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Taking RISKs on #txeduchat with host @janamac

  1. Welcome all you AMAZING educators! We are so glad to get to spend another Sunday evening with you! #txeduchat http://t.co/g8HwrcptA6
    Welcome all you AMAZING educators! We are so glad to get to spend another Sunday evening with you! #txeduchat pic.twitter.com/g8HwrcptA6
  2. Q1. What is the biggest risk you’ve ever taken? WHY did you take it? What was the outcome? #txeduchat
  3. A1: Moving to TX to teach in a Middle College leaving everything behind for the chance to see the model in action. #txeduchat
  4. Hi @janamac A1: It's a tie between hitchhiking thru Europe and skydiving. Why? Girls just wanna have fun! #txeduchat
  5. A1: We shifted from 4 to 3 lunches and used the extra 30 minutes to make all Ts available to all Ss. We needed to get our Ss w Ts #txeduchat
  6. #txeduchat A1 Biggest risk I've ever taken? Besides deciding to be a parent probably enlisting in the US Navy… +
  7. A1 Biggest risk:switching from a class of 20-30 Ss to a classroom library of 500+. I aim to have the same impact as I did B4. #txeduchat
  8. A1 - I left a job to take a grant dependent job. No certainty after grant duration. Scariest thing ever. But worth it. #txeduchat
  9. #txeduchat A:1. Putting together literary and tech to create a new reading app.
  10. A1: I redesigned my classroom this year, no seating chart, tables, #studentled processes. Outcome = positive so far #txeduchat
  11. A1 Big Risk I've Taken- Maybe doing some ropes course activities- Did it bc wanted to prove to self that I could :) #txeduchat
  12. A1: Got married! Loved this woman! Bliss (almost) for over 25 years! 😄😄😄 #txeduchat
  13. A1: Making a change to the school where I work-opening a brand new school 3 yrs ago-lib @ center of school culture! #greatchange #txeduchat
  14. Getting my master's degree in administration + in SpEd; always a lifelong learner; knowing that I can help more Ss + Ts with this #txeduchat
  15. A1-My biggest risk was making the jump from elementary to high school my 3rd year. I've loved the jump and wouldn't go back. #txeduchat
  16. @janamac A1: I gave up control, and let Ss follow passions in all areas in an Inquiry project; they amazed me w/ their learning #txeduchat
  17. A1: I set a higher #bookfair goal for the #library. I wk @ a Title 1 school & took the risk to promote pleasure reading. #txeduchat
  18. A1: Biggest risk was becoming a supt. I took the risk because I had a great support group that believed in me. #txeduchat
  19. A1: Being transparent, vulnerable & personable w/ parents b/c Ss & Ps deserve it! I go ALL IN for the kiddos! #JobLove #txeduchat
  20. A1: I don't know if it's the BIGGEST risk I've ever taken but it certainly has paid off in a big, big, way...joining twitter! #txeduchat
  21. A1. Throwing curriculum out & focusing on #geniushour because I wanted what was best for my Ss. The outcome was REAL learning! #txeduchat
  22. A1: attempting blended learning w/my HS Ss when it was still in the infant stage outside of college...I still love it! #txeduchat
  23. A1 last year working w/a young man (runner) when things got tough. Stuck w/him, & when his door opened when he saw I cared. #txeduchat
  24. A1: removing all desks from my room. It worked out great! Gave Ss more flexibility in seating and created positive environment. #txeduchat
  25. A1 biggest risks: making school communication paperless #txeduchat
  26. A1: designing Google training for my campus w/my principal. Result-so awesome! We r rockin' #gafe #txeduchat
  27. A1: My biggest challenge was going back into the classroom after wrking as an admin in order to strengthen by T-ing foundation. #txeduchat
  28. A1: interviewing for a new position. I didn't get it. It made me hungrier for the change. I got the next one! #txeduchat
  29. A1 I packed up my life to find a new edu-home a yr ago. I left a troubled district to grow & find help for those who stayed. #txeduchat
  30. A1: Changing my major from pre-Med to Education during my 2nd year of college. I never looked back & have never regretted it! #txeduchat
  31. A1) Biggest risk taken was trying to run a version of edcamp with the students with them leading. Everyone loved it. #txeduchat
  32. A1: Probably ending a long career to start a new one serving learners. Has been so rewarding for me in so many ways! #txeduchat
  33. A1: Being on Twitter (avoided it like pickles); wanted to learn more; love it + applying knowledge to become a better teacher #txeduchat
  34. Q2.Think about courage involved in taking that risk, apply that courage to your class/school. What risks should you be taking? #txeduchat
  35. A2-Challenging students to really dig deep into curriculum by not accepting "IDK" as an answer. Really digging into student lives #txeduchat
  36. A2: I should be taking risks to reach outside our district to connect our kids. Always worried about rejection when reaching out #txeduchat
  37. #txeduchat A2 Ideating with peers and learners for new ways to engage and make learning experiential and visible.
