May 18, 2014

Planning your Summer PD with @sanwoz @jennifermiller9 and @Tom_Kilgore

  1. Welcome to #txeduchat tonight! Let's get started with Introductions - Tell us a little about YOU!
  2. Excited for #txeduchat tonight, join us as focus on summer reflection, relaxation, and renewal. Tonight is about you, the teacher.
  3. Hi folks, Tom from North Texas. Have the good fortune to learn from/teach 70+ amazing 5th graders! #txeduchat
  4. Nathan, futurist. The line in your hand says you are about to have a great chat #txeduchat
  5. Hi, I'm Beth - teach sts in RRISD. We learn Alg 2 together. I started blending instrctn this year. This summer - learning more! #txeduchat
  6. Tina from Texas, elementary instructional interventionist. #txeduchat
  7. Courtney, new T from TX, recent graduate just completed student teaching excited to learn from you all via twitter! #txeduchat #blogchat
  8. We will use the Q1: A1: format for questions and answers - and don't forget to use the #txeduchat hashtag!
  9. @nathan_stevens Welcome back Nathan - it wouldn't be #txeduchat without our North Carolina contingent.
  10. Hello #txeduchat - looking forward to learning with you all tonight
  11. Hey everyone! Jan Hodge, District Library Media Specialist and ready for the summer! #txeduchat
  12. #txeduchat Tom from Central NJ, Middle School Educator of 19 Years Passionate about my family, education, history and sports.
  13. Michelle from Brazosport ISD, District Lead Media Specialist and elementary librarian. #txeduchat
  14. Pardon my tweets (or join them!) for the next hour of #txeduchat I'm a K-5 teacher librarian ready for a summer of reading & learning fun
  15. @algebrasfriend Hi Beth, welcome back! Always great to have your voice here in #txeduchat!
  16. Natalie from Weatherford, trying to tweet & walk tonight #txeduchat
  17. @txeduchat thank you good to be here working toward PD and expanding PLN! #txeduchat
  18. Chatting from nj. 33 years in the middle school classroom, write Curr., love to teach and learn #txeduchat
  19. Erin 1st grade in DFW, TX. #txeduchat Missed last few and looking forward to tonight!
  20. #txeduchat Jena Ball with the CritterKin mutts tweeting in from North Carolina
  21. @ErinGerdes Glad you could join tonight Erin. This should be a lot of FUN! #txeduchat
  22. Michael J Ruiz. Back after a 2 week hiatus. Soon to be 4th grade bilingual from Dallas TX. #txeduchat
  23. Q1. What are the best ways to reflect & recharge for summer? Is this important? #txeduchat
  24. Jeffery Herbel, Director of Information Technology, Enid OK, #txeduchat
  25. @jaherbel Can I get a WHOOP, WHOOP? Herbel in the House. #txeduchat former hosts are ALWAYS welcome.
  26. A1 Take a break from SOCIAL MEDIA! So important to turn off for a bit. I know I need to recharge. #txeduchat
  27. A1: Take time to reflect on last year. Make list, what worked, what didn't, what's new. Take advantage of D TechnoPalooza. #txeduchat
  28. A1: I make a list of 2 or 3 things to tweak over the summer. And I read, read, read! #txeduchat
  29. #txeduchat A1 July is my month to recharge and step away. August is "Game On". Preparing for the upcoming year.
  30. A1: Reflection in teaching is vital progression towards delivering effective, quality education. #txeduchat I'm looking inward this summer!
  31. @KLirenman Yes, unplugging really helps me to recharge. camping experiences help me focus on family and reconnection reflection #txeduchat
  32. A1 Reflecting & recharging are vital! What worked, needs work, how can I improve. Time with my family & friends is also a MUST. #txeduchat
  33. A1: for me it's fishing. Try to get out ad fish at least twice a week during the summer. Then join an edchat or two each night #txeduchat
  34. A1. Best ways to reflect & recharge for summer... follow Twitter, fav blogs & find some edcamps! Important? betcha! #txeduchat
  35. A1: Look at what worked, change what didn't & power down as often as possible w/family to recharge:) #txeduchat Very important!
