, you don't care about your student's future #txeduchat
  58. @nathan_stevens so why are you a "Mobile Device Sith Lord" instead of jedi knight?! Have you mastered control of Force lightning? #txeduchat
  59. #txeduchat Love the Maker Movement, especially when it also involves paper, pencils, crayons & markers. Education need also to be tactile
  60. A1: The #makered movement allows Ss to explore and invent in an engaging way. We need more doing & less sit-n-get. #txeduchat
  61. Yes...children need to be able to fix and problem solve #txeduchat
  62. A1: Yes, definitely. Discovering how much I enjoy being part of #makered myself, and sharing with Ss. Fun to work with them :) #txeduchat
  63. A1: Absolutely!! I support (almost) anything that fosters critical thinking, STEM, and/or individualism. #txeduchat
  64. #txeduchat #TMLOOE A1 Admin is providing support in the new year as well. Excited!
  65. A1 Yes, we need to prepare kids to solve problems using the tools available to them. #txeduchat
  66. A1: I care because I want to see my students DOING more. I want to see their brains working through the actions their hands take. #txeduchat
  67. @wfryer I am not a fan of jedi. All device fall into line under the Sith #txeduchat
  68. I care about the maker movement in order to integrate #literacy and #STEM @ #STEAM concepts. #txeduchat #TMLOOE
  69. @lieberrian Hi Kristina! Join us over on #txeduchat happening now! Amazing educators! Always great new ideas!
  70. A1 #makered movement encourages hands on creativity. Mfg jobs in Texas very much in the rise & profitable, BTW :) #txeduchat
  71. Hello! I'll be poking in and out #txeduchat tonight! How is everyone?
  72. A1: Passionate re Making... words/ideas r foundational but 'product' is the edifice. Kids need 2 bcum competent by doing stuff! #txeduchat
  73. @martysnowpaw so do you have reservations about devices like tablets in the hands of students in classrooms? (please elaborate!) #txeduchat
  74. #txeduchat A1: love the maker movement. Created a LEGO club to begin to build a bridge toward genius hr type maker stuff later
  75. A1 , kids view different perspectives, then #create a #reflection, best to then share with community, social media embraces this #txeduchat
  76. @martysnowpaw Implementing Makerspace doesn't have to be complicated or expensive! I'm starting small and kids LOVE the time! #txeduchat
  77. @martysnowpaw Some of my most memorable lessons from K-12 as a student were al hands on & creating something for sure Marty! #txeduchat
  78. #txeduchat A1: love the maker movement. Created a LEGO club to begin to build a bridge toward genius hr type maker stuff later
  79. @JacAKuehl Glad to have our new #txeduchat blogger here tonight!! Thanks Jackie for voluntering your time.
  80. @sandeeteach @martysnowpaw What are some of their favorites that you've started with in your space? #txeduchat
  81. @msgilbertrocks Do you feel the students engage differently when they can "make" Jen? #txeduchat
  82. Q2 What is your biggest barrier to implementing some kind of #makered in your classroom course, or curriculum? #tmlooe #txeduchat
  83. Don't worry if the chat moves quickly- we archive it every week for you at  http://TXEDUCHAT.com  #txeduchat
  84. The only thing about maker is that it so wide in terms of what it covers #txeduchat
  85. A1: #makered teaches our students the art of human ideas+technology to be more powerful. what more could an employer want? :) #txeduchat
  86. @nathan_stevens @robinwb #txeduchat Well, I once saw a Hitler/Holocaust project done in glitter pen, didn't seem appropriate...
  87. #txeduchat i think it has to be real , Ss projects should relate to real world
  88. A2: My biggest challenge is my own lack of knowledge and how to integrate literacy standards into MakerEd. #txeduchat
  89. @MrPowley So you understand! I was able to weave in #HourOfCode but not sure how to bring the maker movement in. Ideas wanted! #txeduchat
  90. A2) My biggest difficulty is connecting it to the curriculum and finding the time. #txeduchat
  91. @wfryer #txeduchat Absolutely not. Just don't want to go paperless. Certain kinds of learners need to touch, feel & smell more than bytes.