  38. A2 For me being public with blog etc. was so scary that I couldn't breathe- couldn't click on publish- but I did it- still scary #txeduchat
  39. A2) Should be modeling risk taking to the students so that they take risks and innovate more in the process. #txeduchat
  40. A2 - I should be more vocal. I know I need to move forward and I can help my peeps do same. I need to speak up and bring it! #txeduchat
  41. A2: Courage comes from both passion & conviction. We need classrooms that create challenge and inspire Ss #txeduchat
  42. A2: Encourage the Ss to create #innovative ways to promote #literacy to others using #library resources. Ss recruit readers! #txeduchat
  43. A2 Innovative measures that meet Ss' needs in new ways. Reflecting on current practice and attempting new approaches. #txeduchat
  44. A2: We have to embrace vulnerability to encourage innovation, creativity, & change. Take risks. #txeduchat http://t.co/vamEpF7aDr
    A2: We have to embrace vulnerability to encourage innovation, creativity, & change. Take risks. #txeduchat pic.twitter.com/vamEpF7aDr
  45. A2 Putting self out there, sharing ideas and garnering both validation and criticism. #txeduchat
  46. A2: Listen to Ss, let them teach you something new, new technology, Ss centered! #txeduchat
  47. A2: Implementing new textbooks and teaching to more rigorous standards than ever before. #workshopmodel #txeduchat
  48. A2: building a Makerspace in my library this year-could go so many diff directions exciting/scary at the same time #txeduchat
  49. A2 more student centered decisions and discussions...drive them..expect them...lead them #txeduchat
  50. A2 Making the library an interactive, open 2 all, beyond the school day, when it's my 1st yr. Not every1feels iI should. #txeduchat
  51. A2: I regularly take risk in the classroom. Last year I decided to flip my entire curriculum. This year we r adding #gamification #txeduchat
  52. A2 I'm trying to bring staff with me in using GAFE at school. Baby steps. Getting kids on Twitter to tweet books read #txeduchat
  53. A2. Be willing to do what is best for Ss. Try new things, crazy things, and trust yourself as an educator. #txeduchat
  54. A2: Like Ss, Ts should meet other Ts + face the unknown. Could not see myself w/ Twitter, now could not live w/out Twitter #txeduchat
  55. A2: Understanding the different ways a person can learn. That's courage. That's caring! #txeduchat
  56. A2: I JUST talked 2 my class abt being brave & here is a video we made: #txeduchat  https://animoto.com/play/a54Rz43ePa1jOUCdP04kXw  Must have courage 2 take risks!
  57. A2:Courage to intentionally find voice to advocate for students & what is best for them. All students need to know they matter! #txeduchat
  58. A2: quit giving hw, talk less, let students lead, challenge silly traditions #txeduchat
  59. Q2 Feel like I'm always 1 foot from failure. Addicted to the adventure. #txeduchat
  60. A2: In my role, I have to continue to encourage others to be uncomfortable, to step outside their comfort zones. #txeduchat
  61. #txeduchat...A1. Venturing into social media more...still trying to get the hang of it.
  62. A2: Taking the knowledge of collaboration and inclusion & using it across all aspects of the campus for kiddos. #TXEduChat #SPEDchat
  63. A2: I feel the risks I take should be more about the potential reward for S's, less about how a setback might be perceived #txeduchat
  64. A2 Have the courage an wisdom to ask the questions that matter. Relationshps & connectedness matter more than anything. #txeduchat
  65. A2: My new AP said to us to "embrace the change." Now, taking more risks to help students w/ special needs + sharing tools w/ Ts #txeduchat
  66. Q3. Are you brave enough to risk putting yourself out there to make that change? Why or why not? #txeduchat
  67. A3: I am learning to be brave, embrace vulnerability, take risks, & really pursue what's best for Ss & Ts #txeduchat  https://twitter.com/janamac/status/640695501759746049 
  68. A3: I think I have to be more willing to let myself be challenged by new ideas, then be willing to act on them. #txeduchat
  69. A2: I want to connect with classrooms... In the U.S. And Globally this year! Mysteryskype and more collab! #txeduchat
  70. A3-I think I would definitely want to dive in. Isn't that what makes a good innovator, doing something different than others. 😁 #txeduchat
  71. A3: I'm brave enough because I've done it before. I've been fearful, burned, & even cried. It's still worth it. #txeduchat
  72. A3: Yes, the more you do it, the more comfortable you become, even when it flops! #txeduchat
  73. @janamac A3 I put myself on the edge of anything. Good data bad data it is all data #txeduchat
  74. #txeduchat A3 Posilutely! Sometimes it's not about the idea. Sharing something crazy leads to conversation. That's where we need to be..
  75. A2: I can honestly say that I've taken nothing but risk after risk the past three years and I love it. Starting #Innovation class #txeduchat
  76. A3 Yes. b4 #txeduchat started I submitted a google calendar of act to my principal. MakerSpace, Familynight, 0-3 yr Storytime. BoB, Etc.
  77. A3: Anything to help our kids learn, we can always do better by/for them and should always seek to improve ourselves in process #txeduchat
  78. A3: Braver now than I used to be...I can handle rejection/negativity better than before #txeduchat
  79. A2: we go all out to show power of student & teacher engagement, includin takin staff to NY first day back #txeduchat pic.twitter.com/Ev2nxf5AON
  80. A3: ABSOLUTELY! The kids deserve it. They are the sole reason I do what I do. They are my WHY. #TXEduChat @janamac
  81. A2: Any risks that r going to move Ss forward in life not just our class. If we cn articulate + outcome 4 Ss, no risk is 2 gr8. #txeduchat
  82. A3 when staff looks to you for direction in tech, it's hard not feeling confident in sharing but it's ok to learn together #txeduchat
  83. A3: I'm brave enough, but learned that when you speak out w/a posse the aversion group is more open to the change. #txeduchat
  84. #txeduchat A3 It's a #tlap thing. What are we afraid of? When I think of all those hooks waiting to be cast..