  36. A1 I think it is important to rest and reflect over the summer. I prefer PD in Aug to recharge right before school starts. #txeduchat
  37. @sue_fitz #txeduchat Yay another librarian! Must be celebrate a librarian night :-)
  38. A1: I play with my grandkids a couple of times a week - keeps me young! We explore the world around us! #txeduchat
  39. #txeduchat Marty Keltz Toronto Educator/Producer  Co-Founder who loves the great state of Texas & the summer.
  40. A1: Summers are my time to reflect and engage with my professional learning. Ahh! #txeduchat
  41. @nathan_stevens Great way to model life long learning, What conferences do you find beneficial? #txeduchat
  42. A1 Essential for Ts 2 get far away from school for a while to recharge and be ready for next year. Must feed other parts of you! #txeduchat
  43. A1: I stay connected with my PLN through blogging, twitter ... to share ideas! #txeduchat
  44. A1 so imp. to take time for yourself. Love to check out a new tech tool I did not have the time to get to during the school year #txeduchat
  45. A1 I also plan to get into the woods/mountains more. Nature is SO good for my soul. #txeduchat
  46. A1: I want to have time to play online and in the pool - yes it's important to unwind and recharge #txeduchat
  47. #txeduchat A1 A lot of baseball watching, book reading and time in the pool with the family in July.
  48. @JenniferMiller9 I usually go to edulum to learn and present, going to ISTE this year #txeduchat
  49. @JenniferMiller9 @txeduchat I love to read what I call "fluff" books as well as immerse myself in children's lit. #txeduchat
  50. A1 I start every summer with a trip to a beach. Spend a week AWAY from school allows me to come back rested and ready for next yr #txeduchat
  51. A1 of course about 2 weeks in and the wheels start and I'm researching and planning for next year. #txeduchat
  52. #txeduchat very important to recharge! Great time for inspiration and self reflection.
  53. A1 Summer means Picnic, Book, Journal & try something new - like #OculusRift #txeduchat (a friend will show me!)
  54. A1: taking some trips this summer with my family; reading some fluff books #txeduchat
  55. A1 - Sit by the pool and read that I want to read, not necessarily what I need to read. Explore new passions. #txeduchat
  56. Summer time is reading time! That is for pure pleasure. #txeduchat
  57. #txeduchat The imagination needs noodling, to quote a favorite author. Love to get outside, catch up on reading & let my imagination wander.
  58. A1 Summer is only time we get to slow down & learn things at our own pace. Amazing how non-educational things wind up in class #txeduchat
  59. A1 sleep & more sleep. Then dive into those books & long hikes, dust off the camera & enjoy life. #txeduchat
  60. #txeduchat better late than never... Don't want to miss my PLN :)
  61. @valibrarian Keep us posted on the VR Valerie! Can't wait to try it myself! #txeduchat
  62. A1: summer is also a good time to learn new things that I can bring into my classroom #txeduchat
  63. @TooterP @martysnowpaw #txeduchat That's such good news Alice. Be sure to mention the readings we do. Would love to meet her.
  64. @beyondtech1 I'll join you with this plan! #txeduchat Sleep, sleep, read, bike, photos, explore...
  65. Drag out my paints/easel - slip on a backpack & find inspiration #txeduchat
  66. Makers Camp kicks off June 26 in Ft Worth and then is online throughout the summer. Excited.  #txeduchat
  67. @nathan_stevens @JenniferMiller9 as Tech Dir I work year round and summer is time to get BIG projects done. No down time for IT!! #txeduchat
  68. @algebrasfriend #txeduchat Too much of anything, including intense focus, isn't good. Love to seeing where my mind will take me don't you?
  69. Q2. What types of PD does your school/district offer in the summer? #txeduchat #njed #txeduchat
  70. Q 2 What types of PD does your school/district offer in the summer? #txeduchat
  71. Q 2 What types of PD does your school/district offer in the summer? #txeduchat
  72. @JoyKirr Absolutely except I'll leave the bike up to you - accident prone. Nature beckons and no alarm clock #txeduchat
  73. Must stay focused and set goals otherwise summer time can slip away with little accomplished. #txeduchat
  74. #txeduchat A1: summer? Plan for next year...test drive those ideas that I don't know about and am scared to implement without a bet test
  75. A2 Some summer workshops of course, some curriculum. Ho hum stuff. Nothing that excites me really. I find my own PD on Twitter #txeduchat
  76. @txeduchat A2: #RRISD offers 2 weeks of summer pd - everything from specific content to classroom management to tech #txeduchat
  77. A2: Summer Learning Academy w/ tech integration focus + Tech Kick Off Day #txeduchat
  78. @beyondtech1 #txeduchat Oh yes. Love unplugging the linear mind and getting back to sketching. U have gorgeous scenery on your coast.
