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The Best of... #txeduchat

  1. Welcome to #txeduchat tonight! Let's get started with introductions: Who, Where, What and do you blog: share your URL!
  2. Hi everyone, Tom in North TX. Learn from/teach amazing 4th graders = Best Job Ever! #txeduchat
  3. @txeduchat Nathan, Twitter personality, do I blog? Yes I have a blog do I post often, no #txeduchat
  4. Hi Everyone! Kelly, Elem. Principal in Flower Mound, TX - It's cold out there! #txeduchat
  5. Flipped is good in theory but students push it off because it doesn't seem as important as regular homework and projects. #chsAP #txeduchat
  6. Hello #txeduchat I'm Heidi, 5th Grade, WI, home of the Green Bay Packers! Here is my (outdated) blog:  http://heidijonesmerton.blogspot.com/ 
  7. PledgeCents here! We help educators raise funds, and we blog! #txeduchat
  8. Charles from North Texas Watvhing the radar with my squids for a few snow flakes :) #txeduchat
  9. We are honored @jdeinhammer is co-hosting! We will be alternating questions - watch for retweets on each question! #txeduchat
  10. Don't forget to include the #txeduchat hashtag on all your tweets tonight so others can follow along.
  11. #txeduchat Tom from NJ, celebrating 20 years in MS SS education. Blog is called the Power of Inspiration,  http://snyderthomas.blogspot.com 
  12. Good to be here tonight. Su, Design Coach from LISD. #txeduchat
  13. #txeduchat Hello everyone! Christian, 4th grade Teacher/ Vanguard Team member, ATL
  14. #txeduchat Primarily reflections about current educational practices.
  15. Hi all, Michael From Columbus, OH- Middle school teacher #txeduchat
  16. @khayunga Welcome Kelly, great to have your voice here this evening! #txeduchat
  17. Best practice about life: Don't take yourself seriously #txeduchat
  18. @yaujauku Welcome Ku! Great to have you here all the way from Venezuela. #txeduchat
  19. It is great to see so many familiar faces tonight on #txeduchat YOU make this community GREAT!
  20. Hello again, I'm Elena, middle school teacher from CA. I teach ELD, ELA & SS. Not yet blogging! #txeduchat
  21. Hi, #txeduchat Steve, math coach from Oregon, listening and learning.
  22. Hi #txeduchat ! I'm Jessica & I teach 1st grade in FL. Looking forward to chatting with you all tonight!
  23. @SoontobeEdD Great to see you again Christian! It is always good to have your opinions and ideas with us. #txeduchat
  24. @MrsJones_Merton Hey Heidi, welcome! Hope you are staying warm up there this evening! #txeduchat
  25. Flipped classrooms can work if teachers don't solely rely on it to teach a full concept; it should be used as a direction #txeduchat #chsAP
  26. Chris from New Orleans. #txeduchat and the @WalkingDead_AMC at the same time. Multitasking tonight.
  27. #txeduchat A1: Depends on what you want to know. Overall, though I love formative assessments
  28. A1: As the learning is taking place. Students need immediate feedback #txeduchat
  29. a1: I honestly put this right back on the students - reflection - what have you learned? What have you discovered? What's next? #txeduchat
  30. Nancy, 5th grade teacher in @Coppellisd. Lurking with 4 kids on the couch! Thanks @Tom_Kilgore and @jdeinhammer for hosting! #txeduchat
  31. @Tom_Kilgore OMG, Tom! It is so cold here already! Snow to boot! I shoveled today! Truth be told though, I love shoveling! #txeduchat
  32. Hello all! Jessica Torres, Instructional Specialist for public Montessori PK3-8 here in TX #txeduchat
  33. @k2techieteacher: Joann from Jersey looking forward to chatting & learning from you all! :O) #txeduchat
  34. A1: Best way to assess is the way that works best for Ss. There shouldn't be one right way. #txeduchat
  35. @txeduchat I’ve tried to, just to slow at it!! Kitty does not either but one for the little one might be needed #txeduchat
  36. flipped classrooms allow more freedom and responsibility in a students education! 😊 #txeduchat #chsAP
  37. @jdeinhammer A1 testing the hell out them. Giving them stress that causes ulcers #txeduchat
  38. #txeduchat urbie, instructional designer, a little south n east of phoenix, arizona
  39. Getting to know your students. Knowing where they are starting and if they are working to their ability. #txeduchat
  40. A1: Student led conferences, exhibitions, presentations. Student #edcamps, #innovation projects. #txeduchat
  41. #txeduchat The best way is to talk to students and have a conversation about what they know Steve from Urbandale, IA
  42. #txeduchat A1 The best way to assess student learning is formatively.
