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Serious Games with @ak_leeg

  1. Welcome ALL to #txeduchat tonight. Let's get started with introductions: Who are ya, Where & What do you teach? What is your favorite GAME?
  2. Glad to make it tonight! #txeduchat Had an amazing first week of school where kids were running to get into the building! @steph_frosch
  3. Monica, Special Education teacher, Texas. Favorite game: Monopoly. :) #txeduchat
  4. #txeduchat I am Lee From Juneau Alaska! Ready to chat about games - favs are WWF and Minecraft right now!
  5. Nathan, education's anti-hero and fav game is guess who #txeduchat
  6. Terri Eichholz - GT Teacher in San Antonio, TX Favorite game right now is Zoombinis!  https://goo.gl/ES1ce2  #txeduchat
  7. Amanda aka Mrs. Faub's from Katy, Texas in @katyisd Elem Special Education! Favorite Game: Connection! (with staff or students) #TXEduChat
  8. michael, middle division teacher in columbus oh - HUGE gamer, couldn't pick a fav, but I'll go with Galaxy Trucker #txeduchat
  9. #txeduchat urbie, learning experience designer.. 2/3 of the way to Little Rock, AR. Spending a cozy evening in Abilene, TX. +
  10. Stephanie Ryon here for #txeduchat ;) from College Station ISD. 8th grade math & Algebra I ;) fav game… hmmm… ?!
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  12. Hi everyone, Tom in North TX. Work w/amazing ESC 11 educators as digital learning consultant. Favorite game at moment = Minecraft #txeduchat
  13. Hello #txeduchat! I'm Heidi from WI & I teach 5th grade. Right now I love to play Word Bubbles on my phone!
  14. I like to make up very specific questions about the characters in the game #txeduchat
  15. Hi #txeduchat! Katie from Allen HS. Teaching SRD (Sr physics) Love Chickenfoot!
  16. #txeduchat fav game: Marble-Game. It's a long story. Sister's date made her a game. Called it Aggravation (she moved on quick)..
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  18. @txeduchat Michelle, 9 & 11 English T from Turner, KCK, my fav game in the CR is Kahoot. HS kids love! #txeduchat
  19. Nick, blended learning specialist, DFW, I'd love to talk about using original Mario Bros. in the classroom... #txeduchat
  20. Has your person had an alien abduction experience in the last 3 years? #guesswho #txeduchat
  21. @DehaanMaria Welcome Maria, wonderful to have you here for the discussion! #txeduchat
  22. Aaron Hogan, high school assistant principal in College Station, TX #txeduchat
  23. Washington State... Assistant Elementary Principal & District Technology Integration Specialist, Madden Mobile #txeduchat
  24. Good evening, Albert Canales, Principal of McAllen High School #txeduchat #iaedchat
  25. Roy Rodriguez, Theatre Teacher College Station, Tx. My favorite game has to be the Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 😃 #txeduchat
  26. @txeduchat #txeduchat Hi, popping in from Pgh, I teach Spanish. Loved Dark Tower! Now Wordfeud! #gbl
  27. Kharima an Instructional Technology Specialist from Houston, Tx. I'm ready to share and collaborate with my PLN tonight. #txeduchat
  28. Hello Texans! Edbacker joining from Austin but based in DC. Happy to be hanging with y'all tonight #txeduchat
  29. Elena from SF, teaching 5th grade, Skyline Elementary in Daly City. My favorite game to play with kids is Jeopardy. #txeduchat
  30. @edutechgirl Thanks for sharing Monica, that was always one that I was WAY too competitive about! #txeduchat
  31. Josh from SC! I am an Integration Specialist and my favorite game is DISNEY Monopoly! Any of you going to #Sxswedu? #txeduchat
  32. I teach chemistry at #THSBears in KS. My favorite game is anything with trivia or Sudoku #txeduchat
  33. MS Sci T @denisonisd. Cranium is fave family game, Jenga is fave class game #txeduchat
  34. #txeduchat lots of people from all over! Glad to be chatting here tonight!