  79. There is a free Science PD at Texas A&M this summer put on by the USDA agricultural Research Service #txeduchat
  80. A2: The district I'm interested in offers Edcamps, Appy Hour learning 1to1 tech tools, and how to use them in classrooms. #txeduchat
  81. A2 We have a variety of PD, book studies, plus we have a Virtual Voyage of several digital challenges. Now our PLN counts! #txeduchat
  82. @JenniferMiller9 #nisdnov8 is offering a "Genius Hour" pd for in Ts will come in & pursue their techie passion #txeduchat
  83. #txeduchat A2: PD offered the week after school is out and the last wk of July, I am offering wksps in June
  84. A2 No plans. Summer is a find your own excitement & passion - a bit of an adventure #txeduchat
  85. A2: Tons of district sessions on just about any topic, new initiatives, new curriculum, new tech, etc #txeduchat
  86. #txeduchat A2 Not really sure,as I have never pursued. I work full time as an AD at a summer camp.
  87. @beyondtech1 #txeduchat Smiling about the sleep. Always a little disappointed by how quickly I catch up. I like napping :-)
  88. @jaherbel No down time for me either; but with schools out, I hope to get more accomplished! #txeduchat
  89. @JenaiaMorane yes- very fortunate to be living in a temperate rain forest - rain has advantages - huge old growth forests #txeduchat
  90. A1) I have 3 kids...experimenting with them teaches skills, brings us closer, & lets me explore :) #txeduchat #txeduchat
  91. #txeduchat A2: EM-S does a tech 2 day seminar series and curriculum dev series
  92. A2:teacher lead technology training 4 days out of summer, havent looked at the other stuff yet #txeduchat
  93. Q2: Our d provides tech camp for Ss, many offerings for Ts, and TechnoPalooza for district and friends. #txeduchat
  94. @BobbiC07 @beyondtech1 #txeduchat True confessions? I love to crochet - LOL find it very relaxing.
  95. A2 Balance in my summer reading between YA Lit, bestsellers and ed books like "Teach Like a Pirate"! #txeduchat
  96. #txeduchat A2: Not sure! Anyone from KatyISD want to lmk what it is like?!
  97. @dayankee Doing as much as possible in house myself Don but also driving own learning as well. So many folks doing amazing stuff #txeduchat
  98. #txeduchat I'm responsible for the PD for our Librarians. We'll have 2 days in Aug. District has some Tech, Curr. GT, etc.
  99. I'm offering PD this summer for the district. I'm very excited. No more sit & get. Changing the way PD is offered. #txeduchat
  100. Found other day. Get 2 FREE audio books per week thru summer. One new, one classic YA Lit. Yours to keep!  #txeduchat
  101. @nathan_stevens @JenniferMiller9 we are just kicking off minecraft at one school next year. Looking forward to it!! #txeduchat
  102. A2 - At ESC11, we are kicking off Future Ready Learning Experience in July. Check it out!  #txeduchat
  103. With a PLN like #txeduchat you can learn all summer (or at least every Sunday night)...
  104. @Thrasymachus #txeduchat that is why I work with Japanese students after school. It gives me a chance to try things before I do them withTs
  105. @Thrasymachus My kids are my tech/innovation incubator as well Charles! They love helping Dad learn! #txeduchat
  106. @JenaiaMorane @BobbiC07 Very cool crocheting. Hey I just took up knitting again - I like the row/row thing. #txeduchat
  107. @Tom_Kilgore It's the truth! Never realized all of the amazing stuff that Ts are doing for their own PD. Awesomeness #txeduchat
  108. @Tregoed A2 my district has 2 required days = exchange days to get the week of thanksgiving off. GT updates, vocabulary etc. #txeduchat
  109. @JenaiaMorane I even live on a street that has a canopy of trees that feels like a cathedral #txeduchat
  110. Q3. What types of PD have inspired or motivated you to implement 21st century teaching techniques/tools? #txeduchat
  111. @beyondtech1 @BobbiC07 #txeduchat Oh love knitting too but inevitably get stuck somewhere and have to go get help. Also don't like blocking
  112. A 2: PD this summer Janet Corder & Joan Gore at our district! #txeduchat
  113. A2 I offer PD in the summer for schools, but it's followed up with modeling and coaching in the fall. #txeduchat
  114. @dayankee: A2 Balance in my reading betw YA Lit, bestsellers & "Teach Like a Pirate"! #txeduchat”👍love #tlaptlaprote my own in the margins!