  92. @craigyen @martysnowpaw Play-dough, and recyclables to create something new were favorites #txeduchat (kind of like cardboard challenge)
  93. A2 Time & money are challenges to implementing #makered culture in my classroom but not "barriers." @DonorsChoose has helped #txeduchat
  94. @robinwb A2 makered doesn't change the way you teach, changes the way students show what they have learned #txeduchat
  95. A2 @craigyen Time is an issue for sure #tmlooe but you can fit it in with a start small idea #txeduchat
  96. A1: I find myself wary of any movement touted as the One True Way That's Right For All Teachers. There's a new one every week! #TxEduChat
  97. @elena_SF_CA #txeduchat my Ss participate in National History Day ( http://nhd.org ). Very creative, Lots of choice. Is this same?
  98. I am just starting out. I would love to hear from some of the experienced librarians out there (Q2). #txeduchat #makered #tmlooe
  99. @robinwb A2 makered forces you to be the facilitator or co-learner in the classroom. Not to only source of knowledge #txeduchat
  100. @LISDTechie @MrPowley @elena_SF_CA I actually really love that idea. I have to find a way to fold it into our standards. #txeduchat
  101. Awesome point Kara. Learn through exploration and "making" mistakes that lead to other lessons within lessons #txeduchat #TMLOOE
  102. #txeduchat #TMLOOE A2 Space in tech lab. But may be schoolwide at least once per month. Given permission to implement new things this yr
  103. #txeduchat a2: my biggest roadblock? Test prep. Right now the test drives all instruction. Creativity is saved for May as reward. Ugh
  104. @sandeeteach @martysnowpaw Love your enthusiasm! What are some ways you are implementing makerspaces right now? #txeduchat
  105. A2: Ensuring that I am continuing to scaffold CCSS so that I have covered all standards by the end of the year. #txeduchat
  106. @LISDTechie @MrPowley @elena_SF_CA I just have to get more creative! I know there is a way. It needs more of my attention. #txeduchat
  107. A2 Start small with Genius hour, 80/20 time, makerbox, spaceless makerspace.....#tmlooe #makered #txeduchat
  108. Yes, @JessLifTeach A1: My kids LOVED cardboard challenge! Called for innovation and prob solving #txeduchat http://t.co/fH5pLw8FQS
    Yes, @JessLifTeach A1: My kids LOVED cardboard challenge! Called for innovation and prob solving #txeduchat pic.twitter.com/fH5pLw8FQS
  109. @robinwb A2 too many people are scared of the tools when it is the students choice to use the best tool for the project #txeduchat
  110. Introduced Makerspaces into school library last semester. Huge success! #txeduchat
  111. A2 One hurdle for me is the thought that #makered, and other innovations, are not appropriate for "those" (my) students #txeduchat
  112. @nathan_stevens @robinwb Yes, as long as it is centered around objective. Some #maker movements lack common theme or objective #txeduchat
  113. @rsvoigt It was an incredible day. I got our whole school to do it and as I walked around, I saw not ONE behavior problem. #txeduchat
  114. A2: TIME. to restructure the curriculum, to provide PD for said changes and to allow the students extra time to fail & try again #txeduchat
  115. A1: To b honest, I'm not sold on the #maker movement. A lot of it is non-cerebral. IMO of course #txeduchat
  116. A2: Ts say the biggest barrier is time in the day. I love that many librarians are adopting #makered #txeduchat
  117. @rsvoigt My principal told me that during our cardboard challenge day, only one single child went to the nurse. #txeduchat
  118. @JenniferMiller9 @robinwb makered doesn't have a theme. That forces students down only a couple of avenues #txeduchat
  119. #txeduchat A1 Makerism moves students from being consumers to being constructors. Marla from Montana joining late!