  43. A1: The best way to assess student learning is have a variety…. traditional assessments, project based, writing, and more #txeduchat
  44. A1: asking them to create is a good start! And creating can mean lots of different things in different subject areas! #txeduchat
  45. #txeduchat A1 Have a conversation w the S. That's best. You can did deeper and see where they are at.
  46. A1: Authentic audiences. If students are ready for that, you know they have learned! #txeduchat
  47. Coach (Omaha) Here to talk class & chew bubblegum. And I'm all out of bubblegum #txeduchat http://t.co/5vgX9kIFI8
    Coach (Omaha) Here to talk class & chew bubblegum. And I'm all out of bubblegum #txeduchat pic.twitter.com/5vgX9kIFI8
  48. A1 we put our students in small sided activities to see if they ha e mastered specific skills that we have gone over in class #txeduchat
  49. A1: Allowing students the opportunity to self-assess is beneficial to both student and teacher #txeduchat
  50. A1 - Projects, real world applications, AFL to reteach, reflection and portfolios. Not just one method #txeduchat
  51. A1. I give short quizes to my Ss involving 2 multiple choice ques and one open-ended. It tells me exactly what they understand.#txeduchat
  52. A1 the best way to assess student learning is through student self-reflection. I also like peer evaluations. #txeduchat
  53. @jdeinhammer #txeduchat I love to use educreation as one form. I also like to use thinking maps as well as ?ing students &use of CGI 4 math
  54. A1: I do my best teaching and assessing when my kids are working in small groups! One on three beats one on thirty. #txeduchat
  55. Flipped class' work very well in content based classes but arent the best option for application classes like math or chem #txeduchat #chsAP
  56. A1 I have heard of some schools using Mob tactics to test kid's knowledge. Tell me the answer or I break your finger #txeduchat
  57. @txeduchat @Tom_Kilgore Wait a minute...you HOPE for snow? That's awesome! We have some extra flakes..I'll send them your way! #txeduchat
  58. @snnickols Well said! If we talk & observe we can learn volumes about what they do/don't "get" yet! #txeduchat
  59. THIS-->>MT @RusulAlrubail: best way to assess student learning is through student self-reflection. I also like peer evaluations. #txeduchat
  60. A1: Best way? Now this may not fit in today's standardized system...but going to go with informal observations and S discussions #txeduchat
  61. A1 Best way to assess Ss is to really know them, watch, listen, and give formative assessments often. #txeduchat
  62. Been a while since I've been on a chat! Hi #txeduchat, 7th and 9th MYP science/bio at Westlake Academy!
  63. A1: I don't think there's ONE best way to do anything. Assessment, for me, depends on purpose, the learning objectives and the S #txeduchat
  64. #txeduchat A1 Have students create something based on what they just learned.