  115. A2 My district Summer PD: digital tools, googleapps, PBLs, edCamps, tons of curriculum workshops- but don't forget MOOCs #txeduchat
  116. A3 My T partner @melissahellwig4 and I went to our first #edcamp in Feb. Was awesome and def a type of PD we want to do! #txeduchat
  117. I always revisit Plato during the summers...He's my greatest single teacher ever: pedagogy, ? Strategies, challenges my thinking #txeduchat
  118. #txeduchat A3: tbh - TWITTER! Connected to more educators and ideas than I've ever though possible. Also #edcampr4tx gave me TONS of ideas
  119. @JenaiaMorane Ha! Fixed that -Inever finish & I just rip out whole rows & start over - mostly I like the process @BobbiC07 #txeduchat
  120. Grow your PLN (follow others) and learn from your peers tweets while they attend conferences this summer. #txeduchat
  121. @ryanvhill No, not an edcamp model but just giving teachers a fun way of learning. I'm very motivated about sharing. #txeduchat
  122. #txeduchat A lot of my PD from my PLN has helped me to integrate 21st century practices.A3
  123. Aug 14th is #epsit2014 is @EnidSchools back to school Tech Integration Conference. Last year rocked and changed how e look at PD #txeduchat
  124. A3: PD I get from twitter makes me want to have my own classroom. I learn so much locally & globally via twitter! #txeduchat Bridge the Gap!
  125. A3 My best PD comes from Twitter; most #edtech is done in isolation and in pockets #txeduchat
  126. @HansenArtClass WOW! Great to see that someone in #txeduchat has taken a MOOC... What was the topic?
  127. I was stoked about #ISTE2014 and my funding fell through because of a paperwork mix-up. #furious #txeduchat
  128. @txeduchat @HansenArtClass I took Jo Boaler's How to Learn Math last year from Stanford! Highly recommend that MOOC! #txeduchat
  129. A3 #TLAP inspires you to work hard to motivate kids. Love me some good F2F workshops #txeduchat
  130. A3 Region XI Summer Digital Learning Conf, TWITTER CHATS, PLN. Looking forward to @EdcampFWTX @iPadpalooza & @gafesummit #txeduchat
  131. A3 #TLAP inspires you to work hard to motivate kids. Love me some good F2F workshops #txeduchat
  132. @Thrasymachus Yup. Love the adventure of the discovery. You never know what youll find that will connect w/ ? #txeduchat
  133. #txeduchat Webinars from edweb have been great! Also Demco has some good ones too. You watch when you can or participate live.
  134. A3: I really like hands on training where I take away useful tools/products for my classroom use #txeduchat
  135. Any good conferences that you guys can recommend ? I want to continue to push 21st century learning in my classroom. #txeduchat
  136. @beyondtech1 Awesome, and how do you like #MOOCs? What makes them beneficial? Do you like #MOOC for K12 PD? #txeduchat
  137. A3: My calendar is filling up with a couple of edcamps, asdc, and Twitter. Thinking about the virtual iste conference too. #txeduchat
  138. A3 #txgoo was different yesterday - - spent the whole day focused on one topic (Google), and learned a ton. #txeduchat
  139. Me too! I learned a tin creeping on the #txgoo peeps this weekend “@TechTeacherLiv: #txeduchat I plan to use twitter at local hot spots”
  140. @JenaiaMorane @BobbiC07 Yipes - no cable. knit, knit, knit, watch tv, have good laughs. Dont take anything seriously. #txeduchat
  141. @beyondtech1 #txeduchat Ok I'm officially jealous. As kid I lived among giant oaks. They were my friends. I'd sit in their arms for hours.