  85. A3 I think so. I may have to make a few personal & professional shifts too...very reflective questions tonight #txeduchat
  86. A3) Why not? Put yourself our there and take risks. After all as @TechNinjaTodd and @awelcome say... #KidsDeserveIt #txeduchat
  87. A3: I have a goal to have a completely transparent classroom this year. Everything we do I want to share w Ts,admin, all #txeduchat
  88. A3: As district leaders, if we aren't willing to take those risks, how can we ask our T's or S's to do the same thing? #txeduchat
  89. A3 Sometimes bravery comes in spurts. Maybe today you step back so that 1 day you can step out in front for a great risk. #txeduchat
  90. A3 I'm more brave now not only because I've risked at succeeded but more because I've risked and failed. #txeduchat
  91. A3 - This is where I have struggled. I have resolved this year to push the envelope, to do what's right for my schools, Ts & Ss. #txeduchat
  92. MT @DonWettrick: A2: I've taken nothing but risk after risk the past three years and I love it. Starting #Innovation class #txeduchat
  93. @sandeeteach @beyondtech1 Well that's interesting ... not my public persona, maybe, but my private self ... cowardly lion! #txeduchat
  94. A2: taking risks pushes the educational envelop that ultimately impacts children & outcomes! Don't sit on sidelines for average #txeduchat
  95. A3 There are many times when we must be the voice of the students. We have to put ourselves out there on behalf of our kiddos #txeduchat
  96. @jschwartzcen They need that AHA moment where they see the benefit and how it can impact their classroom. #txeduchat
  97. Allow me to recommend Rising Strong to #txeduchat tonight. It's wonderful. Read as you work through risks at school. http://t.co/dCOYn8FUg9
    Allow me to recommend Rising Strong to #txeduchat tonight. It's wonderful. Read as you work through risks at school. pic.twitter.com/dCOYn8FUg9
  98. @BarbaraGruener @sandeeteach one leap of faith. Someone out there is waiting to hear it. You may never know it #txeduchat
  99. A3: Always. Everything I do is for kids, so it's easy to put my neck out bc it's not about me; it's about them. #txeduchat
  100. @whitneykilgore so far faculty have told me I have done 3 dissertations worth of projects and written them up #txeduchat
  101. A3 It isn't simply a matter of bravery. Being successful at generating change is an acquired skill. #TxEduChat
  102. A3: YES! 21st century DEMANDS innovate + risk-taking! Ts are leaders for Ss, so we should show Ss sometimes risk is good! #txeduchat
  103. A2 - Find more ways to pull in the reluctant Ts. The Ss are easy to win over, the Ts, not always. #txeduchat
  104. A3: I'm willing to take any risk, any consequence, or any embarrassment 4 my Ss. #txeduchat
  105. A3: If you believe in what you're doing then you should believe in it enough to take a risk and execute! #txeduchat
  106. #txeduchat A3 One thing tho.. I'm going to scale way back on the #edcamps I go to. The deer are ahead on points.
  107. Q3 Yes! I will take the risk and just go for it when it comes to my kids! TRANSPARENCY! You only live once! #txeduchat
  108. A3: I am brave enough to keep taking those risks but it sure would be nice to have some others back you up once in a while. #txeduchat
  109. @sandeeteach haven't done it as much as I want. Plan to rectify that. My friend @lindamac65 calls it "living out loud" #txeduchat
  110. #txeduchat a3. I want to push myself to have the tough conversations with teachers that must be had.
  111. A3: I think so. Always difficult to "put yourself out there" but so worth it when Ss reap the benefits. #txeduchat
  112. A3 Making significant change requires playing the long game, and sometime continuing in the face of resistance. #TxEduChat
  113. #txeduchat A2: allowing my students to drive the inquiry by creating questions to be answered so they're successful on the summative.
  114. @janamac Yep. Not so much fun at times, but necessary and productive. #txeduchat
  115. A3 Taking risks and learning from success and failure is not hard when you work in an environment that supports, encourages it. #txeduchat
  116. @ChrisQuinn64 No regrets! Selfishly writing for me and if it helps one person along the way it's a bonus :) #txeduchat
  117. @txeduchat I also refer to it as the Changes Cha Cha. It's energizing once you get the hang of it! #txeduchat
  118. Right MT @Jonharper70bd: #txeduchat a3. we ask our students to take risks everyday. Therefore they must see us modeling this.
  119. @nathan_stevens Excellent!! Are you done with your coursework? Where are you doing your phd? #txeduchat
  120. Q4. What happens if you take a classroom risk and you fail? How will you and your organization respond to it? #txeduchat
  121. A3:Show courage & be brave. Speak up for students & help them see/believe in own potential. Choose to be a champion for kids. #txeduchat
  122. @SVicGlass Girl, I think it's time for a little shaking. You're so right! #txeduchat
  123. A2: Risks I could be taking is allowing WAY more student-choice when it comes to daily work, especially in a #pbl environment. #txeduchat
  124. @janamac Being transparent is the best decision you'll ever make. Create that #YouTube channel! #txeduchat http://t.co/4n329xu6oF
    @janamac Being transparent is the best decision you'll ever make. Create that #YouTube channel! #txeduchat pic.twitter.com/4n329xu6oF
  125. @Phantom_Rhea I had to do community service hrs and was placed in an adult ESL classrm. I was hooked from the first aha! moment. #txeduchat
  126. @urbie Here's a man with his priorities right. I knew I like you, Urbie! #txeduchat
  127. @Jonharper70bd Getting #students to constantly take risks is very challenging, how do you do it? #txeduchat #innovation
  128. At @ESCRegion11 we must take risks to encourage innovation although we might catch the eye of political naysayers #txeduchat
  129. @Eric_Carlin Exactly. I think the step of just being prepared to be caught off guard by something new goes a long way. #txeduchat
  130. @CoburnCori. #txeduchat. Been playing with AR since I saw demo at edcamp. Wrote blog about to get Ts excited about using it with s.