  65. Good evening #txeduchat Scott, Special Education Teacher grades 4 and 5
  66. A1: Personally my favorite is anything creative but variety is key #txeduchat
  67. A1: not 1 best way depends upon S-the best way for that S to show you what they know is the best way to assess #txeduchat
  68. A1 A broad based approach including multiple methods. Ability to apply the material to actual projects. #TxEduChat
  69. A1: Students should be assessed on the content taught in the method that they will be most successful with. #txeduchat
  70. A1 - I’m a firm believer in formative assessing students throughout the lesson to see who gets it and who does not! #txeduchat
  71. @jdeinhammer teachers seem to focus more on incorporating tech into their class for busy work vs using it as a useful tool #txeduchat #chsap
  72. @rachel_vincenzo: @jdeinhammer based on how well they can apply their knowledge, not just memorizing information!” #txeduchat #chsap
  73. Just sailing in a little late from E Lansing MI. 6th grade teacher #txeduchat
  74. @JessLifTeach absolutely! What works for one doesn't always work for another. We need to personalize it. #txeduchat
  75. A1 the answer is to grade students by how tight a spiral they can put on a football #txeduchat
  76. A1- I think just having conversations with kids is one of the best ways. Asking questions to see what they understand. #txeduchat
  77. @EvanPayneGCISD Can't adjust/re-teach without formative assessment - critical to the process #txeduchat
  78. A1: Have Ss TEACH another Ss the concept at hand. Watch & observe. The T will learn a lot! When 1 teaches, 2 learn! #txeduchat
  79. some of my Ss are joining us tonight #txeduchat.. they are adding the #chsAP hashtag to identify themselves as students :)
  80. A1. The most effective assessment tools are the simplest ones. Focus on one thing at a time.Observe.Talk. Do a mini-diagnostic. #txeduchat
  81. @sandeeteach Before I left the classroom was doing some creative social media projects that I loved #txeduchat
  82. Me too, from Mich! MT @MrsJones_Merton: @txeduchat @Tom_Kilgore Wait a minute...you HOPE for snow? .I'll send them your way! #txeduchat
  83. A1) Formative Assessments allows the teacher to design lessons that meet your students’ needs! #txeduchat
  84. @EvanPayneGCISD I agree- It's real-time "data" that gives you cues about how to proceed in the lesson. #txeduchat
  85. A1 What do they accomplish over the long term - not what they know at one point in time. Use an iterative, mastery, approach. #TxEduChat
  86. -->> @jdeinhammer: some of my Ss are joining us tonight #txeduchat.. they are adding the #chsAP hashtag to identify themselves as students
  87. Makaela from Canada. First time on this chat and looking forward to listening and learning! #txeduchat
  88. Q2: What are the best tools to flip/blend classroom? What makes blended environments work? #txeduchat
  89. A1 challenge this year with new grading criteria-rubrics. Detailed expectations, Setup is a beast, but assessment is easy! #txeduchat
  90. #txeduchat A1 Coming around to idea learner and teacher negotiate a goal and value. On completion learner assigns worth #PureGeniusBook
  91. In and out tonight. Evellyn from CA A1) Assess as the learning unfolds, frequently, informally & formally-part of the learning #txeduchat
  92. A1 Ask them. :) Ask what they learned, how they explain it to others. #txeduchat
  93. @snydesn2 @txeduchat @Tom_Kilgore Why, hello there friend. Yeah...Aaron Rodgers & the Pack are pretty awesome...sorry! #txeduchat
  94. @MakaelaP Feel free to jump in and ask questions or share ideas. Learn as much as the contributors! #txeduchat
  95. A1: give Ss a question or task they have never thought about - ever. Then step back and learn about them. Observe. Marvel. #txeduchat
  96. A1: Variety; Ss aren't 1 size fits all so our assessments shouldn't be. I like conferences/interviews, benchmarks, portfolios #txeduchat
  97. A1: I like PBL for assessing student knowledge-how do you APPLY what you know! #txeduchat
  98. A2 - Love @EDpuzzle and @Ted.ed for tools for flipping. Chance to preteach and use AFL to guide instruction #txeduchat
  99. @jdeinhammer Where are you? I like it but want more info..... I like that you can leave comments and the Ss can include writng #txeduchat
  100. @jdeinhammer A2 a flip camera, ............................ ....wait a minute they don't exist anymore #txeduchat
  101. A1: The best assessments are done often & in a variety of ways. Whatever gives the T the most valuable feedback is best #txeduchat