  142. @beyondtech1 MOOCS are amazing learning opportunities Janet, I've done two so far and about to start third! #txeduchat
  143. Me too! You can learn anything in global participatory digital culture #txeduchat @beyondtech1 MOOCs have pros & cons like anything
  144. A4: I want to learn more about GT and STEM this summer. Also, what is MOOCs? #txeduchat
  145. A3: Why Twitter? Why a PLN? MT @brainpicker: The science & philosophy of friendship: the art of connecting  #txeduchat
  146. A4) I'd like to find a local #edcamp to go to this summer. #edcampesc5 was awesome. Want more. #txeduchat
  147. Q4 What PD do you want to take part in this summer? #txeduchat
  148. @JenniferMiller9 We are rolling out GAFE district wide next year, so staff and I need to attend GAFE PD #txeduchat
  149. A4 Listed in A3 but also loving our new Digital Dinners to collaborate w/tchrs from other campuses. #txeduchat
  150. #txeduchat I want to learn more about PBL and BYOD usage at the elem. level. I'm moving to a BYOD in the fall and need to learn a lot!
  151. @JenniferMiller9 @txeduchat 2/2 Activity based & lots of encouragng feedbk are most fun. Academic ones r heavy during year #txeduchat
  152. @Tom_Kilgore #txeduchat Me to with the addition of play. Gotta be fun or I'm not very interested.
  153. #txeduchat A4 I want to stay active with PLN and Twitter through Ed Chats. Looking forward to Edcamp STEAM in NJ. Looking to continue blog.
  154. Why Twitter? 24/7 on demand self-directed learning engagement hub! MT @mrkempnz: Twitter Vs Paid PD |  #txeduchat
  155. A4 my plan continue Twitter chats, read the blogs I've been following, few conferences. #txeduchat
  156. @sanwoz Q4: something related to tablets in the classroom - all depends on availability #txeduchat
  157. @FarleyJeffrey we do our insecure similar. It's amazing first week of school #txeduchat
  158. @beyondtech1 @txeduchat Can you see more #MOOCS as part #PD experiences for K12 teachers? Feedback is so important in a #mooc? #txeduchat
  159. A4 I am going to Zambia to work with orphans and schools, gain new perspectives #txeduchat
  160. A4 I am going to Zambia to work with orphans and schools, gain new perspectives #txeduchat
  161. Presenting 5 wkshops at district PD. Presenting at Region X #txeduchat
  162. @TechTeacherLiv Just get together w/other tchrs in my district to collaborate on our own time, own agenda. TONS of ideas!! #txeduchat
  163. A4: I want PD that I can actually use. I love PD where I learn hands on activities for my #STEM classes. I hate to be bored! #txeduchat
  164. #txeduchat Never been to an Edcamp in person yet (tho attended through Skype). Would love 2 get 2 ISTE but not sure if schedule will permit.
  165. Makerspaces and library redesign are at the top of the research list! #txeduchat
  166. #txeduchat A4: I would love to meet the folks with whom I share all these awesome ideas.
  167. We know the chat is moving fast. The archive will be available at  later this evening. #txeduchat
  168. A4 So much to learn, so little time! Summer flies by and I see a lot of my best intentions still in the pile! #txeduchat
  169. A4 So much to learn, so little time! Summer flies by and I see a lot of my best intentions still in the pile! #txeduchat
  170. @JenniferMiller9 @txeduchat Bec my job is long hours, I find ones w/ too many ppl tend to get lost. I think relationshp r a glue #txeduchat
  171. Hey #reg5chat guys we have a library and eng expo in July at reg center. I'm presenting on tech in class #txeduchat
  172. @sanwoz Such an awesome experience and so excited for you, blog for us to learn with you #txeduchat
  173. A4) If love to do a Plato as Ed Coach book study if anyone is interested #txeduchat
  174. Teaching summer school technology enrichment!!! Super excited! #txeduchat
  175. Gotta duck out #txeduchat - College kids home, having late Mom’s Day, made me an awesome dinner. See ya next week!
  176. @sanwoz #txeduchat Holy cow that's a BIG deal! Will you be blogginb about it? gWould love to follow along. My time in Nepal changed my life.
  177. A4) SourhLake/Carroll is bringing @jillcompher & I in to do a full day @aurasma session-Can't wait! #txeduchat
  178. A4 I want to pilot some of the great ideas I've found on twitter for summer school; then roll it out in the fall #txeduchat
  179. I have to bow out early tonight. Last couple of weeks are super busy and I need my rest. Enjoy your evening! #txeduchat
  180. @TechTeacherLiv everyone invited!! @janamac can you give info on the library expo awesomeness this summer #txeduchat
  181. #txeduchat want to start something with Minecraft next year. Anyone have experience getting tech to unblock?
