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"Is Homework Really Necessary?" with @alicekeeler

  1. Howdy #txeduchat I'm Darin, HS Principal...lurking a bit...intrigued w/this great topic!
  2. Evan Payne - in Grapevine, Texas - Instructional Coach (former elementary teacher - 4th/5th grade) #txeduchat
  3. Jennifer. English I teacher in Pasadena ISD. My Ss have an Article of the Week for HW each week. #txeduchat
  4. Barton Keeler High School English Teacher... NO HOMEWORK #TXEDUCHAT
  5. John - Kutztown, PA - I teach computers to grades K-5. No, I don't give homework. ##txeduchat
  6. Haven't tried it but I'd like to see 2-4-2 HW (reference @steve_leinwand) 2 current 4 cumulative review 2 applied Jed from CA #TXeduchat
  7. Hello #txeduchat! Heidi here, 5th grade, WI..excited to talk about homework. I give as LITTLE AS POSSIBLE! It's a new mindset 4 me this yr.
  8. Glenn Hervieux, Tech. Coordinator - taught grade combos 4th-6th grade, 6th-8th, and 3rd grade. Reading for HW. That's it. #txeduchat
  9. it's called homework, but for the most part it's not. I give them time to complete it in class. So not standard #txeduchat
  10. Parker from Omaha. 7-12th grade social media class. Like The Internship meets School of Rock #txeduchat
  11. @MrsJones_Merton Hi Heidi, so great to have you here tonight! Great topic & amazing host! #txeduchat
  12. I do homework #flipclass #mastery style - so yes I have it, but they have freedom with it #txeduchat
  13. Erin- grade 2, Connecticut, 20 mins reading hmwrk #TXeduchat
  14. Alex, Austin Tx, #edTech entrepreneur, PD computer graphics. Yes to HW, the question is what for it takes. #TxEduChat
  15. It is nice to see so many people interested in this topic "Is Homework Necessary?" #txeduchat
  16. #txeduchat Martha, #kinder teacher for Texas - reluctunatly give hmwk “to be consistent with the team”
  17. Hi! I'm a 1st gr T from Mesquite. I rarely give HW other than spelling practice and reading. #txeduchat
  18. Homework is a topic one of my grad students is exploring for research proposal, so here to help him out #txeduchat
  19. Andy-I'm lurking with a parent perspective in mind. Current title: Digital Learning Specialist @ ESC7. #txeduchat
  20. @txeduchat #txeduchat Hi Team. I'm Wahid Khan and I'm in Toronto. Since rolling out with #gafe 2 years ago the homework i give is minimal
  21. lurking here - JR, work on Google Apps for Edu - and parent of 3 - definitely interested in the homework or not topic #txeduchat
  22. Hi! I'm Melany Vinson and I teach 1st gr in New London, Tx. My students have reading & math fact practice hw Mon-Thu. 20 min #txeduchat
  23. Laura, Art Coordinator in Plano, no homework but I did have Ss work on sketchbooks outside of class #txeduchat
  24. Arley from Texas, 5th gr math. I give homework but they have time in class to complete it and if not done then it is homework. #txeduchat
  25. @jennann516 Shhh, don’t tell anyone, but it fits into writing/storytelling classes. #txeduchat
  26. @Tom_Kilgore If you would like to preview my fake questions, good luck to you #txeduchat
  27. @alicekeeler He teaches HS math, but is interested in the topic of homework in general #txeduchat
  28. @jeremyrochelle Welcome Jeremy, I'm super excited you're joining the discussion. #txeduchat
  29. Rebecca elementary assistant principal...very interested in the homework debate! #txeduchat
  30. Lindsey, Technology Specials Teacher, no homework in this position #txeduchat
  31. @jeremyrochelle What is our objection to homework #txeduchat We need to hear from students.
