1-25-15 Chat Archive

#mnlead and #txeduchat 2 state chat

  1. Let's rock and roll. Welcome to our two-state combined edchat with the good folks at #TXeduchat. We'll use a Q1 / A1 format. #MNlead
  2. Q1 Why is a new learning paradigm important? What does this mean to you? #MNlead #TXeduchat
  3. A1: We must constantly be learning and growing. We can't become stagnant #mnlead #txeduchat
  4. A1 research has to drive instruction. if new research shows we need to change than we must for the sake of ss #txeduchat #mnlead
  5. A1 b/c with a shift in paradigm our ss are not getting the best education they deserve they need to think critically and explore #txeduchat
  6. A growth mindset is one of the best qualities people in education need #mnlead #txeduchat
  7. A1 THe world are students face is more challenging and changing than ever before. Learning must change with it #MNlead #TXeduchat
  8. Our students learn differently than previous generations. Time to start teaching differently to meet their needs #mnlead #txeduchat
  9. A1: I think we need something new. Can't teach like we were taught. Use technology, make it fun! #txeduchat
  10. A1) We must make learning personal for each student, this means building relationships and getting to know our learners #txeduchat #mnlead
  11. A1:world has changed, future def changing - can’t keep educating Ss for industrial age. Need creative problem solvers. #txeduchat #mnlead
  12. Love this from @gcouros - "Learning isn't about giving you information, but about making your own connections. #txeduchat #mnlead
  13. A1 The old paradigm isn't working anymore. S's shouldn't be doing the same things we did in school. We all evolve! #mnlead #txeduchat
  14. #mnlead #txeduchat A1: A paradigm is a chance to stretch and practice #growthmindset - to celebrate something new, different, challenging
  15. A1 We have Ss that are facing new challenges & we must shift our instruction to match. #txeduchat #mnlead
  16. Jessica, instructional specialist, from Waco, TX- public Montessori PK3-8 #txeduchat #mnlead
  17. @GustafsonBrad A1 having a creativity and freedom should be central in your learning paradigm #MNlead #txeduchat
  18. A1: Understanding that school should reflect changes happening in our word requires we examine new models for learning #MNlead #txeduchat
  19. A1. My belief is that are greatest growth comes when we are uncomfortable and new paradigms provide that opportunity. #MNlead #txeduchat
  20. @TurnbullChris Which is hard for teachers since so many were successful in school doing it the old-fashioned way. #txeduchat
  21. A1: The 4 C's: Collaboration, Communication, Critical Thinking, & Creativity = awesomeness! Standardized testing = YUCK! #txeduchat #mnlead
  22. A1: if theres no progression going forward, the result is stagnation. A new edu paradigm is the beginning of the shift. #txeduchat #mnlead
  23. @Tom_Kilgore #TXeduchat "Ts must realize they are part of a fundamental shift in the learning process" A quote from ONT Ministry doc! ✅✅
  24. A1 A new paradigm is important because our kids are going to live in a different world and it's our job to prepare them #txeduchat #mnlead
  25. A1. We have to continually grow. It is important to prepare Ss for their future, not our past. #txeduchat #mnlead
  26. Reading "Mindset" by Carol Dweck helped me grow in so many ways #mnlead #txeduchat
  27. A1: One size doesn't fit all. Ss crave relevance and authenticity. #txeduchat #mnlead
  28. A1) Because schools look too much like when I was a kid more than 40 years ago. #mnlead #txeduchat
  29. A1 New paradigms critical b/c Ss enter a world with unparalleled potential. Need to be as ready as possible to engage. #mnlead #txeduchat
  30. #MNlead #TXeduchat a1educators cannot expect that the new outcomes to be met by practicing what is comfortable, dare to be different.
  31. A1: We need to constantly change with our students. We don't teach with overheads or 8 tracks anymore. #txeduchat
  32. A1 Today's students need a different education from what most of today's teachers had to be ready for tomorrow's jobs. #TXeduchat
  33. A1: paradigm shift... Change can be either good or bad, either way Ts and Ss learn something #txeduchat #mnlead
  34. Good Lord we're cooking with gas tonight. Twitter feed is BLOWING up! Dedicated educators north & South!! #MNlead #TXeduchat
  35. @MrsJones_Merton Students need a chance to own their learning, create something. Testing rarely allows that. #txeduchat
  36. The worst phrase in education? "We've always done it that way" #mnlead #txeduchat
  37. @GustafsonBrad the world is different then when I went through school. Teaching should reflect that #txeduchat #mnlead
  38. A1:#txeduchat #mnlead Corporate america must always seek best practices to best serve their customers. Why would education be any different?