  182. A4: Doing a few local edcamps, #edcamplewi, #ISTE14, & anything else I can sneak into for PD this summer! #txeduchat
  183. Why Twitter? Why #txeduchat? COLLABORATION w/like-minded colleagues, thoughtleaders, & provocateurs is  EMPOWERING!
    Why Twitter? Why #txeduchat? COLLABORATION w/like-minded colleagues, thoughtleaders, & provocateurs is EMPOWERING!
  184. @JenniferMiller9 @beyondtech1 Relationships happen in Connectivist MOOCs, Get out what you put in (self organizing in the MOOC) #txeduchat
  185. #txeduchat I wish that our district did unconferencing #PD It all seems so programmed when we get back 2 school. So much to absorb.
  186. A5 Depends on what the topic is. Discussions can be great online. Some topics require more of a hands on need #txeduchat
  187. A5: I enjoy both PD online/F2F but if it is local, I'd prefer F2F.Just like my Ss I need hands on exp & real world application. #txeduchat
  188. @JenniferMiller9 A5: Both online and in person. Online is self-paced, in person ensures I actually do it. #txeduchat
  189. A6 I like both. Seriously learn together via twitter the. Meet F2F at an edcamp. Doesn't get much better than that. #txeduchat
  190. Cool! You'll blog so we can keep up? “@NancyJoLambert: A4 I will be playing & learning @MinecraftEdu, @littleBits next year! #txeduchat
  191. A5 I prefer F2F so I can interact w/ people, unless it's Twitter. I always prefer Twitter! #txeduchat
  192. A5 I like a mixture. Sometimes when it's a big PD experience, I want F2F but if I'm just being exposed to things, online is good #txeduchat
  193. @poida #twitter provides me with a platform of professionals who actually practice or act within a 21st cent leaning environment #txeduchat
  194. MT @ervin_courtney A5: I enjoy PD online/F2F but if it is local, I'd prefer F2F.Just like my Ss I need hands on & real world app. #txeduchat
  195. @BrannenLibrary get with @duncanbilingual he is amazing and his whole class is minecraft. Gamification. Project based learning #txeduchat
  196. @BrannenLibrary I'm a tech dir that is setting a minecraft server for one of our MS. Tell them I said to open it!! #txeduchat
  197. A5 Both-but prefer online best. On my own time, on my couch, in sweats. Esp TWITTER-can lurk or get involved & still gain ideas! #txeduchat
  198. A5) I much prefer face-to-face PD. I like to nosh over the learning w/my colleagues & speakers over food, during breaks, etc. #txeduchat
  199. A5 advantages of online learning are greater than F2F- even though I enjoy sharing physical space #txeduchat digital tools provide 24/7...
  200. @BSGSCSFoster ours does and it's amazing. Our superintendent @bradmceachern is the person to go to for guidance on getting this #txeduchat
  201. #txeduchat Q5: I am a tweet-PD convert. I have gained so much knowledge and creativity from my online PLN. Love f2f but online is so easy.
  202. A5: Love both face to face & online PD/courses. Both have something to offer! #txeduchat Especially in tight budget times;)
  203. Me too! I love the energy and connections at a F2F, online PD is for twitter or book studies @NancyJoLambert #txeduchat
  204. #txeduchat A5: I like online because I can research on my own and see where it fits right away.
  205. A5: Holistic PD involves both F2F & online engagement & learning. The right BLEND leverages learning in ways never B4 possible! #txeduchat
  206. @BSGSCSFoster Region XI #techpd is an excellent choice, many good PD experts at Region XI who model 21st cent. learning. #txeduchat
  207. #txeduchat I wouldn't trade my PLN discussions online for anything but would rather engage in collaboration and discussion face to face.
  208. @whitneykilgore @JenniferMiller9 @courosa Yes I know - thats why I dove into it even tho this time of year I'm snowed under. #txeduchat
  209. Online learning allows me to choose my PD time during busy summer festivities. F2f can some times be tough to manage. #txeduchat
  210. #txeduchat Does anyone use another program to track the chats, like Tweetdeck?
