February 9, 2014

Improving Writing with iPads and @wfryer

  1. Welcome everyone! Please introduce yourself with your educational role & location :-) #txeduchat
  2. Welcome to #txeduchat tonight before we begin: Introduce yourself... where are you from, what do you teach, why are you here?
  3. You had me at iPAD, Nathan, MDSL, 3D printed clone of a human #txeduchat
  4. Greetings all #txeduchat folks. I've just arrived from the other side of the planet to join. Work in higher education - online ed.
  5. Jeffery Herbel, Director if Information Technology, Enid OK #txeduchat
  6. Tom from North TX, teach 5th grade science & social studies to the most amazing students ever! #txeduchat
  7. #txeduchat I'm Tanya Snook and I teach dual credit computer scone and dual credit govt @Wax_GlobalHS
  8. Q1 What should "interactive digital writing" look like in schools for Ss & Ts? #txeduchat
  9. We are glad you joined #txeduchat tonight. Our moderator tonight is @wfryer - Glad to have him back!!
  10. Becoming a master teacher is no different than preparing to write the next great novel. Science+ Art+Practice = Mastery #txeduchat #educoach
  11. #txeduchat starts now! I'm school librarian/adj instructor of LIS in Texas in an ipad 1:X district
  12. @jaherbel Welcome Jeffery! Glad you are here, it wouldn't be a #txeduchat without you!!!
  13. #txeduchat Rachel from LISD, AP, here to learn how to support my 4th for writing teacher
  14. A1 - Hmm . . . seems like a "fuzzy term." What do we mean by "interactive"? Kids-kids, kids-teacher, kids-parents? #txeduchat
  15. @tanyapsnook great to have you join in, Tanya... I think you win the award for the biggest smile in your Twitter profile pic :-) #txeduchat
  16. A1 - I suppose we mean writing that is different b/c it's online? It's more "interactive"? Sorry. Need help. #txeduchat
  17. Hello #txeduchat ! Nikki, instructional technology resource teacher at a 1-8 school in VA.
  18. A1 @bkuhl2you yes, I think "interactive digital writing" includes interaction between all of those groups... #txeduchat
  19. Jennifer, Assistant principal at the very best PK-5 elementary in Texas! @BQJES #txeduchat
  20. @bkuhl2you A1 by "interactive digital writing" I mean writing that takes place online, & allows different people to reply/respond #txeduchat
  21. A1 Should allow for dynamic creativity. Ebook creation with media integration is key. Redefine the learning activities #txeduchat #samr
  22. @bruscos So glad you could make it Su! Great to have your voice here! #txeduchat
  23. A1 - Shared, mutual respect, equal access. Some sense of shared ownership. Respect for ideas, path to resolve differences. #txeduchat
  24. A1: To me, digital writing allows for more collaboration and feedback during the writing process #txeduchat
  25. @wfryer A1 dig writing should include multiple modes of media, as well as technical and creative writing #txeduchat
  26. Kirsten Wilson, IT Coach, N. Ft Worth, TX Northwest ISD #txeduchat
  27. As always we will use the Q1: A1: format for Questions and Answers to help us understand which question you are answering. #txeduchat
  28. @richroberts_wsd Why do you think eBook creation with media is key? Can that involve digital interactivity? #txeduchat
  29. @_ShawnaMiller And more flexible applications. Copy and paste it almost anywhere. #txeduchat
  30. The digital piece of writing allows feedback to happen in a more timely manner. There is more interaction between writer/reader. #txeduchat
  31. A1- Interactive writing being sharing the "digital" pen whatever the tech tool may be #txeduchat
  32. @_ShawnaMiller Glad that you could join us tonight. This should be fun. Don't worry if it moves really fast. We archive it. #txeduchat
  33. A1 - I think students should be changing what they write, for many different reasons. So easy to revise, so why not do it? #txeduchat
  34. #txeduchat a1: have to agree it includes multiple opportunities for feedback and collaboration
  35. A1 should involve peer collaboration and editing using mind maps and writing tools. GDrive can track changes and who made them #txeduchat
  36. @wfryer @richroberts_wsd have students storyboard and write scripts help them work through the process #txeduchat
  37. #txeduchat A1 Capitalize on the audience our digital world provides. Feedback from others gives authenticity and meaning to writing
  38. A1 - Kids need to be able to post and re-post to different venues, be able to shift/change/revise for different audiences. #txeduchat
  39. Digital writing also allows for collaboration and contribution from everyone. #txeduchat
  40. A1 interactive digital writing (as all good writing) is a process & should include reflection, revision for Ss Ts #txeduchat
  41. A1 - And I think they should expect - and respond appropriately to - feedback. #txeduchat
  42. @wfryer A1 students define and articulate purpose, audience and form with global feedback for learning. #txeduchat
  43. #txeduchat Jamie Locklin, ITS, Sheldon ISD checking in for first time.