  39. A1 Disagree that Ss learn differently now than before. Learning is learning but Ss need diff skills to process info now #MNlead #txeduchat
  40. @TurnbullChris This change could be done well, or not so well. What are the signs of a successful paradigm shift? #MNlead #TXeduchat
  41. #mnlead #txeduchat Jenny, Health/PE in Saint Paul, MN I am also doing mom things, will try to participate
  42. A1) Need to push student's thinking. Who knows what jobs they'll hold in the future. Build life long learners. #txeduchat #mnlead
  43. Erik B. P of WHS in Washington, IA. Trying mult. edchats tonight. A1- World is moving forward. If U are not, U are moving back. #txeduchat
  44. A1: ALL students learning the skills to prepare them to be engaging citizens and innovative professionals. #txeduchat #mnlead
  45. A1: the future is unknown for students in school and we have to prepare them for the unknown. The 4c's will be critical! #txeduchat #mnlead
  46. A! - we must teach our students in a way that prepares them to be ready for the 21st century - the 4 Cs #txeduchat mnlead
  47. A1: The world in which we live is always evolving. Pedagogy must follow the constant transformation. #mnlead #txeduchat
  48. @tracyacramer @bretdom #txeduchat check out "Growing Success" from the ONT Ministry of Education. It's a great foundation for such a shift!
  49. @sjctex In many cases kids are already living in a dif world-schools need to catch up and make learning relevant to them #txeduchat #mnlead
  50. A1: when we get comfortable we stop learning ourselves... We need to push for positive change to challenge ourselves for our Ss #txeduchat
  51. A1 Because the first and easiest thing to replace is sameness #mnlead #txeduchat
  52. A1 What we're doing now isn't working for today's students. Something has to change now. Our students can't wait. #mnlead #txeduchat
  53. #txeduchat a1: Its important because it helps us to remain current to our Ss.
  54. @bretdom you are absolutely right...we are no longer teaching mayberry we were teaching blackberry...stay current #txeduchat #mnlead
  55. #mnlead #txeduchat @KPDonovan school board member Mahtomedi and Minnesota School Boards Association president
  56. A1: #txeduchat #mnlead We CANNOT get stuck in a rut.research/read/learn.Do what it takes to help your Ss succeed in life-not just school
  57. @TechNinjaTodd #mnlead #txeduchat It's a safety response. I say back, "What if we tried...How would that look?"
  58. Agreed, we should provide both! MT @fab5thgrade: A1: 1 size doesn't fit all. Ss crave relevance & authenticity. #txeduchat #mnlead
  59. A1 the world and our students' needs are changing. We need to keep up. In fact, we should be leading the way! #MNlead #TXeduchat
  60. A2 Looking at what is best for students. learning and teaching definitely has shifted #txeduchat #MNlead
  61. #mnlead B/c status quo doesn't work any more & b/c tech support for continious excellence in pedagogy is available. #mnlead #txeduchat A1
  62. @chris_bussmann No kidding. And I thought #mnlead could be a fire hose from time to time. Wow! Great stuff. #txeduchat
  63. A1: Paradigm alone doesn't produce growth--accountability and culture play big role. #MNlead #txeduchat
  64. #MNlead #TXeduchat start by teaching me how t read this speed of light chat.
  65. @artwithbailey Teaching is a high anxiety profession. It's easy to substitute comfort for quality. #txeduchat
  66. A1: We must grow & change w/ the world around us if we want to prepare our Ss for life outside of school. #txeduchat #mnlead
  67. Q2 Everything is bigger in Texas. What is one BIG idea you've tried to connect students to an authentic audience? #MNlead #TXeduchat
  68. A1 I like this analogy for redefinition of schl environs & learning environ: Spider vs starfish  http://youtu.be/wc1ZFTnSSVM  #mnlead #txeduchat
  69. A1: “If we teach today’s students as we taught yesterday’s, we rob them of tomorrow.” ― John Dewey #txeduchat
  70. -->>Q2 Everything is bigger in Texas. What is one BIG idea you've tried to connect students to an authentic audience? #MNlead #TXeduchat
  71. A1 Learning is what students do teachers must remember they can get facts anytime anywhere. Different than what we had #MNlead #TXeduchat
  72. @GustafsonBrad Allowing for stu voice & choice, technology integration, stu centered instruction, parental involvement #mnlead #txeduchat
  73. A1: school can be rural/urban; wealthy/poor...a paradigm shift doesn't cost anything. It startsw/a state of mind #mnlead #txeduchat
  74. A1 This is only 1 of 10 imp work skills of 2020. How does this fit our current learning paradigm? #txeduchat #mnlead http://t.co/uSrGheWVPL
    A1 This is only 1 of 10 imp work skills of 2020. How does this fit our current learning paradigm? #txeduchat #mnlead pic.twitter.com/uSrGheWVPL
  75. A2: Matched 5th graders with 8th graders and asked 8th graders to evaluate student projects in social studies. #MNlead #TXeduchat
  76. A2. I have been doing #geniushour with Ss and trying to connect them w/experts in the community #txeduchat #mnlead
  77. @TechNinjaTodd agreed ... When possible, I try to create new traditions and learning #txeduchat #MNlead
  78. Q2 What is one BIG idea you've tried to connect students to an authentic audience? #MNlead #TXeduchat
  79. My Goodness... I can't even keep up with TweetDeck. Easy on the caffeine, #txeduchat #mnlead
  80. A2: We've connected with authors, athletes, @WhiteHouse, and other kids making waves, through GHO & Skype #mnlead #txeduchat
  81. A2 the idea that what i am teaching can be used outside my class/school. ask them how can u use this in life as exit tix #txeduchat #mnlead
  82. #txeduchat Can't have growth mindset if you don't accept that current system is broken & that #edreform is not where we will find solution
  83. @Pomme_ed true, there is so much to learn... Makes you wonder how anyone stops? #txeduchat #mnlead
  84. @yabooksandmore A growth mindset is the most powerful skill we can help Ss master! #mnlead #txeduchat
  85. @GustafsonBrad We will see it in students seeking knowledge for the sake of knowledge. They do it out of school already #MNlead #TXeduchat
  86. Evening everyone! Carlie from WI, 3rd, 4th, 5th multiage Teacher. #mnlead #TXeduchat
  87. I wish I could participate. Love the topic. . I teach Health/PE in Saint Paul. Doing mom things & doing #mnlead #txeduchat Wi #iaedchat
  88. A2) I'm trying it now.. 1st time with #20Time and student created ipad video tutorials... hope it goes well #txeduchat .