  120. Shelly Fryer classroom teacher, 3rd and 4th grades all subjects, Okc #txeduchat
  121. Remember that you can grow your PLN by following others in #txeduchat tonight.
  122. Q2: Barrier to teacher experimentation = all anyone gives a *bleep* about is standardized test prep & genuflecting 2 data charts. #TxEduChat
  123. @mrgfactoftheday @martysnowpaw Integ. w/science built house or other w recyclables to learn elect/circuits #txeduchat official maker? :)
  124. @BSGSCSFoster been here, very hard but keep the faith. #libchat and clubs via STEAM clubs can with momentum. Embrace electives #txeduchat
  125. @jwalkup you should come visit my @IESYukon classroom. We're focused on engineering design, problem solving thru building & play #txeduchat
  126. A2 I think Ts I support would say the biggest barrier is managing time for it along with new math TEKS. #txeduchat #TMLOOE
  127. A2: Really trying hard to have #20time & #geniushour .... spent the Friday before break doing a whole day "Maker Day".😊 #txeduchat
  128. @mrgfactoftheday @sandeeteach #txeduchat CritterKin is all about making stuff: murals, quilts, gardens, aurasma -> Kindness PBLs
  129. @JessLifTeach @LISDTechie @elena_SF_CA So, I'm live streaming S analysis of media bias in articles about Ferguson. Maker? #txeduchat
  130. Late to the party. Had to put Coop to bed. Principal in Plano #txeduchat
  131. @MrPowley @LISDTechie @elena_SF_CA I have no idea if that is Maker or not, but what an incredible thing to be doing with your Ss! #txeduchat
  132. A2: Transition btwn traditional space (lab/library) into one that suits making a bit better. Mindset is challenge. I'm ready now! #txeduchat
  133. @craigyen I have a logistics STEAM club guide if you are interested, I can send it to you #txeduchat
  134. @alicekeeler @usabbs #txeduchat So my goal of getting real world history resources to the public is Maker?
  135. @matthew_arend welcome! I love your Twitter header photo! Did you take that pic? (if so, where?) #txeduchat
  136. A2 here is a helpful poster template to help sell making to your admin  http://qub.me/mHvoKs  #tmlooe #txeduchat
  137. Q2: Barrier is simply not having a 'crew' from which to draw energy at my schl. So TG for Twitter and PLN! Lets (me) do this! #txeduchat
  138. Introduced by incorporating into 'Book Week' activities ...making electric circuits on novel inspired cards!#txeduchat
  139. Show students (and colleagues) this video to start 2015 ---> "Did you know, in 2028 ...."  http://youtu.be/QpEFjWbXog0  #TxEduChat #IAedchat
  140. @rsvoigt It is nice to have someone where you can team up with at school #txeduchat
  141. I really like idea of moving students from consumers to constructors but still need to grapple w question of OWNERSHIP #txeduchat
  142. @JenniferMiller9 @robinwb makered is not quite project-based learning. Always room for improvement #txeduchat
  143. @MrPowley @JessLifTeach @elena_SF_CA Create anything Ss feel will impact history. Write how their invention can change lives #txeduchat
  144. Q3 A valid concern of educators is the effectiveness of #makered in teaching real stuff. How will/do you ensure that is done? #txeduchat