  44. @sblwilliams Like the GDrive approach Sam, allows Ss to collaborate/share/edit together on projects #txeduchat
  45. #txeduchat a1: also allows for more professional publication-Ss can now create ebooks. Publication=greater pride and ownership
  46. A1 Classroom "interactive digital writing" should be shared publicly so parents & other Ss in other places can comment #txeduchat
  47. A1 - Is it too easy to publish? Does publishing lose some of its luster when anyone can do it? No need to revise, polish? #txeduchat
  48. A1 Digital writing also gives students a broader audience and purpose for writing (i.e. blogs). #txeduchat
  49. Q2 How can teachers help students build an authentic audience writing online in shared spaces? #txeduchat
  50. Paul Solarz, a 5th grade teacher from Arlington Heights, Illinois. #txeduchat #iaedchat
  51. A1 - Used to like the analogy of getting "dressed up" for publication - but do people need to "dress up" their writing anymore? #txeduchat
  52. Hi Rachelle from Houston area! I see there is a #txeduchat going on! I had to put my face in place! :)
  53. A1:whatever tool used for collaboration,feedback & process/design should enhance learning goal; conceptual learning 1st/tool 2nd #txeduchat
  54. @PaulSolarz Welcome Paul! It is great to "see" you again! You are a rockstar teacher... #txeduchat
  55. A1 Interactive writing = the type of relevant writing that will never be STAAR tested #txeduchat
  56. @bkuhl2you A1 I think the rapid feedback possible with blogging has changed the timeframe for polishing & publishing for sure #txeduchat
  57. Digital writing has opened our Ss attitudes up to writing more than one and gone. "Drafts" aren't so bad now. #txeduchat
  58. Authentic learning goes beyond sharing with classmates and parents. Are we publishing writing for the fridge or for the world? #txeduchat
  59. A2 - Tweet links, hashtag #comments4kids, post appropriately to public forums, including school websites. Share, share, share. #txeduchat
  60. @bkuhl2you anyone can post on a blog or save a file as a PDF to distribute. Will say the iBooks process has some rigor #txeduchat
  61. @rwootenits Glad your face is here! We miss you when you aren't... that's #txeduchat love all around.
  62. A2 Have students publish writing for large audience w/ ebooks or blogs. #txeduchat
  63. could we also be talking about using non-traditional forms? thinking of twitter and pinterest to tell stories #txeduchat
  64. @wfryer #txeduchat would u believe there is a push in some circles to lockdown student writing so only parents can c their children's work?
  65. @sblwilliams yes definitely! Various forms of social media can support writing & stories #txeduchat
  66. @RafranzDavis which is why we have to give Ss opportunities to write for that as well #txeduchat
  67. @teachkiwi Definitely Kirsten, not just an add on for tech's sake but intentional & deliberate piece of the learning approach #txeduchat
  68. Q2 in global digital culture- distance is no obstacle #txeduchat make global partnerships #PLN building for the classroom
  69. @wfryer @_ShawnaMiller Do you mean the drafts are better quality, or students think they're less work? #txeduchat
  70. @JennGRoach Ilove that Jennifer! Publishing for the fridge or for the world. #txeduchat
  71. A2: Show Ss sample of digital writing to assess the audience before trying to write for a specific audience #txeduchat
  72. @rrisdpd I love that you do this for your teachers. I hope my school districts try this! #txeduchat
  73. A2: Ts can help students build an authentic audience by making connections of their own. Build on those connections #txeduchat
  74. @Cowpernicus yes :-( That continues on both sides of our border. It can be challenging to show benefits of public sharing #txeduchat
  75. #txeduchat Jan Hodge - District Library Media Specialist in Crowley ISD
  76. Encourage students to write for themselves - this is the first and most important authentic audience they need. #txeduchat
  77. MT @Cowpernicus #txeduchat there is a push in some circles to lockdown Ss writing so only parents can c their children's work? #sadface
  78. @rwootenits: @JennGRoach Ilove that Jennifer! Publishing for the fridge or for the world. #txeduchat” THANKS! It's a great big world!