  102. You can grow your Personal Learning Network (PLN) by following others in the chat tonight #txeduchat
  103. @Connor1280 I've see flipped work for math, phys and CS - I don't do chem though. #TxEduChat
  104. @urbie Amazing approach Urbie, do Ss take more away from that approach? How well do they self reflect? #txeduchat
  105. A2:  https://edpuzzle.com/  is a great tool for flipped. Pause video for Qs, give voiceover, trim video and more. #txeduchat
  106. A1 The best way to assess students is the way that works best for each individual student #txeduchat
  107. A!) Yes, writing!!! Have your students #write about what they have learned and you will REALLY know what they know! #txeduchat
  108. A1, Half-way through a unit, assess what has actually been learned. They don't always retain everything we think they should :) #txeduchat
  109. @bigguyinabowtie Are you in admin now? Love to know more about your projects sometime. :) #txeduchat
  110. #txeduchat A2: best flipping or blending tools - whatever works for you and your Ss. I like @educreations
  111. @jdeinhammer flipped classrooms without initial teacher instruction stress students out & often isn't useful for teaching #txeduchat #chsap
  112. A2 I’m always asking other Ts how we make 1 lesson out of 2 classes to double impact #txeduchat
  113. @KellyParrish605 Trying to keep up with #txeduchat and I have photoshop homework to do but I'll lurk
  114. @TheCoachAdair yes! Asking Ss to put the learning in their own words, think aloud- powerful and authentic form of student work #txeduchat
  115. @jdeinhammer A2) @VideoNotes time stamps T or S commentary to any Youtube video...Ss can skip to parts of video they need #txeduchat
  116. A2: Blended works great b/c it combines self-paced with F2F collaboration/discussion. Best of both worlds #txeduchat
  117. A2: Always having a purpose for the tech you use. Always choosing instructional methods because they are the BEST way to reach Ss #txeduchat
  118. @snydesn2 @txeduchat @Tom_Kilgore I think Sanchez is working hard for the Eagles. I just love watching all football! #txeduchat
  119. A2: Touchcast, Touchcast, Touchcast… Great tool for flipped videos that lets students go further and has all the tools #txeduchat
  120. saying hi! I will check the storify. Was in 4 states today & almost hit the trifecta! #txeduchat #planestrainsandautomobiles #needatrain
  121. A2- Excited to get ideas for flip/blended classroom!! We are talking about doing this next semester!! :) #txeduchat
  122. @EduCannon Awesome tool for flipping! Easy to use and holds Ss accountable for lessons #txeduchat
  123. A2 best tools for blended learning are: Blogs, dig.portfolios, twitter, online discussions and GHO’s. #txeduchat
  124. A2: Absolutely think Explain Everything is the bomb! @reshanrichards can add more info! #txeduchat
  125. excited that @Tom_Kilgore is the guest host for #lisdchat tomorrow - 8-9pm: The Power of Connecting #txeduchat @txeduchat
  126. A2: Flexibility and willingness to learn as you go , along with the students #txeduchat
  127. @jdeinhammer Blending the classroom starts with the right passion for 'blending' it well and no fear #txeduchat
  128. A2: Blended works best IMO when students are set up with clear expectations and resources. #txeduchat
  129. @jdeinhammer great does the whole district use it? What subject areas have access. I would love to see it K-12 #txeduchat
  130. #txeduchat a2: PowerPoint, Educreations, LearnZillion. Classroom Management is KEY to making it work! Not giving it up too quickly
  131. @sandeeteach moved to an ed tech specialist role about a month ago but we can definitely catch up on them #txeduchat
  132. @urbie Great approach sir, I love when Ss own what they are learning! They go so much farther in learning! #txeduchat
  133. A2: I will say this is challenging in the elementary setting, CAN be done...but I also do love a good flipped staff meeting. #txeduchat
  134. A2) blended environment works b/c it allows S a structured & unstructured backdrop to their learning #txeduchat
  135. @ChristiannaHaas @jdeinhammer what instructions from Ts had been beneficial for you before a flipped lesson? #txeduchat
  136. blending learning allows a combination of face to face support and flexibility of the digital space. #txeduchat
  137. @bigguyinabowtie #txeduchat Just discovering Touchcast very excited about using it.. Will need to learn it first.