  35. Buffy from Katy. HS Span in yr 23. Fave game is Uno! #txeduchat
  36. @nathan_stevens Always great to have our favorite education anti-hero in the house sir! #txeduchat
  37. Laurie joining in from North Texas. My favorite game is Rummikub #txeduchat
  38. Did your person fail a class in college and had to retake it #txeduchat #guesswho
  39. It is great to see so many folks in #txeduchat tonight! This is going to be a really fun chat - remember to follow others and grow your PLN!
  40. Alex, Austin, Tx #EdTech innovator for STEM content. Fav game, Civ or Netrek. #TxEduChat
  41. Lots of different games represented! That’s great! #txeduchat!
  42. #txeduchat Shawn Young from Classcraft here! Classcraft is a behaviour-based RPG for the classroom
  43. @SaneeBell Hi Sanee, thanks for joining in, should be a great conversation! #txeduchat
  44. Good evening. I’m Jerod, Dean of Students & Head Football Coach at a Grade 7 & 8 middle school, Dover, DE #txeduchat
  45. GROW, GROW, GROW your Professional Learning Network by following others in #txeduchat tonight. http://t.co/w6H31mdIzs
    GROW, GROW, GROW your Professional Learning Network by following others in #txeduchat tonight. pic.twitter.com/w6H31mdIzs
  46. #txeduchat Marty Keltz.. too old for games, but I remember playing Sorry. Stayed with TV & Film but love playing with @TouchCast now..
  47. @Kharima4 Absolutely! I love playing it as a traditional arcade game whenever I can find it! #txeduchat
  48. Howdy doo #txeduchat! Stephan, academic coordinator and lecturer based in Rio de Janeiro.
  49. Good evening #txeduchat!! Here so many great things abt ya. ☺️ Laura here from KC. Instr Coach Turner High School.
  50. @Tom_Kilgore Looking forward to it. I have been MIA for a couple of weeks. Missed my #txeduchat peeps!
  51. @DehaanMaria Thanks for the follow! Looking forward to sharing #txeduchat with you tonight!
  52. Melissa from Kingwood - fave game is Bejeweled Blitz! Love being at the top of my Leaderboard! #txeduchat
  53. #txeduchat The dev team is really into Hearthstone these days :)
  54. @nathan_stevens Did your person get into the wrong car in the parking lot & take 10 min. to figure it out? #txeduchat #guesswho
  55. Erin Balfour Austin, TX English teacher; excited to learn! #Minecraft #txeduchat
  56. #txeduchat Bill from Indiana, but my dad lives in Austin, TX........does that count?
  57. “@txeduchat: GROW, GROW, GROW your Professional Learning Network by following others in #txeduchat tonight. http://t.co/iK1m2Zt2DM”
    @txeduchat: GROW, GROW, GROW your Professional Learning Network by following others in #txeduchat tonight. pic.twitter.com/iK1m2Zt2DM
  58. We’ll get started then! Q1. What is your experience with using games in the classroom? #txeduchat
  59. Tracy from British Columbia. I teach little people. No connection to Texas other than amazing PLN #txeduchat
  60. a1: I use games non-stop in the classroom. through the first week of school we've played a dice game, Clue, and card games. #txeduchat
  61. A1: Using @GetKahoot for assisting Ss in building fluency skills in Resource Math class #txeduchat
  62. Hi #txeduchat ~ it's Barbara, school counselor & author of #whatsunderyourcape in Friendswood. Favorite game is Scrabble/Words with Friends.
  63. A1: When I use @GetKahoot in the classroom the kids light up like Christmas trees, are engaged, & have fun! #eduwin! #txeduchat
  64. A1: I love using games. I actually created my own mathopoly game that is aligned to our state standards - my S’s LOVED it! #txeduchat
  65. A1: Limited to review games and quizzes! Looking to find out more... #txeduchat
  66. A1:Using games like @GetKahoot make learning fun & instantly engaging. Even the hardest/highest rigor questions elicit a response.#TXEduChat
  67. A1 I've used games as challenges and reviews. Goal this year is to gamify my whole course. #txeduchat
  68. A1: Sometimes, I create games right there on the spot. #txeduchat
  69. A1 on global day of play brought in games for the littles.Sad that many had never played a game of sorts B4 #bringbackgames #txeduchat
  70. @MrsJones_Merton @GetKahoot What are you talking about? I Get all excited like a Christmas tree when I get to play@ #txeduchat
  71. #txeduchat A1:Built Classcraft and gamified for years. Using games to drive motivation across the entire experience, not just content
  72. A1: A lot of great game learning options in @Graphite, teacher reviews as well. #txeduchat
  73. #txeduchat I love playing games with students. TIME!!! But we figure that out! They LOVE the old fashion WAR with multiplication cards.
