Game Elements for Learning

with @robinwb

  1. @HalLRoberts #bcedchat We have been doing that in my district as well, it is invaluable to me as a classroom teacher #txeduchat
  2. #bcedchat A2: Enjoying the great learning opportunities and PLN from the Twitter chat I created this month #txeduchat #ce13
  3. Really enjoyed the #txeduchat tonight! I am inching my way into the technology age:)
  4. Sorry 1 last plug. #levelupED is looking for guest mods and topics. Please take a moment to fill the form  #txeduchat
  5. Love all the opportunities for new connections! Thank you #txeduchat
  6. Great time on #txeduchat and #IAedchat. I'm super passionate about #gamification. Glad I was able to talk to awesome people about it!
  7. Great to meet new #txeduchat colleagues tonight thnx @robinwb new connections & positive attitudes from all!
  8. A6. This one helps me learn about my community and places I visit. #ingress #txeduchat
  9. @txeduchat Thank you for allowing me to be a part of this convo. Appreciate the chance to level up with so many fine minds. #txeduchat
  10. Thank you @robinwb for a great chat. It was nice to learn from/with you again. #ge4l #txeduchat
  11. @txeduchat outstanding stuff @Tom_Kilgore @robinwb Bldg PLN and PD one chat @ a time. Thnx 4 all u do #txeduchat
  12. #txeduchat Thank you @robinwb for another great learning opportunity on Twitter!
  13. Q6 #txeduchat As wrap up 2night, give shout out to your fave games or games in learning Tweep mine: @amyjokim…
  14. Join us next week on Sunday 8pm Central for another awesome chat. #txeduchat
  15. Thank you for all the connections. I was late to the party but still glad I came! #txeduchat
  16. #txeduchat I'm thinking about opening my class to Ss not enrolled on it: a miniMOOC :)
  17. Thank you to the moderator @robinwb and our #txeduchat participants for another GREAT chat.
  18. Thank you for joning #TXEDUCHAT, chat on Game Elements for Learning with @robinwb
  19. @robinwb integrating curriculum thru #digitalGame meeting #digitalNatives at their #mindStyle #txeduchat PD needs attention to this frontier
  20. The twitter chat will be available as a storify on after we end tonight. #txeduchat
  21. @valibrarian I understand. It would be like handing a juggler another chainsaw! #txeduchat
  22. @MrDpasion Darn, would love to but have class at that time. Maybe sneak a peak at my phone #txeduchat
  23. @robinwb You taught a MOOC on game elements. What was your favorite part of teaching #ge4l? #txeduchat
  24. #txeduchat: I would love to have you guys continue the convo over on #levelupED on Thurs 9pm EST Join our guild!
  25. Someone mentioned #gamifying PD, another brilliant move and as it happens I found this… #txeduchat is the other chat?
  26. My Ss expect some sort of failure from me.I have told them that's how I get 2 be better teacher.Improvement is product of failure #txeduchat
  27. @whitneykilgore teachers r struggling w new tools juggling curriculum testing #txeduchat digital culture changed everything- I sympathize
  28. @clarkmusings @txeduchat @robinwb When it happens we all agree that we've just discovered a new way how "not" to do something. #txeduchat
  29. Wow #txeduchat flew by! Only 9 mins left. Anyone have a burning share or game element issue?
  30. YES @clarkmusings @robinwb I am the poster child for failure in my classroom. A role we must all embrace to help Ss fail safely. #txeduchat
  31. @txeduchat @WillGourley @robinwb Better yet show them how failure provides data and actually helps advance the learning process. #txeduchat
  32. @clarkmusings @WillGourley @robinwb GREAT POINT! We have to make mistakes and teach children how to move past them to success. #txeduchat
  33. @robinwb @valibrarian This wk's journal topic for @Chapman6s was to argue for or against games in education. Anecdotes soon! #txeduchat
  34. " @robinwb Model failure. So many Ts have to be all-knowing even if not. Let Ss see how we learn from failure. #txeduchat” AMEN