  32. @alicekeeler thanks! trying to have that discussion with my team leader... it has been interesting so far #txeduchat
  33. Harrison from Arlington, Texas. Joining a little late. #txeduchat
  34. @TheCoachAdair Now I’m REALLY interested. I might be teaching an ELA writing elective next year. Would love to hear more! #txeduchat
  35. @RebeccaChirinos Welcome Rebecca, great to have you join us to discuss homework on #txeduchat
  36. To me it is not about homework, but consistency between teachers at one school #txeduchat
  37. Hello from SF. I'm experimenting with a blended flipped class so "homework" looks different in my classroom. #txeduchat
  38. Elementary Principal KN-5th, have mixed feelings on HW #txeduchat
  39. Amy Soupiset 4th grade Language Arts/Social Studies San Antonio, TX #txeduchat
  40. Q1: What grade do you teach? How much homework do kids in your grade usually get? #TXeduchat
  41. @alicekeeler I know Alice your background is in math--maybe we can connect after #txeduchat for some resources re math homework: pro/con
  42. Hey thanks to a tweet I saw it was time for #txeduchat Faige kinder teacher in Los Angeles. More curious about the thinking in homework
  43. A1) High school math kids and I preach at them, they will only have 18 minutes a day - if they keep up #txeduchat
  44. Fake Q1 homework worksheets make better paper airplanes than classroom worksheets. Discuss #txeduchat
  45. Kirsten, IT Coach, N TX Dropping in... Short on endurance. Recovering from 1/2 marathon... Not in as good of shape as I thought. #txeduchat
  46. A1 4th grade. As a team we try to consistently make HW just reading 20 minutes with Ps. thats the goal That doesn't always happen #txeduchat
  47. A1: 4th ELA, my whole team has gone to NO HOMEWORK. We want our Ss to rd like we read b4 bed, not for a log #txeduchat
  48. I teach 1st. They are expected to read and practice spelling every night. So 30 minutes. That is usually it. #txeduchat
  49. Randi Dunn, passionate ELA teacher Ss homework this weekend is to bring a fave Halloween treat for an intro to expository #txeduchat
  50. Jason Turner, Assistant Principal- I am always looking for a new perspective on this subject. #txeduchat
  51. A1: 5th grade, spelling and reading weekly, math and science about 1 or 2 times a week. #txeduchat
  52. @alicekeeler College and I am homework free. Continue projects from class because they take more time than a class allows #txeduchat
  53. Q1: What grade do you teach? How much homework do kids in your grade usually get? #TXeduchat 30-160 mins per night. Fluxuates extremely
  54. @alicekeeler @jeremyrochelle ranging from no homework to 6 hours, randomly. Nothing consistent. End of quarter is worst. :/ #TXeduchat
  55. I used to teach 5th grade & our team tried to give no more than 50-60 minutes (10 min. per grade) of HW each night. #txeduchat
  56. A1: I gave more than I should have and not authentic. Reading logs, chapter reviews, etc. #txeduchat
  57. A1 - HS Bio I give daily Hmwk but not graded and no penalty for lateness #TXeduchat
  58. A1: 2 “worksheets” per week + leveled reader 2x/wk - so frustrating to have to do what the rest of he the team is doing. #txeduchat
  59. A1: 4th grade, full curriculum. Try to minimize take-home work, do have Ss research, build background, etc #txeduchat
  60. @alicekeeler #TXeduchat A1: I was teaching gr6 until last week. They typically might get 30min-1hr perhaps a night. But that mt b a strtch
  61. A1: I try to have homework done in class so I can assess and help. I see too many that use it as an extension of class time. #txeduchat
  62. @hmweinerman @jeremyrochelle Isn't that the truth. We (Ts) tried to coordinate but it never worked. #txeduchat
  63. A1: 7th grade ELA Due to a writer's workshop approach, I do not give homework. #txeduchat
  64. A1: Somewhere I heard that the grade level x 10min was a good rule of thumb. Not sure I agree. #txeduchat
  65. A1: 7th and 8th grade. English and math both give a good bit at my school. I teach AVID, so not much at all. #txeduchat
  66. A1) 9th grade. I’ve seen my Ss w/ HW from all 4 core subjects. Often paper wrkshts w/ copied answers. #txeduchat
  67. MT @NicholasFerroni: Tell kids they can do something, they'll believe you. IF you tell them they can't, they'll believe that too. #txeduchat
  68. I tend to find the homework worksheets tend to fly 7.3 feet longer in a standard airplane configuration than classroom wksheets #txeduchat
  69. A1: varies at our school...my 4th grader and 1st grader have equal amounts ?? 20-30 min of reading plus written response #txeduchat
  70. @MathGuru7 My kids would just slack in class because "I'll do it at home" #txeduchat
  71. A1: Try 2 have Ss get it done in class. I want them to do their own things after school/dinner...not hours of homework. #txeduchat
  72. A1: what do Ts define as homework? I have found that this is a very undefined area. #txeduchat
  73. A1: Other than the pointless stuff I assigned, Ss would also complete activities (essays, speeches, etc) from class. #txeduchat
