July 6, 2014

@shareski chats about Life Long Learning

  1. Q1 What are the characteristics of a life long learner? #txeduchat
  2. @Angelanix Welcome Angie! We are glad that you decided to peek. We hope you also "tweet" - sharing is CARING ;) #txeduchat
  3. @jaherbel @nathan_stevens I'm the proud owner of glitter snark given to me from Nathan at iste lol #txeduchat
  4. Heidi, from Merton, WI. 5th grade...happy to be here with ya'all from Texas! #txeduchat
  5. A1 Lifelong learners have an insatiable curiousity to embrace the new #iaedchat #txeduchat
  6. Glad to be here tonight. Anyone in Austin or Round Rock for their learning this summer?  https://www.smore.com/ehxbv  #txeduchat
  7. A1: A life-long learner looks for opportunities to connect. Looking not just for knowledge, but relationships. #txeduchat
  8. A1 A lifelong learner is curious and passionate about curating information and using it to create new ideas. #txeduchat
  9. A1 Life long learners are curious & have an appeal to application. #txeduchat
  10. @shareski A1 #txeduchat it's more of a disposition I think. An open mind and willingness to say. "I need to know more"
  11. A1 lifelong learners are constantly searching for knowledge…and of course lifelong learners are here on twitter love my PLN #txeduchat
  12. A1 not scared to fail. Passionate. Excited. Sharing. Perseverance. #txeduchat
  13. Life long learners love to read, explore, & collaborate! #txeduchat
  14. A1: Someone who first keeps themselves relevant as how people learn. Look at systems. #txeduchat
  15. @d_mulder #txeduchat YES opportunities are one thing, but seeking them out is another!
  16. @jaherbel I was absolutely just thinking the same thing. What the heck?? Boo. #txeduchat
  17. A1: Hi all! Jess from near Chicago, joining a bit late! #txeduchat
  18. A1 Lifelong learners are not afraid to make mistakes in their journey to try out new pedagogies #iaedchat #txeduchat
  19. A1 characteristics of a life long learner is one that is embraces errors and failure in life: with them we grow as individuals #txeduchat
  20. Thanks Cynthia great to be here and to connect with so many amazing educators like yourself @clarkmusings #txeduchat
  21. A1: Lifelong learning is all about motivation, inspiration, and a POV about belonging to the world! We foster that! #txeduchat
  22. @Think_teach @klippert from Toronto CAN...from "Free To Be..." to @CritterKin supporter of Ts, Education, innovators & Kids! #txeduchat
  23. A1: A life-long learner has answers to a lot of questions in life...but isn't afraid to change them;) #txeduchat
  24. connected , driven, creator , curious , eyes wide open #txeduchat
  25. A1 Who asks why after an answer is given. Tries to fit it in their learning #txeduchat My life teach kinders lol
  26. @nathan_stevens doing really good. Ready to get back to the grind stone tomorrow #txeduchat
  27. A1: Authentic, inquisitive, wonder-filled, passionate, never-ending #txeduchat
  28. @tracyacramer #txeduchat agreed! Building a PLN is a key component to LLL - and kids need to learn how and create their own
  29. A1 Curious. Resilient. Motivated. Creative. Risk-taking. #txeduchat
  30. @VivienTuckerman true that…how can we teach our ss to fail and make mistakes if we don't model it for them #txeduchat
  31. A1 A lifelong learner takes risks to try things out of the comfort zone and learns new skills. Learning new skills is hard. #txeduchat
  32. A lifelong learner eats Twitter for dessert at least 5 times a week. #txeduchat
  33. A1 a desire to continually beat your head against a wall to say I know I can do this #glittersnark #txeduchat
  34. A1 Lately I've been thinking lots about wonder. What do we wonder about? #txeduchat
  35. A1: Not being afraid to honestly reflect on areas you can grow and then going after those areas with your full heart! #txeduchat
  36. #txeduchat Collaborator, inspired by learning, sharing, and not afraid to FAIL!
  37. A1 #txeduchat aren't we all life-long learners? In order for us to survive we need to keep learning new things. Maybe it's bat what we lrn.