  74. Q1: I have had great experiences with games in the classroom. Ss love and want to keep playing. The secret is they are learning. #txeduchat
  75. A1 Ss love things like @GetKahoot. Always amazed at their level of engagement when "wkst" tasks turn into "games" #txeduchat
  76. A1. I had a S create Thoreau's Walden Pond in #Minecraft and used the world he made to present Transcendentalism to his class :) #txeduchat
  77. A1: I have had the honor of working with @classcraftgame since the beta phase. I am currently working on integration in theatre. #txeduchat
  78. A1: Used to always play adaptations of TV show games like Family Feud & Jeopardy with my HS Spanish Ss. They LOVED it! #txeduchat
  79. A1: My best lessons involved having Ss create games to 'show what you know.' Never seen more engaging assessment or engaged Ss. #txeduchat
  80. Teaching High School coding with @CodeHS. Great program. Also use @Kahoot to review. #txeduchat
  81. A1: games reinforce many skills we want Ss to embrace. Problem solving, collaboration, communication and don't forget the fun! #txeduchat
  82. A1: my Ss have loved games in class. Most successful were Ss created based on existing ones. Ss fave review unit #taylorpride247 #txeduchat
  83. @romenendez14 Q1. What is your experience with using games in the classroom? #txeduchat
  84. @txeduchat #txeduchat Use quizzes alot to build collaboration but that's about it. Did get Ss to invent their own game a while back!
  85. A1: Games allow Ss to learn without knowing it! They just think they're having fun! #txeduchat Want 2 use games more in my clsrm. #txeduchat
  86. A1: I've always loved using games as reviews for students...card, board, dice-you name it! Our Ss love playing Kahoot. #txeduchat
  87. Bridget Visser, GCISD Literacy Intervention Specialist K-5. LOVE @GetKahoot in the classroom for everything! I love Candy Crush! #txeduchat
  88. Not enough! I plan to do better but I've been a bit timid but willing to change! #txeduchat
  89. Yes, I learned a lot about gamifying the class during one of the summer tech camps in my district! #txeduchat  https://twitter.com/lanier_katiesue/status/638156647316123649 
  90. @txeduchat Sarah from @AliefISD in Houston. Campus based Science/Technology coach for PK-4th @ALX_Adventurers - Scrabble gal #txeduchat
  91. R1: Love for the Ss to take any game and have the Ss write the player's manual for it - informational writing & engaging #txeduchat
  92. A1: Love when my learners choose to create a game or use a game platform to show what they have learned! Minecraft often #txeduchat
  93. #txeduchat A1 Sadly, learners I support aren't big into games. Simulations yes. Case studies oh yeah. Games not so much. What's in a name?
  94. Thanks for all your responses! So now...Q2. How would you define a SERIOUS game? #txeduchat
  95. A1: Not much. Basic review games, Kahoot, made some interactive PowerPoint games...those were high-tech for the time #txeduchat
  96. @nyrangerfan42 YES! For sure! @GetKahoot can be used across all subjects/content areas & w/ classroom routines! #TXEduChat
  97. @AmandaFaubion @GetKahoot #txeduchat Great point. Was skeptical at first but we have Ts doing assessments with it now!
  98. A1: @SimCityEDU is a terrific game unit for environmental science, economics, social studies, and more all rolled into one. #txeduchat
  99. A1: Games are great as centers with Ss. Ts can go around and assist Ss, social learning occurs, and Ts can incorp. curric. #txeduchat
  100. A1) Anything can be made into a game. We played Simon Says on Friday. Things can easily be tied to what you're teaching. #txeduchat
  101. .@GetKahoot is the game used the most at my school. We also used some coding games to prepare for our Hour of Code. #txeduchat
  102. #txeduchat A1: Depends on definition of games. Particularly like using VW quests & stories to help Ss discover info & make it their own.