  74. Jeffery Herbel, Dir IT Enid, #txeduchat a little late but ready for chat!
  75. My Ks get homework on Mondays due usually on Wednesday (not all the time) Would rather they play, explore be with family #txeduchat
  76. A1: Frankly, don't think it is a matter of how much homework as much as what will engage students: motivation more important #txeduchat
  77. @RebeccaChirinos I like the reading, did the Ts assign or was it free choice for Ss? #txeduchat
  78. I teach 6th gr at a school that has moved to a true block (4/8 classes each day). Kids get 30-60 min of hwk each night per class. #txeduchat
  79. A1 7-12th grade Social Media. They have time to do it in school…like a real job! #txeduchat
  80. @alicekeeler @jeremyrochelle we have a 3 test / day max rule but it's hard to enforce and teachers get mad if you tell them #txeduchat
  81. not a fan of HW from a mom's POV except to see what they are doing in class. So working one or two problems a night I would like #txeduchat
  82. #txeduchat Should teachers be limited in the amount of years they can teach a specific subject or grade? would love to hear this too!
  83. All HW given on Mon-due on Fri. so Ss can do it when it fits their schedule. Daily check on Rdg log, so they don't get behind #txeduchat
  84. @Tom_Kilgore a1: surveyed my seniors recently-they said 2-3 hrs per night was the norm! None from me though-we use time wisely #txeduchat
  85. @daisyray215 I do not allow my kids to do homework.... I like to do other things at home. #txeduchat
  86. A1 20-30 min of recommended reading/ sometimes 2-4 min. video for flipping #txeduchat
  87. @alicekeeler don't allow that since I am the most qualified to give them help should they struggle. #txeduchat
  88. I am submitting to NSF for funding to study the homework to classroom airplane phenomenon #txeduchat
  89. Q2: How much support do you get from parents on completing homework? #TXeduchat
  90. @jennann516 Love to collaborate! I was professional journalist too. DM or Email me Parker@CoachAdair.com #txeduchat
  91. #txeduchat As a former HS English teacher, you have to do the reading outside of class in most cases. Then you can soar in class!!
  92. A1: algebra 2, I teach alternative, no homework given but 45-70 min every other day is dedicated to practicing #txeduchat
  93. A1 PD - adult learners, custom training. Usually a few hours content before the fact following a flipped classroom model. #TxEduChat
  94. A1: 8th gr Science. Mostly no HW. Just what they don't finish at school. Occasional project that needs work at home. #TXeduchat
  95. So let me ask y'all this. Is it worth giving rich/engaging homework? Does practice spelling fall into this category? #TXeduchat
  96. A1: our BOE says 20min/night for 2nd gr. we give reading assignments/reading log #txeduchat
  97. @daisyray215 An extension of class, cool. Busy work, unacceptable. Homework ideally should be what is not completed in class. #txeduchat .
  98. @alicekeeler Been there. Completely understand. They need to use me as a resource, so I push that really hard. #txeduchat
  99. A2: Parents loudly cheered at no homework @ Meet the Teacher. #txeduchat
  100. @alicekeeler hate HW with a passion but I like to work one or two problems to see how he is progressing. Rather be outside #txeduchat
  101. A2: I think HW support from Ps depends on their ability. Important to teach Ps to be good question askers not HW "doers". #txeduchat
  102. @daisyray215 agreed! As a mom, I want my kids to play and have fun from 4-8, not more school #txeduchat
  103. A1 And follow ups afterward to find impact and application of training in real applications. #TxEduChat
  104. @casehighprinc Brian, so many HS students report not doing the reading at home for English: they look for shortcuts :-) #txeduchat
  105. A2 My Ps are fully supportive of our work in/out of class. In past, hit/miss. Best done in school. #txeduchat
  106. Be open minded! Follow/trust your professional instincts! Homework: Harmful or Helpful? | eduflow -  http://eduflow.wordpress.com/2013/10/03/homework-harmful-or-helpful/  #txeduchat
  107. A2: Most of my Ps are supportive. I do have a few that are not involved. #txeduchat
  108. Some ask for more, some have no clue how to help, and others act as if it doesn't exist. I have had tons of HW convos this year. #txeduchat
  109. A2 - I have had a few questions but parents in my district are usually very quiet #TXeduchat
  110. @alicekeeler As parent of 3, squeaky wheel gets the help first - but it's clear that some kids don't have a parent who can help #txeduchat
  111. @Tom_Kilgore - my Ss typically had HW in math, Reading, writing and sometimes SS and Science #txeduchat
  112. @RebeccaChirinos Crazy, my2nd grader has 30 mins a day & is supposed to read 30 + a day, seems to be about the same as last year #txeduchat
  113. @SaneeBell As an Algebra teacher I had many parents crying that they can't help their kid. #txeduchat
  114. A2: My wife teaches 3rd grade and parent support is an issue. Especially from those who do their Ss work...often full of errors. #txeduchat
  115. It depends on the foundation of a particular family. As an English teacher, I read required rdg in class and took time to do it. #txeduchat
  116. A2) With #flipclass it is super important that parents know how class really works - its different! #txeduchat
  117. A2: Ps should have the role of facilitator of learning at home, the guide on the side - not the answer giver. #txeduchat
  118. Q2: we put the responsibility on the kids, so... no parent support #txeduchat
  119. @alicekeeler @dayankee anything past two problems #txeduchat now my son likes history so that's FUN for us to do together #txeduchat
  120. @jdeinhammer @Tom_Kilgore my daughter is a junior and has 3+ each night, There is something seriously wrong there! #txeduchat
  121. @alicekeeler We sometimes get great support- other times, no #txeduchat 50% feel too much HW 50% not enough - it is a conundrum
  122. @HaselwoodMath Totally true, if you're trying something new you have to be willing to explain it to each P #txeduchat
  123. Q2: Generally parents are good abt supplies and help for projects. for everything else it's hit and miss.Most parents are busy. #TXeduchat
  124. #txeduchat I like my AP students to read materials before coming to class as HW. The work we do in class is better for it.