  38. @d_mulder So important. A ton of knowledge w/out relationships won't get you far #txeduchat
  39. @Tom_Kilgore sometimes the important ?s to ask are the ones you think you already know the answers to! #txeduchat
  40. @shareski I agree. Not scared to get out of comfort zone and let people know that they don't know everything #txeduchat
  41. A1 A lifelong learner isn't only concerned about staying current, but imagines and ponders possibilities of what's next. #txeduchat
  42. A1: Lifelong learners have an open attitude, eager to learn from others, explore and ask ?s to learn #NotAKnowItAll #txeduchat
  43. A1: Lifelong learners are willing to try and fail, and learn what *doesn’t* work on the way to learning what does. #txeduchat
  44. A1. Able to take that unexpected fork when it looks like the "answer" may have unexpected directions. #txeduchat
  45. #txeduchat A1 2 flavors of L^3: someone who got 'it' early; others who figured it out late. Shared: need for growth. Diff: late's pain.
  46. @Angelanix I absolutely love that statement Angie, will be sharing this with lots of folks! #txeduchat
  47. @Think_teach and to create it safety & use it in a manner that helps them grow…planting little seeds in grade1 & watch them grow #txeduchat
  48. #txeduchat. A1. Someone who is never satisfied with the status quo. (I am Kati in GA. Gifted K-5 teacher & PD instructor. )
  49. A1: Lifelong learning = passion, positive attitude, engagement, enthusiasm, twitter, & PLN! #txeduchat
  50. A1 Lifelong learners are always looking for that Eureka moment when inspiration hits unexpectedly #txeduchat
  51. ISTE and the Verizon Foundation Launch Free Mobile Learning Academy for Educators #txeduchat  http://wp.me/p4BZOm-on  via @WalterinDC
  52. Q2 Do your students see you as a learner? Do they know how you learn? #txeduchat
  53. A1: learning is MESSY - don't be afraid to make a mess... #txeduchat
  54. @daisyray215 that needs to be clearly modeled and articulated, not assumed. #txeduchat
  55. @shareski #txeduchat I wonder where the time has gone to let learner wonder? When do we provide time for this for them/themselves
  56. A1 Intense curiosity as a character trait. Everyone is curious about something so everyone is a lifelong learner. #txeduchat
  57. A1: Lifelong learners know that the best way to have a great ideas is to have a lot of ideas. #txeduchat http://t.co/oDLoa7KmHV
    A1: Lifelong learners know that the best way to have a great ideas is to have a lot of ideas. #txeduchat pic.twitter.com/oDLoa7KmHV
  58. A1: A life long learner draws inspiration from those around her. Sees strengths and learning opportunities in others. #txeduchat
  59. @shareski I often wonder about the things that can't really be explained yet- fun to speculate-use creative juices. #txeduchat
  60. @VivienTuckerman sad though that many don't feel the same way ts are human and we 2 make mistakes its how we grow that matters #txeduchat
  61. Educators - life long learners! "Perfection is not attainable, but if we chase perfection we can catch excellence" ~ V. Lombardi #txeduchat
  62. A1: Lifelong learners are willing and seeking new knowledge daily. #txeduchat
  63. A2 my students see me as a learner because I'm not afraid to say: I don't know, let's find out! #txeduchat
  64. A2. Yes, as Ss are expected to participate as Ts at least once to help community grow and learn. #txeduchat
  65. @shareski my Ss love when I mess up in front of them. I do it on purpose sometimes. It's good for them to see #txeduchat
  66. A2: My Ss know I am a learner because I often share w/them all that I learn FROM them. #txeduchat
  67. A2 my Ks know I'm on Twitter and share what I learn with them & colleagues. They see me make mistakes & know I am learning #txeduchat
  68. A2 If they do not see me as a learner they will not see the value of learning...WALK the WALK #txeduchat
  69. Q2 My students know I am a learner because often I get them to teach me how to do things they know! An organic classroom #txeduchat
  70. A2: My students definitely know I’m still learning. Many read my blog. Many ask specific questions about my doctoral work. #txeduchat
  71. @Glittersnark True. Someone who enjoys a challenge; likes approaching a problem from many angles. #txeduchat
  72. A2. Ss able to have input on topics, which I tell them means I may have to learn along. #txeduchat
  73. A2 Best examples of teachers as learners come in team teaching environments. #txeduchat
  74. @Tom_Kilgore really?? Every time I learn one thing I develop sooooooooo many more questions #txeduchat
  75. A2 #txeduchat Always try to let my Ss see me trying to learn even tho I am one Old Dog! I also like the to see me fail and what I do after.
  76. #txeduchat A1 Early L^3: curious, playful (at some level continuous learning stokes endorphins). Late L^3 types: same + sense of urgency.