  79. A2 - I tweet out their blogs/projects & ask my Twitter PLN to comment (& we do the same back). Dozens of comments for each child! #txeduchat
  80. #txeduchat Ss benefit from receiving feedback and providing it to others. Thoughtful feedback 4 other writers helps hone their own craft
  81. A2: Having a safe connection to other teachers and classrooms to provide feedback online is crucial I would think. #txeduchat
  82. A2 Teachers can tweet links to specific student blog posts using the #comments4kids hashtag to invite more feedback #txeduchat
  83. @ShieldsMolly Absolutely agree - love to teach writing as a tool for learning and expressing yourself - not just about tech. #txeduchat
  84. @wfryer #txeduchat lockdown philosophy is not even in my schema as a Principal. Dig. Cit. Skills is essential to an open market.
  85. @JennGRoach Absolutely! When they have a real audience they will do some "really" good writing.#txeduchat
  86. A2 - Quad Blogging is an exciting idea. Four classrooms, each one taking turns commenting on the others' blogs. #txeduchat
  87. @jamielocklin It can make a big difference. Kids love to see someone write back. #txeduchat
  88. @tanyapsnook @Cowpernicus So do you all know of school boards who prohibit interactive, public online digital writing now? #txeduchat
  89. @RafranzDavis Isn't that a shame, wish testing was less emphasized than authentic Ss work we see every day! #txeduchat
  90. A2: Make it global and don't limit to traditional writing. Write scripts and video the play, think YouTube &iMovie. #txeduchat
  91. @Tom_Kilgore yes I would like to see our teachers use it more, but we must open our policies/doors to devices #txeduchat
  92. @PaulSolarz I'd love to get some of our @IESYukon classrooms involved in QuadBlogging? Have your Ts & Ss tried it? #txeduchat
  93. #txeduchat A2 It is critical to prepare + encourage s's to share their creations globally-blogging? Be proud of your work.
  94. @sblwilliams Definitely Sam, BYOD is every day in my classroom & waiting patiently for 1:1 in my grade level next year! #txeduchat
  95. @wfryer you cannot stop the power and innovation of an excited, empowered teacher, exciting and empowering their students. #txeduchat
  96. Yes #txeduchat curation sites count as writing @sblwilliams yet disposable media is everywhere- is revision dead?  http://goo.gl/JtHqv9 
  97. @sblwilliams @nathan_stevens Or something like writing. Planning and arranging ideas in sequence. Harder in some ways. #txeduchat
  98. Q3 How can teachers best help students learn to respond & comment online appropriately? #txeduchat
  99. @LynnHillFord @camcalis Helps when the teacher praises it first, points it out to others to raise awareness. #txeduchat
  100. A2:concern abt sharing in early part of process;take from final pub piece?Share in stages.Final share lrgst audience?earn it #txeduchat
  101. A2: Authentic is their peers! Create an environment for positive feedback from peers on writing. #txeduchat
  102. A3. Showing examples from other blogs is a good way to start. #txeduchat
  103. A3 - Help them learn in safe circumstances, selecting and sharing to a larger audience, or moderating. #txeduchat
  104. A3 Ts can help students respond and comment appropriate by starting in safe social learning spaces like @edmodo @KidblogDotOrg #txeduchat
  105. #A3: Ss learn from non examples. Show some appropriate (but rude) responses and go from there #txeduchat
  106. @GarrettRachelE great point! those become the "teachable moments" everyone remembers, right?! #txeduchat
  107. @SaneeBell Not part of #txeduchat but T's are always models for good and bad behaviors. #rolemodels
  108. A3: Ts can help Ss learn to respond & comment online appropriately by Modeling Modeling Modeling! #txeduchat
  109. a3 Digital citizenship is vital to this & future generations. We must make it a priority & be diligent. @wfryer #txeduchat
  110. A3 through example, by explicitly teaching, by providing feedback on positive and negative comments/responses #txeduchat
  111. @SaneeBell Absolutely Sanee, think that is one of the largest components of what Ss learn: what we do! #txeduchat
  112. Like think alouds in reading, think alouds in providing helpful feedback to others, and how to receive t is important #txeduchat
  113. #txeduchat A3 Modeling is a very important piece in training Ss. Teachers should be able to use live tools for Ss learning.