  145. Hello #txeduchat! I'm late tonight. I'm Heidi, from WI, & I teach 5th grade. Can't wait to see the kids tomorrow!
  146. @rsvoigt Sounds like you'll get folks there Robert, especially when they see how your Ss respond to making! #txeduchat
  147. @JessLifTeach @craigyen Me too Craig- plus space But wanted to try and made it a priority for a little while #txeduchat
  148. @mikingpd @robinwb agreed-to me Ss voice in showing understanding is the focus- provide opportunity to built, create, or design #txeduchat
  149. A3) Want to have the students communicate about their process and collaborate. Focus on the skills and process of #makered #txeduchat
  150. @nathan_stevensMaker Movement is #constructionism , many instructional methods can incorporate, important schools use a method #txeduchat
  151. A3 A fave site for "real" science is  http://www.sciencefriday.com/  to keep up and get ideas for making #tmlooe #txeduchat
  152. @lieberrian Of course. U r the... well librarian! I love what u R doing there. #txeduchat
  153. @nathan_stevens Nathan... You hit the nail on the head. We put the TEAM IN STEAM ;-) #txeduchat
  154. A1: I care about maker movement. We spent entire 1st semester rearranging library to create a space. Ss must b able to explore #txeduchat
  155. A3 In our @YukonDistrict we align lessons to @MarzanoResearch learning goals & use scales to help students self-assess mastery #txeduchat
  156. @robinwb A3 how does testing show you what you have learned? Come on! Really?? #txeduchat
  157. I hate to admit it, but I'm not even sure what #makered is?Is it making stuff?Is it a program? STEM? STEAM?Sounds awesome 4 Ss! #txeduchat
  158. A3 Invite community business leaders to observe and offer feedback/input. Makes #makered "real world." #txeduchat
  159. @MrPowley I love this idea so much and am excited to see what your Ss do. They are lucky to have you as a teacher! #txeduchat
  160. A3: integrate into existing curriculum by carefully & thoughtfully replacing existing projects (I know, easier said that done. :) #txeduchat
  161. .@BSGSCSFoster Test prep is a roadblock to anything\everything but more test prep, tragically. Also a roadblock to sanity. #TxEduChat
  162. @robinwb A3 making a representation that applies what they have learned shows real depth of knowledge #txeduchat
  163. A3 A small amount of guidance and coaching is sufficient. Making is, by definition, the real application of knowledge. #TxEduChat
  164. Combined 'making'into rotational activities in library lessons #txeduchat
  165. @sfryer My colleague/friend @lynnmrathbun gave me the idea 4 Plexi glass table.Inexpensive w/ many uses! #txeduchat http://t.co/2PYNOSlnFg
    @sfryer My colleague/friend @lynnmrathbun gave me the idea 4 Plexi glass table.Inexpensive w/ many uses! #txeduchat pic.twitter.com/2PYNOSlnFg
  166. A3: Show them. Bring examples to life. Make sure we have low-tech/no-tech options available for kids as options to create with #txeduchat
  167. A3 We use individual student portfolios with @KidblogDotOrg to "show what we know & can do" in #makerED @iesSTEM with parents #txeduchat
  168. A2: big barrier is finding time to allow ourselves freedom to let Ss access maker materials and $$ to do it right. #txeduchat
  169. @msdayvt Yes! So grt to have pln to share, bounce, weigh ideas with. #txeduchat
  170. #Txeduchat Maker Movement is multimedia/modal. Ideal for Perfectly #NotPerfect Ss.  http://NotPerfectHatClub.com  Watch the video & sing the song
