February 23, 2014

#txeduchat - @kylepace chats about technology integration

  1. Welcome to #txeduchat we are glad you joined us tonight! Please introduce yourself and tell us what you love to teach...
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  3. I'm guest hosting #txeduchat tonight. Would love to have you join in as we learn from each other about edtech!
  4. Mitch from Indiana. First grade teacher and lead teacher for technology. #txeduchat
  5. Lisa Lund, Kansas, Dir of Tech - Love teaching tech integration #txeduchat
  6. #txeduchat Louis Caruso, assistant principal and former English teacher. Important topic tonight!
  7. Terri Eichholz, GT Teacher in San Antonio, TX. I'll tell you WHO I love to teach - and that is anyone who wants to learn ;) #txeduchat
  8. Evening all, Dennis from nj. Love teaching history, tech & of course - students. #txeduchat
  9. K-5 librarian here- participating in #txeduchat for the next hour with @kylepace ongoing #PLN building
  10. Kyle from Missouri, Instructional Technology Specialist. #txeduchat
  11. Hi everyone, Tom from North Texas, I love teaching & learning from the most amazing 5th graders in the world! #txeduchat
  12. Charlotte, from San Antonio, Instructional Tech Specialist! #txeduchat
  13. @txeduchat Glad to be here. Excited to hear from other great educators. #txeduchat
  14. Brett, 4th Grade, love to teach science and technology! #TXEDUCHAT
  15. Jenny Regier, elementary librarian, Enid Oklahoma. Popping in and out tonight! #txeduchat
  16. @TechIntegratio1 Welcome Lisa! Happy to have you join all the way fro Kansas! #txeduchat - Where all are welcome - no residency required.
  17. Rafranz, TX... server of children through training their teachers #txeduchat
  18. We will use the Q1: A1: format for Questions and answers and remember to use the #txeduchat hashtag so others can find your tweets.
  19. Hi everyone! Mike from TN here. ESL and 11th gr. English #txeduchat
  20. @gordonshistory Hi Dennis, wonderful to see you in #txeduchat again! Glad you are adding your thoughts & expertise!
  21. It's GREAT that you could join #txeduchat tonight @glenwoodelemlib, welcome to some GREAT edtech chatting!!
  22. For tonight's #txeduchat we'll be focusing on best practices to sustain positive change in teaching and learning with technology.
  23. I'll be in & out tonight folks. Forgive the hit and run. #txeduchat
  24. Lisa Marie, from Lewisville, K-5 tech apps teacher. I love to teach technology and science. #txeduchat
  25. @valibrarian Welcome back to Valerie! Always glad to have a former host in the house!! #txeduchat
  26. Paul Solarz, a 5th grade teacher from Arlington Heights, Illinois. #txeduchat #iaedchat
  27. @kylepace Glad you are here Kyle! It wouldn't be the same without you tonight. #txeduchat
  28. #txeduchat Jason Bihler - Instructional Designer Metro Nashville Public Schools & long time history history teacher. Love thinking & tech!
  29. @jaherbel Welcome back sir! Always an honor to have past hosts back! #txeduchat
  30. @txeduchat I'm honored. There's always loads of genius being shared during #txeduchat!
  31. @arleybarton Hi Arley welcome to the chat! Great to have your insight this evening on ed tech! #txeduchat
  32. Thanks Tom, looking forward to a great chat! @Tom_Kilgore: @jaherbel Welcome back sir! Always an honor to have past hosts back! #txeduchat
  33. Good Evening! Matt,HS STEM Teacher from Southeast Kansas.I love to teach through hands-on learning and real world opportunities. #txeduchat
  34. Q1: Let's jump right in with this one: What does true technology integration look like? #txeduchat
  35. @RafranzDavis An honor to have you back in #txeduchat as always! Can't wait to hear you thoughts tonight:) #txeduchat
  36. A1 I would say normal. Seamless. This is the new pen and paper #txeduchat
  37. @MattRossCUHS Welcome to #txeduchat Matt, great to have someone from Kansas in the chat!