  125. Some are helpful. Others use the excuse that the S didn't want to read, so they didn't make them. Confusing. #txeduchat
  126. @alicekeeler @daisyray215 My Ss only have homework if they don't finish something in class. #txeduchat
  127. T's that give HW. Would you rather Ps correct mistakes or have Ss turn in as is? #txeduchat
  128. @daisyray215 @dayankee My ideal is sparking their excitement that they voluntarily do things outside of class #txeduchat
  129. @JudyArzt @alicekeeler @dayankee @daisyray215 all of my son's homework is busy work. have a conference next week to discuss this #txeduchat
  130. @alicekeeler #TXeduchat A2: my patent community is old school. They say pile it on! But free can actually help with it.
  131. @Tom_Kilgore its assigned. That's the part I'm against. Forcing them to read will not foster love :( #txeduchat
  132. @alicekeeler and in a way that they can understand - sometimes we get caught in our own lingo #txeduchat
  133. It's a huge improvement over a 7 period day with 30-60 min of homework each! SCI & SS alternate. @MrsJones_Merton #txeduchat
  134. @alicekeeler @dayankee and reading with my kids at night, now that I love and appreciate but what about kids whose Ps don't help #txeduchat
  135. A2: we receive request for homework in RTI Reading prior to calendar recess. #TXeduchat.
  136. A2: How much ... completing homework? #TXeduchat I don't like to get help from my parents for HW and I shouldn't have to
  137. @Tom_Kilgore It seems like Ps still want HW sent home, even if Ss aren't at independent level yet. The idea of "practice"is new #txeduchat
  138. @JudyArzt Keep fighting the good fight so Ss see worth of reading authentic works, not this week's version of Cliff's Notes! #txeduchat
  139. A2: I have a lot of support. I get a lot of pushback when they struggle with the homework. #txeduchat
  140. HW is an equity issue in elementary. Those Ss who have parental help will get it done, and those who don't won't. #txeduchat
  141. @MathGuru7 @jdeinhammer Agreed Anthony, should be targeted & used to supplement, not build grade book fodder IMO #txeduchat
  142. When homework is graded subjectively without any quantitative data or notes behind... #txeduchat
  143. @HaselwoodMath I looked at my kids progress report... I could not understand it and I'm an expert in data! #txeduchat
  144. @MikeSzczepanik teach me your secret sauce - it has been taking me a little longer than that :) #txeduchat
  145. A2) as a parent, I like to see Hw. My kids are in 2nd & 3rd grade. I wanna see what my kids are learning. #txeduchat