  171. Teachers ..... Learning leaders and "makers" ...making a difference! Every day! Everywhere! w/#EdTech!
    Teachers ..... Learning leaders and "makers" ...making a difference! Every day! Everywhere! w/#EdTech! #TxEduChat pic.twitter.com/gjvO6EapSN
  172. @craigyen skills can include papercrafts, not alway have to be tech created #txeduchat
  173. @JessLifTeach @LISDTechie @MrPowley As a 6thgr tr in CA we study ancient history, so kids could make an arch or s-thing? But...? #txeduchat
  174. #Maker movement at the beach this morning. Creation is learning. Play is cognitive work. #txeduchat #makered http://t.co/Co7gsXYC5P
    #Maker movement at the beach this morning. Creation is learning. Play is cognitive work. #txeduchat #makered pic.twitter.com/Co7gsXYC5P
  175. "Making is, by definition, the real application of knowledge." - @AlexVKluge Love it. So true. #txeduchat
  176. @robinwb I had kids explain their thinking (speaking) and write reflections about their learning.Great/engaged learning to me! #txeduchat
  177. This--> MT @isteconnects: #Making is reinventing how learning is done: 6 maker resources for the classroom  http://bit.ly/1AXhUEA  #TxEduChat
  178. A3: W/ everything taught there must be a purpose & #makered is no different. Have Ss create w/ concept in mind. #txeduchat
  179. A3: I have not had formal training of any kind, but it is my understanding that #MakerED is the DEFINITION of "real stuff." #txeduchat
  180. A3: as a teacher librarian I would partner with other ts to help build a strong rubric for greatest effectiveness for Ss. #txeduchat
  181. We learn by doing/acting--sure. But ultimately if objectives/stndrds not open to negotiation then not as empowering as we want #txeduchat
  182. A3: real stuff like solving problems? Collaboration between Ts can support real life problems Ss find solutions 2 through making #txeduchat
  183. A3 I collaborate with our other grade 4-5 STEM teacher @AmyLoeffelholz to design lessons w objectives meeting state & nat'l stds #txeduchat
  184. @elena_SF_CA @JessLifTeach @LISDTechie #txeduchat History is interpreting the past using evidence. Create a website, or exhibits?
  185. A3: Huge pblm with connecting #makered to learning objectives, must center around goals via amethod #txeduchat, like 5E Instructional Model
  186. #txeduchat A3: I use a rubric to determine and I have kids teach each other. If you can teach it, you KNOW it.
  187. @LivingLiminally I am blessed to have a great deal of curricular autonomy, but as a public #OklaEd school we have mandated stds #txeduchat
  188. By observing the learning through students questions and using technology to find answers.....evidence of learning taking place #txeduchat
  189. @robinwb Kids love #makered but need to connect to goal, Also, #makered does not require 3D printer #txeduchat
  190. @craigyen #txeduchat Ms Jena has written the lyrics. Waiting for you to write the music? May make that into a Twitter wide contest.!!
  191. @matthew_arend yes, BEST case scenario in lecture PD is "I am helping you become better." #txeduchat
  192. Embrace creativity. Making, doing & scribbling as therapy & immersive learning  http://wp.me/p4TJTj-27  #txeduchat #makered #edchat
  193. A3 the opportunity for cross a curricular connections in #makered is a very "real" skill in and of itself! #txeduchat
  194. @MrPowley @elena_SF_CA @LISDTechie The exhibits! That would be incredible. I see lots of possibilities there. #txeduchat
  195. Q2: Other barriers include technology-phobic districts, lack of budget for materials, & no tolerance 4 individual teaching styles #TxEduChat
  196. Q4 Stager says #makered and cc standards “incompatible.” What do you think?  http://qub.me/oRpjHI  #txeduchat
  197. @matthew_arend the value in collaboration is that people are helping each other grow based on their LIFE experiences. It matters. #txeduchat
  198. Problem solving is real and so is literacy. Using Legos supports both. #storykits #txeduchat #legowall
  199. @poida: Show students (and colleagues) this video to start 2015 ---> "Did you know, in 2028 ...."  http://youtu.be/QpEFjWbXog0  #TxEduChat
  200. @MrsJones_Merton #makered in my opinion is creating , the form or vehicle to do so is student led, sharing artifact key #txeduchat