  114. A3 Highlighting examples of good comments that include specific feedback, questions for the original author, etc can help Ss #txeduchat
  115. @wfryer we start with a poster papers and post it notes. The poster paper = blog post post it notes =comments #txeduchat
  116. A3. We need to scaffold process instead of just throwing them in there and expecting great things. #txeduchat
  117. @GarrettRachelE That's true too! Maybe ask them what they think about those comments and how would they feel if it were them #txeduchat
  118. #txeduchat a3: modeling is key. Ts need to model #digcit and appropriate yet relevant feedback. Teacher is key!
  119. @janhodgelibrary How have you seen Ts share their modeling of digital writing with Ss? #txeduchat
  120. Don't worry if the chat is moving too fast. We archive the chats on  http://txeduchat.com  every time.... #txeduchat
  121. A3 Teaching digital citizenship helps Ss understand digital writing & digital footprints #txeduchat @CommonSense provides resources for Ts
  122. #txeduchat A3 much like many of the other things we teach-model, scaffold, and gradually release as a whole group comment on #comments4kids
  123. A3: As F, we must set examples and share this with our Ss #txeduchat
  124. @wfryer #txeduchat Can you please define appropriately? If we're trying to create creative thinkers, don't we want inappropriately?
  125. Modeling appropriate responses in text and verbally. Keeping a positive tone and creating a growth mindset/culture. #txeduchat
  126. A3) I can moderate a twitter chat in a computer lab monitoring all the participants online AND over their shoulders #Farleysclass #txeduchat
  127. @DavidGraham09 well, I think appropriate / inappropriate are terms we need to discuss & define together w our Ss... #txeduchat
  128. #txeduchat just stumbled upon the conversation. Hi I am a GT Specialist for K-6. Interesting chat.
  129. @wfryer training our kids on powerful question and reflective feedback would be amazing!#txeduchat
  130. Great! @nathan_stevens: we start with a poster papers and post it notes. The poster paper = blog post post it notes =comments #txeduchat
  131. @DavidGraham09 @wfryer Good point - it's hard to contain with one hand and encourage out-of-the-box thinking w/the other. #txeduchat
  132. @wfryer it may seem too formal but maybe even a rubric. It takes some of the "subjectivity" out of it. #txeduchat
  133. @DavidGraham09 I don't think we should seek inappropriate digital writing per se, but discussions around that topic can be gr8 #txeduchat
  134. A3:norms for classroom behavior>digital behaviors.Model/share exemplars of behavior;showcase Ss exceeding standards, reflection #txeduchat
  135. @FarleyJeffrey Wow. YOU ROCK!!! I can moderate a twitter chat in a computer lab monitoring participants online AND over shoulders #txeduchat
  136. @DavidGraham09 @wfryer I think we just mean, not saying embarrassing/illegal/nasty stuff that would freak people out. #txeduchat
  137. @wfryer @DavidGraham09 defining terms is part of the social contract. Set expectations with class & they will police it for you! #txeduchat
  138. @terrieichholz love that! I enjoy thinking from gradual release of responsibility model of Fisher and Frey. #txeduchat
  139. @rwootenits yes absolutely, I think rubrics can be used very constructively in digital writing #txeduchat
  140. @mcnairan3 Yes, accountable talk is a precursor to making meaningful comments online. #txeduchat
  141. @wfryer @rwootenits Especially when the kids help you write/revise the rubric. Cool stuff. #txeduchat
  142. @rwootenits Have you seen rubrics misused / not used appropriately when it comes to student interactive digital writing? #txeduchat
  143. Embedding digital citizenship in all areas is a must. #txeduchat The lesson should not be isolated.
  144. No one thinks out of the box like a Sith Lord, we believe in absolutes #txeduchat
  145. A3) Do your students read your blog(s)? Do you ever blog about anything THEY would be interested in? #txeduchat
  146. #txeduchat A3 Ts post responses to S blog posts....model. Takes work and it is worth it. @wesfryer
  147. Q4 What iPad apps are most useful to support student digital writing? #txeduchat
  148. @wfryer #txeduchat if the suggestion is that educators know better than kids what "appropriate" is, then once again "relevancy" is missed
  149. @bkuhl2you @DavidGraham09 @wfryer Digital citizenship = central theme taught as we take Ss to online/digital writing writing #txeduchat
  150. @FarleyJeffrey I try to blog about books they might want to read. And I sometimes talk about lessons/moments from the class. #txeduchat
  151. @wfryer Honestly, the rubrics that look like a checklist are misuse to me. Be clear, be specific,so Ss know what 2 expect #txeduchat
  152. A rubric should be authentic Purposeful rubrics should yield purposeful writing. #txeduchat
  153. @DavidGraham09 We all have & can develop our capacities for evaluating appropriateness in different contexts, including writing #txeduchat
  154. @bruscos I was so glad I found that website explaining accountable talk. It made it very easy for my Ss to understand. #txeduchat
  155. This is so TRUE, not a 1 & done @sue_fitz: Embedding dig citizenship in all areas is a must. #txeduchat The lesson should not be isolated.