  35. I think both #IAedchat & #txeduchat are discussing the same topic at the same time tonight.
  36. A4: Foster the naysayer, listen to them, they can and will adopt, just learn to be patient #txeduchat
  37. @JoziKettle Great point Jozi! The parents have to understand the "VALUE" of it as well. #txeduchat
  38. A4: same barriers I have with social media learning objectives. Fortunate for me, college trumps high school #txeduchat
  39. @WillGourley @txeduchat @robinwb #txeduchat By making it OK to take risk & fail, must be that type of environment in the classroom
  40. @WillGourley @robinwb Model failure. So many Ts have to be all-knowing even if not. Let Ss see how we learn from failure. #txeduchat
  41. A4: I ask naysayers for the opportunity. Engaged kids achieve more. Results will speak for themselves #txeduchat
  42. #txeduchat A4: people are afraid w/ new stuff, gamification has bees succesful in business can be in ed too
  43. @txeduchat @robinwb Ss are so afraid to get anything wrong, that they are paralyzed to even try. How do we remove this barrier? #txeduchat
  44. A4. Actually it's the same barrier you see when others naysay tech or mobile learning in the classroom. #txeduchat
  45. A4: Show them evidence. Let them observe students, lessons, etc. then give them a few books by James Paul Gee. 😊 #txeduchat
  46. #txeduchat A4: I haven't heard any naysaying but if I did, would show value & engagement gains. Hard to argue if outcomes are improved
  47. Q4 Get comfortable with naysayers #gamification many people just can't accept fast pace of digital culture #txeduchat patience is essential
  48. Q4 Here is another Failures of gamification - what say you #txeduchat ?…
  49. @whitneykilgore Yes, consider having student in high school use unity3d to recreate a local #museum #txeduchat
  50. @robinwb It's too hard, I don't know how to get started, Games don't teach.... #txeduchat
  51. @Poeteacher You make it sound so wonderful . . . why don't more people use it, I wonder? #iaedchat #txeduchat
  52. So, hard question time Q4: What about the naysayers? What barriers do you see #txeduchat… #game #gamification
  53. I start basic programming with the kids in spring. Excited about gaming opportunities #txeduchat
  54. Older Ss have to explain how to play #Portals2 to younger Ss - one sentence at a time with wait between instructions. #txeduchat
  55. #txeduchat For young learners I want to explore an app - Game Press. It was free a few days ago and may still be.
  56. @TeachingFactor I will need to look it up, DM me. It was from a chem teacher - stoichiometry was involved. #txeduchat
  57. @WillGourley @bkuhl2you Great point! Success is walking from failure to failure with no loss of enthusiasm-Winston Churchill #txeduchat
  58. Agreed Tom...uaing it when I have a bigger group helps:) #txeduchat
  59. A3 I always learn more when I teach someone #txeduchat #gamification I think students can teach through game design creativity
  60. @bkuhl2you @valibrarian my students did a copyright unit in Minecraft. It's was their #PBL they did a great job #txeduchat
  61. @valibrarian Can you share any details or pics? Need to investigate #Minecraft a bit more. #txeduchat
  62. @LynnHillFord @TanyaSpillane The kids LOVED this! I mean, absolutely loved it! Great intro for augmented reality. #txeduchat
  63. @bkuhl2you Liked this from @projecteve1 Success is walking from failure to failure with no loss of enthusiasm-Winston Churchill #txeduchat
  64. @JenniferMiller9: Games should foster the idea of collaborate, create, question, think, & conquer. Intrinsic motivation needed, #txeduchat
  65. A3 Working on a digital citizenship game in #minecraftedu designed by students #txeduchat make it even better this yr
  66. #txeduchat A3: Plan on using game elements wherever they make sense & have a potential to improve/enhance engagement
  67. A3 this sounds Ike a good start! “@txeduchat: @alicekeeler has created an algebra game "Slay the Algebra Dragon" #txeduchat"
  68. Games should foster the idea of collaborate, create, question, think, & conquer. Intrinsic motivation needed, #txeduchat
  69. @robinwb Now that is AWESOME!! #teamawesome #txeduchat Allow students to fail and they will learn. Games offer that option.
  70. A3: I am using "guilds" rarer than groups in our #PBL work from now on #txeduchat
  71. A3. Game creation, haven't decided on a particular method. May start with Scratch since noobs at coding. #txeduchat
  72. @MelissaBallas #txeduchat I really like ClassDojo too, I think the specials folks really get good results with it
  73. A3 - I also have a class where I want to try some new things. Some of my usual methods are not as effective w/this group. #txeduchat
  74. A3: I am exploring the intersection of #games #makermovement and assessment with permission to fail… #TXeduchat
  75. @alicekeeler has created an algebra game "Slay the Algebra Dragon" She is awesome! #txeduchat
  76. A3 - Planning a lot of research on engagement, and gamification is a nice offshoot. Some reading, chatting, etc. to start. #txeduchat
  77. #txeduchat A2 beginning to use Class Dojo some...small class so done during morning meeting and social skills time.