  131. <3 the growth of schools' Twitter accounts in district! Thank you, @Kharima4, for sharing and updating.:) #txeduchat  https://twitter.com/Kharima4/status/640696374200135680 
  132. @jschwartzcen I feel your pain. Maybe share with us at #txeduchat? We are sure to be your cheerleaders!
  133. A3 Putting yourself out there is a necessity in R-T. Allows constr fdback to enhance the process 4 Ss #txeduchat  https://twitter.com/janamac/status/640695501759746049 
  134. Boom! Together we're better. I LOVE the eference & can totally hear the song: Follow the Character Road! #txeduchat  https://twitter.com/beyondtech1/status/640696932449456128 
  135. A4: If you risk and fail it should be shared, not hidden-let others learn what you've learned through failing #txeduchat
  136. I can't agree more! Any progress is good progress. Sometime we may aspire 4 more but I'll settle for ANY #txeduchat  https://twitter.com/CoburnCori/status/640696931224698880 
  137. @Jonharper70bd Agreed. I always remember what one of my S told me-Believe in yourself! Keep that quote always in my head #txeduchat
  138. A2 stepping out of my comfort zone and never looking back. Stepping up to grow in every way possible. Val from central Florida #txeduchat
  139. @txeduchat @bradmceachern & I both have experienced it. Steps back provide perspective if you're willing to learn #txeduchat
  140. A4: If you take a risk and fail, you LEARN! Not only that, you model and you teach failure is not the end #txeduchat  https://twitter.com/janamac/status/640697017258242051 
  141. A3: Absolutely or I will limit my own potential/growth. Others might also benefit from understanding my mistakes. #txeduchat
  142. A4: Failure is just part of the learning process. It needs to be OK. Create an atmosphere where that happens. #txeduchat
  143. @beyondtech1 @BarbaraGruener Figure if old scared person like me can learn Twitter, tech, blog etc. ANYONE can! No excuses! #txeduchat
  144. A4 I share all successes & failures with the Ts I support to help hash things out and try again. We problem solve together. #txeduchat
  145. A3 Learned that not everyone think my ideas are wonderful #txeduchat But that's ok neither are theirs. My goal to do what's best for Sts
  146. A1 Started presenting what I am passionate about. Many positive responses and others wanting to know more about it. #txeduchat
  147. A4: love the fact my teachers take risks, there is no failure when teachers are teaching on fire taking risks!! #txeduchat
  148. A4: I work in an organization that's good with trying new things and pushing to do what's best for Ss. Proud of it. #txeduchat #WEBO
  149. Q4: We will embrace failure, laugh a little, pick ourselves up by our bootstraps & try again as a family..supporting one another. #txeduchat
  150. @whitneykilgore PHD would constrict the groups I could work with. I love freedom too much #txeduchat
  151. A4: Having to take a step back ultimately allows you to take two steps forward. Reflect, Revise, Revisit. #TXEduChat @janamac
  152. A3 Grace Hopper: The most dangerous phrase in the language is, ‘We’ve always done it this way.’  http://quoteinvestigator.com/2014/11/27/always-done/  #TxEduChat
  153. My 'home' feed is filled w/ #txeduchat at the same time as #oklaed - we really MUST do a combo evening sometime #chaos #fun
  154. #txeduchat A4 We tell Ssthat when they are struggling that's when the real MAGIC happens. The struggle is where the real learning begins
  155. A4 When I fail in class, I become role model. Demonstrate to kids how to accept it and move on. Do better next time. Keep trying #txeduchat
  156. Q3: as I learn the laws & broad spectrum of my AP I am starting to take more chances and challenge misconceptions #txeduchat
  157. A4- Are you really failing? Don't think of it as failing, think of it as #learning! #forthekids #txeduchat
  158. @urbie Thank would be awesome! #txeduchat Play the beeps over the intercom...lol
  159. @jschwartzcen I agree with this. I don't need the notoriety, but it would be good if others would join the fun! #txeduchat
  160. @romenendez14 Agreed. There lives are hard enough so whatever I can do I will #txeduchat
  161. A4: I don’t want to fail. I feel like I’m a recovering perfectionist (a la Daring Greatly). I love ‘winning’ too much. #txeduchat
  162. #txeduchat students need to see we can fail AND how we react when we do
  163. A4 This happened in a classroom I was in on Thurs. We admitted we failed and the sts helped us adjust and it got so much better! #txeduchat
  164. @janamac @txeduchat It is truly a matter of how you look at it. Problem vs. Opportunity. #txeduchat
  165. A2 I need to find & take advantage of the opportunities to model innovation in the classroom for Ts as well as provide support. #txeduchat
  166. @sandeeteach @beyondtech1 That's EXACTLY what I told my th graders - if a 54-yr-old can learn to play UKE, anything is possible! #txeduchat
  167. A4 luckily if I fail, I have support from peers to help me fix & find solutions. Learning process #txeduchat
  168. A4....and I own my mistakes. My first thought is, "What could I do to make this better?" #txeduchat
  169. #txeduchat A4 It's a consideration, for sure. How might the org view/respond to a near-miss? Maybe pull a @DonWettrick and start small 1st.