  146. Remember that you can grow your PLN by following others in #txeduchat tonight.
  147. @alicekeeler That is where I am helping to guide my faculty...some are fine with it, others are digging in their heals #txeduchat
  148. HWmeans something totally different from student to parent to teacher. We should look thru all lenses to get the big picture #txeduchat
  149. A2 - I tried to give HW that didn’t need Ps help. Students would read about SS topic the next day & practice annotating text. #txeduchat
  150. A2: I wonder if there is more of an academic gap in classrooms or parent support? #txeduchat
  151. A2 My parents there to help kinders. It gives them connection to kids & school. We talk about it at back to school in sept. #txeduchat
  152. @elena_SF_CA Well...improvement is good...but it sounds like there is still room! I keep thinking of those poor kids! #txeduchat
  153. A2: do Ts involve Ps in homework? my issue...My 3rd grader doesn't have HW consistently then will have hour; no T comm to Ps #txeduchat 😳
  154. A2 When homework is meaningful, parents will support you. #txeduchat
  155. @SaneeBell Do you find the Ss that might not get support need it most Sanee? #txeduchat
  156. @jdeinhammer @Tom_Kilgore that's too much, HS kids have jobs, extracurriculars and outside responsibilities, when do the sleep? #txeduchat
  157. A2: as a parent little of the HW kids bring home is more than busy work, and if practiced incorrectly causes more harm than good #txeduchat
  158. @HaselwoodMath Who is the report card for if an educator & data expert can't interpret it... Needs to be meaningful communication #txeduchat
  159. A2: many parents learned the concepts differently and become frustrated when kids are first learning the concept #txeduchat
  160. A2 - my team felt like we had to give HW to “practice” for middle school (next year) because they would get TONS of it in MS. #txeduchat
  161. Some Ps say I give too much/some say it's not enough. I teach 4thGr. Ss have to read every night and write me a weekly letter #txeduchat
  162. A2 when assigning hmwk do you ever wonder if it’s the student or the parent you are getting the answers from? #txeduchat
  163. If the homework is fun & engaging then it won't seem like homework, right? #engagementiskey! #txeduchat
  164. A2) Great parent buy-in for Article of the Week HW. See need for Ss to read/know news of the world. #txeduchat
  165. Is it me or does parental involvement fade the older a student gets? #txeduchat
  166. @RebeccaChirinos Well said, it moves out of the realm of reading for pleasure & into the work category #txeduchat
  167. A2 most adults are only on a 4-8 grade math and Rdg level. Some really can't help their Ss. #txeduchat
  168. A2: very little support from home. Ts upset they can't "punish" for no hw We do what we can with Ss while we have them! #txeduchat
  169. Good evening #txeduchat Scott from Texas. Special Education Resource teacher 4th and 5th
  170. @nathan_stevens Homework should be a demonstration, application and extension of knowledge. #TxEduChat
  171. @amysoupy What is the purpose of the letter the students write to you? Why not have them write for audience of peers? #txeduchat
  172. A2) Even my Ss “like” the Article of the Week bc it is always relevant topic. #txeduchat
  173. @jdeinhammer @Tom_Kilgore "I just don't get it-why isn't 7 hours of school per day enough?" EXACTLY!! #txeduchat
  174. @alicekeeler In years past, ss would not be empowered to complete it & bring back. Sometimes older siblings or parents composed. #txeduchat
  175. If Ss R doing HW I want them 2 b rushing out the door 2 get home bc they can't wait to get started! Now THAT's good HW! #txeduchat
  176. That's why in the ELA Dept we include 30 min of reading w/n our minutes & flipped video instruction. @MrsJones_Merton #txeduchat
  177. @GrundlerArt that's totally rad. I rolled out digital portfolios this year. Works great! #TXeduchat
  178. @JudyArzt @nathan_stevens they prob aren't in the chat bc they are busy grading pointless worksheets &complaining about doing so #txeduchat
  179. @jennann516 Tell more about what you mean by "article of the week"? #txeduchat
  180. @alicekeeler I wished. Our technology is lacking. I have a dream...one day soon! #txeduchat
  181. @DunnRandi @alicekeeler Which calls into question whether it is worth anything as assessment data as well #txeduchat
  182. Our teachers have 44 minutes from bell to bell to teach the content. They find it impossible to teach and do hw in the 44 min. #txeduchat
  183. our Ss are people who should have lives outside of school -- not several more hours of school outside of school #txeduchat
  184. A2: How many parents can help with "concepts" and not just a trick they learned "back in the day"? #txeduchat
  185. @wahidkhan engaging HW Sparks the convo for the next day...Ss never stop being engaged. The trouble is how much HW is engaging? #txeduchat
  186. @tjfib04 Maybe they need to restructure how that 44 minutes goes... that is what I did. #txeduchat