  201. @mikingpd @robinwb Tough to define as 1 thing imho, depends on implementation, resources, & those deploying. part 1/2 #txeduchat
  202. A3: Seems that makered=vehicle for Ss to demon. synthesis of learning. projects would need to be authentic & connected to curr #txeduchat
  203. Random tangential q: Would love to hear from folks about innovative ways to infuse value of maker movement in online learning #txeduchat
  204. @elena_SF_CA could you just ask Ss what they want to learn about that topic & then ask them how they could share info w/others? #txeduchat
  205. @matthew_arend I've heard of that and lots of good things. Would like to explore the idea-are there grants for this? :) #txeduchat
  206. @robinwb A4 cc requires an end product and makered is alway about improvement #txeduchat
  207. A3 There has to be a plan for accountability. This can look many different ways, as long as it's there. #txeduchat
  208. Can I have Ss make something & have THEM make the connections?Authentic learning, right? I h8 plugging everything in2 a standard.#txeduchat
  209. @mikingpd @robinwb My Ss primarily use #makered in time for #geniushour but can also "make" to show learning any time for me #txeduchat
  210. @Tom_Kilgore @robinwb #TXeduchat We do it via PBL. Making things=natural part of projects like newspapers, quilts, murals & #NotPerfect Hats
  211. A2: It's hard to make anything with or for your kids when ppl are telling you exactly what to teach & when & how to teach it. #TxEduChat
  212. @robinwb In the article @garystager & @smartinez note some overlap between #makerEd & CCSS. So they don't say 100% incompatible #txeduchat
  213. @mikingpd @robinwb let's see, trying to remember where I have seen a good stab at a definition. one sec. #txeduchat
  214. @matthew_arend But #making often promotes trial-and-error where Ss don't even know how they solved the problem. #txeduchat
  215. @robinwb A4 I will also say that cc implementation was so messed up that it does seem like they could go together #txeduchat
  216. A4 Cynical answer, but for TX, and with the declining favor of CC standards, my thoughts? Learning is learning! #txeduchat
  217. @wfryer Agree they do say some overlap. Interested in what others think, #txeduchat
  218. @Tom_Kilgore @robinwb So basically we are talking about authentic examples of what one has learned? #txeduchat
  219. A4 For us in #OklaEd CCSS offered more flexibility & connections to #makerEd than our older state stds. But we repealed CCSS #txeduchat
  220. General capabilities in the Australian Curriculum can certainly be addressed in TLM activities #txeduchat
  221. @JenaiaMorane @robinwb So true, I think Ss should be able to show learning/knowledge using alternative methods such as making #txeduchat
  222. A4: It must go back to collaboration. Maybe in ELA kids read informational texts/instructions & annotate & then build in Science? #txeduchat
  223. A4: it can to a degree, through problem solving but it's further proof common core is not the answer. Students need to #create #txeduchat
  224. @craigyen @nathan_stevens @tapigami Many implications for pattern, design, volume, material properties... & plsg to the eyes! #txeduchat
  225. @mikingpd @robinwb The Maker Movement is a global community of people who love to make things - all kinds of things... #txeduchat
  226. A4) I think it depends upon implementation and with what subject area that you'd like to work it in to... doable. #txeduchat
  227. Q4: #CCSS seeks to have Ss 'show' and 'demonstrate' - Ss can do that through building (physically) with their knowledge. #makered #txeduchat
  228. A4 Another interesting opinion A Cognitive Analysis of the Benefits of Maker Kids. Dr. Karen P. Kaun  http://stemgarden.net/  #txeduchat
  229. A4: I think our impulse as Tchrs is to say "bullocks!" We can do it! But think there is a lot of inescapable incongruence to face #txeduchat
  230. .@jwalkup @matthew_arend A lot of districts don't see trial & error as learning, just error = low data charts = blow a gasket. #TxEduChat
  231. @Tom_Kilgore @robinwb #TXeduchat Agree! And if what Ss demonstrate is applicable AND effective in RL even better. Can't argue w/that!