  156. @bruscos @mcnairan3 SO true Writing is basically inscribed talking and reading is bring it back out to talking again. #txeduchat
  157. I think modeling is really important and showing good examples. I think these are sometimes steps we brush by too quickly. #txeduchat
  158. #txeduchat a4: I love @LiveBinders - allows students to build a portfolio at same time
  159. @mcnairan3 @bruscos what web link are you referring to that addresses "accountable talk?" #txeduchat
  160. I just started a #photography blog for #geniushour to share with my students so I can participate alongside of them. #txeduchat
  161. A4 I have really enjoyed google doc/drive/blog. Easy to share, collaborate and comment. Especially with edmodo. @wfryer #txeduchat
  162. @wfryer @rwootenits eg. "Can u give me all the rubrics u use 4 writing so I can use them with my Ss." Good intent-Bad pedagogy. #txeduchat
  163. A4 The @KidblogDotOrg iPad app is one of the main writing apps my students have used this year  http://qub.me/tsyJSv  #txeduchat
  164. MT @tanyapsnook: #txeduchat a4: I love @LiveBinders - allows students to build a portfolio at same time. Great resource.
  165. A4 I also really like asking students to record audio responses with @audioboo & then having them link recordings on their blogs #txeduchat
  166. @bkuhl2you @FarleyJeffrey that really helps Ss see that writing is communicating. great idea! #txeduchat
  167. @tanyapsnook I use @live Binders for my students but never thought about encouraging them to set up their own. #txeduchat
  168. @sue_fitz @tanyapsnook Do students need to have their own email accounts to have individual @LiveBinders accounts? #txeduchat
  169. @wfryer #txeduchat the fact is that the future demands a completely new way of defining terms. Are we brave enough to let our students?
  170. @iPadEFLTeacher yes thanks for mentioning @WriteAboutThis - I'll ask a question next about writing prompts - super idea :-) #txeduchat
  171. @txeduchat @wfryer Evernote is the powerful standby but Prezi also helps them conceptualize. Talk 1st then Prezi, then elaborate #txeduchat
  172. Any more answers for Q4 on fav iPad apps supporting student digital writing? #txeduchat
  173. Rubrics best when collaborative.While discussing Lrning goal,Ss help cre8 rubric while talking abt exemplars.Begin w/end in mind #txeduchat
  174. I'm getting some great ideas about starting a S blog for our technology coding clubs. #txeduchat
  175. @wfryer A4 Remarks, Skitch, Thinglink, PicCollage--Non-Fiction writing forms/Diagram etc. #txeduchat
  176. #txeduchat A4 30hands, Tellegami, and Educreations are some old standbys. TinyTap, Visual Poet, Story me, Kid in Story are some newer ones
  177. @wfryer @sue_fitz @LiveBinders I believe so. But since my kids r getting credit UTT they have email address. They may have fix. #txeduchat
  178. @valibrarian Yes, I also like iBooks Author and Creative Book Builder for publishing student writing. #txeduchat
  179. #txeduchat A4 Ss can write scripts with@sockpuppets and @tellagami with genre focus.
  180. Can you believe that #txeduchat is already 1/2 over... or 1/2 to go - let's focus on the positive and end some GREAT SHARING!
  181. @wfryer A4 Kidblog, Blogger etc. Book Creator. Twitter for sure! #txeduchat
  182. A3- by guiding them step by step. Discuss #digcit and dig footprints. Learn together #txeduchat
  183. Q5 Where do you draw inspiration for student digital writing prompts? #txeduchat
  184. @fab5thgrade My Ss are love @tellagami. They always have to create a script before they get started so awesome for writing. #txeduchat
  185. @teachkiwi They would truly own the learning & understand what they are trying to accomplish so much better than if T driven #txeduchat
  186. I love @30hands for writing. Designed for every step of writing process & can be collaborative and global @SouthShoreEric is fab #txeduchat
  187. A5 Pictures,Quotes, headlines,etc. All great sources for writing ideas! #txeduchat
  188. @mrsjones72812 @fab5thgrade I need to give @tellagami a try & share it with my Ss? Can you use a shared class account? #txeduchat
  189. @wfryer A5: Old books, quotes that need explaining, and cereal boxes (or other advertising messages)... #txeduchat
  190. Toontastic and Puppet Pals are also great apps that allow for S animation but they must have scripts first for. #txeduchat
  191. A4: @colARApp really motivates students to bring out their creative side to writing! I've seen hesitant writers come to life! #txeduchat
  192. #txeduchat a5: I try to create prompts based on what we are currently learning or around current events.
