11/30/2014 Chat Archive

Two State chat #txeduchat + #iaedchat = #txiachat

  1. A2 Give more / Get More! Share knowledge, resources, reflections of failures & successes. Be a digital contributor! #TXIAchat
  2. A2 Give back by sharing your own content, commenting on blog posts, citing sources, & sharing discoveries #txiachat Also smile.
  3. A2: We give back by sharing. We give back by supporting those in our PLN. We give back by fostering actual relationships. #txiachat
  4. Jason Toenges from Houston, TX. My apologies for coming late to the chat. Putting my kids to bed. #TXIAchat
  5. A2: Give back to your PLN by blogging, share what you have done, so others can learn. #IAedchat #TXIAchat
  6. A2 know ur #PLN When you find something u know would be good for someone send the info that way #beintentional #txeduchat #TXIAchat
  7. A2: Any time that I feel someone could benefit from something we're doing, I share it via multiple platforms: Twitter, FB, Blog, #txiachat
  8. A2 I like offering "10 minutes of tech" to my staff on simple or complex issues that they need. #TXIAchat
  9. #TXIAchat contribute to the conversation, share learning, grow with my PLN & know I'm not alone in the good times or bad. PLN is a community
  10. I love hangouts and communities on Google+ to grow, learn and share. Great educators and a bit more personal. #TXIAchat
  11. A2: Need 2 make ourselves available when called upon 2 serve others. This way we continue 2 expand our impact by paying it 4ward #TXIAchat
  12. A2 - Blogging is a nice way to share a little more. But participating in others' ideas - joining and helping with promotion. #TXIAChat
  13. A2: don't be afraid to ask ?s or challenge things you don't understand/agree with - you never learn if all the ideas are the same #txiachat
  14. A2) By being there for them. Be a sounding board. Challenge each other. Support, motivate, and learn. #TXIAchat
  15. A2. Retweeting blog posts, supporting colleagues, joining their chats. #txiachat
  16. A2: Give credit to the source that sparked an idea, make things better for students, and share. Don't just take-reciporate. #txiachat
  17. A2) Just listen. Then maybe help ONLY when they ask for help. And only give them one thing at a time #TXIAchat
  18. A2: Providing input to the conversations and discussions online, and be willing to follow-up off-line, when possible. #TXIAchat
  19. A2: by providing your unique areas of experiences and being available to others. Look to be a creator of content. #txeduchat #txiachat
  20. @LightfootMrs Welcome, Heather. We are combined with Texas this evening, use #txiachat
  21. Give back by sharing their ideas- offering feedback- being "connected" by giving not just taking #txiachat #iaedchat
  22. when you blog tag people in it that you know would benefit #txeduchat #TXIAchat
  23. A2: Actively promote the people in PLN with #FF. I encourage people to follow my building principals which helps them build PLN. #TXIAChat
  24. A2 I try to read at least a handful of journal articles each week and participate actively in #txlchat every Tuesday at 8! #txiachat
  25. A2: Sharing ups and downs, what works and doesn't, successes and failures-we learn from it all #TXIAchat #txeduchat
  26. I think being engaged in conversations like this are vital to my own learning. I truly pick up something/s every single time! #TXIAchat
  27. A2:By sharing/adding to the conversation.Everyone has a diff piece of puzzle & putting them together gets us closer to a solution. #TXIAchat
  28. @MrsJones_Merton @TedHiff There's a #tlap group started but not many there yet. should be a collab project to connect everyone #txiachat
  29. @BSGSCSFoster Resources are my teachers. It's amazing what you can learn by opening your ears & closing your mouth! #txiachat
  30. #TXIAchat A2 Share the learning in your own space and voice.