  38. #txeduchat True tech integration is when it complements instruction. Like a great visual in a presentation, it enhances the learning
  39. A1: Tech integration allows Ts to enhance pedagogical practices through tech. It's incremental and allows blending of old w/ new #txeduchat
  40. @rondorland How is SAMR and other models make for *true* tech integration? What does it look like? #txeduchat
  41. @kylepace A1 sometimes great, sometimes not so great. Can't simulate a classroom #txeduchat
  42. A1 - Use a model of implementation and PD, give choices and implement seamlessly and follow-up #txeduchat
  43. A1: Tech integration is something that Ss consider normal. Shouldn't be "oh, we are using technology today." #txeduchat
  44. A1: Tech integration is not a mandate. Instead it's a ground-up movement that allows Ts to work at their own pace #txeduchat
  45. @kylepace @rondorland Challenge teachers to take one step on the model to move tech integration forward #txeduchat
  46. #txeduchat A1 Ss choosing the right tool for the right job and receiving feedback from an authentic audience
  47. A1) Authentic tech integration looks "normal". No fuss. No fireworks. Just how we do things here. #txeduchat
  48. A1 - True technology integration needs to look & feel seamless. Students use devices as easily as pencils to do real tasks. #txeduchat
  49. A1- tech is a wonderful tool that has power to be overpowering. model it and use it to supplement. #txeduchat
  50. A1: True tech integration is seamless and enhances the learning process. It should give our Ss choices. Ss should be engaged #txeduchat
  51. A1 Tech Integration takes time. It has to be seamless and have a + impact on learning. Not just a throw in #txeduchat
  52. Q1 true tech integration means best tool 4 each purpose #txeduchat #digitalcitizenship embedded for deep personal learning @kylepace
  53. A1. True integration is when Tech it used with out thought, with out the teaching struggling to make it fit in to their lesson. #txeduchat
  54. A1: Tech integration allows Ss to do or create something they could not do w/out tech. It should leverage learning, not be focus #txeduchat
  55. A1: Tech integration completes a lesson and is a method that is Ss driven and Ts facilitate its use. #txeduchat
  56. @kylepace A1: technology isn't a day in the computer lab. It's a part of how the lesson is delivered . #txeduchat
  57. Thank you @RafranzDavis for all of your HTML help earlier. #txeduchat is lucky to have you down there.
  58. #txeduchat It means that you support learning experiences with various forms of tech consistently.
  59. A1: True tech integration supports curriculum goals, encourages collaboration, and creates connections to real world. #txeduchat
  60. A1: Proper tech integration accelerated student learning through strong pedaogogies. It does not replace pedagogy #txeduchat
  61. @PaulSolarz From one of my favorite 21st Century videos - "take it out when needed and put away when its not needed" #txeduchat
  62. Hello to all the #txeduchat folks ... Cathy here - Athletic Director from a boarding school in Virginia. Here tonight to learn.
  63. A1 I also include scissor and glue sticks in tech integration #txeduchat
  64. A1: Though my Ss consider now the norm. When I use dry erase markers, it is considered "old fashioned" to them. #txeduchat
  65. A1: T Integration isn't simply handing a S an iPad.There has to be cross curricular opportunities available to effectively use. #txeduchat
  66. #txeduchat a1. Tech integration needs to be as seamless as the pencil. We don’t think about using a pencil, need to use tech like that.
  67. A1- model the tech. give sts autonomy on how they want to use it as long as it has direction. #txeduchat
  68. #txeduchat when that question would seem as silly as asking how do we tell if pencils and paper are integrated
  69. #txeduchat tech integration is a seamless part of the day, not an "event"
  70. JP from Austin area, IT Coor. Good evening everyone! #txeduchat
  71. @jaherbel Looking forward to it. I have stopped in before. #txeduchat always has a great conversation.
  72. A1: tech integration is best when Ss have knowledge & skill and THEY choose what works best #txeduchat
  73. #txeduchat A1 creative, collaborative environment w/no barriers to learning & can be personalized to diverse learners (Ss) using the tech.