  89. A2: I've tried blogging but never tweeted them to reach an audience. #txeduchat
  90. A1: means taking risks as an admin that inspire Ts to take risks, there for inspiring Ss. Excited to transform learning #txeduchat #mnlead
  91. A2: By providing a collaborative school blog, school hashtag, and school twitter account that students/staff all run #MNlead #txeduchat
  92. Project based learning with cooperating classroom in another district. Blogging about tasks #mnlead #txeduchat
  93. A2: Blogs, GHO w/ authors, & #mysteryskype all provide an authentic exciting audience for students. #txeduchat #mnlead
  94. #txeduchat a2: (If i understand the ? correctly) I have tried to get them to see that others are interested in what they have to say
  95. A1 Sitting quietly with hands folded on the desk has left the building. If you're there you've missed the boat. #TXeduchat #MNlead
  96. Connecting our students with organizations like @ClassroomChamps that connects them with Olympic athletes is HUGE #mnlead #txeduchat
  97. A2 I teach K and have been working w/ my littles on #geniushour and making real life connections #txeduchat #mnlead we do a lot of wondering
  98. #txeduchat A1 Not being a T, as a parent looking in, stuff (pedagogy, activities, presentation) should be evolving. Change happens.
  99. A-1: To support and reinforce the lofty goal of students being college and career ready #mnlead #txeduchat
  100. A2: Helped connect Ss with other students from around the world. #txeduchat #mnlead
  101. A2 We connect to @TonySinanis and @JohnFritzky schools and use the #StuConnect hashtag to share out student awesomeness. #MNlead #TXeduchat
  102. A2) We blog. Working to increase the audience beyond the teacher. Connect to other classes via @edmodo #txeduchat #mnlead
  103. @MrKlinge i love having the ss teach ts. so empowering for them. and the ts shutup for them not me! #txeduchat #mnlead
  104. A2: #geniushour projects & blogging reflections. Connecting w/ outside experts to learn about topics of their choice. #txeduchat #mnlead
  105. A2: I love students learning to create digital movies to share their story. #txeduchat #mnlead
  106. #mnlead #txeduchat A2: Cross-age book buddies. LOVE how connected kids get to one another, how they start to care and go beyond the books!
  107. #MNlead #TXeduchat #geniushour and connecting with @PaulSolarz students to read their Incredible Passion Projects.
  108. @TechNinjaTodd @WhiteHouse This is a great learning opportunity! We have connected authors with elementary Ss. #txeduchat #mnlead
  109. A2. March Madness project.Can be done in any subject. Connected Ss/classes. Collaboration, Reflection + Voting. #txeduchat #mnlead
  110. A2: Worked via Skype w/high school science Ss in my 5th class to ask questions & research along w/them #txeduchat #mnlead
  111. #txeduchat A1 Bums me out to see/hear when learning spaces look like what I sent through decades ago.