  31. A2) Being helpful when you can and also asking them for help. I find I also learn when trying to help others. #txiachat
  32. A2 We need to share our thoughts, our work, and others thoughts and work. #sharingiscaring #TXIAchat
  33. A2: Share learning, share thoughts, share mistakes, make learning visible so we can all gain insights from each other #TXIAchat
  34. @txeduchat One way is by sharing with others. Information serves no purpose if it is kept silent and dormant.#txeduchat #TXIAchat
  35. A2. Collaborate w/PLN, encourage, be an active participant, bring others to conversation #TXIAchat
  36. Anybody share some easy ways to get started with Voxer? #TXIAchat
  37. @Owl_b_TorresEdu Important to show failures as well... we learn from both. #TXIAchat
  38. A1: Twitter and hoping to get better at Voxer to give feedback to Ts #TXIAchat
  39. A2: Part. in chat, Moderate a chat, comment on blogs, reach out to newbies, share what you learn on twitter w/ colleagues. #TXIAchat
  40. A2: Best way to give back to #PLN is to share experiences in an honest and reflective way; shared experiences great way to learn #TXIAchat
  41. A2: ask questions; answer questions; be open to new ideas and spread great ideas #txiachat
  42. #TXIAchat training new folks is always a challenge. 60 schools now in my district
  43. A2: #GreatTeachers are always looking to learn. We also all have expertise to share—so share! #txiachat
  44. @craigyen :) You know, don't bombard them with stuff. It's difficult to focus #TXIAchat what were you thinking? :)
  45. @mjjohnson1216 @Aaron_Becker32 Very much appreciated, guys. Value of Twitter and SM. Take it if you like, ignore it if you don't #txiachat
  46. A2: Give back to your PLN by getting great educators from your school connected and using SM #IAedchat #TXIAchat
  47. MT @tjfib04: blogging what we learn. Set up webinars. On a local level. Meet with other leaders/learners to present/discuss. #TXIAchat
  48. @snydesn2 My 2015 goal is to do more blogging of what I'm learning & what I'm reading. #txeduchat #txiachat
  49. A2 - I use lots from those in my PLN - ideas, articles, pictures, quotes, you name it! #TXIAchat #txeduchat
  50. A2: sharing resources is helpful.Gr8 place to find educ ideas. #txiachat #txeduchat
  51. A2 Seek feedback and be a willing, intentional listener. Reflection is what makes each of us and all of us better, together. #txiachat
  52. A2: Give back by helping out those you are connected with and encouraging others to do the same. #TXIAchat
  53. a2) Share new learning. Sometimes just checking in and encouraging can go a long way too. #TXIAchat
  54. A2- Also encourage and inspire. Sometimes it's scary out there! #TXIAchat
  55. @lisamstevenson I would love to get better and find out more about Voxer and how I can use it with my staff! #txiachat
  56. A2) I think that we should thank our PLN by giving them packs of Gum... right @nathan_stevens #TXIAChat
  57. @dschoening True! The more you share and give back, the more you are able to truly know others and see what they are all about. #txiachat
  58. A1: Sorry I'm arriving late! Attending #GAFE & joining Twitter were my two big leaps to get connected this year! #TXIAchat
  59. @LibraryKrueger @snydesn2 Mine too. I've been slacking lately. Need to get back to it. #TXIAchat
  60. Meg from Upstate NY, 3rd gr. Tchr.~I know I should get some sleep, but really want to join the #txeduchat #TXIAchat :) @txeduchat
  61. @yankee_todd @casas_jimmy We do this on my campus, amazing way to get "best practices" exposure for me to learn! #TXIAchat
  62. A2: Blogging as reflective practice is great. Commenting on others’ blogs to provide feedback (and pushback) is even better! #txiachat
  63. A2 Teachers' hearts are serving. Kind. Loving. Sharing. Just do what we do. It's who we are and that's the truth #txeduchat #TXIAchat
  64. A2.1 Share the power, value, and collegiality of being part of a PLN, still so many "unconnected" Ts & Ss out there. #TXIAchat
  65. @DJrSchug Couldn't agree more. Reflection is so important, and these spaces provide us opportunities to share and learn together. #txiachat
  66. A2: Best blessing to your #PLN - Be transparent - we are all learners and better together and not in isolation #TXIAchat #txeduchat
  67. #txiachat Multiple platforms, multiple messages, multiple ways to multiply the results and potential responses..leads to more...
  68. #TXIAchat A2: This month I'll be showcasing cyberspace collaborators on my blog every day here:  http://www.corneroncharacter.com 
  69. A2 our district is great at podcasting. handouts, or in person workshops to reach all learners. @OmahaPubSchool @eileenheller #TXIAchat
  70. @Tom_Kilgore Yes, Tom. There is always some nugget I wasn't thinking of at the start of hour that can easily be put into practice. #TXIAchat
  71. If we can show students what reflection looks like and how valuable it is...think of what changes in their roles in the classroom #txiachat
  72. A2 - Sometimes twitter is like middle school - you don't always find out about the positive effects you have. #TXIAChat
  73. MT Great Leaders @casas_jimmy: Need 2 make ourselves available when called 2 serve others. Cont 2 expand impact paying it 4ward #TXIAchat
  74. #iaedchat #TXIAchat Education needs transformation and redesign, not reform. A sock turned inside out is still a sock http://t.co/Y1xuK6RYsn
    #iaedchat #TXIAchat Education needs transformation and redesign, not reform. A sock turned inside out is still a sock pic.twitter.com/Y1xuK6RYsn
  75. Sorry to be starting late for #txiachat. From Nevada, doc S at UNLV.
  76. As fellow educators, think about "OUR" students no matter what schoolhouse they are in. Share and receive to benefit students. #txiachat
  77. DUH! I am on Tweetdeck and thinking no one is chatting tonight till I realized I had to update my column! #TXIAchat
  78. MT @daisyray215: A2 Teachers' hearts are serving. Kind. Loving. Sharing. Just do what we do. It's who we are. AMEN! #txeduchat #TXIAchat
  79. @HeatherSuckow Welcome, Heather. we are combined with Texas tonight, please use #txiachat
  80. A2: So important to share the journey and process of connection. We can be inspired by the fail, the hiccup, and the success. #txiachat
  81. @mrsday75 Getting folks to comment on posts is just as hard as getting them to try Twitter. That's where the gold is. #txiachat @d_mulder
  82. #TXIAchat A2 Those blogs you read? Comment. Podcasts you watch/listen to? Blog how your understanding/perspective. Ask/answer questions.