  187. My son has 2 Ps with college degrees that can help him and want to help him. Most Ss don't. The expectations R not fair or real #txeduchat
  188. A1: 3rd grade teacher in #Delaware. Packet goes home mon & due following Mon. No more than 30 min a night incl 15 min reading. #txeduchat
  189. @alicekeeler I hear about tears from parents in my class all the time! it's always a fight to get work done at home #txeduchat
  190. @EBNERland @alicekeeler right there with you. Most tears are my daughters AP math course (psst -- I have a degree in math) #txeduchat
  191. A2) My daughter is behind. I appreciate HW for her. My son is smart. HW is not good for our mom & son relationship. #txeduchat
  192. As a high school parent, I find math homework the most frustrating. Also, flipped math.I prefer face 2 face for the tough stuff.#txeduchat
  193. @JudyArzt I write a letter to Ss each week & they write back to me. It's been an amazing way to get to know my Ss. They love it! #txeduchat
  194. A2: my kids' HW is graded on completeness, not accuracy, as a teacher I cannot condone, waste of time if no feedback is given #txeduchat
  195. @TeacherTuttle What are the students reading? Are they engaged in the reading? #txeduchat
  196. I changed my thinking to try and give "home learning" which requires thinking. Not sure who came up w/ the "work" at home part #TXeduchat
  197. Garnet from IL, following along this evening. I got rid of the word homework, used practice instead. Done as necessary #txeduchat
  198. @JudyArzt All Ss receive news article on Mon. Read and text code during the week; show to me on Fri. Turn in reflection Fri. #txeduchat
  199. @Tom_Kilgore Absolutely! So, to that end, what is the point of the HW for those kids? #txeduchat
  200. @MathPrincessC I spend so little time with kids after work & school, I don't want to spend it fighting #txeduchat
  201. A2: We cultivate communication from day one at our school, so we have good turnout for Back-to-School N & Conferences, hwk too. #txeduchat
  202. @MikeSzczepanik Is it the parents not having the capability or students moving into their role of less parents more friends? #txeduchat
  203. I feel like I assign homework more for parents than students. Trying to keep them involved to see what students are learning. #txeduchat
  204. I'm a no hw/low hw renegade on my MS team. Low support and raised eyebrows from colleagues, but parents have NEVER complained. #TXeduchat
  205. @alicekeeler I agree. More intentional planning would be a great start.#txeduchat
  206. @MathPrincessC #txeduchat I've just started that parent journey. It should be interesting.
  207. If ur assigning HW time yourself doing it then multiply it by three. That's how long it will take Ss #txeduchat
  208. @alicekeeler @HaselwoodMath If data separates Ts Ps Sts who need 2communicate then it's farce that destroys relationships/trust #txeduchat
  209. @JudyArzt Very authentic writing for them. I ask about things that we're doing in class&reinforce skills that we are working on #txeduchat
  210. @yabooksandmore never thought about it that way ... I think parents lose interest #txeduchat
  211. @kilgoretech it creates frustration for Ps and Ss for sure. And yes a gap for Ss that do not get help #txeduchat
  212. @MrsCameronCSHS I understand your point, but is HW intended to be formative or summative? #txeduchat
  213. Join #nisdNOV8 Tu at 8:30 where we begin a 3 part series on #voiceNchoice moderated by @Thrasymachus Pt 1: Relinquishing Control #txeduchat
  214. A3: The purpose of homework should be to practice or explore. #txeduchat
  215. As a parent, I don't want to lose family time to homework, especially if it is a disrespectful task. #txeduchat
  216. A3 Well that is the question. Is it for practice - then my kid gets too much. Is it understanding, then it is pointless ##txeduchat
  217. @MikeSzczepanik @yabooksandmore In my case, I do not find 3rd grade math homework fun. Not how I want to spend my Tuesday night #txeduchat
  218. What about punishing a kid for not getting their rdg log signed my a parent. Are we grading the Student or the parent? #txeduchat
  219. @MikeSzczepanik @yabooksandmore I think it is a tendency to expect kids to be "grown up" & be more self sufficient Naomi #txeduchat
  220. A3: HW should reinforce and support learned concepts. It should not be new material. It sets up ss & parents for failure. #txeduchat
  221. A3 To help students solidify knowledge, but let’s be real: they’re going to forget after the test #txeduchat
  222. @apratt5 I tell my kid to sign it, they did the reading. Why is the parent being assigned homework? #txeduchat
  223. Coincidentally during #txeduchat someone just RTed this tweet I sent 2 days ago: Homework: An unnecessary evil?  http://buff.ly/10gN2Sy 
  224. @apratt5 In Kinders figure it out fast. So hard for Ps not to Help to much & do homework it is perfect #txeduchat
  225. A3 I think people think the purpose is to grasp concepts #txeduchat but when you are 8 and have no help that doesn't work
  226. #TXeduchat A1 I'm an instructional designer serving adults. Parent of 1/ea high school senior.