  103. A1: Games in the classroom are great! You can use them to teach valuable lessons.. take monopoly as an example: #moneymanaging #txeduchat
  104. A1. My Ss like to make games to include in their #geniushour presentations. #txeduchat
  105. A1 I really want to gamify our professional growth units #txeduchat
  106. @Tom_Kilgore: @nathan_stevens Always great to have our favorite education anti-hero in the house sir! #txeduchat” Hip Hip Hooray!
  107. I would like to introduce more interactive games into my professional development I provide for my teachers. #txeduchat
  108. A1 @knikole @GetKahoot My "learners" LOVE Kahoot! Whether they are Ts or Ss..The fun never ends and the competition! oh my! #txeduchat
  109. #txeduchat Can we make a distinction re: serious games vs. “just" games?
  110. A1) I love them so much I make them (hence the handle). But TBH, they need to be reserved for reinforcement, introduction! #txeduchat
  111. A1: Have used Kahoot for pre-assess, formative assess, Ss created own assessments for other Ss as learning. We LOVE Kahoot! #txeduchat
  112. #txeduchat A1 #cuerockstar take away.. make anything a game by constraining time. So case study = engaging story + less time each iteration
  113. Someone mentioned Kahoot. Its amazing, I did library orientation this week& even Kinder was able to play with this Web 2.0 tool. #txeduchat
  114. Hi friends, I'm so annoyed that I have to miss #txeduchat AGAIN this week... I really want to drop in again one day soon! Hi from Australia!
  115. .@knikole @GetKahoot This is an amazing game! Definitely engages all - have Ss write the questions too & use for staff #PD #txeduchat
  116. A1: used online game based...kahoot, jeopardy, flip quiz,etc...never exp making my own game based classroom #txeduchat
  117. @Tom_Kilgore #txeduchat A2 One where students experience invisible learning but develop new skills and thinking...
  118. You can also use games to teach students how to read directions :) #txeduchat
  119. a2: to me a game is 'serious' if it has direct educational application without the Ss knowing they are learning :) #txeduchat
  120. #txeduchat A1: Mostly with quiz/jeopardy type games, loved being involved with Kahoot! sessions last school year.
  121. A2: Is that an oxymoron...serious game? If serious means learning than honestly every game can be serious. #txeduchat
  122. @ak_leeg #txeduchat A1 lots of lang games #gbl and @GetKahoot for a while, getting new ones to help w/ review and engage Ss
  123. Mostly out of class, but some in class for collaboration. Ss come up with role play/board/card etc.#txeduchat  https://twitter.com/mlgray1313/status/638157104130453504 
  124. A2: I don't know that there's really a difference. I can find learning value in almost any game. #txeduchat
  125. A1: Have used a fun Jeopardy PowerPoint for review, Ss love the competitive nature & including S interviews midway is fun too. #txeduchat
  126. A1 When I was in the classroom we played Jeopardy to review for tests. We also played a matching game w vocab & definitions #txeduchat
  127. A2: All games should be geared toward engaging the learners! #txeduchat
  128. A1: Have started learning more about gamification. Have done it for professional learning plan, but not with kids yet. #txeduchat
  129. #txeduchat To me, a serious game is a game with a second purpose. Doesn’t mean it has to be boring ;)
  130. A1b: We played with @plickers app at a party last night and it was SUPER fun! #txeduchat
  131. A2. I would define a serious game as any game that doesn't include @nathan_stevens #txeduchat
  132. Q2: One that allows for learning while still fun and engaging for the S. #txeduchat
  133. A1: I've only used games for review, would like to learn more about using them in centers. #txeduchat
  134. I should introduce myself. I'm Shaina from Houston.. I work in @AldineISD and live in @KleinISD! #txeduchat
  135. Even using games like the 4 player #connect4 really encourages critical thinking skills! S’s LOVE a challenge… #txeduchat
  136. @craigyen #txeduchat Yes! Love making stories into games/quests of discovery.
  137. A2 A serious game is one that addresses the learning expectations and engages the kids. #txeduchat
  138. A1: SB jeopardy, Search and rescues, Kahoot quizzes, quizlet vocabulary games, calculation puzzle squares, brain games tub #txeduchat
  139. A2 Serious game requires problem solving, challenge or consequences. #txeduchat
  140. #txeduchat Hi from Oz. Q1: I learnt history and geography through Carmen Sandiego and loved teaching with it. Engaging and curiosity fed.