  83. I believe in commenting on blogs! It's a great way to connect and to validate people's work. And who doesn't love it? #TXIAchat
  84. @janhodgelibrary Huge for me - I've been talking a lot about "thinking in public" - might be a resolution soon. #TXIAChat
  85. #GreatTeachers are not so arrogant to think they have it all figured out. We all can keep learning! #txiachat
  86. A2. Whenever possible, consistently participate in chats. #txiachat
  87. A2: This is a great Q! Reciprocity is vital to the learning cycle. #txiachat
  88. @SaneeBell Love this Sanee, they ARE all our students & we can do so much more together! #TXIAchat
  89. @MrHadleyHistory @bkuhl2you If we don't share our own stories, who will? Take control of your digital footprint. #TXIAchat
  90. @urbie Great point Urbie! I need to blog about my fav. podcasts. #TXIAchat and my takeaways.
  91. @dschoening @d_mulder I know. I always try to comment, but sometimes even I am lazy at it. #TXIAchat
  92. A2: We give back by listening & participating in live chats as well as posting relevant or useful resources for folks. #TXIAchat
  93. @Dunlop_Sue And, it truly is where the gold is. Posts are great, but comments are where the real conversations are found. #txiachat
  94. Great answer, my teacher! “@janhodgelibrary: A2: Best blessing to your #PLN - Be transparent; better together, not in isolation #TXIAchat
  95. A2. Try to match needs with particular PLN resources. #txiachat
  96. @knelsonedu The engagement is incredible, & I love what it does for the low Ss when they see their name in the top 5! #TXIAchat
  97. Share success stories! Always great to hear the good things no matter how small in a profession that is constantly attacked #txiachat
  98. Q3:In what specific ways has being connected impacted learning outcomes in your classroom/school/district? #TXIAchat @Tom_Kilgore @mwdegner
  99. A2: live by a mission, not goals - if your mission is to serve others all else will fall into place #TXIAchat
  100. @mrsday75 And, I have to be moved by the post to comment. Either agreeing, adding to the conversation, or disagreeing. #txiachat @d_mulder
  101. @Aaron_Becker32 @Tom_Kilgore amazing how just one little thing can make a huge difference; we'll have to share tonight's nugget #TXIAchat
  102. A3) Ability to connect our classrooms to learn together. Learn from and with my PLN #TXIAChat
  103. Give back to your PLN by giving credit for ideas, tweets and articles. It's not about you, it's about community. #txiachat
  104. A1: I enjoy connecting w/ amazing educators through Twitter & outstanding conferences such as #ISTE and #nyscate14. #txeduchat #TXIAchat
  105. A3. In the area of Family Engagement, it has helped me take FE to the next level in my school. #txiachat
  106. A3 I've connected my kids with other Ss in state. Thanks to @eolsonteacher ! #txiachat
  107. A3: I think it challenges the Ts to break out of comfort zone. If another classroom can do this,why can't we? It's AWESOME! #txiachat
  108. A3: Connectivity has led to a few different initiatives which has ultimately benefited Ss. Flipped learning, teacher book study. #txiachat
  109. A2: Blogging and collaborating with others via Twitter. I learn SO MUCH from watching Tweets and others' ideas on these chats #txiachat
  110. @craigyen @urbie Because it's the dialogue that creates something new out of what was there before . . . .#TXIAChat
  111. .@dschoening @mrsday75 I like the “fy3” strategy: Amplify, Clarify, or Diversify. I teach this to my students… :-) #txiachat
  112. A3: Opportunities for students to connect with experts, authors and classrooms. Should be expectation in schools. #txiachat
  113. @Tom_Kilgore Absolutely! None of us is as good as all of us. I need my PLN to make me better and to hold me accountable. #txiachat
  114. #TXIAchat A3: When we go from ME to WE, it extends our reach exponentially. Consequently, my students benefit and take our message with them
  115. @conniehamilton I love this! I get so frustrated when things turn into an "echo chamber" #TXIAchat
  116. @dschoening @Dunlop_Sue Feedback/commenting is crucial-it proves there is an audience, gives light to the writer. #txiachat
  117. A3 - Trying to start a twitter chat in my district - not taking off like I planned #txiachat
  118. A3: Being connected has helped our staff share our story and all of the wonderful things being accomplished in our district #txiachat
  119. A3: I am better because I am connected, being better has helped me push those around me to get better, passion is contagious #TXIAchat
  120. @SaneeBell Yes! We must obliterate the concept of the traditional classroom / schoolhouse. Connectedness can close literacy gaps! #TXIAchat
  121. A2: Tweeting, sharing ideas, being supportive. Build others up when they have a good idea. Throw them a favorite! #txiachat
  122. @d_mulder I like that language. That's what I teach as well, but you phrase it much better than I could. #txiachat @mrsday75
  123. A3. truthfully have not conducted measure of learning outcomes. Will need to look at that data. #txiachat
  124. a3) #TXIAchat C has changed so much of what I do in class. Kids are much more engaged world-wide, risks taken which T them risk-taking is ok
  125. @bkuhl2you @urbie Also keeps it fresh and at the forefront #TXIAchat Adds to accountabiity.