  193. @wfryer A5 our group bases everything on diversity, so the answer is a plastic binder with 25 topics #txeduchat
  194. A5 - We haven't started yet, but the 100 Word Challenge is a great way to get writing topic ideas:  http://psolarz.weebly.com/100-word-challenge.html  #txeduchat
  195. @wfryer google drive, g+, and blogger are an awesome combo for student writing. #txeduchat
  196. @wfryer @fab5thgrade @tellagami You don't need an account, saving/sharing is done with a web link or right to your camera roll. #txeduchat
  197. #txeduchat Love using @bookcreatorapp with Ss for shared reading & writing for our books on our field trips great relevance
  198. A5 every day life. Anything relevant and thought provoking. Student work vest when they have an interest. @wfryer #txeduchat
  199. A5: Animated videos are quickly becoming a leading medium of choice for impactful story telling. That's  http://pinterest.com/pin/183732859772208198/  #txeduchat
  200. A5 I use some short YouTube videos like those by @AsapSCIENCE to have students write responses - gr8 Olympics ones recently! #txeduchat
  201. A5: I like to encourage Ss to write about their passion. I have S who blogs about finger nail painting - she loves it! #txeduchat
  202. My students maintain ePortfolios of activities done in class. Comments from YOU would be very uplifting:  http://psolarz.weebly.com/e-portfolios.html  #txeduchat
  203. Wow, amazing resources shared folks! Make sure to check the  http://txeduchat.com  archive to review them all later! #txeduchat
  204. @PaulSolarz that is gr8! Do you use the #comments4kids hashtag to encourage more feedback on student posts? #txeduchat
  205. A3: also important to model comments that continue the conversation instead of killing it. #txeduchat
  206. Q6 How do iPads compare to Chromebooks or other laptops for supporting student writing? #txeduchat
  207. @wfryer A5 Ts @EastwoodEagles using the tools use inquiry as base, Curriculum Inq. Leads to provocations in the form of prompts. #txeduchat
  208. @mrsjones72812 we tied it together with the global read aloud this year. Fantastic results! #txeduchat
  209. A6 - Great question. I think kids are learning to type on our chromebooks - how do they do on the touchscreen w/text entry? #txeduchat
  210. A5: QR codes that take Ss to a mystery picture...bring in inference skills! #txeduchat
  211. A5) We've a politically charged city w/a diverse population. Never a shortage of topics in the news & writing organizes thoughts. #txeduchat
  212. A6: it's less about the tool and more about the application and intent. #txeduchat
  213. @wfryer A6 I see them doing a lot of the same things. Both have apps that can create #txeduchat
  214. @wfryer @PaulSolarz Will be using #comments4kids very soon, wonder where I learned about it! Great info from PD session! #txeduchat
  215. #txeduchat Many projects out that help encourage writing for a real purpose & audience love @QuadBlogging @jenwagner Project Groundhog
  216. Q5 inspiration comes from Ss lives & inner genius not copying disposable media #txeduchat
  217. A6 One of the things about iPad is that it provides multiple means of expression and representation #UDL #txeduchat
  218. @valibrarian Like the term "disposable media" - fits the consume-discard attitude toward reading once (and writing once) #txeduchat
  219. @sue_fitz Ss will always write more passionately about topics of their choosing. #txeduchat
  220. @fab5thgrade that is a gr8 idea - reminds me of an app @shannonmmiller loves to use w/ students for mystery locations! #txeduchat
  221. @JennGRoach @sue_fitz Even if those choices come from a list or menu - still nice to pick for yourself. #txeduchat
  222. @amysoupy: A3: also important to model comments that continue the conversation instead of killing it. #txeduchat” absolutely!