  78. Q3 What do you personally plan to do next, given what know about gaming & game elements? Links and resources welcome! #txeduchat
  79. A2: Discovery #stem presenter has a good resource for game tools trying it out #txeduchat
  80. @TanyaSpillane Yes! Started introducing augmented reality at my school last week. It blew some peoples minds! #txeduchat
  81. @bkuhl2you #txeduchat Hodgepodge of things I learned from one of my mentor teachers & a game called "Learnball" that has been around a bit
  82. @LaurenBibby I used one of these for our library orientation. The students loved it! #txeduchat
  83. #txeduchat using GPS for a scavenger hunt is fun too... Similar to Qr code hunts
  84. A2. Last favorite was "whodunit" murder mystery using videotaped actors. Students could interact with crime scene #chemistry #txeduchat
  85. I've seen scavenger hunts done with QR codes. Very cool #txeduchat
  86. #txeduchat A2 If you haven't used AURASMA, It is a great option for a scavenger hunt! FUN Fun!
  87. Q2 My fav game tool is an immersive learning environment such as #AFmooc #txeduchat Anne Frank life in hiding example
  88. @bkuhl2you #txeduchat Working "old school" at the moment but checking out iPads soon for the QR element!
  89. @bkuhl2you #txeduchat I use basketball "teams" as part of my classroom management game. Works great for most kids & they get very into it
  90. #txeduchat A2 I have a few classes exploring a cardboard challenge w their students. Similar to Cane's Arcade.
  91. A2. Similar to stack overflow but a little more structured. #txeduchat
  92. @LaurenBibby I think my biggest Aha was the role of creating identities in games. How kids create new selves, learn through that #txeduchat
  93. @Tom_Kilgore embedding digital information literacy & content is essential- simply making it fun is not best use #gamification #txeduchat
  94. #txeduchat A2: I have had great engagement using "scavenger hunt" or "mystery" approaches where students collaborate to find answers
  95. A2. Experience points, voted on my peers and instructor, based on discussion post answers. #txeduchat
  96. @robinwb Using points rather than grades to "level up" into harder skill levels (great for differentiation). #txeduchat
  97. A2 - I've experimented with having a ball and various baskets/buckets. Not always awesome. #txeduchat
  98. @_ShawnaMiller True! The most effective games are challenging and require critical thinking. #txeduchat
  99. @bkuhl2you I agree. But he really makes you think about changing your approach to learning/teaching. #txeduchat
  100. Q2 What is your favorite game element, mechanic, or tool you have used? Any new ideas? Or, do you know what these are? #txeduchat
  101. @robinwb @LaurenBibby @valibrarian I've been working on REALITY IS BROKEN for a while now. Great, but dense for me. #txeduchat
  102. @whitneykilgore I can send you my gamification paper for AERA (student session). It will have plenty. #txeduchat
  103. @LaurenBibby Gee is great. Not sure I love everything about him, but he's remarkably clear and articulate about games/learning. #txeduchat
  104. @valibrarian #txeduchat Haven't read but I do agree that game elements and "fun factor" can engage students immeasurably if done correctly
  105. @bkuhl2you A1- I am working with a small group & agree teamwork in #gamification design is not always easy for them #txeduchat
  106. @valibrarian #txeduchat yes, Gee is right on - I see several things coming together to engage as he described
  107. @_ShawnaMiller Yep, still have to understand students whatever the materials or methods used. #txeduchat
  108. Yes! “@valibrarian: Q1 Do you agree w james Paul Gee (as I do) that the human brain learns best when emotionally engaged? #txeduchat
  109. A1: I've found it's HOW you use games that make them effective.. A game itself isn't enough #txeduchat
  110. #txeduchat A1: I immediately think of James Paul Gee & his book What Video Games Have to Teach Us About Learning & Literacy
  111. A1: What if you play part of a game and have the children write the story? What comes next? #literacychat #txeduchat
  112. Q1 Do you agree w james Paul Gee (as I do) that the human brain learns best when emotionally engaged? #gamification inspires #txeduchat
  113. #txeduchat I am into this website which teaches principles of gamification in a fun way
  114. @whitneykilgore Actually some of the research I've read indicates the opposite if structure does not grow with learner abilities. #txeduchat
  115. A1 - Put kids in teams and had them design and explain games to each other. Worked well for one group, not so well for the other #txeduchat
  116. #txeduchat A1: Thoughts=works great in my limited experience with them, want/need=more, more, more!
  117. A1. Also, what to really look for in games that are effective for learning. #txeduchat
  118. A1 - But it takes me a lot of time and effort, and I want the kids doing it. Should I design bad games to promote design thnking #txeduchat
  119. A0 - Type a shortened url into address bar and add ".qr" to it. A code is automatically generated. via @TechNinjaStacey #txeduchat
  120. #txeduchat A0 sadly learned you cannot make a Google Presentation on you iPad. Not a happy camper.
  121. #txeduchat I have learned (or just remembered ha ha) My students respond so well to humor, positivity, and just simply being shown affection
  122. @robinwb What is the easiest way to get gaming started in the classroom? #txeduchat
  123. A1. Main concern with gamificaiton is replacing intrinsic motivation with extrinsic. How to prevent? #txeduchat
  124. A1 - I've experimented a little already with games and learning. I know that I can make up games, usually, that promote learning #txeduchat
  125. #txeduchat Q1. Share thoughts about learning & #games. What do you want/need to share or ask??