  232. A4 I don't think we'll ever see state legislatures or feds endorse a purely constructivist curriculum. CCSS was a step forward #txeduchat
  233. @mikingpd @robinwb (evenboxes,likeJessie Pinkman (Links to an external site. If you make, you are a part of the Maker Movement. #txeduchat
  234. @elena_SF_CA A4 ELL kids really show what they know where they struggle with the cc #txeduchat
  235. Starting out with good literature then "creating" alternative beginnings and endings..using ss experiences #txeduchat
  236. @mikingpd @robinwb "Do it yourself "maker culture" is built around direct access to and practice of ongoing experimentation. #txeduchat
  237. A4 cc requires a gradable endpoint where maker focuses on the journey #txeduchat
  238. @mikingpd @robinwb Although do it yourself might seem antithetical to the structured nature of school curriculum, #txeduchat
  239. Q5 Hard one: What assessment or evaluation will you use in your maker project? Do you have a sample or link to post? #txeduchat
  240. A4: at end of day, YES, there's always a way to get to a destination but some paths more viable, navigable than others #txeduchat
  241. A4: I think we often jump to using standards as an excuse as to why we can't do certain things. We can be creative though. #txeduchat
  242. @mikingpd @robinwb new "making spaces" challenges established educational routines in favor of more organic learning #txeduchat
  243. @pikacharma @jwalkup @matthew_arend Sometimes a real convo w/admin helps them to see vision-back up w/evidence-show learning #txeduchat
  244. @mikingpd @robinwb that offers access to all kinds of ideas and materials."--MakingWayforMakerCulturebyAlan Labb&Elizabeth Neely.#txeduchat
  245. @robinwb A5 we are using the project log to "grade" the journey of what they have learned #txeduchat
  246. @LivingLiminally and it should come down to how the Ss learn best - and they should have a say in how they show that #txeduchat
  247. @msdayvt @mikingpd @robinwb #TXeduchat Yes, yes and yes. Take down the walls, open Edu to the real world & let Ss demonstrate what they know
  248. A5 For my #TMLOOE #makerEd project I'll have students create a digital product in which they respond to some reflection questions #txeduchat
  249. @robinwb A5 for our robotics course, it is the only part that we look at #txeduchat
  250. A4 so CCSS is a #hottopic for #makered. Interesting to watch developments and how you all approach it. #tmlooe #txeduchat
  251. A4: I am constantly in awe of Ts that take a structure built to house cattle & turn it is to a home meant to nurture children #txeduchat
  252. @cathyt1115 #TXeduchat Great idea Cathy. There's nothing like telling a story - especially one you know - to open the world & imagination.
  253. A4 disagree, need 4 #STEM PD #txeduchat 3D printing may not always fit, consider 2D print other 3d tech #makered misunderstanding prevalent
  254. @robinwb A5: not following this one...isn't the purpose of "maker" to show knowledge/understanding? why assess an assessment? #txeduchat
  255. @pikacharma @jwalkup sad! More than just test scores and data charts. Prepare students for real world. Not to pass a test. #txeduchat
  256. A4: Many special education classes have long incorporated elements of "makered" #txeduchat
  257. A5: As with any work, get the Ss involved in creating assessment. They know what they should know and show. Give them the power. #txeduchat
  258. Sadly I have to cut out early #txeduchat. Pleasure as always & see you next week! :) & @rsvoigt I will see you tomorrow! :) #backtoschool
  259. @sandeeteach @jwalkup @matthew_arend Even if admin is willing 2 listen,when BS rolls downhill from district level, it's difficult #TxEduChat
  260. @jdeinhammer @robinwb but that is the point - use the product Ss create as their assessment, did they show what they know/can do? #txeduchat
  261. A4: That's silly. There are #MakerED projects that can be made compatible with virtually any CC standard. #txeduchat
  262. #txeduchat as a librarian I'm all about the STREAM...need to add art and research!