  141. A2: any game can be considered serious if learning is demonstrated while playing #txeduchat
  142. A2: Any game that help Ss understand or "practice" what they need to know. #txeduchat
  143. a1: in a lower-tech classroom, so I do as much as I can when I have tech there - @GetKahoot and #socrative space race #txeduchat
  144. .@ThomsonAUS We would love to have you come back again anytime! We enjoy perspectives from around the globe. #txeduchat
  145. A1: #gameification makes even the most tedious TEKs more palatable - we're loving @GetKahoot this year #txeduchat
  146. A2: A 'serious' game could be one that address learning standards & is followed w/ an assessment. #TXEduChat
  147. @MelissaBalcom Agreed and has a learning goal or objective in mind. Not just playing games with goal. #txeduchat
  148. @Kharima4 Kids love quiz bowl type games so much! They really get into creating questions & playing with peers too! #txeduchat
  149. My favorites were a)"Apples to Apples" style (basically just nouns and adjectives) & B)Role Play/Strategy #txeduchat  https://twitter.com/mlgray1313/status/638157104130453504 
  150. #txeduchat - we know gamers learn “something” when they play - maybe a serious game is learning “something” worthwhile! Educational or no?
  151. A2. @txeduchat A serious game allows for in depth critical thinking and application of skills from various content; it matters #txeduchat
  152. A2: a serious game is a game that students buy into. This can't just be a "game" repetition and student feedback is a must. #txeduchat
  153. It was just a break this time, but could have been for content later or for them to help straighten room. #txeduchat  https://twitter.com/JudyArzt/status/638157697389563904 
  154. Love all the comments about having S's create the games. Mr. Bloom would be happy! #txeduchat
  155. @txeduchat A2: not really sure. I think games that are with intent or purpose are serious. Regardless they MUST be FUN! #txeduchat
  156. A2: all game styles are serious if Ss are engaged & learning #txeduchat
  157. a1: (cont.) this week we played 'hot seat' in teams for a math review - it was GREAT! no tech, but still fantastic #txeduchat
  158. As a student I remember playing around the world in Math class with fractions & multiplication. Anyone else remember that game? #txeduchat
  159. @martysnowpaw #txeduchat Thank you for all the cool idea shares. I'm passing thru Dallas tomorrow around 10-11 pm btw.
  160. A2 When Ss are so invested in it you can hear a pin drop. It's the 1 where the answer isn't obvious or dependent on recall. #txeduchat
  161. @nathan_stevens: You must be Larry!! #guesswho #txeduchat” Larry, Larry and Larry. Guess the show? See I like games.
  162. A2) #txeduchat When learning is happening and they suddenly have that AHA moment!
  163. A2: Serious Games have an educational purpose and are not just for entertainment. #txeduchat
  164. A2 A game whose goal is more inclusive of emotional or intellectual development, or possibly even assessment. #TxEduChat
  165. A2: any game with a defined purpose: strategy, content, critical thinking, review.. #txeduchat
  166. A2: Some "serious" math games are blast (to practice multiplication facts) and Kakooma (on line) more math rich games! #txeduchat
  167. A2: A serious game takes learning to the next level. S’s are so into the game, they don’t even realize they are LEARNING! #txeduchat
  168. A2: Serious games are ones that teach students something while also being fun! Serious games are great for the classroom! #txeduchat
  169. A2: A game that supports the learning objectives that you set. #txeduchat
  170. A2: Serious doesn't have to mean "not fun" more focused, intense Survivor Island from #tlap Who is rescused and why? #txeduchat
  171. Q2: Purposeful. Whether it's building relationships or strengthening concepts, everything should have a purpose! #txeduchat
  172. Onward! - this could help us unpack “seriousness:..#txeduchat
  173. A2: Oh, and any game that puts them up against peers, suddenly there's a "reason" to know the material! #txeduchat
  174. Q3. How does role play or narratives play a part in enhancing student interest in the curriculum? #txeduchat
  175. I see a lot of people talking about academic benefit of the game...don't forget the social benefits that games have #txeduchat
  176. A2: I think it's false distinction. It's also dependent on the observer. "Serious" to one could be "meaningless" to another #txeduchat
  177. @Kpalmerscience and fun...sometimes we just need to play a fun game...ss don't even know they are learning when it is fun #txeduchat
  178. @Kharima4 loved around the world. I do this with my students for test review. #txeduchat
  179. @MrRod4Edu @jrengle610 #txeduchat Good point Roy, needs to be contextually relevant and not oversused. A2
  180. #txeduchat A2: I'd define as serious a game that hits the intended TEKS, regardless of level of fun we're having---the more the better!