  77. A1 A lifelong learner is someone who operates with a Robots mindset...see a need, fill a need! #txeduchat
  78. They know I am not afraid to make mistakes...I make them all the time... #txeduchat
  79. A2: My Ss know I am a learner because I am honest and share my struggles w/them. I share what I try and how I fail and succeed. #txeduchat
  80. Q2: My students and staff see me as a learner (I think). We have a positive supportive culture, especially our kids - they rock! #txeduchat
  81. Hi! Jill from ga. I teach 6th grade math. This is my first time participating in a #txeduchat
  82. @RusulAlrubail It's really fun for Ss to learn together with their T- to learn and come up with even more ?s to explore-& reflect #txeduchat
  83. A2 What if teachers listed "Stuff I don't know yet." somewhere in their classrooms. #txeduchat
  84. A2: Model how to learn. (Don't just show up and say things.) Annotate, think visibly in moment w/ Ss. Allow reciprocal teaching. #txeduchat
  85. @shareski #txeduchat I often find myself not knowing words or things, it's natural in my classes, however they know I'm curious.
  86. @cathyt1115 Love this thought—we all learn, and we all share, right? #txeduchat
  87. A1: a curiosity about the world and learning, a love of questions, an ear for actively listening in order to discover more #txeduchat
  88. A2: As an adult learner who helps other adults learn is it different than with <18 humans? #txeduchat
  89. A2: Yes! My 13-yo daughter, too! She told me she thought it was awesome that I was going back to school for my Ed.D. #model #txeduchat
  90. A2: Awesome Q! When u have a partnership in room, Ss know it learning w/them. Model w/inquiry & questions. How can we find out? #txeduchat
  91. I model writing with passion..when you start that looks messy and that is ok #txeduchat
  92. A2: I always tell my students that I don't know everything, but willing to learn as much as I can...#txeduchat
  93. A2 oh my goodness, yes! We learn together. I sit with them with a device and we think out loud. #txeduchat
  94. A1 a the problem with some Ts is that we don't honor Ss natural curiosity. We want them to be curious about what WE r teaching. #txeduchat
  95. #txeduchat - when we react to our own errors we have an opportunity to show that we are LLL w/ a #growthmindset
  96. @shareski I would love to see this somewhere in ALL teachers classroom! #txeduchat
  97. @shareski #txeduchat That would be very daring and it would be exciting to see how all reacted, Ts and Ss.
  98. @shareski That list would be really LONG but really fun to explore with Ss. #txeduchat
  99. Technology makes lifelong learning easier than ever before plus it's TONS of fun. #txeduchat
  100. Entering late, Summer pool time w/kids. Kirsten Wilson, IT coach, Northwest ISD TX, #aspiringadmin #txeduchat
  101. A2: when we talk about PBL I try to emphasize that we don't know the answers to their research questions. It's great! #txeduchat
  102. Q2:Yes, my Ss see me as a learner. They know I'm on twitter & always trying new things! I love 2 share the passion of learning! #txeduchat
  103. A2: all day everyday - I model learning, I show passion for learning and I discuss learning - every day is a learning day #txeduchat
  104. @sharongullett @MrsJones_Merton @shareski #txeduchat A1 Never take status quo as an answer! Always look to learn and make a difference
  105. @shareski I like that with the other idea I've seen of listing books you r reading so they see u as a reader too #txeduchat
  106. A2: Yes! My Ss LOVE to teach me something I didn’t know. It’s like a game. We are NEVER done learning! #txeduchat
  107. @dayankee How many ppl have had the curiosity stomped out of them? How to reignite it? #txeduchat
  108. A2: my students know I'm a lifelong learning because they see making and LEARNING from my mistakes! Not afraid to fail! :-) #txeduchat
  109. @KittyHerbel: A2: Yes! My Ss LOVE to teach me something I didn’t know. It’s like a game. We are NEVER done learning!” #txeduchat
  110. #txeduchat A2 I serve adult health care professionals. My peers + customers see me as curious, fearless (insofar as not minding early fails)
  111. @Angelanix #txeduchat Yes! And we need to give our S the tools to build their own PLNs
  112. A2. It is rare to see higher ed instructors as learners, though. Still lots of lectures. #txeduchat
  113. @DrSharonYoung A2 I like to tell Ss that when they do a PBL project I want to learn something new from them #txeduchat
  114. @daisyray215 I try to always "think-aloud" as we work through looking at a problem/question as well Daisy to model process. #txeduchat
  115. @daisyray215 @shareski saw a school where every teacher posted "I am currently reading..." on the door. #txeduchat
  116. @Think_teach yes, but it is how we react that counts…lead from example. My littles watch and learn everything #txeduchat
  117. @Angelanix Yes it does, sometimes we need our students to show us how to learn with it too.... #txeduchat
  118. @shareski A2 I see all of us as learners. Experts do not exist anymore. The world changes too fast #txeduchat
  119. A2 #txeduchat I think this goes back to "we are no longer the smartest ones in the classrooms"
  120. A2. I liken it to football for some of my Ss. Learning is summer two-a-days. Not Friday night lights. #txeduchat
  121. @whitneykilgore @KittyHerbel love when my Ss day can I show everyone something then just take over. Awesome #txeduchat
  122. #txeduchat A2 Peers, clients know I go far and wide for social learning opps.