  126. @txeduchat a3: I feel I am in my position I am in now because of my PLN! #truth #txiachat it has allowed me to be ahead of the curve!
  127. A3: used new technologies like google classroom and other apps. used new reading strategies and coaching techniques. #txiachat
  128. The impact is those who "walk" and don't just "talk"- Love those who take risks and try -then reflect succeed or fail #txiachat #iaedchat
  129. A3. 1 of my Voxer PLNs has helped me w/ Admin responsibilites (online T eval tool, climate, curriculum). #txiachat
  130. A3: Since I've been connected, I've shown my students how they can be connected as well - through student blogs, chats, tweets. #txiachat
  131. A3: Connecting my Ss to others. Sharing with fellow teachers. Not sure about district level. #TXIAchat
  132. @mrsday75 My pleasure. Just as I know you will help connect other t's. All about paying it fwd. #txiachat #plaea
  133. A1: (continued :) ..I learn so much also from my amazing colleagues such as @JenLaubscher @lynnmrathbun @kindercop0 :) #txeduchat #TXIAchat
  134. A3: Being Connected has given me great ideas like tweeting as a historical figure. It has also turned me on to new great things #txiachat
  135. A3 a handful of us became connected at the same time it was like a wildfire through the district. So much growth #txeduchat #TXIAchat
  136. Learning from others that I would never have been able to connect with in the past. #txiachat
  137. Being connected allows me to be coached through the thinking of an initiative prior to implementation. #TXIAchat
  138. A3: As an administrator I use articles, ideas, cartoons, anything to help to inspire, encourage, and lead change. #txeduchat #txiachat
  139. #txiachat A3 It has strengthened my passion. It has improved my engagemen strategies. I am more transparent. Sharing blog on school webste
  140. A3: Been able to see what others are doing to help me set individual and campus goals, esp. w/tech #txeduchat #TXIAchat
  141. A3: Our school has connected w @GustafsonBrad and @TonySinanis to have our Ss connect on projects we share. #txeduchat #IAedchat #TXIAchat
  142. a3) #TXIAchat So many more ways I want to connect too. But have to go slow to go fast sometimes. #TXIAchat
  143. @techytweecher I need that excitement from my staff - these chats help me continue trying my crazy ideas #txiachat
  144. @dschoening @d_mulder I do too. hard for me to comment if post is just neutral, if it doesn't make me feel something #TXIAchat
  145. A3:Have learned about amazing apps, blogs, programs thru connection to #txeduchat Wish I knew how to carry connection beyond Sun. #TXIAchat
  146. @wyowayne68 Amazing Wayne, I found expertise last year to implement #geniushour in a way that worked for me due to same! #TXIAchat
  147. @JenHoulette Now THAT is a win-win! See? Twitter brings EVERYONE together! Love that! #TXIAchat
  148. #TXIAchat #flippedclass #geniushour & many other ideas learned via Twitter led 2 some #innovation in our building. Pushes me 2 B better also
  149. There's no longer a "I can't do that because..." thanks to my connection with others and tools #txiachat
  150. A3 Ts in my #PLN have given me tools/strategies to help my Ss share their ideas via Minecraft, @explainevrythng, tweets, & blog #txiachat
  151. @dschoening @mrsday75 @d_mulder I like that...and could serve as a super writing prompt: Write to Move (me or someone else). #txiachat
  152. A1 Ask tons of questions from a variety of people - not just education. #iaedchat #txiachat #2020howardwinn
  153. a3) modified flipped classroom helped me spend more time with Ss and assessing their needs. ss do better #TXIAchat
  154. A3. Have connected new Ts with mentors and others to help find proven resources, but no data. #txiachat
  155. @txeduchat a3: being connected allows Ss to gain perspective on the world and see beyond themselves-teaches empathy & compassion #TXIAchat
  156. #txiachat If you want to go fast, go alone - if you want to go far, join a team
  157. A3. We no longer teach in isolation. Ss and Ts have a myriad of resources at their fingertips. #TXIAchat
  158. @amysoupy Find those like minded people or just reach out to the PLN for ideas or a new idea #TXIAchat
  159. @casas_jimmy By exposing my colleagues to innovative schools & Edus around the world, paradigms have bn broken & change acceler8d #txiachat
  160. A3: Our district displays tweets with @tagboard on Apple TV's in each school. Kids are motivated to see themselves on big screen #TXIAchat
  161. Yes! MT @Owl_b_TorresEdu Been able to see what others are doing to help me set individual and campus goals, esp. w/tech #txeduchat #TXIAchat
  162. A3: my class followed the new baby giraffe from @DallasZoo on twitter and the kids were writing abt it for a week! #txiachat #authentic #fun
  163. This is the reason being conn shld be an expectation for all in schools. Being connected opens up doors and makes things possible. #txiachat
  164. @txeduchat One major impact has been a shift in the way I work with T's in my school. I have grown tremendously. #txeduchat #txiachat
  165. A3) Just trying to be a role model in my district. I'm battling uphill with connected Ts so need to role model #txiachat
  166. A3- Connecting expands our perspective- from local to national to global #TXIAchat
  167. A3 @Office365 allows conversation outside the classroom, collaboration on projects. #TXIAchat
  168. #TXIAchat A3 #EdCampWestTexas ‘13 changed everything. #tlap passion took me to #DevLearn. Faced my blogging fear via #ATDSoMe.