  223. Great ideas from Discovery Ed at #tcea14 for using images combined with sound effects to spark writing. #txeduchat
  224. @tanyapsnook @rondorland have students write in how to fix the problems and determine how much it would cost to fix #txeduchat
  225. @rwootenits I agree, I find the iPad to be a fantastic tool for audio & video recording, then fast sharing! #txeduchat
  226. @bkuhl2you @JennGRoach @sue_fitz They will also write better if they have an authentic audience. Teacher as audience isn't enough #txeduchat
  227. I'm an iPad girl but Chromebooks may be easier for more extensive wiring. If I am going to blog I get on my Macbook over my iPad #txeduchat
  228. Example of student using @30hands  http://qub.me/IFwE24  - this was our first time to use it. Will add in writing next time! #txeduchat
  229. @coachvaughnl do you happen to have a link to those Discovery Ed #tcea14 writing idea handouts? :-) #txeduchat
  230. Don't worry if the chat is moving too fast. We archive the chats on  http://txeduchat.com  every time.... #txeduchat
  231. @wfryer I don't see a difference between the two, but I am an OS polygamist #txeduchat
  232. A6: I think Chromebks are superior to iPads for writing bc of the collaborative aspects. Love shared google presentations. #txeduchat
  233. A6: I love that all are portable. Writing anywhere...anytime! #txeduchat
  234. @MrsMorgansClass Oh that is a gr8 example of student oral use of math vocabulary using @30hands nice! #txeduchat
  235. A6:finding there is need 4 Ss to experience both;Ss need 2 be platform diverse 2 be #futureready #txeduchat prep 4 tech not yet created
  236. Q7 What pitfalls should teachers avoid/watch out for when students write interactively online? #txeduchat
  237. A6: We use iPads, ChromeBooks & MacBooks - all are effective 4 blogging/writing. We prefer MacBooks for everything else, however. #txeduchat
  238. #txeduchat don't stone me, but I think we need to balance digital writing & academic writing. I worry about the post secondary success
  239. #txeduchat iPad, Chromebook, laptop, etc…nice when Ss can have the option to choose the tool/app/platform they feel is bed for the job.
  240. @bkuhl2you @amysoupy I love the collab feature of Chromebk but iPad is awesome for publishing! #txeduchat
  241. @teachkiwi Great point - trying to get them ready for their future, not our present. #txeduchat
  242. @wfryer A6 - we have ipad minis and they are a little difficult for my 2nd graders to write on - they do better on the laptops. #txeduchat
  243. Great app for sts w/ written output problems is type-o #txeduchat
  244. #txeduchat especially after grading some of my dual credit govt Ss papers this weekend - OUCH! Both skill sets are needed
  245. @PaulSolarz A6 since your students have access to so many platform choices, when to you see them self-selecting iPads most? #txeduchat
  246. @amysoupy @fab5thgrade Speaking of chromebooks vs. iPads, still no good QR reader for a Chromebook that I know of. #txeduchat
  247. @JennGRoach @sue_fitz Choice is critical! Concepts are taught more easily when Ss can learn from passion #passionbasedlearning #txeduchat
  248. Love this. I really like @lindayollis 's post from 2010 "How to Compose a Quality Comment!"  http://qub.me/0IvCQd  #txeduchat (via @wfryer)
  249. @sue_fitz are those Ss google sites public or private? Can you share an index link to them? #txeduchat
  250. type-o predicts and gives sts choice of next word. GREAT APP #txeduchat
  251. A7 Ts must remember its a process. Have students go thru process of drafting,revising, and then publishing. #txeduchat
  252. @wfryer Our daughter tells horror stories of being kicked out of apps that only allow one student at a time: prezi. #txeduchat
  253. A7 - Sometimes students use texting language instead of proper grammar, fewer periods/capitals, voice can be too familiar. #txeduchat
  254. A7 - Plagiarism. Sloppy editing, inappropriate register or "slang." #txeduchat
  255. Q6 Laptops allow for more content creation like websites on google sites but ipads are portable #txeduchat (I really work best on a laptop)
  256. @wfryer @PaulSolarz #txeduchat I would choose an iPad any time I need to touch things (ie. drawing, screen casting etc).
  257. A7: Writing online should be a seamless process. The tools should not get in the way of the writing. #txeduchat
  258. A7 - I think kids' understandings of plagiarism and intellectual property are slippery/shifting. Needing to review/reteach more. #txeduchat
  259. Matt Ross -MS/HS #STEM educator, 1:1 iPad School.Found #txeduchat late. Enjoying reading the posts. Hope to get involved earlier next time!