  123. A2 T's learn constantly from their S's. The trick is for S's to understand that their opinions/thoughts are valued. #txeduchat
  124. The bests days are when I get to say many times "Wow I did not know that!!" #txeduchat
  125. @clarkmusings you should see me. I'm a constant stream of asking my students how I can improve. #txeduchat #edim516 #ecmp355
  126. A2 students are surprised when they learn I am always reading or tweeting ed stuff. #txeduchat
  127. A2 I believe my Ss (& later my Ts) have seen me as a questioner, someone questing for the elusive Why. In other words, a learner. #txeduchat
  128. Q3 What have you learned this week? How could you share that with others/students? Bonus if it has nothing to do with school #txeduchat
  129. A2: When we start to give up complete control in our classrooms, our Ss see that we are learners too! #txeduchat
  130. A2: it's part of the ongoing conversation... "I learned this____ and I wanted to share____. How do you think this relates to __?" #txeduchat
  131. @daisyray215 @shareski We have conversations of what I am reading often. Especially my passion for non fiction. #txeduchat
  132. @nathan_stevens true, but I find many ts have stopped learning and are overwhelmed w/ new ideas often set in their ways…sad #txeduchat
  133. @shareski that would be refreshing. Seldom see ed pedagogy being modeled in ed classes. #txeduchat
  134. @shareski Wonder drives the learning. Kinders whole world a big wonder. @Wonderopolis Wonder Wall a big ? Mark for learning #txeduchat
  135. A2: When I was a MS science teacher, my Ss knew that I was always experimenting. We collaborated, and they gave honest feedback. #txeduchat
  136. A2 Ss see me as a learner bc I share what I'm learning thru vids,pics &posts.I make PD a big deal.my excitement feeds theirs. #txeduchat
  137. @Tom_Kilgore when everything is "standardized" it's good to model for REAL thinking #txeduchat
  138. A3: I learned how to to build a campfire. My wife taught me, with a whole lot of patience. Talk about a useful skill! #txeduchat
  139. Learning is tough. Cognitive lifting is tiring. Stay a LL learner & I stay empathetic re: struggling learners. #txeduchat
  140. @clarkmusings Sadly, I think this is true. I’m in #highered now, and this is a real problem among my colleagues. #txeduchat
  141. A2: Yes! Each time I assign an individual passion project to my Ss, I do one w/them & we all share our learning & how narratives! #txeduchat
  142. @daisyray215 @Tom_Kilgore Lifelong learners think outside the square and have a lateral frame of mind. They are open to others #txeduchat
  143. @briley8557 hmmm, I'd say the smartest in the room are the ones building capacity in others. #txeduchat
  144. . @shareski A2- I'd take up all 4 walls and down the hall. To teach learners you gotta be a learner. #txeduchat
  145. #txeduchat. It's important to guide students to finding answers to things they wonder about..not just telling them the answer.
  146. Q2: When a teacher allows students to see the her/him as a co-student, this has a powerful & exponential effect on learning #txeduchat
  147. @tracyacramer @nathan_stevens #txeduchat check out "the 4 horsemen of fixed mindset". I totally agree that for Ts this is a nig challenge
  148. .@Tom_Kilgore @daisyray215 the "think aloud" is some of the most powerful dialogue for Ts & Ss... Fishbowl is good too! #txeduchat
  149. A2 I always to make sure to highlight when a S has brought a new idea to light for me. Happens every time we read R&J. #txeduchat
  150. #txeduchat A2 Major takeaway from last 10 months #LowNoCostPD + PLN dialog: teaching/training/instruction begins with empathy.
  151. A3 #txeduchat Never give up in life if there is something you want you have to do it and have the courage to do it differently!