  112. A2: Having students blog about how historical concepts apply to them or their world. Need to increase our audience. #mnlead #txeduchat
  113. A2 Inviting experts to skype w class help with PBL project- Ss will learn from the best and blog to world,create pres. #txeduchat #mnlead
  114. A2: Authentic audience is when my 5th graders participate in a twitter chat called #stu2stuchat twice a month! #txeduchat #mnlead
  115. A2 We've connected with @Buncee to create projects, reached out to authors& illustrators and other schools in BISD #Bthe1 #TXeduchat
  116. @SoontobeEdD Right it's that simple. We have them form groups like social networks to learn together. It's how they work anyway #txeduchat
  117. A2: I want to collect my classroom with another math class somewhere else! #txeduchat
  118. @J_Bimmerle There is a quote on Twitter about wanting schools that kids literally run to; that they never want to leave. #MNlead #TXeduchat
  119. Q2They say everything is bigger in TexasWhat is one big idea you’ve tried to connect students to an authentic audience? #MNlead #TXeduchat
  120. A2) I have classes Skyping with other classrooms around the country. #mnlead #txeduchat
  121. @BarbaraGruener Love this idea--wonder what I could set up with the middle/high school! #MNlead #TXeduchat
  122. A2: Discussed and used social media as a way of sharing our learning & connecting with others learning, as well. #txeduchat #mnlead
  123. A2) just like a Texas Two Step, Coteaching has provided more authentic learning because we pay better attention to Ss #mnlead #txeduchat
  124. A2: 1 to 1 environment, Schoology & Google have redefined when, where, and how. Anytime collaboration! #MNlead #TXeduchat
  125. A2: Mystery Skype with @irishscott Kidblog and #comments4kids Classroom twitter accounts Skype with authors! #txeduchat #mnlead
  126. Having students Skype or chat with other students with the same special needs. Opens doors, eliminates stigma. #txeduchat #spedchat
  127. @MrKlinge We are discussing this and will be implementing as we move forward. #txeduchat #mnlead
  128. as well opening the world to our classroom w/ Skype and twitter...its a small world after all #txeduchat #mnlead
  129. A2: Service Learning Projects...did a great learning/give back on Veterans Day that impacted students and vets #txeduchat #mnlead
  130. @MrsJones_Merton Yes! I need to do that too! Remind me- lots in my head right now #txeduchat #mnlead
  131. @mcnairan3 @stretcheducate My goal = to get 100% of our staff to teach using 21st century technology. This is huge growth or all #txeduchat
  132. A2. Using GHOs for our Passion Projects to connect with experts. #txeduchat #mnlead
  133. A2 Our MS Ss write, create, & produce a morning news program for their peers & the web. As authentic as it gets! #mnlead #txeduchat
  134. A2 After research, we wrote on testing to the TX education commissioner. That was some very intense letter writing. #txeduchat #mnlead
  135. A2) Connecting with audiences around the world through blogging! #txeduchat @ljcallies #mnlead
  136. @MrsJones_Merton What kind of feedback have you received from Ss or parents on it Heidi? #txeduchat #mnlead
  137. A2 Hoping to get some classes connected through @MyBigCampus to other schools for history classes working on it now #MNlead #TXeduchat
  138. Texas and Minnesota are on fire tonight! Love this! Awesome chat! #txeduchat #mnlead
  139. A1 The current system of edu is not reflect of the current or future world. #mnlead #txeduchat
  140. A2 Access,Access,Access! To tools, teachers, each other, technology, community. How we connect. All students need access.#txeduchat #mnlead
  141. A2 - Getting teachers connected on Twitter and Facebook was great first step! #txeduchat #mnlead
  142. We know that #txeduchat is moving fast tonight. You won't miss anything, we archive the chat every week at  http://txeduchat.com  #mnlead
  143. A2: Enjoy tweeting pictures and S comments to authors as we read their work in book club or lit circles #mnlead #txeduchat
  144. A2: allowing and explaining mistakes as normal part of life, using mine to show learning, and learning via speakers #TXeduchat #mnlead
  145. @urbie I agree. My Ss created a video about education last week. When I post it, I will tag you in, I think you will enjoy! #txeduchat
  146. @mmiller7571 It doesn't get much more real than that, Melinda! I bet students LOVE the authentic feedback. @irishscott #MNlead #TXeduchat
  147. Many of my Ts tweet out photos of what's going on in their classrooms to share their learning #mnlead #txeduchat
  148. #txeduchat A2 Participating in #EdCamps in Tx, Az, Ca have really helped up my practice. Tools/processes for design, prototyping..
  149. @mahillmann That sounds great! Ever think about creating a YouTube channel to share with other schools? #mnlead #txeduchat
  150. @tracyacramer Small and exciting. Our students are competing between districts to form empires using online resources. #txeduchat
  151. @txeduchat it's still a work in progress 4 the big thing. Ss are going to a Ted talk in May for #geniushour. #txeduchat #mnlead A2
  152. A2 #geography students in my class use  http://we-explore.com/  to ask real world questions and seek real world solutions #MNlead #txeduchat
  153. #TXeduchat Jena Ball, CritterKin Writer, illustrator and co-creator of the Not Perfect Hat Club tweeting from NC
  154. @mmiller7571 Any stories to highlight from them taking the plunge into social media Melinda? #txeduchat #mnlead
  155. A2 promoting Twitter and my love hate relationship with it to all our teachers. I learn so much here, but its so fast! #MNlead #TXeduchat
  156. @THEJamieHenning #mnlead #txeduchat If you can dream it, it can be done. Empower Ss to help. They'll know what they want/need for it to work
  157. Question 3 in 30 seconds. This cross-state conversation is epic! #MNlead #TXeduchat
  158. A2 Using @Skype to reach out when students have a question. No longer trying to know the answer. Having Ss reach out to find it #TXeduchat
  159. A2 #geniushour how we can help (homeless, food needs). wonder wall @Wonderopolis inspired. Tweet w/authors #txeduchat #mnlead
  160. A2 - Starting with small connections and build from there. Even one thing the first year is a great start! #mnlead #txeduchat
  161. A2: I ask the local public librarian into school, Ss able to hear diverse perspectives in book talk #mnlead #txeduchat
  162. A2: We have a student setting up a student voice website to have Ss raise issues and discuss solutions - #stuvoice #MNlead #txeduchat
  163. @mahillmann #txeduchat I hope they have been introduced to #touchcast. Complete studio 7 broadcast network in one app.