  74. A1: Tech integration supports & enhances Ss' passions, creativity, problem solving skills & communication skills. #txeduchat
  75. glad the tech talk is not just saying "we r off to the computer lab for computer time" :) #txeduchat
  76. A1 Tech integration is when tech is seamlessly added into content so you do not notice the addition of it. #TXEDUCHAT
  77. A1: Ts should present choices and step back for creativity to begin. #txeduchat
  78. @rondorland Me too. I think too many Ss still see it as such though. #txeduchat
  79. A1 "True" technology integration doesn't have a "look". It just is...It's a normal component of learning & not a "thing" #txeduchat
  80. A1: Technology integration is seamless and is not considered separate from the lesson as an add on. #txeduchat
  81. @rondorland "we r off to the computer lab for computer time" :) That is soooooo 1999. #txeduchat
  82. A1 Ideal tech isn't about #edtech it is abt empowering T & S relationship 2 do real, relevant & intrinsically motivated work #txeduchat
  83. A1: When Ss have the freedom to move between tech tools and make suggestions about what to use #txeduchat
  84. A1 good tech integration should be a result of google 20%. Find the tools that students want to use #txeduchat
  85. @ELKissner Great point in letting students make the suggestion of what to use! #txeduchat
  86. @ELKissner S choice is so important. Giving them options allows for them to create authentic work to share learning. #txeduchat
  87. A1 - When it's not a "special day" just because you're using tech. When the reasons for using it are obvious to all. #txeduchat
  88. Our technology happens as a normal day with your 1:1 iPad program. It gives Ss a way to learn that fits them, no a new event. #txeduchat
  89. Q2: What is the most crucial first step in making technology integration a seamless component of teaching and learning? #txeduchat
  90. @jgbluedevil people don’t make it seamless though by adding things like SAMR. #txeduchat
  91. Schools promote being 1:1 as being on the cutting edge of #technology.We have to come up with a way to integrate better. #txeduchat
  92. @txeduchat @rondorland That is if you have other tech and wifi available. Otherwise, that is not the worst idea! #txeduchat
  93. @jaherbel now if only I could make that thought be more in my PRACTICE!! #txeduchat
  94. A1: It looks like great teaching & learning! Should be about the learning & a tool towards that purpose #txeduchat
  95. Someone follow @bkuhl2you 4,999 followers is no way to go through twitter. Happy Sunday! #txeduchat
  96. A2: For my 1st graders, it's taking a few minutes each day to introduce tools. Gradual release. #txeduchat
  97. A2 - Getting to know the tech - what it does, what it doesn't do, what kinds of backup plans will work, etc. #txeduchat
  98. A2 The teacher needs time to "play" with the technology and truly learn it. Then the T will know how to best integrate #txeduchat
  99. @txeduchat I agree. We need just as much going from digital to physical as physical to digital #txeduchat
  100. A1: Little peer-reviewed research to show effectiveness of #edtech to improve what happens in the classroom. Mostly anecdotal. #txeduchat
  101. A2 We have to give the Ts and Ss the autonomy to try new tools and training to be proficient with them. #txeduchat
  102. A2: We also have to model for others. Let them see how easy it can be to integrate it and not just be "one more thing." #txeduchat
  103. A2: the critical step to TI is having a something you want to accomplish that requires tech rather than tech that needs a use #txeduchat
  104. A2: The journey of play with failure and reflection. #txeduchat
  105. A2. Getting rid of computer labs and making tech accessible at all times. #txeduchat
  106. A2 - Tech Integration that helps with exploring and not being afraid to try with an attitude that it is okay to fail & try again #txeduchat
  107. A2 Ive been saying 2 in 2. Teach 2 tools the first 2 weeks of school and then u r set 4 the yr. After that u can easily add on #txeduchat
  108. #txeduchat A2. Must be adequate training for T's and the district must make a long term financial commitment.
  109. #txeduchat Model, model, model. Create a culture of doing. One that doesn't stop when things go wrong, but finds ways to make things work!
  110. Amy from San Antonio, TX. I teach ELAR/SS and love to integrate technology with a purpose not just bc #txeduchat
  111. @shighla unbelievable how many tech projects go into high gear w/o goals or a plan of where they want to be #txeduchat
  112. A2: Lots of low risk opportunities for staff and students to try out and use the tech, freedom to experiment in the day #txeduchat
  113. @kylepace A2 study the way a teacher teaches and add tools that fit the activity #txeduchat
  114. @gcouros That's interesting. Do you think it's comfort level of the teacher to make tech part of the instructional design? #txeduchat
  115. A2: Having a purposeful use for it & deliberate plan for why one is using it in my opinion. Tech for sake of learning! #txeduchat
  116. I dream of a back shelf being all devices not text books #txeduchat
  117. A2: Ts being comfortable with the technology to use in the classroom. #txeduchat
  118. #txeduchat a2. CONFIDENCE. Even if it fails miserably, you have to believe in tech, be willing to try something new, and try to be fearless!