  152. @RusulAlrubail @PoughkeepsieDay I was on Board for 8 yrs. Ts & Ss not afraid to say: I don't know but I want to learn, know more #txeduchat
  153. A3 I learned that a 19 yr old has invented technology to remove plastic from our precious oceans #txeduchat
  154. A3 well we've been in DC so my son the historian has taught me a ton. He is ten and is like a human google with history facts #txeduchat
  155. A3 I like to look at summer as a ts 20% (genius hour) I am going gluten free"ish" this summer…as well slugs have 3000 teeth #txeduchat
  156. A3 Important to remember learning can be skills, knowledge and habits. #txeduchat
  157. @shareski using #edtech & mobile learning ...risky, does not always work out ...but we are all learning, keep trying! Get better! #txeduchat
  158. A3 I also learned that girls in Africa had invented a device to generate electricity from urine! #txeduchat
  159. @shareski @clarkmusings Me too! Just read my student eval’s from the spring. A common theme…I continuously seek their feedback. #txeduchat
  160. A2 Since my students are a bunch of finger puppets, you fill in the rest of the joke #glittersnark #txeduchat
  161. A3 I've "learned" patience from my 2 toddler boys... & can definitely translate that back to others & in classrooms. #txeduchat
  162. @khqp #txeduchat I love this idea of doing project shoulder-to-shoulder w/ Ss... Talk about modelling!
  163. A3: I learned that a group of HS kids direct their own group work was WAY easier than working w 7th grade groups, even T group! #txeduchat
  164. A3. Learned how to make my phone LED light up when it's on silent. #txeduchat
  165. #txeduchat I relearned that when I teach my prek/1st grade groups at camp, u have to vary activities often. A3
  166. A3: After #ISTE2014, so many things to reflect on related to empowering Ss/facilitating growth as learners #txeduchat
  167. My son kinda taught me to play mindcraft..still working on it...want to use it in my classroom next year #txeduchat
  168. #txeduchat A3: Not embarrassed to say, I just learned how to use Facetime today. Learned from my 83 yr old father. Yep.
  169. A3: I learned how to make my little 4 month old daughter smile..Smile as much as poss at her.teach students smiles are contagious #txeduchat
  170. A3 I'm learning more about natural hair care. Always shared what I've learned w/my Ss so they can take better care of thmslves. #txeduchat
  171. @tracyacramer that is why we need reciprocal teaching where students are driving the classroom more often #txeduchat
  172. A3 I learned that Orcas have a more complex limbic system in their brains than we do! #txeduchat Food for thought
  173. A3 Fullan talks about moving from "guide on the side" to "meddler in the middle" #txeduchat @Think_teach @khqp
  174. I can't wait for the storify of this chat! So many great ideas and thoughts and I can't keep up! #RockinIt #txeduchat
  175. #txeduchat A3: This week I learned that #ISTE2014 is an amazing place to meet new friends from across the country!
  176. A3; I learned a ton of things TONIGHT on #wischat, #nbtchat & #txeduchat so I will use the power of my PLN in the upcoming year.
  177. #txeduchat A3 Summer quite a transition since I teach MS during school year.
  178. Good evening everyone! Amanda from Toronto here. A1: I think keeping an open mind and expressing curiosity are key #txeduchat
  179. A3:I learned from my pastor that we are called to be #troublemakers all the biblical leaders were revolutionaries #NEWPERSPECTIVE #txeduchat
  180. @DrChrisLongo #txeduchat my boys give me opportunities to practice patience. But I do this for my Gr12s too-give them pop to apply skills
  181. A3. Learned that my son doesn't like 80's music as much as I do anymore. #txeduchat
  182. @shareski Oh dear. It's a cartoon. My nephew tried to get my daughter to watch it. I hope I didn't make it sound exciting! #txeduchat
  183. @nathan_stevens exactly! rather B the guide on the side &not the sage on the stage…even though my ss r little they know ALOT #txeduchat
  184. #txeduchatA3 I learned a heckuva lot from the Google Educator training site. Feel so much more prepared now #txeduchat
  185. A3 I learned about the apps: touchcast and subtext. AMAZING. can't wait to use them to #flipEd and support my Ss sci literacy #txeduchat
  186. A3 Learned to be in the moment. Deep relationships start w/ listening #txeduchat
  187. I learned about bison and Columbian mammoths in SD. Not sure how that will transfer into class. #txeduchat
  188. A3: Learned how to create an amazing castle w/my 10 yr old in #minecraft! Her side looks a lot more professional than mine! #txeduchat
  189. Q4 Share an example of a person over 70 still learning. #txeduchat
  190. Remind yourself! What successful people know. Sometimes you have to look back to keep looking forward.  http://ow.ly/i/5LRbv  #txeduchat
  191. A3 I played with techaflickr today w/family and had a blast! #txeduchat
  192. @tracyacramer @nathan_stevens We all have something to teach each other. Leading from the side and from behind just as valuable #txeduchat
  193. #txeduchat A3 I should have my #GoPro ready at a moment's notice. Learned that today. Missed out on an amazing Kokak moment this morning.