  169. A3: also connect with admin to learn about leadership styles, articles, anything that might impact learning on my campus. #txiachat
  170. A3 it has helped me start the conversation in my district?#TXIAchat
  171. @bkuhl2you you don't know who you affect as people lurk. The audience you can't see #thinkingmeta #TXIAChat
  172. A3 Outcomes now include evaluating multiple sources & publishing for authentic audiences. #CCSS #TXIAchat
  173. A3: My students have been exposed to many engaging classroom tools because I have taken the time to be connected (like this!) :D #txiachat
  174. A3: Gave me the opportunity to learn about #geniushour & #innovations. Completely changed my perspective & role in the classroom. #TXIAchat
  175. @MrsJones_Merton @JenHoulette Amazing expertise & knowledge base for me to learn from each & every day, thank you Heidi! #TXIAchat
  176. Pls HELP- I am working on my Ed.S. degree & am doing a preso in class next Sat. on connected educators. Need research to cite. #txiachat
  177. A3. More Ss are getting to do problems based on real world problems rather than textbook based. #txiachat
  178. A3: Instead of turning work into me or another teacher, work is turned into the world. #txiachat
  179. #txiachat A3 @cardinalcomets - PD days for an hour of tech knowledge/sharing/exploring/discovery/learning-use w/students after
  180. A3: Integrated the use of Twitter in a couple of faculty meetings and send tweets directly to teachers through email. #TXIAchat
  181. A3: I have been able to ask questions and get answers immediately from experts in education #txiachat
  182. A3 - Teaching Master's class on Social Media and my some of my students have embraced the twitter chats @carters_class #TXIAchat
  183. A3: The biggest impact has been connecting my Ss w/ other Ss across the globe! Thank you @sandyrotto #TXIAchat
  184. @dschoening @mrsday75 @d_mulder Commenting is a discipline like writing your blog. Doesn't have to take long or be brilliant. #txiachat
  185. A3 With PLN, I connect with folks I may never meet in person, but learn so much. Love to see ideas flow in the feed. #TXIAchat #txeduchat
  186. @eolsonteacher @dschoening @mrsday75 Agreed! Informing has its place…but even better to stir up some passionate response! #txiachat
  187. @ventura_omaha Great tool full of collaborative opportunities. Similar to Google apps. More possibility. #txiachat
  188. @mrsday75 Not only do I need to be moved to comment, often the case for me to share it as well. #txiachat @d_mulder
  189. A3: Shown my Ss what "being connected" means thru class twitter. Love the global connections and getting Ss beyond the bubble. #TXIAchat
  190. @johnccarver @eolsonteacher Love to follow tweets about your ROCK STARS- sharing their stories about how they connect #txiachat #iaedchat
  191. A3) Love when people ask, “Where’d you hear about that?” or “Where’d you get that idea?” and I answer “Twitter!” #txiachat
  192. A3: learned about genius hour and how to engage students using their interests. #txiachat
  193. A3 Technology integration and exploration has exploded in schools around the world courtesy of @twitter and powerful PLNs #TXIAchat
  194. This is a great example--listening to educators in Texas that I never might have heard from #txiachat
  195. @TechIntegratio1 Slow and steady - one of my colleagues that I helped get on twitter now has staff on! Don;t give up #TXIAchat