  227. #txeduchat #irony I just told my son he needs to finish his HW and not focus on this homework chat #hypocriteDad
  228. Engagement in the topic works better between T/student than done in isolation. HW doesn't have this component most of the time #txeduchat
  229. Angie an AP in RRISD. Looking to see what other educators are doing with homework and seeking flipped classrooms/lessons ideas. #txeduchat
  230. @EvanPayneGCISD as a former 5th grade T we felt the same way. Lots of pressure from middle school Ts #txeduchat
  231. @garnet_hillman Agreed. What happened to “Don’t bring work home with you”? #txeduchat
  232. Reinforce/extend at Elem level. Prep for class at HS. #TXeduchat
  233. Well, no, b/c elective & PE alt. each day so 3 acad classes, not four. But yes, kids can have 1.5-3 hours a night. @jennann516 #txeduchat
  234. A3: HW should be to practice and extend learning from class, for math practice the process more. #txeduchat
  235. #3) My homework introduces students to the next topic we are going to cover in class - we master in the classroom! #txeduchat
  236. @SaneeBell @MrsCameronCSHS If given, homework is formative...no mark or grade, rather give feedback for growth. #txeduchat
  237. @garnet_hillman For sure! Like pointless projects that require me to do work and buy additional supplies. I am being assessed. #txeduchat
  238. @daisyray215 Real world is disportionately not fair but our students will arrives there anyway. ?is how will we prepare them. #txeduchat
  239. @yabooksandmore No. It's not you, it's true, because the children want the parents to back off #txeduchat
  240. Q4: How can we better support kids who have no parental help for HW? #TXeduchat
  241. HW assigned &due next day when Ss have concerts or games and ea task is >1hr sends mssg that T doesn't care about whole child #txeduchat
  242. @JudyArzt Favorite thing I have done this year. W/a state writing test in 4thGr it's a way to work on skills w/out a worksheet. #txeduchat
  243. @MathGuru7 Assessment and practice are the first two things that come to mind. Both are needed. #txeduchat
  244. A3) Purpose of Hw: Show Ps what Ss are learning. Ask for support (if possible) when children are falling behind. #txeduchat
  245. A3: If HW is formative, then should it not be the choice of students? Doing it might help you, but it is nor required #txeduchat
  246. A4 Having a digital classroom or presence can help. ##txeduchat
  247. @TeacherTuttle So do they have books at home, find things online, or borrow materials from school? #txeduchat
  248. A3 Purpose of HW- formative assessment (sometimes) if fun, engaging, thought provoking & as @alicekeeler said, shd be OPTIONAL #txeduchat
  249. @alicekeeler #TXeduchat its always been about reinforcement and practice. But I want it to be more about a exploring and experimenting.
  250. @SaneeBell I would say formative. Some form of feedback should be given, if Ss are taking time to do it Ts should look at it #txeduchat
  251. A3) Hopefully all HW is to reinforce or extend learning. Hopefully it is to enrich understanding of concept. #txeduchat
  252. @SOC54 We have got to target all learners in the short hours we have them. Differentiated learning. Have to work hard #txeduchat
  253. @alicekeeler Great question. Differentiate homework assignments, perhaps? #txeduchat
  254. @amysoupy Definitely sounds more engaging and personalized than a random worksheet #txeduchat
  255. Jump in and join the conversation! The chat is archived every week for you at  http://txeduchat.com  #txeduchat
  256. @alicekeeler I.Hate.Rdg.Logs! Great idea to hv the student do it,but I also disagree wi/ Ss having to watch the clock when rdg #txeduchat
  257. A3) - HW, if assigned, should be to “review” important material and to prepare for class discussion/activities the next day. #txeduchat
  258. @BrettErenberg And how well do your students do compared to higher homework scenarios? #TxEduChat
  259. @alicekeeler my daughter has 3 kids and is often overwhelmed with the amount if hmk they get (not the kinder one) #TXeduchat
  260. HW should be personalized, interest driven, extensions and for some product oriented #txeduchat
  261. @alicekeeler #TXeduchat a4: the Ontario gov has backed an online live hw site for students to get help from certified teachers.