  119. A2 Address pedagogical issues b4 tech & not with bad PD either but with student centered modeling & development #txeduchat
  120. A2. Teacher need good PD, stuff that is meaningful to them and that hits home that helps them get to that point where they get it #txeduchat
  121. @rondorland I'd love to have an array of devices. Sometimes a tablet makes more sense than a laptop. #txeduchat
  122. A2: environment that encourages risk - admin, Ts, Ss, Ps, & comm - learning can get lost or worse #txeduchat
  123. #txeduchat A2 Ts learning to be comfortable listening to and taking the lead from Ss sometimes Ts need to get out of the way and facilitate
  124. @mike_stein33 A2 - I appreciate using the word 'play'-it's imp to allow Ss to do same when exploring new tech 4 their tool box #txeduchat
  125. A2 Supporting teachers. This doesn't mean all 1to1 how to but they should know that they/re are resources for them to learn #txeduchat
  126. @kevenrinaman @bkuhl2you @kylepace You bring up a good point regarding PD and 1:1. It is crucial to proper implementation. #txeduchat
  127. @kylepace a2: realizing that progress looks different 4 Ts. Support T & celebrate tech usage. Have T work with other T to assist #txeduchat
  128. @DocbobLA I see it all the time. Just makes ninja harder in the long run. #txeduchat
  129. A2: Imperative for district administrators to build capacity through goals. Modeling and training is critical #txeduchat
  130. A2: Crucial steps are modeling, sharing and showcasing best practices with tech integration. #txeduchat
  131. A2You must know the goal for what you are teaching. Teaching with the end in mind.Must also consider S ability and access points.#TXEDUCHAT
  132. #txeduchat A1 when tech is used as a tool, like a building block, or paper/pencil and Ts ask what tool best fits this lesson?
  133. A2 - Ideally, you go 1:1. Checking out devices, getting the cart, taking them in & out, take away from the integration aspect. #txeduchat
  134. A2: Roll it with a plan and prepare the teaching faculty. Don't just hand tech to Ts & Ss and tell them to use it. #txeduchat
  135. @amysoupy I only write on the outside of my board if i can help it. Haha. #txeduchat
  136. A2"play" or exploration. Allow time for students to feel comfortable (good advice for Ts too! #txeduchat
  137. Join me in the #txeduchat happening right now. All tweets for next hour devoted to tech integration!!
  138. #txeduchat A2 A vision must be developed by all stakeholders that will have the most positive benefits for kids.
  139. @glenhansman We should create a google doc that points to the research. Does anyone have this? "Effectiveness of EdTech" #txeduchat
  140. @bkuhl2you Definitely Ben, can;t be about the use of the tech as the purpose for it existing! #txeduchat
  141. @jgbluedevil I think the focus should always be on learning. Too often we are forcing tech into instruction for sake of tech. #txeduchat
  142. @PaulSolarz Nice to have a single device for each kid. Creates ownership, easier to develop expertise, customize. #txeduchat
  143. @Tom_Kilgore Agree with your A2. Needs to be purposeful, with deliberate planning. #txeduchat
  144. A2: T and S must both know the tools and use of the devices. #txeduchat
  145. Once Ts are comfortable they can integrate into the curriculum. #txeduchat
  146. @kylepace - thank you! We are going through this within our district currently #txeduchat
  147. #txeduchat Crafting more personalized PD for teachers that seamlessly models how we expect tech to be "integrated" is a great starting point
  148. @Debloftsgard I agree! But they tend to get frustrated more quickly. They're used to instant results. #Patience #txeduchat
  149. @kylepace from an infrastructure that supports it to school goals. From parents on board and a teacher with a plan #txeduchat
  150. A2 Also need to determine what kids should be able to do as a result of the new learning. Tech doesn't fit in every lesson #txeduchat
  151. A2: Ts also need time to watch other Ts who use effective pedagogies seamlessly. Doesn't necessarily have to be tech related #txeduchat
  152. @yankee_todd @kylepace and not every tools works the same in trials as it does in the classroom #txeduchat
  153. +2 “@Tom_Kilgore: @bkuhl2you Definitely Ben, can;t be about the use of the tech as the purpose for it existing! #txeduchat
  154. @rondorland Great that you mentioned parents! More on that topic coming up! #txeduchat
  155. #TXEduChat members, in less than a year we've helped put tens of thousands of dollars back into #classrooms--you're next!
  156. A2: Modeling and exploring. Ss can learn without too much guidance but modeling the purpose is helpful #txeduchat
  157. @arleybarton Agreed. Question becomes if Ts are given an opportunity to feel comfortable at their individualized levels. #txeduchat
  158. #txeduchat A2 not being afraid to fail or make mistakes with students.. Problem solve with Ss and facilitate learning
  159. Hi #txeduchat Grechen here! Sorry I’m late. What are we talking about tonight?
  160. Hi #txeduchat Keven Rinaman, Tech Coordinator, Tiffin, OH. Not sure how I stumbled into this chat but glad to join in!