  194. A3: How to patent & distribute a nano tech water resistant based clothing line. Creating a documentary to share w/Ss. #txeduchat
  195. A3: Learned how to use Camtasia and PearlTrees. (Not together.) :-) Great tech learning this week! #txeduchat
  196. Gena from TX joining a bit late. I teach 9th grade ELA. #txeduchat
  197. @shareski A3 that there is really isn't a right answer to every question and yes I include the new math (1+2=24) #glittersnark #txeduchat
  198. A3. Grad S so all learning abt school now. Activity Theory and would have others use structure to clarify their PLN. #txeduchat
  199. A3 #txeduchat I've learned that I need to get better at using my tweet deck. This chat is blazing!
  200. @shareski @Think_teach @khqp Think I am that person! Ask my family? Trying hard 2be "guide on the side" waiting before I jump in #txeduchat
  201. I learned that Summer time for teachers is a great time to stay up late and play with Google Sky #txeduchat
  202. #txeduchat First time #minecraft ing w/ my son today. We're learning together this summer #heis6
  203. A3: Collaborated with some classmates to learn about content curation strategies. Good learning. #txeduchat
  204. A4 My mom 74 is learning Twitter right along with me! I already have her hooked on Pinterest/Youtube :) #txeduchat
  205. A3: This week I learned the importance of networking and the wonderful places it can take you! Go PLN! #txeduchat #ISTE2014
  206. A4: My grandfather still delights in attending lectures at his nursing home. Sharing learning w/others gets him out of bed. #txeduchat
  207. A4: My Mom! I love her, she learns about technology from me everyday. I love that she is a "life long learner!" #txeduchat
  208. @shareski A3 #txeduchat I blog and tweet and share on FB things to spread good karma :)
  209. @nathan_stevens A3 I learned you could run minecraft from a Raspberry Pi and also a server with 5 clients - cheap option #txeduchat
  210. #txeduchat A3 Also learned that when the urge (to doodle) strikes I should *immediately* give in to it. #todaysdoodle #PositiveDeviant
  211. #txeduchat A4 My mom is 71 and just learned how to use You Tube and download photos from email.
  212. A4: WOW! My dad switched jobs late in career and had to confront his big fear - giving shots. He triumphed - process was exciting #txeduchat
  213. I learned that even in the summer teachers never stop lifelong learning!! #txeduchat
  214. "If you think you are too small to make a difference, try sleeping with a mosquito."
~ Dalai Lama 


    "If you think you are too small to make a difference, try sleeping with a mosquito." ~ Dalai Lama pic.twitter.com/Hx57Ke3r5T #txeduchat
  215. @JessLifTeach C'mon, he's not that bad! He's not Caillou or Daniel Tiger! #txeduchat
  216. A3 My Dad is 82. Calls me once a week and says, "I downloaded _______ and want to _______" #txeduchat
  217. #txeduchat A4: My 83 yr old father follows me on Twitter. Just called me up on day and said, "What's your Twitter handle?"