  196. A3: Additionally tons of app ideas and tech perspectives to use in classrooms. #txeduchat #txiachat
  197. A3: Everything changed. I was no longer, "Alllll byyy myyyself.."
#TXIAchat http://t.co/ki2obmQpyE
    A3: Everything changed. I was no longer, "Alllll byyy myyyself.." :) #TXIAchat pic.twitter.com/ki2obmQpyE
  198. @Dunlop_Sue @dschoening @d_mulder I know. But people think it's complicated. I teach my kids commenting skills #TXIAchat
  199. A3. It has enhanced communication with both my staff and my Graduate classes. #txiachat
  200. Being connected is being in the know continuously. Strategies, best practices showcased 2 impact teach/learn. #txeduchat #TXIAchat A3
  201. @clarkmusings Very true Cynthia, many educators are now able to connect using Twitter as their pathway to other like-minded Ts! #TXIAchat
  202. @snydesn2 Tom!!!!! How did I miss you on the feed, my friend? OMG! The Packers totally rocked it today! Big game! Hope U R well! #TXIAchat
  203. Goal: not to make ss the best in the world, but the best FOR the world. Connection is key to this. #txiachat
  204. A3: Found  http://noredink.com , allowed better communication/sharing between MS/HS tiers, provided pivotal ACT tips. #txeduchat #txiachat
  205. @nathan_stevens Love it! and so true. I have made many lifelong friends that I can turn to for help at any time #txeduchat #TXIAchat
  206. @eolsonteacher I completely get that but I still am in awe of how AWESOME that thought it. #txiachat
  207. A3.1 We've created action teams for tech, literacy, advisory around #stuvoice & enhanced our character education recognitions. #txiachat
  208. A3 Connecting w/ #NAISToF has directly led to improved flipped/blended offerings in my classroom. Great results so far #elemchat #txiachat
  209. A3: as tech leader on campus, it is helping me reach new people and help other staff reach out to the world #txiachat
  210. @dschoening @d_mulder Exactly. If it doesn't move me, I don't think it will move others #TXIAchat
  211. A3 It has helped me introduce social tools to Ss... emulating the 'real Twitter thing' by paper on lessons #txiachat http://t.co/KXNwyADUeY
    A3 It has helped me introduce social tools to Ss... emulating the 'real Twitter thing' by paper on lessons #txiachat pic.twitter.com/KXNwyADUeY
  212. Anyone? Bueller? I'm working on my Ed.S. degree - doing a preso in class next Sat. on connected educators. Need research to cite. #txiachat
  213. A3. Learn things all the time that I share with others. There are cookie crumbs throughout our campus. #TXIAchat
  214. A3 Being connected has made staying with the times so much easier. Plus, finding more people with the same interest is motivating! #txiachat
  215. @Tom_Kilgore That is one of the going to tries on the list. Have to do a bit of work with P on that first. #TXIAchat
  216. @wmchamberlain That's why I keep hoping you'll comment on my blog...it needs some brilliance. :) #txiachat @Dunlop_Sue @mrsday75 @d_mulder
  217. @Tom_Kilgore @clarkmusings #TXIAchat Like kindred spirits, right? Being a counselor can be lonely but now it's invigorating!
  218. I think it is also important to "slowly" roll out any initiative or Social Media tool with your staff; #txiachat
  219. .@eolsonteacher @dschoening @mrsday75 When I look at the most viewed posts on my blog, most all of them are pushing a position. #txiachat
  220. A3: Being connected has mainly impacted my classroom because not too many other Ts at my school are connected. Leading by example. #TXIAchat
  221. A3: Being connected has given me the confidence to tell stories from various perspectives: school, students, staff, self #TXIAchat
  222. @Paul_M_Gibbs But true.. I have connected literally with people all over the world. Teamed up to create things for students. :) #TXIAchat
  223. A3 it has opened my class to the world blogging, Skype, Google hangouts Ss are more engaged in their learning #TXIAChat
  224. A3: At this point my goal is to be a model for effective use. Share articles & inspirational quotes/pictures. #txiachat
  225. I am very thankful to work in a very supportive district. It is my goal to also connect my class more globally. #txeduchat #TXIAchat
  226. Being connected explodes my awareness of other educator's ideas and techniques which in turn benefits each of my students. #TXIAchat
  227. @Tom_Kilgore @laffinglibrary Yes, got involved with local hackerspace now abt to run STEM/hacker workshops next yr w/local library #txiachat
  228. love seeing what other teachers are doing in their class. Thats where my journey started watching @KleinErin #inspiring #txeduchat #TXIAchat
  229. @MrHadleyHistory Oh great, Tim! Now I've got that song stuck in my head! Tee hee! :) #TXIAchat
  230. Some gr8 STEM digital PBL style activities for MS / HS. S's perform hip replacement!  http://bit.ly/1HQ9nrW  #txiachat #txeduchat
  231. Love @mcleod prompt: is it enough to stay current by only reading a few articles, attending a few conferences? #txiachat (hardly...)