  161. @bkuhl2you @nathan_stevens @kylepace - absolutely! It's the process of experimentation, comfort & success. #txeduchat
  162. @kylepace even though I do like the idea of keeping me in the dark and throw darts a tool names to find the right one #txeduchat
  163. A2: Knowing the needs of both Ts and Ss.We can prepare the Ts, but what do the Ss need? Be prepared to differenitate for both #txeduchat
  164. @robpennington9: A2 We have to give the Ts and Ss the autonomy to try new tools and training to be proficient with them. #txeduchat#yes
  165. @jgbluedevil @gcouros I don't think teacher comfort level with tech can be an excuse anymore. Students have too much to learn. #txeduchat
  166. A2: Must provide quality PD to keep Ts connected and informed on new tools and practices. #txeduchat
  167. @terrieichholz @rondorland There are some benefits - I like 1-1 chromebooks, in general. But sometimes I wish I had a tablet. #TXEduChat
  168. @kodable Best practices around edtech for sustained change in teaching and learning. Q3 coming up! #txeduchat
  169. Q3: What types of professional development are most favored for administrators and teachers to create true tech integration? #txeduchat
  170. #txeduchat Sorry I am late Marty Keltz Toronto Educator/Producer
  171. @carrion_creates Exactly.Offer students the opportunity to search for apps that could be useful. They know the app stores best. #txeduchat
  172. @bkuhl2you @terrieichholz agree, i have macbooks but I also have made the class a BYOD for your reason #txeduchat
  173. @RafranzDavis So true Rafranz, shouldn't be "added on" when it doesn't fit the lesson #txeduchat
  174. @terrieichholz @rondorland Seems like some kids have advanced "touchscreen literacy." It'd be nice if they could show that off. #TXEduChat
  175. A2) 1st step to successful tech integration, like anything, is make up your mind that mistakes aren't bad & the risk is worth it. #txeduchat
  176. Also need to take teacher out of the tech equation & focus on students. Where we may not see tech, kids just might & that's ok #txeduchat
  177. Cindy, Arkansas, lit coach, joining late. Daughter headed back to school. #txeduchat
  178. A2 Provide time and support for teachers to experience the technology. Making sure that the technology works the way it should. #txeduchat
  179. What are ways that you learn best to make true tech integration happen? Favorite types of PD? #txeduchat
  180. "@sue_fitz: A2: Must working devices and good wifi. #txeduchat" Oh yeah...and infrastructure. Gotta have infrastructure.
  181. A1: Learning walks by staff has been huge. They see what other Ts are doing and as ?s. I offer PD when people need support. #txeduchat
  182. A3. Modeling and coaching work well in our district. PLCs are also becoming popular. #txeduchat
  183. @txeduchat Lots of industry-sponsored papers, anecdotal pieces. Little proper, peer-reviewed research with data showing effect. #txeduchat
  184. Q3: PD that introduces something can be used almost immediately in the classroom #txeduchat
  185. @RafranzDavis That's hard - takes a lot of trust and confidence to let go of that kind of control. One thing about BYOD. #txeduchat
  186. A3 our super @bradmceachern does like a mini ipadpalooza Ts choose what they want to learn. Meaningful PD #txeduchat
  187. A3: Beneficial PD! Lectures don't work. Make the PD session more interactive and hands on. #txeduchat
  188. A3: The best PD is when an excited Ts asks, "How can I do ____?" Then find someone to help them #txeduchat
  189. @gcouros Agreed! I am presenting at #ice14 on that exact topic. Learning outcomes rather than tools. #txeduchat
  190. @valibrarian: #txeduchat @jaherbel @bruscos We are working to get our PLN's there, they just don't get it yet. We must break the bubble!
  191. @bkuhl2you @rondorland I would like a set of chromebooks. We couldn't use those for Robotics, though. #txeduchat
  192. A3: When it comes to professional development, I would rather see a focus on training in specific pedagogies that use tech #txeduchat
  193. @nathan_stevens Hey! Got some good news about our video! Will email this week :D #txeduchat
  194. @kylepace I believe that time to play is critical for adults and students. Give them time to mess around with the tools first. #txeduchat
  195. A2 in the classroom, 1st step is the T needs 2 be modeling/using w/everything they do. diff devices, OS, variety of uses. #txeduchat
  196. A3 Hands down #edcamp model. Great having time to work, play & explore meaningful topics & tools w/great committed Eds #txeduchat
  197. A3 PD needed on instructional design, creativity, openness to change & ISTE standards for sure #txeduchat
  198. @kylepace A3: I hosted an Edcamp at out school. It's truly the blue print for T buy in & tech integration. #txeduchat
  199. The PD are the ones where you can explore and plan with a safety net of teachers around to help. #txeduchat
  200. 3 Lessons For Successful Ed Tech Integration. Adam Principal in Houston  http://qub.me/JBIjkl  #txeduchat
  201. A3: Our district is empowering Ts to provide PD through Techno Palooza, edcamp, Twitter chats #txeduchat
  202. A3: Edcamp and Playdate formats where Ts have choice. Twitter or #GHO infused PD. #txeduchat
  203. Great tweet! “@SciAggie: A3: The best PD is when an excited Ts asks, "How can I do ____?" Then find someone to help them #txeduchat
  204. @kylepace A3 it is really hard to say with the variety of teachers in a school #txeduchat
  205. @nathan_stevens But what is it for you that you really enjoy? What would you be most excited to tell others they should try too? #txeduchat
  206. #txeduchat A3 Practical, hands on learn by doing PD that can easily be turn keyed to allow for student use and application.