  170. A4: If we want students to take risks, we better be modeling risk taking as Ts and Admin. #txeduchat
  171. A4: Explain/Discover what went wrong. Ask Ss to suggest solutions. Share w/colleagues/gain perspective. #txeduchat  https://twitter.com/janamac/status/640697017258242051 
  172. A4: we r in the business of learning; if we can't fail, regroup, and succeed, then how r we supposed to expect Ss to do so? #txeduchat
  173. A3: the best way create a risk taking culture is to celebrate the risks, embrace learning from failure #txeduchat
  174. A2 Challenging the status quo. Being that teacher that makes learning come alive for students. #txeduchat
  175. Failing is really all about definition. I don't feel like I've ever really failed (I have...) b/c I've always learned something #txeduchat
  176. A4: I think it's a great choice to laugh it off- especially with your students. Shows mistakes are ok #txeduchat
  177. A4: PDSA cycle every time! Everything I do is a learning process @BaldrigeProgram #qci #txeduchat
  178. A4: if your not failing then you are not trying anything new. If you fail-reevaluate and make changes -try again. #txeduchat
  179. A4: I am lucky that my campus and district support innovation; the successes and the learning curve @rrisdpd #txeduchat
  180. Risk isnt risk if its a moral imperative. Like Dory-just keep swimming #txeduchat
  181. @martysnowpaw Marty did you know Flannel is the fabric of the future. Did I tell you I have a flannel for every day of the month #txeduchat
  182. RT @janamac: Q4. What happens if you take a classroom risk and you fail? How will you and your organization respond to it? #txeduchat
  183. A4) I would hope that we are resilient enough and that we learn from our mistakes. We will be ready to leap again. #txeduchat
  184. A4 Monitoring closely is a must in order to rechart the course if given enough time our risk isn't paying off for our Ss #txeduchat
  185. @janamac This is why I love working for Noblesville. They understand risk & how to learn from trial and error. #txeduchat
  186. A4: Should talk about failures & find what happened so we can all improve. We owe our learners that = to be learners ourselves #txeduchat
  187. A4. I tell my Ss that not everything we do will work so we need to go back to drawing board & look for anther way Mistakes happen #txeduchat
  188. A4: And we have to remember there's always a 'learning dip' when you try something new. Never perfect the first time. #txeduchat
  189. A4: If we celebrate successes throughout the process, we make growth through failure part of our culture! #txeduchat http://t.co/ptzx1ydM11
    A4: If we celebrate successes throughout the process, we make growth through failure part of our culture! #txeduchat pic.twitter.com/ptzx1ydM11
  190. A4: By learning from it. Failure is a great opportunity to learn and make changes. Without failure, there is no room to grow. #txeduchat
  191. #txeduchat A2 Brave enough...yes ready yes just trying to force an opening that will be accepted.
  192. A4 4 me its reflection time. 👀 at why I failed and how to modify. I'm 🍀 to work at a school that encourages risks. #txeduchat
  193. A4 - I think it's vital that if you fail, you own it, learn from it, regroup and try again. And all of that should be public. #txeduchat
  194. A4: My AP is super supportive and gives lots of freedom. Sometimes I feel like that freedom is a blessing and a curse deeply. #txeduchat
  195. A3:Step up to the challenge & be brave. May be only one who believes investment is worthwhile. Make a difference! Change agent. #txeduchat
  196. @BarbaraGruener @beyondtech1 Important to model learning SKILLS to kids- harder than just book learning- keeps perspective #txeduchat
  197. #txeduchat A4 Using #DesignThinking right people in the room w/you increases buy-in & helps with misses. Saw this in Little Rock last week.
  198. A4: My superintendent encourages risk taking. The right Ldrship is key. #txeduchat
  199. My CMT will support and help me with my reflection! It boils dwn to making decisions driven by research. #txeduchat
  200. Love this! It's a great time to be teacher/ entrepreneurs in the 21st century! Ss will respond! #txeduchat  https://twitter.com/edutechgirl/status/640696700940587008 
  201. @NKeithBlend @piggyreads Organize meetups, participate in Twitter, blog, help people out - don't let job titles stand in the way. #TxEduChat
  202. A4 Life is a learning curve. We have to model that for the kids. #txeduchat
  203. A4: When you fail at takikng a risk, pick yourself up and show Ss that it is OK to fail at something. Be the example! #txeduchat
  204. @_kirstenmurphy @BreneBrown Oh I know what you mean. My copy sat for long enough I bought the audiobook as well. Brown reads it. #txeduchat
  205. A4 Growth mindset. We have to model what we do & how we think through our struggles #txeduchat
  206. A4 My team & I are very reflective & flexible - if it doesn't work we try to help each other find solutions. . #txeduchat
  207. A4: Must reflect on lessons learned and apply them during subsequent attempts. Contributes to org lrning for other R-T attempts #txeduchat
  208. A3 Yes, I am willing to put myself out there. I want to be the change I want to see . #txeduchat
  209. A4: Mistakes are viewed as part of the process in growing professionals and students. #txeduchat
  210. A4: part 2 Failure leads to resiliency in individuals and organizations; doing what we have always done is not what Ss deserve :) #txeduchat
  211. A4- to learn how to cope and move on. No teacher is perfect, I get better from feedback and failure more so than from success. #txeduchat
  212. A4 Giving Ss a voice in the risk, explaining what we hope to achieve as a community of L will add to the probability of success. #txeduchat
  213. A4 Back up, reflect, and move forward. Kimberly from Tx joining late. #txeduchat
  214. Agreed! Although difficult, we have to change the stigma of failure from embarassing to enlightening. #txeduchat  https://twitter.com/janamac/status/640697893116993536 