  181. A2: And they don't allow the Ss to advance unless knowledge is shown. #txeduchat
  182. I remember Oregon Trail, my first game on a computer and how it sparks my <3 in tech in education. #txeduchat  https://twitter.com/Kharima4/status/638157965682343936 
  183. @GetKahoot Is a great game to play with Ss and Ts. I used this during inservice, and Ts loved it! #txeduchat
  184. A2) I would define serious games where there are high stakes and the rewards for winning are high. #txeduchat
  185. @stuartkellynz #txeduchat Especially after I did not need someone to read the back of the cards for me.
  186. @slobodzianm @Kharima4 We played that in Spanish class, too. Ss LOVED and thrived on the movement part of that activity! #txeduchat
  187. @ak_leeg Should be making a distinction between serious games and "unserious" games - games are always a learning opp #txeduchat
  188. A2 I'm gonna' throw in - Friday night football games are serious! #txeduchat
  189. A3: Narratives give students a way to "store" what they're learning in a way that makes sense. Instead of separate, it's cohesive #txeduchat
  190. A3 It's the visual to the abstract. I asked Ss this wk to act out what it meant to be fair w/tech and they kinda pantomimed it. #txeduchat
  191. @Owl_b_TorresEdu #txeduchat Totally! I think the social element is even more important than the concepts
  192. A2 - Tracie from Decatur - I’m so competitive that any game I play is serious, unless I get so far behind that I can’t win. #txeduchat
  193. A3: The whole purpose/meaning of a game can be changed with different verbiage/academic vocab #txeduchat
  194. @RoomRecess They usually just make up their own "game shows" or scavenger hunts. Like Game Show Soundboard for effects! #txeduchat
  195. And dang, @ak_leeg, you have the questions coming fast tonight. I like it! #txeduchat
  196. R3: Ss have to be able to make a connection to their learning, the time of the event....it is all about relevance and connections #txeduchat
  197. A2: I would argue there's a danger in taking teaching too seriously :) #txeduchat
  198. A3) Well...for one they become a facilitator of learning as they share they teach others. #txeduchat
  199. .@txeduchat Its always more fun to be a part of something than to jsut ehar about it #txeduchat
  200. #txeduchat A3 Most anything tied to a story (role play or narrative) is engaging. My fav hook is bad news.
  201. If you can accomplish this, you are awesome--getting Ss to learn without knowing it is so tough! #txeduchat  https://twitter.com/joshua_shepard/status/638158058288480256 
  202. @stephwurking #txeduchat it’s a good question! I can think of some games that are a little mindless and don’t lead to learning @NKeithBlend
  203. #txeduchat A3 Role play makes the learning real. Narrative makes learning personal. Student interest is heightened.  https://twitter.com/ak_leeg/status/638158154644221952 
  204. A3: Stories compel. Games are stories that we play out in nearly every case. And stories are also hard to forget. #txeduchat
  205. A3: Giving S's the ability to put themselves into the situation. Emotions and feelings support the learning #txeduchat
  206. @Tom_Kilgore #txeduchat Students learn to be different guises and to articulate the narrative in their won minds, words and actions. A3
  207. Thank you Jessica. We often undervalue "play" & games in edu, but there are many edu & social benefits! #txeduchat  https://twitter.com/Owl_b_TorresEdu/status/638158208977104896 
  208. a3: just like any lesson, framing, atmosphere, and music can hook or lose the Ss interest. #txeduchat
  209. A2: a "serious" game? If Ss are playing/creating w/ intent to learn, share or challenge others do do the same. #txeduchat
  210. Ss need to use their imagination to write and for critical thinking, w/o that we would be dull and not original. #txeduchat
  211. A3: Roleplay takes learning to a higher level of blooms taxonomy! Gotta love that application level. Gets them thinking deeply! #txeduchat
  212. A3: It places them in the perspective of the characters important to learn empathy,struggle, & compassion #txeduchat  https://twitter.com/txeduchat/status/638158314321379328 
  213. @nathan_stevens: @martysnowpaw the Newhart show. #txeduchat” Bingo, I knew you would guess it and always thought your name was Larry.