  207. #txeduchat A2 Easiest way to make tech integration seamless is using it for multi-media storytelling
  208. A3: Should be whatever works best for individual - We teach our Ss this way, why not for Ts too! Best practices rise to the top! #txeduchat
  209. A3: I do not think Ts are best served with admins focusing solely on tech integration as a singular focus during change #txeduchat
  210. Just attended my first #edcamp that was some pretty awesome PD. Also Modeling and indigent other Ts to participate #txeduchat
  211. A3: intro > demo > explore/play (help as needed), go to person for Qs #txeduchat
  212. MT @lf_caruso A3: When it comes to professional development, I would rather see a focus specific pedagogies that use tech #txeduchat
  213. @kylepace Just playing with devices to gain comfort & learn new things. Make a PLC for just tech w/o FEAR! #txeduchat
  214. A3: The PD has to be meaningful and able to use in class immediately not months later. #txeduchat
  215. A3 Working 1 on 1 tech coach with teachers allows teachers to achieve at the level they are at and gives them security #txeduchat
  216. A3 teachers need hands on. Time to play with new tools. Time to ask questions. #txeduchat
  217. A3 - I've enjoyed learning about various apps & their uses to add to my toolbox. I also liked learning about TPACK & SAMR. #txeduchat
  218. @wmchamberlain @kylepace Believe wholeheartedly in this. That's how kids learn how to use something - "play." #txeduchat
  219. A3 I have been letting my teachers lead after school PD on tech and it has been going well #txeduchat
  220. @bkuhl2you @wmchamberlain Great point. When working with teachers I call that "sandbox time". #txeduchat
  221. A3: Faculty had a optional weekly meeting to share info, learning styles, tech tips, and App share. Ts helping Ts - very good #txeduchat
  222. @MattRossCUHS #txeduchat and learn from Ss they are the experts in so many areas now.. They help each other make connections to lrning
  223. Tip: Grow your PLN by following the other participants in #txeduchat tonight!
  224. #txeduchat A3 because we have a variety of T learning styles we need a variety of training modeling, coaching, face 2 face, online, sharing
  225. A3-PD: give tchrs the TIME to create/don't just tell us about the tech. Differentiate the PD too-don't just teach the novices! #txeduchat
  226. A3 I have to say OUR PD! We fuse ELAR, SS, and tech together so Ts see how it should all flow (and be seem less) #txeduchat
  227. Tech integration must be modeled effectively at district level PD must support the expectation Twitter, Prezi, Pinter., Edublogs, #txeduchat
  228. A3: Indiv Ts need indiv goals. We all need to be stretched a bit, but not too far or change might be resisted with tech. #txeduchat
  229. @daisyray215 I think teachers would be more comfortable w/our chromebooks if they had one of their own to play with. #txeduchat
  230. A3 PD important but I actually learn more from my #PLN #txeduchat PD should be focused on support -motivate Ts
  231. A3: PD should be based on Ts interest and need, and ALWAYS differentiated. Just like our classrooms. #txeduchat
  232. SAMR model also helps to make sense of tech integration #txeduchat
  233. A3. We will start the school year off with #epsit2014 A local Tech conference that focuses on Tech Integration. #epsit2013 ROCKED #txeduchat
  234. A3- Intro- explore- play. Time to conceptualize how i could use the tool to impact learning. One tech tool at a time. #txeduchat
  235. A3: We (ITSs) have been doing "Tech Speed Sharing" -connected to grade level scope/ sequence & design qualities @SchlechtyCenter #txeduchat
  236. @bkuhl2you since the chat last week I have become a lover of the tablet. I have almost 1:1 chromebks but my Ss love my ipad more #txeduchat
  237. @yankee_todd: @kylepace A1: technology isn't a day in the computer lab. It's a part of how the lesson is delivered . #txeduchat” // Agreed.