  215. And this is so much easier to do if you keep an eye on the "why" you're taking the risk...the Ss. #txeduchat  https://twitter.com/aliciafbates/status/640697707384836098 
  216. Learning is a process & it should be messy. Model & celebrate the process. It's not failing, it's improving, growing, learning #txeduchat
  217. @ChrisQuinn64 Thanks! Don't think of myself as inspiring at all- BUT I'm inspired by my PLN DAILY to improve #txeduchat #leadupchat #tlap
  218. @dayankee So true Don, we have to show our students that we are always learning as well #txeduchat
  219. A3 This is a work in progress for me. I catch myself falling into the norm instead of creating the memorable. #txeduchat
  220. #txeduchat Not a Q/A, but FYI: if you're doing something re Sept 11, feel free to use our guided essay "Survivor's Story" #litweaver
  221. A4 The big failure is when orgs & Indvs fight about the value of not succeeding. We learn /grow for Students & must model this. #txeduchat
  222. A4: Culture/climate of continuous improvement. Change. Conflict. Growth. Reflect & then refine/revise. Seek to improve! #txeduchat
  223. @NKeithBlend are you a preacher now? I just want to say AMEN to all of your post in this chat tonight.....really speaking 2 me #txeduchat
  224. A4: Do what intelligent people do. Learn from our mistakes and try to make the changes required to make it successful next time. #txeduchat
  225. Why I teach 🍎 It's worth the risk! "The greatest use of life is to spend it on something that will outlast it." HT @urban_teacher #txeduchat
  226. A4: Nobody's perfect! As teachers, if we don't succeed we try again a different technique. It's all about trying & leaning. #txeduchat
  227. A4: Re-evaluate what went wrong. Discuss the issues--investigate solutions and Try, TRY again! Never give up! #txeduchat @awakenlibrarian
  228. Well said RT @AngelaSmyers: A4 learning is a process; we monitor and adjust #txeduchat
  229. A4: We learn from our mistakes and it takes courage to pick ourselves up and start over! #txeduchat
  230. Q5. What are some steps that should be taken to recover from failure if it happens? #txeduchat
  231. @AaronJPena Amen! I loved visiting your district for #edcamp. Very supportive & friendly. #txeduchat
  232. @BarbaraGruener We are rolling! Started our year with @burgessdave for our T's! He was awesome! Hope yours is going well! #txeduchat
  233. @knikole And these are REALLY good questions. Glad I joined tonight. #txeduchat
  234. @whitneykilgore PHD level classes are all on campus and I do not want to waste 3 hours of my day #txeduchat
  235. @romenendez14 #txeduchat On my way to #EdCampHOT at an I-10 exit ramp stop sign a deer ran into my car. No more night drives to distant PD..
  236. A4: is it really a failure, or just an opportunity to adapt and overcome in the continuous improvement process #txeduchat
  237. #txeduchat.How you respond to failure is as important as taking the risk.Ts need trust to take risks.Model risk taking/response to failure
  238. A4 With admin I haven't been in that pos., yet. I've been fortunate enough to ask for help, take a turn, change & make it work. #txeduchat
  239. @janamac Fear of failure - and the culture that punishes imperfection is a major problem in and out of schools. #TxEduChat
  240. A4: how can we teach our Ss and Ts to succeed if they don't see how we handle failure? #txeduchat
  241. We are all learners & a work in progress. Never ending, never complacent & always getting better together #txeduchat
  242. A4: We started our school from scratch last year...a model & a dream. Those Ts who struggled w/ the learning process aren't here. #txeduchat
  243. @knikole If you own it, then you've learned from it. Tell my personal kids that all the time. Own it.No excuses. Just recover. #txeduchat
  244. @aaron_hogan @BreneBrown Nice! I'm going to have to get audio - then it will be like personal coaching session! #txeduchat
  245. Thank you for that! RT @dubioseducator: Biggest risk: standing my ground for importance of play in kinder classroom #txeduchat
  246. A4: you get up, dust yourself off, & try again! Next time will be better. #txeduchat
  247. @sandeeteach @BarbaraGruener Mke learng visible..share fear gripping desire 2chg. Amazing how conections can chg how Ss see risk #txeduchat
  248. A5: Study what went well and what didn't work, develop an action plan and get moving! #txeduchat
  249. A4: addressing the fail is critical; reflection and regrouping is often the difference between learning and just moving on #txeduchat
  250. @_kirstenmurphy You're NOT alone! @Math912Teacher is building courage to PUBLISH too! :) You can do it! #txeduchat
  251. @bradmceachern @burgessdave YES! I was transferred to our sister school and really enJOYing the challenge of the middle grades. #txeduchat
  252. A4 #txeduchat that is the hardest part for students with ED. They have been ostracized for failing socially. They don't see failure as good
  253. A5: Take steps beforehand to be prepared for reality. Something will go wrong. If you wait 'til after you fail, it's too long. #txeduchat
  254. A4 pick myself up, brainstorm and fail forward with what I've learned. A will support, I'm sure. #txeduchat
  255. A5: Reflect, Reflect, and consult your PLN for ideas for improvement! Stay positive and motivated to get better! #txeduchat
  256. I'm so happy to be working in edu in such an incredible time of change! Glad to journey alongside you all #txeduchat http://t.co/dxQYAqU8Un
    I'm so happy to be working in edu in such an incredible time of change! Glad to journey alongside you all #txeduchat pic.twitter.com/dxQYAqU8Un
  257. A4: I love to get feedback from other Ts... Also it is an opportunity to teach Ss that failure is part of learning! Fail forward! #txeduchat
  258. @janamac #txeduchat A3 "What would you do if you knew you could not fail?" Risk produces growth.