  263. A5 @jdeinhammer The question about assessment is asked by those may not know about #makered inevitably #txeduchat
  264. @MSM_Institute you're right, it's another of those things that people have been doing without being defined as "maker" #txeduchat
  265. A5: I had my students help me create a rubric to grade their projects. #txeduchat
  266. @jwalkup @matthew_arend I disagree. When Ss are making real things (prosthetic hands, catapults) problem solving is meaningful #txeduchat
  267. @ProfJPizzo Teaching was that way before "No Child Left Behind" put us all on pacing guides. Education can be so much more! #txeduchat
  268. @wfryer @robinwb exactly! the product IS the assessment IMO...and if they don't "get it" they can rework or rethink #txeduchat
  269. A4: 1 variation is explicitness of CC vs S-led Mkr prog. But Ts who know CC can elicit deep rdg, evidence, prsnttionl skills... #txeduchat
  270. @jwalkup for Ss ages 5-11. Have to be exposed to thinking and process before they can truly apply it independently. #expose #txeduchat
  271. @JessLifTeach good idea. With the learning objectives in mind, give students choice/freedom in how to demonstrate mastery #txeduchat
  272. @MrLTeachesU Agreed Gabe, anything that Ss can create/make to show knowledge can also be used to assess same. #txeduchat
  273. I had students sequence/summarize a story in a comic strip  http://goo.gl/5vRR  used a rubric to conference with ss afterwards #txeduchat
  274. @pikacharma @jwalkup @matthew_arend Difficult but not impossible-Admin might give innovative T a chance to try something new #txeduchat
  275. @matthew_arend @sandeeteach @jwalkup Selling 2 district can be toxic in diff ways though, b\c district can prescribe new [1\2] #TxEduChat
  276. @matthew_arend @sandeeteach @jwalkup ideas as 1 Size Fits All Gimmick &force them on teachers whose style they may not fit. [2\2] #TxEduChat
  277. A5 In some cases you have to assess a #makered program and not the individual student perhaps for funding, etc. #tmlooe #txeduchat
  278. @matthew_arend Try multiage teams. The older students lead, the younger ones contribute from their interests or strengths. #TxEduChat
  279. 2015 Focus --> The key to happy engaged, productive employees [AND students!] via @MrsVandeborne
#IAedchat #TxEduChat
    2015 Focus --> The key to happy engaged, productive employees [AND students!] via @MrsVandeborne #IAedchat #TxEduChat pic.twitter.com/yrUnv74unb
  280. @nathan_stevens agreed -- you know "testing" is my soapbox/get me all angry topic :) #txeduchat
  281. @matthew_arend Make it clear to the older Ss that being an inclusive leader is part of the project for them. #TxEduChat
  282. @robinwb you assess the project log experience. That will tell you the most about what is happening #txeduchat
  283. A5 gr8 ? Having students present their project answering ?s aligned to rubric a central idea is a good place to start. #txeduchat
  284. @pikacharma @matthew_arend @jwalkup The truth is- I just did it! I didn't ask- It's good for kids n not really worried #txeduchat
  285. @wfryer @jwalkup @matthew_arend The social aspect along with teacher facilitating can assist with ID the PBLM. Reflection key #txeduchat
  286. Q6 Some of you have mentioned this - do you have a maker process? design thinking, genius hour, PBL? or your own recipe? #txeduchat
  287. Has anyone had the Ss make a Rube Goldberg Machine? I think that would be so much fun! In what class do I do this? #txeduchat
  288. @AlexVKluge @matthew_arend love having Ss teach Ss - especially within district - makes such strong connections/community #txeduchat
  289. @robinwb A5 plus a project that doesn't work is just as valuable as one that does. That's maker #txeduchat
  290. Can you imagine the learning taking place after the Ss reflect on what they learned while designing & making a RG machine? OMG! #txeduchat
  291. @craigyen @martysnowpaw #TXeduchat Yes see attached. Got some notes playing in my head but would luv 2 hear your take http://t.co/1dbcup4Xib
    @craigyen @martysnowpaw #TXeduchat Yes see attached. Got some notes playing in my head but would luv 2 hear your take pic.twitter.com/1dbcup4Xib
  292. #txeduchat A6 Genius hour; own recipe; PBL. Little bit of everything. Just want to do more.
  293. @jwalkup Yes. Important role 4 T in this paradigm- T has to KNOW cc, find Maker passion of S, & mediate S expression thru stands #txeduchat
  294. @robinwb @wfryer having trouble finding the link. it's bernajeane porter. digitales. #txeduchat I will keep looking for it.