  238. @nathan_stevens Well, I think we’re going to have Ss do most of it. I’m working on getting some involved. Have any interested? #txeduchat
  239. @kevenrinaman Great way to learn from others passionate about technology and integration #txeduchat
  240. @craigyen Craig! Good to see you! What's best about that form of PD for you? #txeduchat
  241. @bkuhl2you @kylepace Been to a couple and going to another in a couple of weeks --Awesome experience. #txeduchat
  242. #txeduchat q3.LOVE learning hands on, from someone that I trust won’t laugh when I fail. But don’t we all want that?
  243. A3)New tech's like learning to play a new game. Be well-versed on rules (training), but some point, you just gotta play to learn #txeduchat
  244. A3 they want f2f simple how to. Need modeling with technology, They need to learn with technology to see how to teach with it. #txeduchat
  245. @bkuhl2you @daisyray215 :) LOVE my chromebook... love the 6 chromebooks from @DonorsChoose that we got into our room too #txeduchat
  246. @adam_stephens startingan edcamp style PD think staff will love it. Owning their learning and sharing their expertise #txeduchat
  247. @kylepace I like the coaching model.. Asking my team for help... I love edcamps for on demand learning #txeduchat
  248. #txeduchat Personalized PD that pickups up the pace of learning & gets teachers doing, reflecting & creating. Take aways used immediately!
  249. @kylepace A1 I like open ended conversation. I only plan the first 15 mins of PD and let folks ask questions from there #txeduchat
  250. A3 and Ts want a laid back environment, Conversations going, chocolate on the tables for snacking, freedom to move around #txeduchat
  251. A3 we also build in time for processing, backward design, and follow up electronic communication! Must be sustainable! #txeduchat
  252. A3: Collaborated Friday on project in Google Hangouts and G docs w/ IT coaches. #txeduchat
  253. @sue_fitz We are also planning an #EdCamp out west! @EdCampParkerC will take place in Sept. In Weatherford! #txeduchat
  254. @kylepace Would LOVE to attend! Our ESC doesn't have one scheduled, so will have to travel to find one. Would love to be at 1 #txeduchat
  255. @1925MP @kylepace Agreed. Some are so much more engaged in learning when they hold a device. #txeduchat
  256. @carrion_creates Yes! It would be a great activity for them to review the educational apps before implementing. #txeduchat
  257. @kylepace Teacher led PD that's relevant. The knowledge of the room and the sharing passionate educators #txeduchat
  258. @lf_caruso Interesting. Would you focus on multiple or more specific topics for PD, while integrating tech in your PD? #txeduchat
  259. @amysoupy I think the iPad is a "fun" device - also lots of cool apps. I think the big obstacle for us was price, repair costs. #TXEduChat
  260. #txeduchat A2 -- We have been 1:1 for 3 years and we are always learning. We do so so much but it has come over time. Start the process.
  261. .@Todd_Lash has had a lot of luck at his sch. Said biggest help is having supportive admin team, and flexibility #txeduchat
  262. Agreed! "@arleybarton: A3: The PD has to be meaningful and able to use in class immediately not months later. #txeduchat"
  263. A3 Love the Ed Camp models. Learning is based on your needs and if it is not, vote with your feet! #TXEDUCHAT
  264. @PaulSolarz I will make it to one of these soon no matter what Paul! Looking forward to learning from you sir! #txeduchat
  265. I start my PD with "What do you want to know? What do you already know?" Confusing to teachers to be asked that but necessary #txeduchat
  266. @daisyray215 HANDS ON time... They need time: Get subs and put them in a working group. #txeduchat
  267. @yaujauku @lf_caruso I think you have to take needs of the audience and differentiate #txeduchat
  268. A3. Would really, really like to see Ts get PD credit for Twitter Chats. Best differentiation there is. Heard RRISD does it. #txeduchat
  269. #txeduchat Sorry, I am late. My name is Gregg and I love to teach learners of all ages!
  270. @kodable our question need to be the same for the students and allows them to be a little more professional #txeduchat
  271. A3: hands on modeling. @fab5thgrade does awesome PD at my school where we get to choose from 4 new prog/apps each time. #txeduchat
  272. Might be wrong ? for TX but, has anyone tried a Google Hangout on a snow/calamity day? #txeduchat
  273. #txeduchat @kylepace A3 Our district facilitates tech cohorts. Ts using, creating, playing-take it back to home campus.