  164. Chris Fisher here...tuning in late...A1: new paradigms are important because we don't live in a stagnant world (to be cont.) #txeduchat
  165. A1 Sneed engagement in understanding themselves as lrnrs,their passions,growing dispositions 2overcome unknown challenges #mnlead #txeduchat
  166. @Tom_Kilgore Ss love it! Haven't received feedback from parents...something to think about! #txeduchat #mnlead
  167. Q3 Brrr...Minnesota winters are cool but so are our schools! How have you amplified student voice in a COOL way? #MNlead #TXeduchat
  168. A2: Sometimes it's a simple as finding another class in your school to buddy up with! #txeduchat #mnlead
  169. I have definitely reached out with twitter to connect with Ss. #mnlead #txeduchat
  170. @GustafsonBrad A school stuents run to would be a dream come true. THey love to learn but want a voice #MNlead #TXeduchat
  171. ---->>MT Q3 Brrr...Minnesota winters are cool but so are our schools! How have you amplified student voice in a COOL way? #MNlead #TXeduchat
  172. We share tons of kids celebrations on Twitter and Facebook! #mnlead #txeduchat
  173. @MrsJones_Merton I'm going to have to hit you up later to learn more...sounds so great for kids!! #MNlead #TXeduchat
  174. #mnlead #txeduchat My husband Skyped as a guest scientist from NASA with schools in TN & IL this past week. Such a win-win!
  175. Q3 Brrr...Minnesota winters are cool but so are our schools! How have you amplified student voice in a COOL way? #MNlead #TXeduchat
  176. A2: Agreed @Owl_b_TorresEdu #servicelearning is powerful and authentic, it takes project based learning to the next level #mnlead #txeduchat
  177. A3: I also try to recognize "Student Genius" throughout the week on the morning announcements #mnlead #txeduchat
  178. A1 (cont): the education we provide needs to be a flexible system with the ability to adapt to how the world changes #txeduchat
  179. Q3 Minnesota winters are cool, but so are our schools! How have you amplified student voice in a COOL way in your state? #MNlead #TXeduchat
  180. A3 when ss ask me to play a game or activity i ask them to connect it to our unit #txeduchat #mnlead also have ss teach my lessons
  181. A3: Very excited about our #LHS1to1 Summer Conference where we will be having a series of students give Day 2 keynote #MNlead #txeduchat
  182. @MrKlinge That team is sooo amazing! Those Ss are going places; I know you have put a lot of time into it, & it shows. #mnlead #txeduchat
  183. A3) Hmm... looking for ideas. Should write to our politicians. Student showcases beyond Open House utilizing digital platforms. #txeduchat
  184. A3. In my after-school program we have round table discussions for ideas- impt. they know it is our program -not mine. #txeduchat #mnlead
  185. A3 create global projects with oth pe ts that show my ss doing balances and gymnastics #txeduchat #mnlead
  186. @JasonMMarkey Phenomenal. So inspiring. Would love to see a blog or link (or interview your students) about this opp. #MNlead #TXeduchat
  187. @TechNinjaTodd We struggle with getting teacher open to do this, any suggestions on how to get them to embrace #MNlead #TXeduchat this?
  188. A3: Give Ss the learning outcome. They determine how to get there & the measurement to define level of mastery. #MNlead #TXeduchat
  189. Authentic audience on a global level is impt, also remember the authentic audience you can use from your own community #mnlead #txeduchat
  190. @MrsJones_Merton @Tom_Kilgore Next #stu2stuchat is this Wed 10-10:20 am CST.Our topic is writing. Pls have your Ss join! #mnlead #txeduchat
  191. Hey #txeduchat friends I’m liking your answers to Q2 but I can’t seem to find Q2.
  192. A3: Started a Social Media Intern program. Students manage our Facebook and Instagram accounts #txeduchat #mnlead
  193. A3 create global project where ss demonstrate bodyweight exercises and other ss explain them and modify them #txeduchat #mnlead
  194. A2 My Ss have been equally excited to tweet & write postcards to other classes. They just want to be connected @fab5thgrade #txeduchat
  195. A1: the new paradigm really involves student choice and student voice. Sounds great but achieving it takes thought and work. #txeduchat
  196. A3: By giving them choice in the classroom and opportunities to share what is working and what isn't. #txeduchat #mnlead
  197. A3: It's COOL to be kind. Ss are leading this week's #greatkindnesschallenge tallying & charting our acts of #kindness #txeduchat #mnlead
  198. Students work with artists to create art similar to models. Link student explanations via QR code on gallery walk wall #mnlead #txeduchat