  211. Q6: If considering advanced degree/certificate, what/when will you study & where? #txeduchat
  212. @BrannenLibrary any reason they give you for blocking it is invalid! Google MinecraftEDU, there are lessons from K to 12... #txeduchat
  213. Get a small one started :) “@BSGSCSFoster: #txeduchat I wish that our district did unconferencing #PD It all seems so programmed
  214. @BrannenLibrary @jaherbel #txeduchat Been tagging along w/Ts I met at ISTE who use it. Want to adapt to let Ss tell/build CritterKin stories
  215. A5 typically I combine F2F and online when I do PD. I keep in touch and provide info as well as flip my PD using online platform #txeduchat
  216. @NancyJoLambert @JenniferMiller9 21st learning .... anywhere, anytime, with anyone! :-) Twitter is a PD "gamechanger"! #txeduchat
  217. A6: I am attending @TarletonFW for my M.Ed concentrating on Instructional Design & Technology I will be done by December 2015 #txeduchat
  218. @Thrasymachus @BSGSCSFoster programmed is not a good thing it's also one size fits all which is not good PD- #txeduchat
  219. A6) I'm done with all of that for a while. Have my M.Ed. as of yesterday's graduation & need some family time back for a while. #txeduchat
  220. @Tom_Kilgore working on that now. Halfway through at Lamar. Tech leadership and principal certificate #txeduchat
  221. #txeduchat Q6: I am starting the Inst Tech Masters through #WilkesBarre and @DiscoveryEd in August and I am so looking forward to it!
  222. @FarleyJeffrey proud for you. Congrats friend! Wish I were finished for real #txeduchat
  223. A6: I intend to get my doctorate so I can have "Doctor" on my tombstone. #txeduchat
  224. #txeduchat I just finished my master's in library science, so I plan to exercise and write this summer! No school for me.
  225. A6 - contemplating getting a doctorate but have to wait til youngest is out of college! #txeduchat
  226. A6 Have my Master's in Library Science & considering getting all the Google certs though after #txgoo #txeduchat
  227. A6: Considering C&I or Admin, still shopping for institution! #txeduchat
  228. @txeduchat I haven't figured out how to do it low cost. EDD/PHD's are SO darn expensive! But I'll do it one day. #txeduchat
  229. @BSGSCSFoster Good for you, University of North Texas has a great PhD Learning Technologies online program. @whitneykilgore #txeduchat
  230. @txeduchat @FarleyJeffrey were you at the 930 or 130? I was at the 930 for my brother in law #txeduchat
  231. @cfanch that was a dream of mine, too. Want to get dr. Before my kids do! #txeduchat
  232. @Tom_Kilgore I'm considering degree in Library Science, not sure where or when??? #txeduchat
  233. A6: I want to get all the Google Certs. Not sure I want advanced degree #txeduchat
  234. @txeduchat @Tom_Kilgore A6 I get pitched on getting a phd every couple of weeks. Will have to bite bullet soon #txeduchat
  235. @daisyray215 @txeduchat Didn't walk. Too many other priorities to attend to. Just glad it's done and can move forward. Thx all. #txeduchat
  236. @kteachcampbell @Tom_Kilgore Katie I'm doing it. Surviving. Making all a's but it's seriously a ton of busy work #txeduchat
  237. @JenniferMiller9 @Thrasymachus @BSGSCSFoster funny how that slips their minds "do as we tell you but that doesn't pertain to Ts"#txeduchat
  238. A6: Considering EdS. Still shopping for institution. Only considering schools with online options. #txeduchat
  239. Google certificates would be a great PD for the summer #txeduchat
  240. a6 certifications are worthless these days. Things change too fast these days #txeduchat
  241. @daisyray215 It will come. Be patient. Keep your head down. Before you know it, you'll be through. Keep up the good work. #txeduchat
  242. @kmwassmuth in NJ you get more pay in most districts with degrees and credits, but not certs. Love my GCT status more! #txeduchat
  243. Q7: Who do you look to for informal PD as thought leaders in your PLN? Who should we all be following? #txeduchat
  244. #txeduchat @burgessdave is one that I have really gotten lots from. Also @dacia92 - the "fairy grant mother"
  245. I also have a list of must follows on my page if anyone wants to check it out #txeduchat
  246. A7 @shannonmmiller is someone to follow. She's doing some amazing things with her students! #txeduchat