  274. A3: People leading PDs have to be aware of their audience. You have to meet their needs #txeduchat
  275. A3: I also like to see tech infused with other PD--ie a workshop on reading comp with tech elements built in. #txeduchat
  276. @txeduchat our admin does this for us. We are an extremely blessed district. Lead learners all around pushing us forward #txeduchat
  277. Q3. #txeduchat also really like self paced PD. I’m fast and slow, and don’t like waiting, or holding others back!
  278. @yaujauku I would get more bang for my buck. I would focus on new pedagogical models that would enhance student engagement #txeduchat
  279. A3. We have a Tech Integration Spec that goes and works with teachers on their plan time to find was to change the way they teach #txeduchat
  280. Require #Teachers to take part in a twitter chat for professional development. Best PD out there! #txeduchat
  281. We know the chat is moving fast. Don't worry about trying to keep up, we archive the chats on  http://txeduchat.com  #txeduchat
  282. @RafranzDavis I do the same thing. Gives me a place to start with not knowing everyone's needs in the room. #txeduchat
  283. @fab5thgrade @SchlechtyCenter #txeduchat our Ts really like speed sharing also! Great way to get a variety of new tools!
  284. Q4: What steps are necessary to garner edtech support from parents and the community? How important is their role? #txeduchat
  285. A:3 As the Dept Chair, I also support my coaching staff with iTunes cards. Financial support to explore Apps and try new things #txeduchat
  286. @wazz_mommy @terrieichholz Not a bad idea. I learn so much from chats. Twitter chats plant seeds for me to water professionally! #txeduchat
  287. @TalamantesLes @kylepace Love the approach, they can "bring back" the learning! Our district does the same! #txeduchat #21cadre #lisdlearns
  288. @adam_stephens Great way to connect with other classrooms and experts for various units. #txeduchat
  289. @bkuhl2you I got 8 chromes from DonorsChoose last year. Writing grant thru DC for 3 iPads now. I need to feed my Ss' interest #txeduchat
  290. @TechIntegratio1 @yaujauku Agree. Some will love tech and use it openly. Others will shy away and wait for the cycle to pass #txeduchat
  291. A4 - Involve them - teach them how to use it, too - and have kids using it at school and at home. Don't waste it. #txeduchat
  292. A4 - Looking at starting Parent Tech nights to allow them to learn about social media, dig cit, 1:1 and tech int #txeduchat
  293. Q4: Share with parents what your goals are! Be as open as possible. #txeduchat
  294. A4. Keep lines of communication open. Have forums for parent sharing. #txeduchat
  295. A4. Transparency is key. Blogging, communicating with parents really gains support. #txeduchat
  296. Make the PD day interactive using twitter. Some Ts wont speak up and ask a Q. Allow them to tweet it in! #txeduchat
  297. A4 They need information. They need to see how edu is different and the power of tech for learning not just game play #txeduchat
  298. A4: Ps need to be involved, need to buy-in, they can’t view devices as a new “toys” for their S. #techtoolnottoy #txeduchat
  299. @TechIntegratio1 Great idea. We've had some of our elem schools do this around GAFE and Chromebooks. #txeduchat
  300. @kylepace a4 take advantage of anytime parents are at school function. They are the ones invested. #txeduchat
  301. @lf_caruso @yaujauku Law of 1/3 dive in, 1/3 wait and see and 1/3 just wait for it to pass #txeduchat
  302. #txeduchat A3: Learning tech is easiest when one regresses back to childhood and plays just to play...learning naturally follows play!
  303. A4 - Parents & Admin just want to know "Why tech?" Show them the skills students are improving w/tech:  http://psolarz.weebly.com/21st-century-skills1.html  #txeduchat
  304. A4: Parents (families) are THE most important/influential teacher, they must be involved. They are the key to S success. #txeduchat #ptchat
  305. #txeduchat A2 -- Ask for help. I have been on chats on iPad for a while and still haven't figured out how to see all the Qs. Help.
  306. A4: Show them the power by having edcamp like sessions for parents. People fear what they don't understand or know. #txeduchat
  307. A4 You HAVE to communicate what, why and how to parents especially when sending devices home. Zero communication=Frustration #txeduchat
  308. @yaujauku Model technology as it relates to pedagogical methods. Flipped lesson is a great example of pedagogy enhancement #txeduchat
  309. A4 you have to show the parents the value of tech. Why do you need it and how it helps the kids #txeduchat
  310. A4: Parents are important to ensure that tech is being used at home. Invited them in to see what you are working on in class. #txeduchat
  311. A4) Use the tech to incorporate them, too. Parent codes, after school lab access for Ps, keep them involved every step of the way #txeduchat
  312. @kylepace @TechIntegratio1 We are having a tech showcase to bring in the community to show what Ss are doing #txeduchat
  313. bkuhl2you