  199. A3: #txeduchat #mnlead Provide choices, the mediums to share/create such as blogs, social media, podcasts, etc.
  200. A3) Giving students choice in how they showcase their learning. #txeduchat #mnlead
  201. A2: Skype calls/interviews with authors & artists following a project inspired by their work #mnlead #txeduchat @bretdom
  202. @txeduchat A3 have them wire the tutorials and write about their experience. Best way to craft your course #TXeduchat
  203. @JasonMMarkey @GustafsonBrad This sounds amazing. Empowering for HS students to know they can make a difference. #mnlead #txeduchat
  204. A3: used @voxer to ask Q to my Ss & others: @KerryHawk02 @lisa_hollenbach , Ss got to hear each other on common topic #txeduchat #mnlead
  205. @mmiller7571 @stretcheducate How do we get everyone connected on Twitter, teachers, admin, Bd of Ed? This PD improves schools #txeduchat
  206. A3 I do the BNN morning show daily and highlight student achievement by them bringing in their awards, medals to share #Bthe1 #TXeduchat
  207. A3: I used to always let my Ss decide how our classroom would be designed! We changed every 6 wks #mnlead #txeduchat
  208. A3 - student voice is so important, start w/ baby steps in K...giving them choice and using PBL lots of voices being heard #txeduchat
  209. A3: would love to bring an Innovation style class like @DonWettrick's to #Litch465 to really give students a voice. #mnlead #txeduchat
  210. @KLirenman Q2: Everything is bigger in Texas. What is one BIG idea you've tried to connect students to an authentic audience? #TXeduchat
  211. A3) we’ve put a lot of choice to the student worked to be flexible and allow for student choices and goal setting. #mnlead #txeduchat
  212. A3 LISTEN to what S want and create experiences>motivation to blog and connect w world #txeduchat #mnlead http://t.co/CqSpMo9YnG
    A3 LISTEN to what S want and create experiences>motivation to blog and connect w world #txeduchat #mnlead pic.twitter.com/CqSpMo9YnG
  213. A3: I started a multi-grade school newspaper, but I couldn't manage alone, and I had to stop due to lack of support. :( #MNlead #TXeduchat
  214. A3: We asked Ss what they were "wild to learn" about then we developed after school enrichment opportunities based on it #mnlead #txeduchat
  215. @TurnbullChris BOOM! Love this idea in every sense of the word. I bet students are on fire for learning/creating! #MNlead #TXeduchat
  216. #TXeduchat A1: Big idea=Perfect is not an option. Was working w/Ss who were upset about not being perfect. Start of #NotPerfectHatClub
  217. A3: I have Ss write via Google, make videos. I listen when they are excited about something tie it to lessons #txeduchat
  218. @BarbaraGruener Great opportunity for those students! We have superstars in every community, we should profile them. #txeduchat #mnlead
  219. I encourage students to post to our school blog and design student tutorial videos.  http://ln.is/blogspot.com/Fg3hQ  #txeduchat
  220. Sugg: Open 2 of the same window in TD. One scrolls as usual; on other pull scroll tab down a bit 2 contl movemt at yr command #txeduchat
  221. @txeduchat A3 have them explain to others what they have learn and explain the process #mnlead #txeduchat
  222. A3- Actually record student voice! QR codes, podcasts, share voice through Evernote recordings #txeduchat #mnlead
  223. A3 Students created a periodic table that activated student created videos with a QR code. I was impressed! #txeduchat #mnlead
  224. #txeduchat #mnlead They must be given time, place, permission, and be told their thoughts are valuable, even if just used as stepping stones
  225. @wadestanford New pathways yet undiscovered are found by Ss when we get out of the way! #txeduchat #mnlead
  226. A3. Students also get to create and amplify their voice in our Maker Space. #mnlead #txeduchat
  227. A3: started using QR codes with artwork tags to further our reach! #mnlead #pisdvisualart #txeduchat
  228. A3: Involving students in the process of tech integration through #DigitalLeadership rather than recipients. Tech teams. #mnlead #txeduchat
  229. .@TeachinglilJohn has students record their reviews of books, and using Augmented Reality to share! #mnlead #txeduchat
  230. @tracyacramer By HS our Ss form teams and they make their own classroom rules, we don't need any of from the Ts anymore. #txeduchat
  231. A3) Used apps that allowed students to record their reading to share with parents at conferences. #mnlead #txeduchat