  232. Q3: Just opening up questions to stdts-what they want to know - what they find Challenges me to do more. #txiachat #iaedchat #2020howardwinn
  233. Great stuff on #TXIAchat tonight. Finding myself getting caught just reading all of the comments coming in.
  234. -->Q4: How can being connected positively impact school culture? Examples? #TXIAchat
  235. @Paul_M_Gibbs Thanks for checking, Paul. I need research on connected educators - e.g. impact on students, etc.. #txiachat
  236. A3 Connecting with @PondCoveTech, @plennig, & @MisterCMaine to refine our approach to Genius Hour. Results from #PLN help our Ss. #txiachat
  237. #txiachat A3 Being connected has allowed me to meet Giants in Education like @casas_jimmy. #ecet2njpa
  238. @txeduchat I have learned about new apps, made great connections, and found so much information I can shared with Ts. #txeducat #TXIAchat
  239. @RyanBJackson1 dunno about “high-quality shares”. What’s that? It’s subjective. Commitment happens over time, practice. #TXIAchat
  240. A3.2 We designed a survey to build better home-school partnerships. We model tech as tools & best practices in pedagogy w/Faculty. #TXIachat
  241. Sorry to leave early, folks, but #titletalk makes me feel like I need to read. Great idea, though - love to join again! #TXIAChat
  242. A4: It breaks barriers and "impossibles". Gooossshhh where do my examples BEGIN!? #TXIAchat
  243. #iaedchat #TXIAchat #txeduchat    Those of us connecting on TWITTER is the critical mass to transform education! http://t.co/FYfOrNfkvG
    #iaedchat #TXIAchat #txeduchat Those of us connecting on TWITTER is the critical mass to transform education! pic.twitter.com/FYfOrNfkvG
  244. A4. I forward specific content area tweets to Ts and Dept Chairs. #txiachat
  245. #TXIAchat Have to run for some family time before kids are off to bed. Great week. Remember you are changing lives E.D. Be awesome #TXIAchat
  246. Educators who are connected in my district understand the power of the wider community: changes their perspective on education. #txiachat
  247. A:3 I am constantly lifted up by colleagues and use their ideas. I have been working on ways to increase interest. #TXIAchat #txeduchat
  248. @TedHiff but do some lose interest or motivation for slow roll-out? My brain wants to run with new things I learn #TXIAchat
  249. A4: Being a connected educator both brings in new ideas as well as giving a venue for sharing your stories. Both are valuable! #txiachat
  250. @snydesn2: #txiachat A3 Being connected has allowed me to meet Giants in Education like @casas_jimmy. #ecet2njpa#truth You both r great!
  251. @JayBilly2 @E_Sheninger Yes. :) I am showing a short video clip from him and citing his book. I need at least 3 sources. #txiachat
  252. @eolsonteacher @mcleod of course not. Articles are behind when they are published. Conferences are nice but not hands on #TXIAchat
  253. @MarthaJPreston @TedHiff The slow roll out makes social media frustrating because it's not slow IMO #txiachat
  254. @casas_jimmy @Tom_Kilgore I think I am more likely to make more engaging & interactive opportunities for my students. #TXIAchat #IAEDchat
  255. A4: Positively impacts school culture by connecting our high flying professionals with each other. #TXIAchat
  256. A4. Connected Ts seem to spend more time finding sol'ns rather than complaining abt problems #txiachat
  257. A4: working on this right now on my campus. teaching a connected learner class to my staff in january. very excited about it. #txiachat
  258. A4) Being connected opens up so many opportunities for both Ts and Ss. Not just learning within the walls #txiachat
  259. A4: Bringing all stakeholders closer together; by providing a feeling of closeness and being a part of the team. #TXIAchat
  260. #txiachat A4: Connectedness can lead to a sense of universality and bolster morale. We are in this together!
  261. A4: Being connected can impact school culture because it gives people new ways to communicate. Gives classroom without walls #txiachat
  262. A4: I send related articles/resources to teachers, love when I walk into classrooms and see them being used #TXIAchat
  263. @Tom_Kilgore Being connected slowly proves that excuses have no place in ed bc some1 else is doing what you say you can't b done. #TXIAchat
  264. #TXIAchat A3 I work with adult learners. #DesignThinking brings Ss into the soup in a different deeper way. Speed dating from #EdCampSD cool
  265. #txiachat A4 I take the passion and inspiration that I receive from my PLN and bring to my classroom and school every day.
  266. @bradmcurrie @TedHiff That is the truth, have tried new things well before I would have ever ventured out on a limb otherwise! #TXIAchat
  267. A4: Being connected in a physical/virtual sense always comes back to sharing best practices that promote the success of students #TXIAchat
  268. A4: Being connected can positively impact school culture by making visible that which was invisible. One connected community. #txiachat
  269. A4: Being connected can allow us share the great things we're doing with students. Example -- school or district hashtags! #txiachat
  270. A4 Because my SM edu connections are so positive, it makes me more positive in my real world PLN #txiachat
  271. A4: We have an absolute obligation to tell the story of our schools and the great work of our kids. Control the message. #txiachat
  272. A4: able to have a two way conversation with community and school staff. technology opens up this world. #txiachat
  273. A4) Some schools districts take it to next level. District twitter accounts, chats. School hashtags. All from being connected. #txiachat
  274. A4: More minds more thinking more ideas more solidarity more many things. :) #TXIAchat
  275. #TXIAchat A4: Collaborating and harvesting one another's ideas allows me to plant seeds of greatness and enJOY a bountiful harvest!