  259. A5: Reflect, Revise, Revisit! Reflection is powerful is SO many ways. We must evaluate all we do as educators. @janamac #TXEduChat
  260. A5 Understanding that failure is the first attempt in learning. Look for the positive and keep working towards the goal. #txeduchat
  261. @DonWettrick @janamac It is critical that trial and error, iteration, and successive approximations, are not failures. #TxEduChat
  262. A5: first, maybe we should stop calling it failure. Regroup, adjust, adapt and modify, proceed. #txeduchat
  263. A3: I am definitely willing to put myself out there and take risks - but sometimes it's easier than others! #txeduchat
  264. #txeduchat Change your culture where struggling is fine, asking ?s is imperative and taking the next steps towards success is routine
  265. YES RT @Jaibyrd123: A4: is it really a failure, or just an opportunity to adapt & overcome in the continuous improvement process #txeduchat
  266. A5: Reflection for sure. Reflect on what went wrong and what can be done differently to take steps in the right direction. #txeduchat
  267. A4: No 1 was born an expert so we were novices & became experts through trial & tribulations Always pass failure on way 2 success #txeduchat
  268. @janamac Reflect and adjust. Then have an open brainstorm sessoin. #TxEduChat
  269. Dust yourself off and have convs. with those around you for ideas! Research it! Read! Areas to build PLN #txeduchat
  270. A5 I always like to follow up a lesson fail with a tried and true discussion! Ss are willing to process failure #txeduchat
  271. @_kirstenmurphy @BreneBrown Yep. It's a little like drinking from a fire hydrant at times, but it's worth it. #txeduchat
  272. I think some1 shared this last time. Takes on a whole new meaning. #txeduchat http://t.co/BZoXsKV8Gz
    I think some1 shared this last time. Takes on a whole new meaning. #txeduchat pic.twitter.com/BZoXsKV8Gz
  273. A5: Review what went wrong. Ask your students what they think. Re-do your plans and go again! #txeduchat
  274. A5: Ownership, reflection, discussion, brainstorming, collaboration, retry, hope and success. Repeat if necessary. #txeduchat
  275. A5: Recovering from failure also requires some intense reflection. You've only failed if you go do the exact same thing again. #txeduchat
  276. A5 - Own the failure. Determine what went wrong. Collaborate. Adjust. Discuss. Try Again. Learn. #txeduchat
  277. A5: Failure can be a great learning opportunity --> We have to consider it a success if we learn from it. #txeduchat http://t.co/etfQVtgFT0
    A5: Failure can be a great learning opportunity --> We have to consider it a success if we learn from it. #txeduchat pic.twitter.com/etfQVtgFT0
  278. A5 reflect on what did go well-glean the success from it and move forward #txeduchat
  279. @AlexVKluge I do pretty much all of those things;) My online PLN is enormous & valuable! #txeduchat
  280. A5: I often get angry with myself and it spirals. I’m learning to focus on what went well. Journaling as a T is huge. #txeduchat
  281. A5 Keep trying. Learn from mistakes and apply that learning. #txeduchat
  282. A5: We learn from failure through reflection & plentiful opportunities to practice; keep a growth mindset & search for solutions #txeduchat
  283. @JennyJdavid So important for us to show learners that we make mistakes & are still learning as well #txeduchat
  284. @whitneykilgore That's what science is all about, learning about the phenomenon by finding out what doesn't work. #txeduchat
  285. @JeremeyWilder Yes, Jeremey...I think reflection is key & people often miss that step...often due to time, but it is crucial! #txeduchat
  286. A5: Also, be ready to change on the fly. Don't be afraid to go off of your original plan when it meets with reality. #txeduchat
  287. A5: b proud of attempt, minimize damage, reflect on steps taken &data collected, &replan. Get help! Ss come 2us; who do we go 2? #txeduchat
  288. A5: We have to adopt a growth mindset for ourselves and for the other educators on our campuses. #txeduchat
  289. A4:Stakeholders see transparency & willingness to address mediocrity. Intentionally exceptional =strategic plan. Goal to improve! #txeduchat
  290. @whitneykilgore @CoburnCori It is a good outcome! Growth is a success that should be celebrated! #txeduchat
  291. #txeduchat this is a great time of Ed change. I hope we get enough time to see results. Won't happen in just a few years.
  292. @aaron_hogan That is so true and even participating in a debate or discussion can be a risk for certain kiddos #txeduchat
  293. Reflection is a key to overcoming failure. Failure is a good thing, it makes us rethink and adjust! #txeduchat
  294. A4 #txeduchat Then we try again in a different way. Resilience. It's rarely a life's question. Let's keep it real here.
  295. A4 You review where things may have went wrong, get feedback and use another strategy #txeduchat
  296. A4: SMART Video! Harvard prof 👉 how to improve the long learning process: Fail, Fail, Succeed, Reflect 🍎  http://ow.ly/RQNXU  #txeduchat
  297. #txeduchat A5 Best thing is to not be alone. Be part of a team that took a risk. Probably a better shot it'll work 1st time.