  232. Remember to grow your PLN by following others that participated in the #mnlead and #txeduchat chat tonight!
  233. @JasonMMarkey Brilliant, let the students help show teachers why changes are important #MNlead #TXeduchat
  234. A2: (Sorry I'm late!) Having Ss write theories to an Egyptologist regarding a mysterious tunnel in the tomb of Seti I. #txeduchat
  235. A2: I teach aquatic science and promote conservation with my Ss and connect with Marine Biologists via Twitter #MNlead #txeduchat
  236. A3: When we build a culture of #stuvoice on trust & empathy students will lead us to the answer of what school should be #MNlead #txeduchat
  237. A2:Just scratching the surface on S e-portfolios. Ss already benefiting from peer feedback & excited @ broader audience. #txeduchat #mnlead
  238. #mnlead we use @TouchCast to tell Ss story wkly - it's sent out 2 Ps. Now my sch uses it for daily news done w/ stu anchors. #txeduchat A3
  239. A3: have students report on strategies that work for them in their own Learning Biography. Tells Ts and Ps how they learn best #txeduchat
  240. A2 We connect weekly (or a few times a week) with certain far away classes so we are building real relationships with them. #txeduchat
  241. A-3 Twitter through our TV's questions for student voice. Then let them respond and apply thoughts to teacher discussions. #txeduchat
  242. @sandyrotto @GustafsonBrad Wait! You know Brad! Awesome! The world is getting smaller and smaller every day! #txeduchat #mnlead
  243. Q4 How might we cultivate meaningful connectivity and responsible digital learning in our schools? Why does this matter? #MNlead #TXeduchat
  244. @J_Bimmerle Absolutely, I always try to have students join in whenever possible on presentations/webinars/etc #MNlead #txeduchat
  245. @DavidJHuber baby steps! If you talk about it all the time they get interested. Takes time and relevant connection:) #txeduchat
  246. #txeduchat #mnlead @bnighrogain These are so exciting. One of our classes this year skyped w a class from Chile.
  247. Just got followed by @BluntEducator anyone who knows me probably thinks I am him. #mnlead #txeduchat
  248. Trying to multi task and it is not working- so many good tweets and ideas to keep up with! #txeduchat 👍
  249. A2 We invite “REAL EXPERTS” or the “People behind the apps” into our classroom to give them our feedback. #txeduchat
  250. @PadgetCervantes I use @FreshGrade in K and both ps and ss love them. My k's are excited to share their learning love it #txeduchat #mnlead
  251. A3: As instr. coach encouraging Ts to listen to Ss opinion...tough for some people to do, but makes huge diff to Ss. #txeduchat #mnlead
  252. @Pomme_ed @tracyacramer I do this with 5th graders as well--community circles also open lots of doors! #MNlead #TXeduchat
  253. A3: amp up Ss voice in class by giving a space for them to reflect on their learning! #mnlead #txeduchat http://t.co/RuLaxs9uVI
    A3: amp up Ss voice in class by giving a space for them to reflect on their learning! #mnlead #txeduchat pic.twitter.com/RuLaxs9uVI
  254. A3. Our #geniushour projects are some of the best ways for Ss to have their voices heard. #txeduchat #mnlead
  255. A3: S voice so important in changes we R making 2 school library. Love 2 use @flipgrid 2 record & share thier ideas. #mnlead #txeduchat
  256. @robpennington9 @JasonMMarkey @GustafsonBrad #TXeduchat Best way 4 Ss 2 learn - Apply skills in RL settings that empower 2 make difference.
  257. Q4 How might we cultivate meaningful connectivity and responsible digital learning in our schools? Why does this matter? #MNlead #TXeduchat
  258. .@s_bearden was just talking about students programming with @Crescerance and creating a Rainbow Room App #mnlead #txeduchat
  259. @snydesn2 Why hello there, friend! Great to "see" you! Hope you had a nice weekend! #txeduchat #mnlead
  260. A2: Students need 24hr access to visual information, think databases. Google not always enough. #MNlead #TXeduchat
  261. A2 we beta test apps we like so we can help them make them better for other students just like mine. #txeduchat
  262. A3: We also use an "elective" once a week where students have a choice of 7 different classroom options. They love it! #txeduchat
  263. Q4 How might we cultivate meaningful connectivity and responsible digital learning in our schools? Why or why not?? #MNlead #TXeduchat
  264. I have a teacher who tweets with another class daily! Great use of learning and social media! #mnlead #txeduchat
  265. A2: I also introduce the amazing world to them every week via quick 2-5 minute videos on Monday to show them the world #MNlead #txeduchat
  266. #txeduchat Not living in Tx or Mn I think this century has 2 be about Ss becoming makers & doers using every available medium 2 tell stories
  267. A4 we need to teach ss how to be responsible as well as how important it is to connect with teh world #txeduchat #mnlead
  268. A3: I plan to use @RemindHQ voice feature for my Ss to share audio messages w/families. So great for speaking skills,too #mnlead #txeduchat
  269. .@mattBgomez always shows great examples of using social media with Kinder students!! #mnlead #txeduchat
  270. A3: I sold teacher passes in our @ClassDojo shop. The students (as teachers) taught lessons based on their own interests #mnlead #txeduchat
  271. A3: When my students receive comments on their projects from others, they step up their game! Authentic audience = Drive! #txeduchat #mnlead
  272. @TechNinjaTodd we do the same thing in K...there are a group of K classes that tweet regularly, the connections are HUGE #txeduchat #mnlead