  276. A4: Things like class Blogs, twitter accounts improve culture because communication is better. You can also get whole school ideas #txiachat
  277. @MrsJones_Merton Right back atcha! You inspire me to take risks and get my Ss involved in their own learning. #TXIAchat
  278. A4.Being connecting expands your thoughts from what is to what it could be..Connections make the dreams bigger #TXIAchat
  279. The power of engaging with others- not just in room or from district, but state, country, world- amazing #txiachat #iaedchat
  280. .@dschoening Well said! I like the idea of “making the invisible visible.” #txiachat
  281. A4: How can it NOT?!!!! Collaborating with others from around the world is a total win/win Together we R stronger! #TXIAchat
  282. A4 I learn so much on Twitter esp. Love to share with others #txiachat
  283. A4: great opportunities to involves students and staff on the same team. A mode of recognition previously untapped #TXIAchat
  284. #TXIAchat A4: get connected & expand your resource pool. You can bring so much to yourself & your school.
  285. @techytweecher in awe of how awesome it is we can do that? (sorry, so much in the stream, trying to keep up). #txiachat
  286. #iaedchat #txiachat just now popping in! Excited to join in on this great conversation!
  287. Google Doc with over 360 classes that are active on Twitter and interested in connecting. via @ugafrank #txiachat http://t.co/Fsci4yLZdY
    Google Doc with over 360 classes that are active on Twitter and interested in connecting. via @ugafrank #txiachat pic.twitter.com/Fsci4yLZdY
  288. A3.3 The greatest personal/professional fulfillment is from relationships forged w/role models who encourage GHO, Voxer, blogging. #TXIAchat
  289. A4: since we started posting pictures of teaching on facebook, parents & community r sharing many positive thoughts. #encouraging #txiachat
  290. A4: everyone's voice can be heard. Celebrate what's going on inside your four walls. #txiachat
  291. A4: Twitter and other social media potentially allows all voices in a school to be heard in a different but effective way. #TXIAchat
  292. #iaedchat #TXIAchat #txeduchat TLC 1:1 OBE Iowa has many of the pieces for transforming teaching and learning!
  293. A4: being connected has allowed parents to get an "inside" look at our day with our class twitter @PrestonKinder - they love it!! #txiachat
  294. @MicheleCorbat @JayBilly2 @E_Sheninger I just wrote a paper and used DigLead/bks from Connected Ed seriesGr8 resources/quick reads #txiachat
  295. A4: When teachers connect, staff opens up to new ideas "We've always done it this way" is dangerous. Engaging students is key #txiachat
  296. A4: Takes learning from each other from the hallways to world, all of us are smarter than a few of us #TXIAchat
  297. A4.4: One way that we have used storify within our schools to connect with those that are not connected:  https://storify.com/danpbutler/farley-elementary-a-year-in-tweets  #txiachat
  298. @txeduchat I think it can help to strengthen a school's culture. Everyone is working and growing together. #txeduchat #txiachat
  299. A4: Being connected helps kids expand their voices & own PLN. Enlarges boundaries & perspectives #txeduchat #txiachat
  300. A great way to leverage SM is to have Ss blog. Ss have a chance to self-reflect and have their voices heard. #TXIAchat #txeduchat #iaedchat
  301. @TedHiff also, run by teacher leaders to build capacity and look through a lens you haven't previously. #TXIAchat
  302. A4 Being connected means walls come down, more transparency, exposure to other ways and means, stimulating change... All Good! #txiachat
  303. Texas and Iowa together! Teamwork makes the dream work! I could get a double masters tonight with all this knowledge! #TXIAchat
  304. Right! So much easier to get an authentic audience! NO excuses anymore! @4BEgesdal #txiachat
  305. A4 Being connected also makes me think deeper about some issues. Love that you all make me question and reflect on my work #txiachat
  306. @MicheleCorbat I would look into @pernilleripp ..amazing leader, author, and inventor of the Global Read Aloud Project. Good luck! #TXIAchat
  307. @JasonToenges Do they seem more engaged in what Ss & Ts are doing as result? #TXIAchat
  308. A4: Seeing others make change gives me courage push for better for our students, even when others are exhausted #txeduchat #TXIAchat
  309. A4: We have a pretty fabulous story to tell. Being connected and sharing with stakeholders is cirtical. #txiachat
  310. Being around excellent colleagues from around the world convinces you that the impossible is possible. #TXIAchat
  311. A4: Positive impact on school culture = greater pool of ideas to create positive culture and culture of sharing and supporting #TXIAchat