  138. A2: you need parent education for blended/flip to work. #txeduchat
  139. A2 Blended wks b/c learning w/live teacher reinforced. Partnership w/parents practicing concepts -->home increase #txeduchat
  140. @nyrangerfan42 There is nothing like explicit instruction! Clear expectations pave the way to success #txeduchat
  141. A2 One of the most helpful tools to flip/blend your classroom is a good LMS that is easy to use with unlimited upload option #txeduchat
  142. A1: Since we've gone 1:1, @GedditHQ and @InfuseLearning have made assessing my Ls go much more smoothly and efficiently. #txeduchat
  143. A2: As long as the 'blended' or 'flipped' learning doesn't just replace - doing a worksheet on a PDF isn't blended or flipped #txeduchat
  144. Has anyone used @educreations or a similar app to flip with lower elementary? I'm intereseted in your thoughts. #txeduchat
  145. A2) Embed T or S created Yourube videos next to shared Google Docs in a Google Site-SS take collab notes as they Wwatching video #txeduchat
  146. @jdeinhammer, blended/flipped learning works well for learning the basics. Traditional teaching helps for going in-depth. #txeduchat #chsAP
  147. @nyrangerfan42 Very true Michael, if we are just working to substitute then the use of tech or "flipped" is pretty useless #txeduchat
  148. @urbie @martysnowpaw It's my next book on my nightstand! Can't wait to get to it!! #txeduchat
  149. Q3: Share your best student creation so far this year! What outstanding things have they created? #txeduchat
  150. I taught in a blended elementary for 4.5 years. It takes a strong partnership #txeduchat
  151. okay not just lurking. When I pick up my grand daughter I always ask her what did she learn today she is 5 and in private K.#txeduchat
  152. @R_H_Steele I agree. Sometimes in elem the best flipped lesson is really being more thoughtful and purposeful in giving homework #txeduchat
  153. @TheCoachAdair Most blend we have right now is through @Schoology with our MSs...we need more purposeful planning #txeduchat
  154. A2: you need to have your own videos-not really on others if you flip. Ss need to see you instructing still #txeduchat
  155. A2 fave is @zaption instant feedback can be delivered if you take the time to set it up! #txeduchat
  156. @nyrangerfan42 Agree. Technology can't be used as a "sit and get", a higher form of a shut up sheet. #txeduchat
  157. @tuulipia @jdeinhammer Well said! I love the time to dig deeper and to have kids participate in simulations that engage them #txeduchat
  158. #txeduchat A3: My Ss activities from their European Explorers Think-Tac-Toe Boards. They were able to show their strength based on choice
  159. My students created their own blogs this semester, along with digital stories. We used blogger for our blogging platform :) #txeduchat
  160. Don't worry about reading and responding to every tweet. We archive the chat every week on  http://txeduchat.com  #txeduchat
  161. Q3: Blog posts that share their reading and thinking with the world. Stories that show someone they love why they matter to them. #txeduchat
  162. @jdtaylorDCE I am waiting to see what all gets added - has potential - but not as much as iTunes U :) #txeduchat
  163. @jdtaylorDCE I never pulled the trigger and jumped in with it. Stickin with @Showbie for now! #txeduchat
  164. @mikingpd @blendspace is cool... ESP if you create a variety of differentiated lessons within that container #txeduchat
  165. @Owl_b_TorresEdu But you also blend learning without electronics. My Ss taught me binomial cube #txeduchat
  166. A2 one of favorite things is when during football season our players come to practice with their own offensive plays. And they wk #txeduchat
  167. #txeduchat Kinders need f2f interactions with environment: peers teachers materials And lots of time to play and explore: hands on learning
  168. I have students tweet as a historical figure and got some great ones before I moved to a new gig #txeduchat
  169. A3: this year is my first with a class blog using @KidblogDotOrg and I will never teach without it! :) #txeduchat
  170. @tracyacramer Personalization, adaptation, and autonomy are all major points. Requires hard work and expertise. #TxEduChat
  171. #txeduchat A3 Tell Me Your Story Using the 5 Themes of Geography. Students took various approaches to share their story.