  126. @JenniferMiller9 I've been following your tweets from the conference on #txeduchat today. Great information! Thank you for sharing.
  127. A0 - I also spent a lot of time watching my Browns fail. I learned that Weeden stinks. A lot. (Sorry - very bitter.) #txeduchat
  128. @txeduchat Open source analysis software - used by most outside of education. #txeduchat #R
  129. Read a good chunk of TO UNDERSTAND and learned about Ellin Keene's criteria for comprehension. #txeduchat
  130. Q0 #txeduchat I learned from colleagues at #lib2013 on global scale thru presenting- recordings available
  131. @robinwb @hrheingold I know what that is - gonna start to learn to make robots tomorrow night! #txeduchat #hacker
  132. Q0. Working on learning R to replace SPSS for analysis. #txeduchat
  133. #txeduchat A0: How to create my site in Weebly, learned how to make trailer videos to engage students, and about 100 other things lol!
  134. Hi #txeduchat! I am a SPED teacher....Behavior Intervention Classroom in LISD.
  135. We will be using the Q1: A1: format for questions and responses. Let's get started. #TXEDUCHAT @robinwb I'll pass it over to you!
  136. Q0 We’re going to borrow from #lrnchat so lets begin with this: What did you learn today? If not today, then this week? #txeduchat
  137. @bkuhl2you Greetings Ben! Glad you could be with us for the fun and games. #txeduchat
  138. @TracieGCain Welcome to the "fun and games" we are glad you are here Tracie! #txeduchat
  139. Hello #txeduchat I'm Valerie a school librarian and instructor of LIS --information literacy in digital culture my interest
  140. @clarkmusings Hi, Cynthia. Glad you could join us. Some of us in #txeduchat are formerly from Summerlin ;)
  141. Hi! I'm a digital learning specialist at ESCRegion11-excited to learn more about how great educators are utilizing game elements! #txeduchat
  142. @LaurenBibby Welcome Lauren! Glad you could join tonight. Should be alot of fun and "games". #txeduchat
  143. Ben from Chicago area - here to learn about something I know only a little about. Would love to learn more. #txeduchat
  144. Interested in gamification for both student learning and teacher PD #txeduchat
  145. Hello everyone! My name is Lauren & I am a K-5 Technology Integration Specialist in Lewisville, Tx. #txeduchat
  146. District Instructional Tech Coord, PhD Learning Tech Student #txeduchat
  147. #txeduchat I am a PhD student with an emphasis is digital technologies gamification is one of many ptojects I research!
  148. #txeduchat Elem School in northTX, administrato. Glad to be here.
  149. Hi I'm Tom, teach 5th grade science & social studies in North Texas #txeduchat
  150. Greetings #txeduchat I'm from North Texas, PhD student in Learning Technologies! I'm excited to learn with @robinwb and ALL of you.
  151. Lisa Cyr, Homestead Elementary, Science Discovery #TXEDUCHAT
  152. #21stedchat peeps - Join #txeduchat now for a discussion of Game Elements for Learning.
  153. #txeduchat If you're new to these Twitter chats, we want to let you know now that the pace of the chat can be quite fast.
  154. Welcome, tell us who you are, the school where you teach, and what you teach. #TXEDUCHAT
  155. This chat is for educators who are interested in talking about using game elements in their teaching. #TXEDUCHAT
  156. Welcome to #TXEDUCHAT, tonight's topic is Game Elements for Learning with@robinwb
  157. Hello everyone and welcome to #TxEDUCHAT Glad you can make it tonight. I'm your facilitator for "fun & games" thanks to @txeduchat
  158. Tonight's #txeduchat chat begins in 3 mins. Game elements, connections, reflections and more! #games for learning
  159. 5 MINUTES. Happy Sunday!! Educators chatting about Game Elements for Learning #TXEDUCHAT #gbl #gamification with @robinwb
  160. Starts in 7 minutes. Educators chatting about Game Elements for Learning #TXEDUCHAT #gbl #gamification with @robinwb
  161. #Gamification motivates learners at all ages @robinwb I completed the @coursera MOOC #txeduchat game elements inspire & make learning fun
  162. @MrDpasion @robinwb is hosting #txeduchat on Game Elements for Learning, hope to see you there!
  163. @robinwb Q1 do you think game design by students promotes critical thinking? My students are designing a #minecraftedu game #txeduchat
  164. Interested in game elements for learning? Tweet chat begins at 8pm Central with @robinwb #txeduchat #GBL #gamification #ge4l