  262. A4: Give them more attention in class so they don't have to take it home. #txeduchat
  263. My Ss make a great yr's growth but they are still 2 yr's behind. Home learning can make a difference #txeduchat
  264. Q4: My wife provides after school help and there is an after school program that helps some. My wife has done this for years. #txeduchat
  265. @JenPetras :)we need to take into account stages of human development into the equation. Psychology is big part of the hw debate #txeduchat
  266. A4: forums, twitter chats, flipped lessons, video tutorials and easily accessed resources are 1 way; #txeduchat
  267. A4 videos. Most Ss have access to internet. Even low socioeconomic have smart phones. YouTube is a life saver #txeduchat
  268. A3) NO busy work HOMEWORK - "ain’t nobody got time for that!" #txeduchat
  269. A3 for me the purpose is to practice/reinforce what they learned at school. #txeduchat
  270. If you assess throughout the class, this would eliminate one reason to give hw. You will know before they leave where they are.#txeduchat
  271. @alicekeeler A4 - offer safe times and places to complete homework. Give safe opportunities for make up #txeduchat
  272. @EBNERland @MikeSzczepanik Might want to rethink how intentionally it was designed with the students in mind then. #txeduchat
  273. I offer time before school to help student who don't have Ps support to get HW done. Although proper HW shouldn't need Ps help. #txeduchat
  274. A3: if it’s practice, then st who can already do it, doesn’t need more & st who can’t do it isn’t going to learn by doing hmwk #txeduchat
  275. @EvanPayneGCISD I take a similar approach Evan, should be to build background/make connections #txeduchat
  276. I am moving toward flipped "h-work" in ELA. A 5-10 min video or website, notes, then 30 min reading. @TheCoachAdair @jennann516 #txeduchat
  277. @odomsangels I flipped, but gave students the option of watching videos in class or at home- whenever they were ready for them! #txeduchat
  278. @tjfib04 I would rather assess in class and see the result. What if the practice is incorrect? Does it reinforce incorrectnesss? #txeduchat
  279. Q5: Should students be expected to do homework every night? #TXeduchat
  280. A4: Lunch groups, after school clubs (with some fun!), video lessons and reminders, website links, teach internal questioning #txeduchat
  281. #TXeduchat A3 to practice skills that will go into long term memory
  282. Greatest HWK pet peeve. The ws w/47 "practice Problems". If they can do it right 10 times why do they need do it 37 more? #TXeduchat
  283. A3: Any purpose of homework needs to vary w/ context, purpose & audience; however, we need to move away from 20th cent model #TXeduchat
  284. @domgiusti I agree but I don't have enough time in my day to plan for 5 subjects and individualized homework:( #txeduchat
  285. #TXeduchat so long as teachers stop using flash applications, you're doing it right. if not, the inverse is true.
  286. A4: if you have standard content to deliver, perhaps flipping would allow you to assess better #txeduchat
  287. A4: extended hours in the library so students have access to electronic resources and a librarian to help if needed #txeduchat
  288. We need to re-think home learning that requires parent participation. Are we teaching Ps or Ss? #TXeduchat
  289. #txeduchat A3 Homework makes parents freak out that if they (Ps) don't get it their kids can't possibly so they vote YES on school bonds.
  290. A4: I have Ss come to me beforehand school so they can do their homework if there is no support at home. #txeduchat
  291. A4 We provide voice recorders with week's stories for Ss to listen to if parents can't help.#txeduchat
  292. A5: Absolutely, not! Kids need a balance, just like adults. Ss have a life w/ their family when they get home. #txeduchat
  293. In my classroom, we are problem based learners, so it is not so easy to flip #txeduchat
  294. A4) I think this is when flip-class model is a strong model. If we provide video/teaching for HW we provide support for Ps+Ss. #txeduchat
  295. A4: Put a QR on each HW page with a video of you explaining the concept how you want them to hear it. #txeduchat
  296. New to this chat & jumping in late, but I saw @garnet_hillman & @alicekeeler here, plus the topic of HW. I can't resist! #txeduchat
  297. Q5: a small amount of hw every night beats sporadic 2-3 hour hw nights #txeduchat
  298. The intelligent path & mindset! MT @The_Gorilla_LC: When you use multiple approaches, everyone benefits!! http://t.co/kS7VnPxHA8
    The intelligent path & mindset! MT @The_Gorilla_LC: When you use multiple approaches, everyone benefits!! pic.twitter.com/kS7VnPxHA8 #txeduchat
  299. GREAT IDEA! @kilgoretech: A4: Put a QR on each HW page with a video of you explaining the concept how you want them to hear it. #txeduchat
  300. @jaherbel @alicekeeler A4: Why does homework need parental help in the first place? What needs to happen is established routine #TXeduchat
  301. Nope.If you want buy-in from both kids and their parents, you have to be reasonable and not have homework every day of the week #txeduchat
  302. @daisyray215 I don't see this as necessary. Making HW that does work is on us! #TxEduChat