  298. A5 Recognize that innovation may not go according to play. Detect issues early and adjust. #TxEduChat
  299. A5 Admit & own up to your failures. Responsibility, accountability is a sign of great leadership #txeduchat
  300. A5 Don't sit in the stink (our superintendent says this!). Disect, learn from it, move on with plan B, C, D, all the way to Z. #txeduchat
  301. @brian_librarian they loved it!!! You could see engagement in this pic! Their 1st Google Hangout! #txeduchat #lsrams http://t.co/4Wtww2wK8d
    @brian_librarian they loved it!!! You could see engagement in this pic! Their 1st Google Hangout! #txeduchat #lsrams pic.twitter.com/4Wtww2wK8d
  302. Reflect, refine, redo. Improve the process, collaborate to work smarter & not harder #txeduchat
  303. @AlexVKluge Read several articles about this. Wrote a blog post on it. It's really pretty terrifying. #txeduchat
  304. @jillianburkhart Transparency in leadership positions is essential. Leaders are still human and fail. Be honest. #txeduchat
  305. A4 True lessons are frm failures. Reflect on discovery &move forward #txeduchat
  306. A5-Communication with team. Communication with parents. Communication with admin if necessary. Fix the problem and learn! #txeduchat
  307. @mrrogers311 And for many educators! I'm proud of so many who have jumped onto Twitter this fall in my district! #csisdchat #txeduchat
  308. #txeduchat Reflection and goal setting is important.It's time for our Ss to own their learning. We've been owning it for them for too long!
  309. A5 Know ahead of time what to look for as markers of success, or indicators that changes are needed. #TxEduChat
  310. A5 Step to recover from "failure": LAUGH! If you can't laugh at yourself seek some counseling! #txeduchat Laugh til' you cry but it's good!
  311. @AlexVKluge I like that. Sometimes we start projects without even knowing the metrics for success. Really? #txeduchat
  312. @BarbaraGruener @txeduchat Any demonstration video available? Would LOVE to see it in action! ☺️ #txeduchat
  313. A4: I think if we communicate our intent in advance, we have a greater support team to help us "In Case Of Failure" #txeduchat
  314. A5 reflect of course but recognize variables in ur control and out of ur control as well. #txeduchat
  315. @romenendez14 Yes, it's new this year. Our Crossing Guard created the Qs for us on her silhouette machine! #txeduchat
  316. A5 Listen to students, surprisingly, they actually know if they are learning and engaged. #TxEduChat
  317. @whitneykilgore Isn't that what practice is for? To keep learning? Keep getting better in SPITE of failure? #txeduchat
  318. A5 when not if failure occurs, must communicate/collaborate with peers for solution or alternative technique #txeduchat
  319. A5 what ways do you celebrate teaching success?#txeduchat
  320. Yep, @janamac! Own that failure and collobrate with not only Ts in own department but in other depts! #txeduchat  https://twitter.com/janamac/status/640699210325557248 
  321. Q6. What are some steps that can be taken to move other educators from only talking about taking risks to actually taking risks? #txeduchat
  322. @janamac A4: WHEN we fail, we reflect to learn. We stay the course & not abandon a good thing b/c it failed the first time. #txeduchat
  323. Hope all of my #txeduchat friends have had a wonderful beginning to their school year!
  324. @dubioseducator Very true Faige, reminds me of my dad's voice saying "get back on the horse!" #txeduchat
  325. @piggyreads Sounds like you are creating the job that you want then. Cool, #TxEduChat
  326. @romenendez14 This should be common sense in Ed...always have a Plan B, C, D, etc. #txeduchat
  327. @whitneykilgore #TXeduchat or as Ms. Frizzle said: "Take chances, make mistakes, get messy" or as Ms Jenaia says "Perfect is not an option."
  328. #txeduchat Music teacher here. I think my class is always a spot for trial and error. If we fail,we try again. We're always risk takers!
  329. A5) Celebrate your failure. And then regroup and attack the problem again. Own up to your failures. #txeduchat
  330. @romenendez14 Yep. My Honda Pilot (384,000 miles) has a crease on right-front bumper. #txeduchat
  331. A6: You have to show them that they can be successful in their environment: job embedded PD, in class modeling, etc. #txeduchat
  332. Yup. We need to be able to separate bad process from bad design. Sometimes we can change the process. #txeduchat  https://twitter.com/coburncori/status/640699538626383872 
  333. Picking ourselves up says more about who we are than anythg we say #txeduchat
  334. A5: It's all in-game adjustments. PLC or PLN offer perspective and help in reflecting/regrouping/replanting. #txeduchat
  335. A5 Self-reflect and collaborate with your PLN for ideas. #txeduchat
  336. @janamac a5.as long as you recognize it in some way (large or small) there is no such thing as failure. #TXed #txeduchat
  337. @martysnowpaw I loved Ms. Frizzle. I read those books to my kids every year when I taught 1st grade. #txeduchat
  338. A5: be willing to ask for help. Many people have been there before and have valuable experience to share. #txeduchat
  339. #A5 Reflection & having a team to brainstorm with. Collaboration is key & to be honest so fun when you get it right #txeduchat
  340. A5 identify primary areas for adjustment, analyze next steps; move forward; process continues #txeduchat
  341. A6 Collaborate with them. It is much easier to share risk than go out on a limb by yourself. #txeduchat
  342. A6: Must keep modeling. Keep on, keeping on If you do that, eventually good things will happen. #txeduchat
  343. A6: Supporting them in taking the risk. Everyone needs a hand when they take a leap...It can be scary! lol #txeduchat @janamac
  344. @JCSanz74 Sounds like a great culture there for risk taking Jose, thanks for sharing! #txeduchat
  345. A6: Have that support group in place; having someone to talk to will encourage Ts to take more risks as time goes by! #txeduchat