  172. Gafe and flipping are great if the tech is accessible. If teaching the tech becomes more than teaching the content, I reconsider. #txeduchat
  173. A3. My Ss created awesome 3-D paper cars and they had to meas the perimeter, area, faces, vertices, and edges of each side.#txeduchat
  174. A3: My Ss answered Q by 'tweeting' after our lesson on rocks and minerals #txeduchat http://t.co/9JTMZyheYQ
    A3: My Ss answered Q by 'tweeting' after our lesson on rocks and minerals #txeduchat pic.twitter.com/9JTMZyheYQ
  175. @jdeinhammer Learner written nonfiction book. (Also a Spanish version) Going to publish as an iBook #txeduchat
  176. A1: Watching students, formative assessments, student self evaluations, reflective pieces, many various ways #txeduchat, #lisdlearns
  177. The chat is moving fast, but don't worry about missing anything. The archive will come to you! #txeduchat or on  http://txeduchat.com 
  178. @Thrasymachus @R_H_Steele Hi Charles!- Exactly! Admins can't expect tech integration if they don't take the time to learn too! #txeduchat
  179. @CappiesCorner Hi, Alissa. I'm a math coach from Oregon. I've been intrigued by Padlet. Do you have a link to an example. #txeduchat
  180. A3- I have to agree with @JessLifTeach (of course). Blogs have been powerful in our classroom. Also their #geniushour projects. #txeduchat
  181. A3: My Ls created their own interactive AR Holocaust museum. Researched, created video and trigger image, educated each other! #txeduchat
  182. #txeduchat A1 Standards are set. Curriculum gets developed. Ts design lessons/activities/assessments. Where does S have a say in process?
  183. A3: love bragging on my kids! Lego robotics, cardboard carnival, design challenge, Lego creations for wall #txeduchat http://t.co/DUbsHRiSUE
    A3: love bragging on my kids! Lego robotics, cardboard carnival, design challenge, Lego creations for wall #txeduchat pic.twitter.com/DUbsHRiSUE
  184. Problem with standardized testing- it is standardized! #txeduchat
  185. #txeduchat A3: I mainly teach AP English Language and the best S creation this year has been 3 perfect MC's in a row. Boring, but amazing!
  186. My students needed to use tech to create arguments as to if Galileo was/wasn't a Heritic. @edmodo final proj #txeduchat
  187. @nyrangerfan42 #txeduchat Always disappointed when I see tech used just to automate rote learning. 3rd graders tested using computers :(
  188. A3 Students created a Tagxedo about themselves. Then used Google Docs for the 1st time to share their creations #txeduchat
  189. Q3: QR codes linked to 30-second audio recordings of book commericals done by Ss. Taped to back of books. #txeduchat http://t.co/LAOcUR0lR3
    Q3: QR codes linked to 30-second audio recordings of book commericals done by Ss. Taped to back of books. #txeduchat pic.twitter.com/LAOcUR0lR3
  190. @RobiHensley There are so many ways I agree Robin, just takes listening & engaging w/Ss! #txeduchat
  191. A3. My Ss researched and wrote biographies about Ray Zahab and then skyped with him. JUST AWESOME EXPERIENCE! #txeduchat
  192. @sandeeteach I create viz and sims for higher ed - but there are also some interesting examples like civ in the non ed world. #TxEduChat
  193. A3: Not this yr (YET) but last yr best creation were their passion projects! The Ss loved doing them!  https://animoto.com/play/FSNhQO2XyxQm85uCd1Bq3Q  #txeduchat
  194. Glad you joined->@rockyfrog: Hi everyone! This is my first chat, ever. Raquel, second grade Spanish Immersion teacher, San Diego #txeduchat
  195. @jdeinhammer the links are shared on a spreadsheet that all the students can access, so it helps them to see each other’s writing #txeduchat
  196. My Ss created Spine poems, Blackout Poems, and False Apology poems this year. Took the fear out of writing poetry. #txeduchat
  197. A3: My Science Discovery teacher had 4th grade students create "scribble machines"  http://vimeo.com/110930862  #txeduchat
  198. A3) Best student creation? My district is having K-5 grade levels submit authentic tasks that show mastery of the TEKS. #txeduchat
  199. A3 so far my fave has been 7th graders showing energy transfer in origami frogs using slow motion into iMovie. They did awesome! #txeduchat
  200. Lynn from N. Texas in Houston for business tomorrow. Not snowing in Houston :) #txeduchat