  218. A4: My mom (70+) is using Explain Everything to document old photos w/ her granddaughter teaching her, love every minute of it! #txeduchat
  219. @shareski @nathan_stevens YIKES! can't read that in 30 seconds…will most def read later #txeduchat thank you
  220. @shareski That hits close to home :) Over 60 when I signed on to Twitter! #TXeduchat
  221. A3: How to patent & distribute a nano tech water resistant based clothing line. Creating a documentary to share w/Ss. #txeduchat
  222. A3: How to patent & distribute a nano tech water resistant based clothing line. Creating a documentary to share w/Ss. #txeduchat
  223. I wrote a simple message in Korean and how to say simple greetings. #Culture #txeduchat
  224. @klippert @PoughkeepsieDay I think it's so important. It creates a safe learning environment for everyone #txeduchat
  225. A4 My 92 yr-old grandmother-in-law learned how to connect to a wireless network w/o my help this month... #txeduchat
  226. @Tom_Kilgore That is brilliant. Explain Everything is one of my fave apps! Congrats to your mum #txeduchat
  227. We have had grandparents of Ss come to P/T conferences and learn #edmodo to keep track of their Ss school day. #txeduchat
  228. #txeduchat thing is, mostly kids need us to point them in directions they may have otherwise chosen to ignore. That is real teaching IMO
  229. A4: my father-in-law he is no longer living but he was a self-taught day-lily expert and had created 20 of his own varieties #txeduchat
  230. A4: My 74 year old dad is on Facebook and will even comment or like something! #proudofmydad! #txeduchat
  231. A4: My 90+ year old Grandma joined Facebook last week. True story. #txeduchat #alwayslearning
  232. A3: Learned a new recipe on Pinterest. I shared a bite with my husband @jaherbel #txeduchat
  233. @shareski: Q4 Share an example of a person over 70 still learning. #txeduchat@ollmann_cheryl getting on twitter lol jk
  234. A4. 73 yo mom still working learning software. Older members at hackerspace. #txeduchat
  235. A4: I taught my gma (86) to use FaceTime. I got about six, 1 minute facetimes every day that week! #txeduchat
  236. A3: I am learning just how scary change can be...and loving the anticipation of it #txeduchat
  237. @klippert yes. Especially if yu listen to understand not answer questions #txeduchat
  238. @sandeeteach Pinterest inspires me and makes me more creative. I love it!! #txeduchat
  239. #txeduchat A4 My sister (72 retired nurse/educator) asking me to share what I knew about vein stripping (I got to observe one last week).
  240. A4 My 85 year old father is on Facebook - keeps up with his friends in other states that way! #TXeduchat
  241. #txeduchat besides labelling just give us something else to argue about that keep us from doing real work together. #guideontheside
  242. @shareski A4 Some of my computer evening class students were over 70 and learnt so much #txeduchat
  243. Well my dad is sixty and is working on his bachelors just finished his associates. Navy veteran. He rocks #txeduchat
  244. #txeduchat i co-founded @Cohort21 to build a PLN of independent school educators & as a result. I have shifted my practice positively
  245. @wmchamberlain And balancing that with need for us to follow where our Ss lead us that we might have otherwise chosen to ignore #txeduchat
  246. @dperkinsmsu That will include just about anyone in the room, I would assume #txeduchat
  247. #txeduchat A4 We are all living in a digital world and that has far reaching effects.
  248. Q5 Share a link to a photo or video that represents life long learning. And go! #txeduchat
  249. I'm 67 1/2 does that count? I teach kinders and learn something new from them everyday. Let alone from PLN. THX folks #txeduchat
  250. @shareski: A2 What if teachers listed "Stuff I don't know yet." somewhere in their classrooms. #txeduchat” Nice - very nice!
  251. A4 I Hangout w/ my 74 year old Mom every Sunday though she prefers the comfort level she has w/ Skype. Got an iPad mini for Xmas #txeduchat
  252. A4. My dad is 76 and is learning to look things up using an iPad. He loves the amount if info at his finger tips. #txeduchat
  253. Q4: My grandfather lived to be 91, when he was over 70 he was always taking things apart to figure out how they worked. #txeduchat
  254. @shareski That is awesome Dean, my mom is using my 10 yr old daughter for tech support! #txeduchat
  255. Love my #txeduchat friends but we have arrived at our hotel :) tomorrow is a new day for learning and I can't wait
  256. #txeduchat not sure if I belong here. Long teaching experience short twitter experience. Will I benefit ?
  257. A5: Life-long learning may require you to leave your comfort zone… #txeduchat http://t.co/u3rBPuDuHS
    A5: Life-long learning may require you to leave your comfort zone… #txeduchat pic.twitter.com/u3rBPuDuHS
  258. A4: I showed my 92 yo grandma how to join/watch a live stream PD. #txeduchat
  259. A4: Friend in early 70s learning how to use social media. Very cool to see her face light up with all of it! #txeduchat
  260. An awesome student video that encourages all of us to keep trying! Wow!  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0uDDEEHDf1Y  #txeduchat Audri's Rube Goldberg Trap
  261. #txeduchat Digital citizenship brings new privlidges and responsibilities.
  262. A5 One of my favorite examples  http://growaloafofbread.blogspot.ca/  via @Roy_Norris ends each post with "and this is all we know so far" #txeduchat
  263. @Tom_Kilgore @shareski that's really sweet. With the way my two year old is going I'll be doing that too in a few years #txeduchat
  264. @WheelerCamille yes you belong here! And on what a great night! Talking about being lifelong learners #txeduchat
  265. Lifelong learning is not defined or marked by age, but by an intrinsic desire & interest in learning what one does not know. #txeduchat
  266. @WheelerCamille you always benefit from a chat! Even if you learn 1 thing! Better than 8 hrs in PD & only learning 1 thing! :) #txeduchat
  267. A4 My 75 yo dad writes articles/books using Hangul (Korean Microsoft word) & emails regularly. He asked me how to start a blog. #txeduchat
  268. #txeduchat Think about the consequences if humans were to stop learning. I ask my S's to do this every year and it creates gr8 discussion.