  260. @bkuhl2you What kinds of conversations do you have w Ss that seem to best address plagiarism issues? #txeduchat
  261. A6 my students write and collaborate on Drive using iPads. That said, I'd rather use Chromebooks. #txeduchat
  262. A7: Must be aware of giving 2 much personal information away when it's viewable online. Digital citizenship/awareness important. #txeduchat
  263. @MattRossCUHS glad to have you join, Matt - you're not too late! 15 more minutes to go :-) #txeduchat
  264. A6: iPads are able to access almost everything on Google accounts/drive that chrome books can; still able to collaborate #txeduchat
  265. A7 app overload! I sign up for apps/accounts- then realize I already signed up a year ago! Too many -oh well that's digital life #Txeduchat
  266. @tanyapsnook @nathan_stevens me too! as shocked as when i learned there is no north american house hippo :( #txeduchat #iamtoogullible
  267. @wfryer Ownership of ideas, invention and creativity, "sampling" and remakes. Lots of models - they eventually get it. #txeduchat
  268. @rwootenits we go through a peer review process and give them a chance to edit prior to publishing #txeduchat
  269. @valibrarian yes, I think app overload is common! @jjash responded at her school by focusing exclusively on "creation apps" #txeduchat
  270. @wfryer Only when the MacBooks are not available. (However, it's pretty seamless when we need to use them - no whining anymore.) #txeduchat
  271. @wfryer #txeduchat A7 Put Ur name on it. Help kids own their words. Staying anonymous in name of safety perpetuates neg. online behaviours.
  272. #txeduchat Q7 Biggest one- Digital Citizenship. Explicit modeling/instruction in digital citizenship many pitfalls will be avoided
  273. @bkuhl2you I like that term "sampling" - I may steal it! - with attribution of course :-) #txeduchat
  274. @valibrarian #txeduchat I would argue that content creation on iPads is just as powerful as a laptop. Maybe not website building but more!
  275. @wfryer A7 there are incidents of sabotage on shared Drive documents. I hear the frustrated complaints. Its a learning process. #txeduchat
  276. A7) No disclaimer will help you get around the fact that online can last a long, long time and be seen by the eyes of the world. #txeduchat
  277. A7: Ts hold Ss back b/c they believe they have to be experts... Allow choice, let T focus on concept; #txeduchat
  278. @wfryer Well, I certainly don't own it. Comes from music - DJ's borrowing short chunks of songs for their own tracks. #txeduchat
  279. A7 Be prepared for "teachable moments" relating to digital citizenship - but recognize those are "talks" we want/need 2have w Ss! #txeduchat
  280. @Cowpernicus @wfryer Agreed, anonymity can have Ss act very differently than they would normally #txeduchat must know they are accountable
  281. @bkuhl2you right! :-) It's a good term - and I like the analogy from music / remixing #txeduchat
  282. A7: Ts must be well-versed w/ citing sources and copyright. Must model and teach this...#lifeskill #txeduchat
  283. Q8 What are the best examples student-created eBooks using iPads you've seen? Please share links! #txeduchat
  284. @teachkiwi Critical Digital Literacy! s must be well-versed w/ citing sources and copyright. Must model and teach this #txeduchat
  285. give sts autonomy on what platform they want to use. They just must make a case on why the platform is best. #txeduchat
  286. . @jmarcotte85 @millerg6 Because blog posts can be easily edited after posting, Ss should see the power to do this #txeduchat
  287. @wfryer Similar term - I like remixing, too, though that might be more like paraphrase than appropriate quoting. #txeduchat
  288. A8 What are the best examples student-created eBooks using iPads you've seen? Please share links! #txeduchat@mrswideen @MrsWideensClass
  289. @txeduchat @teachkiwi but PLEASE explain multiple citing formats. #STEM uses APA and English uses MLA, etc #txeduchat
  290. @mrsjones72812 @wfryer #txeduchat yes it is a learning curve. I work with 4th graders. Problems are dealt with, learning proceeds. :-)
  291. @stangea @wfryer More about someone typing in their SPACE than actual sabotage. Takes time to adjust. #txeduchat
  292. A8 I adore eBook "Our Batak House" by @janeinjava  http://qub.me/UcNLVK  gr8 multi-language eBook/intercultural discussions #txeduchat
  293. .@rondorland have a T that gives Ss complete choice only requirement is he can access info easily or S provides him instructions #txeduchat
  294. @coachvaughnl @wfryer #Txeduchat -agreed that discovery ed tool builder has so many capabilities in all subjects
  295. A8 I've collected some examples of student-created iPad ebooks on the eBook page of Mapping Media  http://qub.me/HZaq97  #txeduchat
  296. i have given autonomy, trust, responsibility and respect to my sts. Modelled first. Never seen so much engagement! #txeduchat