  201. @bowdenm As my friend @TracieGCain sez-you gotta have a home base (LMS) from which to operate your blended environment #txeduchat
  202. @MrsJones_Merton My kids LOVE this time! I can't wait to see their presentations coming up. :) PS Cold there? #txeduchat
  203. A3: Did I mention passion projects? #geniushour is amazing! Ya gotta try it! #txeduchat
  204. @JessLifTeach That is an awesome way for Ss to interact w/text Jessica! I will be adding this to my menu thanks! #txeduchat
  205. @jennann516 I know Blackout poems. Can you please explain the other two? #txeduchat
  206. @yaujauku: @R_H_Steele Love this Lego wall! What an awesome idea! #txeduchat” thanks! 14.5 ft by 5 ft - #lotsoflegos
  207. @jdeinhammer the best way is to apply what is learned to real world situations so more meaningful connections are made! #txeduchat #chsAP
  208. a3: my "students" are using the principles of adult learning & @LearningForward standards shared in session in August #lisdlearn #txeduchat
  209. A3) Part 2-these tasks are uploaded to a Google Slide -& teachers can see all samples. Provides ideas for changing instruction! #txeduchat
  210. A3 One S completely now overhauling school website after discovering major probs with ours #txeduchat
  211. Q4: What are the best ways to provide students with an audience for their work & thoughts? Examples? #txeduchat
  212. #txeduchat A3: My seniors created a Google presentation over "Prufrock" including analysis set to appropriate music. Swaying to Eliot!
  213. @sandeeteach Hi Sandy! It's freezing! How are you? Have a great week ahead! #txeduchat
  214. @MrsJones_Merton The bully/character Ed. project was pretty cool that you videoed. #txeduchat
  215. @MrsJones_Merton "passion projects?" I'd love to hear more! The name itself is intriguing...#txeduchat
  216. @MrsJones_Merton YES YES YES #txeduchat It's my kids favorite time all week! They beg for more time!
  217. A3: @CIPLCHSTECH has created everything from school mission statement infographics to interviewing adults for Humans of #CIPLC #txeduchat
  218. #txeduchat A2 Tellagami has this 30 second narration limit. Constrains flip delivery, so it's focused, engaging, fun. ps I design 4 adults.
  219. @jmcogz @iCreateEducate This is actually an app as well. Cost is 4.99. Awesome and easy to use #txeduchat
  220. Formative assessment #txeduchat will become summative at the end of their career
  221. @AlexVKluge absolutely it does. But if one went into teaching b/c it was easy. They are obviously mistaken. #txeduchat
  222. A4: My Ss create blog accounts & follow each other, parents read/comment, etc. They love publishing & feedback! #txeduchat
  223. @Tom_Kilgore A4: Publish their work so that people see it - YouTube channel, bulb portfolios, Student created iTunes U courses! #txeduchat
  224. @CappiesCorner Oh, Alissa! It's amazing. Direct message me your e-mail and let's chat! #txeduchat
  225. A3 My kinders also excited about their class Twitter account. With "shared pen" we tweet and they see it on SB #txeduchat
  226. A3 #txeduchat We've used @KidblogDotOrg & @padlet for #GRA14 LOVE having kids blog about reading & connect w/ others by commenting on blogs
  227. A4 reach out to community members authentic audience helps create meaning #txeduchat
  228. Wow! Such talented Ts & Ss Creative ideas... these are great. #txeduchat
  229. Effective ed invites the learner to explore, to ask what if, and to see the results of their curiosity.  http://www.vizitsolutions.com/portfolio/vfield/interactivity.html  #TxEduChat
  230. a4: use local experts - have them come in and present, then have students present to them. build relationships with locals! #txeduchat
  231. A4: #edcamp format for passion/innovation projects. SM for global audience #txeduchat
  232. A4 - Posting on blogs, websites, twitter, presenting on Google Hangouts. So many options #txeduchat
  233. A4: Blogs and Twitter. And also people that matter to them in their lives. Younger students. Just make the work MATTER #txeduchat
  234. A4: Gotta go with portfolios again...but they need to have time to present and share, diitally and F to F #txeduchat
  235. A4: Audience is HUGE! Share class blogs, do Google Hangouts with authors & other classes, invite parents in to watch projects...#txeduchat
  236. #txeduchat a4: But sometimes we focus too much on sharing with the world, when we haven’t shared w peep in the school!