  269. Q6 How do our educational leaders model life long learning? #txeduchat
  270. I learn every time I work with a group of Ts like these in @rrisdpd taken by the awesome @myam2 #txeduchat http://t.co/MICR8sCj1r
    I learn every time I work with a group of Ts like these in @rrisdpd taken by the awesome @myam2 #txeduchat pic.twitter.com/MICR8sCj1r
  271. @snydesn2 For us to continue to evolve we must always keep learning and deepening our wisdom. Not always just knowledge #txeduchat
  272. A2: Absolutely, can't expect students to be fully engaged in what I am trying to teach if they don't see me willing to learn #txeduchat
  273. @ashleyhhurley Wish that Twitter allowed multiple favorites Ashley! Love this ! #txeduchat "Permanent state of beta" for the win!
  274. A6. By supporting my weird ideas and curriculum changes. #txeduchat
  275. @shareski #txeduchat By listening and keeping the heart within the profession: be curious about the lives they are administering
  276. Key to lifelong learning! Developing and having a...."there is no box" #GrowthMindset!  http://ow.ly/i/68TFn  #txeduchat
  277. A6 Constantly learning...never thinking it is enough..not being able to get enough.. #txeduchat
  278. @VivienTuckerman @snydesn2 we often learn best from those that don't necessarily agree with us…keeping an open mind #txeduchat
  279. A6. Brought in social networking as course requirement; worked on developing Ss PLNs. #txeduchat
  280. Q6: Read, attend f2f PD, follow PD/PLN on Twitter, admit you don't know the answer to everything, but search for answers. #txeduchat
  281. @shareski A6 Edu leaders need to encourage teachers to try new things and also to teach their individual skills to others #txeduchat
  282. A6 They are always willing to listen/accept new things I show them & bring back from conferences, encouraging me to share w team #txeduchat
  283. A6: A model supt I worked for constantly said, "I've never tried this before, but… I think it has merit. We'll see." Inspiring #txeduchat
  284. A6 texting your teammates 5 times on a Sunday in the summer..because you have to share what you just read.. #txeduchat
  285. A6: Model taking risks & create meaningful learning for staff. I wrote first blog post today! #txeduchat
  286. @shareski What a great way to think about "the best" This is my fav thing of the nights chat. Thx! #txeduchat
  287. A6 Leaders need to stay current, model, & tap into interests to differentiate for all students. #txeduchat
  288. Q6: Model that when you fail, you learn. You get back up and try again. And, again. #txeduchat
  289. @shareski Leaders are always reading! They can't wait to share something they've found. #txeduchat
  290. Q6 #txeduchat By burning our boxes and participating in GLOBAL PLN's like this one. Learn from the experts
  291. @CCES5thSTEM: A6 well they sure have learned how to work the system in their favor... 😒 @LouiLouisianaSupeftLeftBehindxedtxeduchat
  292. A6 #txeduchat by keeping the mind open to new possibilities and new experiences and allowing others to see it in you.
  293. A6: it is incumbent on me to model my own continued learning and reflecting messy as it may be for my team and students #txeduchat
  294. A6: I think that reflective blogging (making our thinking and rumination public) is a good start for modeling lifelong learning. #txeduchat
  295. A6: By risking, failing, questioning, modeling, on a daily basis. They do all of this w/ a heavy dose of enthusiasm & passion! #txeduchat
  296. @shareski #txeduchat EXAMPLE: getting 2 know Ts & their needs b4 evaluating them. If we believe S can learn we must believe same about Ts
  297. @shareski #txeduchat Q6 By sharing their personal interests, life stories, histories! Making learning personal, stories to drive learning.
  298. A6 Ask those you lead to teach you ... to share their skills with you. Don't be afraid to learn from your staff. #TXeduchat
  299. @DrSharonYoung you are bang on…I got rid of my filing cabinet this year for that very reason! Scary yet liberating..& worth it! #txeduchat
  300. #txeduchat By joining our PLN's , attending Edcamps or PDs with us. This shows they are vested in our professional growth.A6
  301. Leaders must value learning. Support Ts & Ss through failures & successes.Praise risk taking, don't punish trying something new. #txeduchat