  214. @tracyacramer we are lucky to have a "free period" built into our day w our home room. Lots of just for fun stuff! Gr8 4 culture #txeduchat
  215. A2: I think whether the game is serious or not is in the "eye of the beholder" Different S respond differently to dif games #txeduchat
  216. R3: challenge Ts to do all they can to make the Ss relive the period in time they study and make connections to the world today #txeduchat
  217. Narrative and role play lead to understanding, empathy, and leanring perspectives; these are critical skills for all : ) #txeduchat
  218. @marcgsimmons Good point! And our stories and the stories of others are certainly the content of many content areas! #txeduchat
  219. @RoomRecess To piggyback - this is how Prodigy - a differentiated math website based game- works. I love that. #txeduchat
  220. @MrsAdamsPES @GetKahoot Love that one in 4th/5th too! Ss very thoughtful as they create Q's to use for whole class/group games! #txeduchat
  221. A2: Does INTERACT where kids are involved in imaginative scenarios (ie. a FLIGHT 'race' across an imaginary continent) count? #txeduchat
  222. @ak_leeg @stephwurking But even then, the mindless games can have value as motivation or incentive. Maybe? IDK. #txeduchat
  223. A2.1 - So if serious games are those that have a purpose in the classroom, shouldn’t all games in the classroom be “serious”? #txeduchat
  224. @jrengle610 @MrRod4Edu #txeduchat Good point. S needs to experience emotions during and at the conclusion.
  225. Q3 Role play requires an Ss to think synthesize and create on a higher level. #txeduchat
  226. #txeduchat A3: I think the role play is A MUST. Our Ss must embrace the activity and TAKE OWNERSHIP to truly reach high levels of learning.
  227. @ak_leeg @NKeithBlend We have to analyze them game by game, then #txeduchat Any examples of mindless ones?
  228. A3: Role play helps Ss who want to work on improving social skills and have the Ss "own" the learning. #txeduchat
  229. A3: it makes a relevant connection! Tying what happens inside the class to situations outside the class is vital for transfer. #txeduchat
  230. A2 A serious game one that is tied to a standard. Allows for higher level thinking, thought provoking, etc. #txeduchat
  231. Consider the value of competition when it comes to games in learning. Does it help or hinder? #txeduchat
  232. A3: When Ss can immerse themselves in role play they make stronger connections to content than they otherwise would. #txeduchat
  233. #txeduchat A2 Serious game? A collaborative learning experience where learners have roles. Cosplay is one. They have variable outcomes.
  234. A3: When helping Ss design games I explained that great games share 3 main components: Story, Structure (rules), Design #txeduchat
  235. A3 Narrative brings in imagination, creativity & personal connections to the game. So much learning happens when we let Ss talk. #txeduchat
  236. @MsBal4EVA Gives Ss a "safe" way to put themselves in place of others & view things differently! #txeduchat
  237. A3. Simulations really help the Ss to "walk in their shoes" and empathize. #txeduchat
  238. a2: games like "solve the outbreak" ( https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/solve-the-outbreak/id592485067?mt=8 ) that can have a real-world app while playing are 'serious' to me! #txeduchat
  239. #txeduchat A2: One that makes students make decisions with consequences that then require further information and more decision-making.
  240. A3 Storytelling is powerful. Role play makes Ss take varying perspectives and engage w/ content #txeduchat  https://twitter.com/ak_leeg/status/638158154644221952 
  241. @elena_SF_CA #txeduchat I think so, they have to engage their own thinking, the game does not have to be real, physical. A2
  242. A2: Typically, when I make a new game, I try to make sure the Ss is only progress if knowledge or "learning" is revealed. #txeduchat
  243. @terrieichholz #txeduchat absolutely - games that are simulations can help students “live” the story! Roman History, War, or Fiction!