  237. #txeduchat A4: my school publishes a literary magazine. Ss publish poem, stories, essays, and art. Ss who publish are quite proud.
  238. #txeduchat A3 Wheels of progress/change turn slowly. I presented at #DevLearn last month. Over time, we'll see what happens.
  239. @TheCoachAdair @nathan_stevens If they get to create them they would learn so much more vs just taking tests! #txeduchat
  240. A4. Make the audience real! I have my Ss write newspaper articles, talk to store owners and present to Town Council. #txeduchat
  241. A3: I love all these ideas. Can't wait to share with Ts I work with. #txeduchat
  242. @MrsJones_Merton Loved the passion projects! My SS did something similar last year. It was great seeing their level of engagement #txeduchat
  243. A4- Blogs again! They are so excited when others make comments. So powerful! Twitter is great too for making connections. #txeduchat
  244. #txeduchat A4 Configure classroom in groups. Set up opps for daily collabiration and feedback.
  245. A4: Audience = present to the board, have Ss participate in twitter chats, start a classroom twitter page Ex: @jonesclass103 #txeduchat
  246. @SoontobeEdD I also like connecting with our local elementary schools and have older kids teach younger ones - #txeduchat
  247. A4: Have students choose an audience that matters to them. Give their work purpose by having them create for real meaning #txeduchat
  248. @yaujauku Spine poems are made from book spines. False Apology= modeled from "This Is Just to Say" poem. #txeduchat http://t.co/IP6m8O6997
    @yaujauku Spine poems are made from book spines. False Apology= modeled from "This Is Just to Say" poem. #txeduchat pic.twitter.com/IP6m8O6997
  249. A4 @KidblogDotOrg is great for sharing anything Excited about having kids use new @PowToon slides! Easy to use! #txeduchat
  250. A4 we have K-5 right on campus (Academy school)..I ask Ts all the time for their kids as an audience! #txeduchat
  251. @Owl_b_TorresEdu I tend to just make up learning. Technology doesn’t have to be electronic does it? #txeduchat
  252. #txeduchat A3 If you frame me as the student and a year's worth of #EdCamp participation as the lesson then me presenting at #DevLearn is it
  253. A1: The best way to assess Ss is often & with variation. (It's called interleaving.)  http://ow.ly/EmTUu  #txeduchat
  254. Q2 any device or tech can be used, it depends on the need #txeduchat
  255. A4: We had a PBL Showcase to culminate our school-wide PBL on respect.S's showcased their work for parents and community members #txeduchat
  256. @jaherbel @JessLifTeach Awesome resource, that is a wonderful way to have Ss reflect/write about what they read! #txeduchat
  257. A4 Use world as your classroom. My students are skyping Mars'tronaut @toastforbrekkie. Last year skyped village schl in S Africa #txeduchat
  258. We show students how much their projects mean to us by burning them in a big pile #txeduchat
  259. @martysnowpaw @txeduchat That rocks Marty, what a creative & engaging way for kids to learn/do! #txeduchat
  260. A4 Blogs, class Twitter acct, create @explainevrythng or similar to explain lesson in math/ss/sci/etc. for absent student #txeduchat
  261. A3: Philanthropy Collaboration GT 4th-5th grades-creating and carrying out a plan for Macy's Believe Campaign. #txeduchat, #lisdlearns
  262. @jdeinhammer @SoontobeEdD Absolutely a great idea. Allows young S' s to see role models and older S's a sense of community. #txeduchat