  273. @JenaiaMorane Jena, What does this look like in the classroom and how can administrators better support? #MNlead #TXeduchat
  274. A4) Whatever we do in terms of digital learning MUST be purposeful, not just digital for the sake of technology #txeduchat #mnlead
  275. A4: We must connect! It's the way of the world! One way our class connects is thru our twitter page: @jonesclass103 #txeduchat #mnlead
  276. A4: Implement technology as a way to make learning meaningful & not just for the sake of using it. #txeduchat #mnlead
  277. A4 Cultivating #diglit is essential to our work moving forward. Engage Ss & Ts at all levels by asking what needs to be known. #txeduchat
  278. A4: first by modeling responsible and meaning digital relationships with other connected educators! #mnlead #edumatch #txeduchat
  279. #Txeduchat Created #NotPerfectHatClub=book & PBL designed 2 teach Ss no 1 is perfect & they themselves are uniquely & perfectly Not Perfect
  280. A4: I encourage students to be creators not merely consumers ... and to share that with the world #txeduchat
  281. A4 Step a little deeper in the SM water. It's a connected world and students need to use it to benefit their education. #txeduchat #mnlead
  282. A4) Classroom Twitter accounts and connected educators who collaborate and connect their students. #MNlead #txeduchat
  283. Q4 How might we cultivate meaningful connectivity and responsible digital learning in our schools? Why does this matter? #MNlead #TXeduchat
  284. @tyLanasaurusrex Because that isn't failure, it's the start of learning. Just like proficient means more than good grades. #txeduchat
  285. A4. We need to model appropriate use of SM for connecting and learning - not ban it. #txeduchat #mnlead
  286. A4. So many opportunities to share projects/discussions. #digicit needs to be taught + modeled in all schools #txeduchat #mnlead
  287. Pair up classroom in districts & allow students to collaborate digitally on projects & share products #mnlead #txeduchat
  288. A4: we discuss being a responsible digital citizen during summer training when they pick up devices #txeduchat
  289. #mnlead #txeduchat Keep going gang of awesome edus! My headache says go to bed asap!! Blessings on your week. Celebrate growth!!
  290. A4 We have a few elem Ts allowing Ss to Tweet classroom activities during the day. Learning @ connectivity. #txeduchat #mnlead
  291. @artwithbailey Love this! Have seen powerful learning from peer feedback and immediate desire to improve projects. #txeduchat #mnlead
  292. A4: Ts must conquer their digital fears and model for Ss and teach parents #TXeduchat #mnlead
  293. @khurdhorst Are you still not feeling well? Take care of yourself, dear friend! #mnlead #txeduchat
  294. @algebrakamminga Good first step. We need open networks at schools to allow Ss to practice what they learn. too much blocking #txeduchat
  295. A4 #mnlead #txeduchat By modeling! I want my students to see how I and our teachers use digital learning/media
  296. A4 - We need to connect the digital learning to who our Ss are not to the content. Otherwise "meaningful" doesn't happen.#txeduchat #mnlead
  297. A4: When we did our first mysteryskype w/ @sandyrotto my Ss asked if we could do this every Friday!They love connecting! #txeduchat #mnlead
  298. A3- run @Socrative to collect, in secrecy, student voices. They know code and can fill out survey quickly #cantseeeverything #txeduchat
  299. A4.1 Responsibility key. Ss need support & guided reflection when making mistakes. Important to be a successful adult. #mnlead #txeduchat
  300. A3 Started an Instagram wall for my homeroom to display student voice. #txeduchat #mnlead http://t.co/mKYjrTxpNQ
    A3 Started an Instagram wall for my homeroom to display student voice. #txeduchat #mnlead pic.twitter.com/mKYjrTxpNQ
  301. A4 it starts with digital citizenship. We must teach our students to respect themselves as well as others online. #TXeduchat
  302. A3: Using CCSS skills to teach Ss how to express & validate their own ideas with evidence helps ensure their ideas are heard! #txeduchat
  303. A4 Many great ideas about to do this on here tonight! Skype with experts, Twitter chats! Haven't tried, but want to! #MNlead #TXeduchat
  304. A3: #txeduchat #mnlead When Ss see the power of their voice, a sense of responsibility is intuited.
  305. A4: most pwrful form of responsible digital learning=make sure all staff on campus are on same page about its definition #mnlead #txeduchat
  306. A4 We're organizing ConnectED BINGO to facilitate meaningful connections & a love for reading. Stay tuned... #MNlead #TXeduchat #StuConnect
  307. A4: We can't get frustrated w/ Ss that are not using technology appropriately if they not been taught how and why. #txeduchat #mnlead
  308. A4 I believe students will surprise us with their responsible communication, they relish the opportunities #MNlead #TXeduchat
  309. A4: If we're not using the tools in a safe and protected environment, how will they learn? Love using SM with Ss #mnlead #txeduchat
  310. @PaulSolarz It also ups the game on the quality of the work that they want to present to others! #txeduchat #mnlead
  311. @sandyrotto @GustafsonBrad Love meeting my PLN F2F! It's the best! Can't wait to meet you in June, Sandy! #txeduchat #mnlead
  312. @mlament #txeduchat uncomfortable putting digital learning into a silo. Need to teach emotional literacy, kindness, empathy not just content
  313. A4) Start digital citizenship awareness the 1st day of K-12. This well serves all students & society-at-large. #txeduchat #mnlead