  244. @ak_leeg @stephwurking Oh, but even though the GAME might be meaningless, there's a massive crowd psychology lesson there. #txeduchat
  245. @juanjarrieta Ownership is so important! How do you get your students to take #ownership of their #learning? #edchat #txeduchat?
  246. @LisaDegnan1 Personalizing the learning add values to learning for Ts! It solidifies it! #txeduchat
  247. A3) Role play or narratives can help bring the curriculum to life. It can better help students connect with content. #txeduchat
  248. A3 Role play is tough for my class. I'm going to focus on earning badges and leveling up where grades don't have meaning. #txeduchat
  249. @Eric_Carlin It can be! My 5th Graders LOVED role playing our ELA and SS materials. They even dressed the part on certain days. #txeduchat
  250. @Tom_Kilgore Yes! We need this! It fits well in English, but it important when solving any problem : ) #txeduchat
  251. A3: Ss become invested in their "part" The investment creates motivation which creates more learning! #txeduchat
  252. A3: allows Ss to absorb & become an active part of the content & express clarity/understanding #txeduchat
  253. A3: If role play, is focused on the learning focus; Ss engage in communication of their thoughts vs. regurgitation of Ts thoughts.#txeduchat
  254. @mlgray1313 Best history T I ever had taught in narrative and themes. Everything fits. #txeduchat
  255. #txeduchat A3: Personalises the pixels, enhances the interactivity.
  256. #txeduchat A3 : Role playing allows Ss to go into a safe place where they can try things, FAIL and have it be ok.
  257. A3. Ask @burgessdave how simulations and games can liven up a classroom! He knows it best! #txeduchat
  258. @ak_leeg @NKeithBlend I have to play more games myself in order to better grasp their "teachability" #txeduchat
  259. #KCA #VoteJKT48ID DehaanMaria: Q3 Role play requires an Ss to think synthesize and create on a higher level. #txeduchat
  260. Now more to @NKeithBlend’s point..Q3 How can points or achievements be used for enhancing mgmt or community in a class? #txeduchat
  261. @ak_leeg q2: not sure how to answer this. Is it a game that my ss wouldn't find fun?! #txeduchat or perhaps a game that might be2difficult?
  262. @DaniellePurdy3 Do you think the safe space to "fail" allows better learning experiences Danielle? #txeduchat
  263. @whitneykilgore Typically helps the average and lower SS, when they know in advance. #txeduchat
  264. True story! Makes the learning real. Invites the learner into your world & into the worlds of others. #txeduchat  https://twitter.com/dehaanmaria/status/638159416664068096 
  265. A3: Role playing allows for a safe way to practice/teach social skills #txeduchat
  266. A3 Roleplay that allows for Ss to become other ppl is a safe way to analyze self. #txeduchat
  267. @ak_leeg @NKeithBlend I have a badge system where Ss can level based on XP. It's Star Wars Based - Ss Are currently younglings #txeduchat
  268. @NKeithBlend @stephwurking #txeduchat yes that is my passion - to capture enthusiasm for games and channel in a “serious” direction!
  269. A4: I think it actually cuts both ways. You have to be careful that you don't damage community by competition. #txeduchat
  270. #txeduchat A3 see stories are something I know about.. best through line for any story or game for that matter & the heart of learning.
  271. Side note: #txeduchat is on fire tonight! I am having trouble keeping up… You guys rock!
  272. A3: Put this staging area in my new space so we could role play. Can't wait to grow those social skills. #txeduchat http://t.co/Pwkvx9xTNs
    A3: Put this staging area in my new space so we could role play. Can't wait to grow those social skills. #txeduchat pic.twitter.com/Pwkvx9xTNs
  273. A3 It allows students to see and experience real world examples right in their classroom. #txeduchat
  274. @NKeithBlend that comes from setting your culture early - friendly competition, not competing for grades #txeduchat
  275. @ak_leeg @stephwurking Nice. I'm really enjoying this. Hadn't given it a ton of thought before. #txeduchat
  276. A3 Role playing, placing yourself in someone's shoes is far more engaging then reading disconnected facts about them. #TxEduChat