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#txeduchat on Mobile Learning with @kevin_corbett

  1. Joining #txeduchat tonight. If you are from #rrisd and want credit. Tweet me and I'll make a sign-in sheet. #rrisdpd
  2. Good evening! It's time for #txeduchat Let's get started with introductions. Tell us about YOU!
  3. @algebrasfriend and others, here the sign-in to get 1hr of PD Credit for this Chat. #txeduchat
  4. @txeduchat Andy here, from Canada, working in Nanjing, China, but currently on summer vacation in Phuket, Thailand. #txeduchat
  5. Ellie , Principal in Boerne ISD! Mom, reader, scrapbooker, coach's wife! #txeduchat
  6. Have a few things going on so will be in lurk mode for tonight's #txeduchat
  7. Bronwyn Rumsey from Brazosport ISD, library media specialist and tech rep #txeduchat
  8. Hi everyone, I'm Tom & learn from/teach amazing 4th graders in North Texas! #txeduchat
  9. Michelle Griffith Lead Media Specialist at Brazosport ISD #txeduchat
  10. #txeduchat urbie delgado, education engineer, Arizona. Parent of HS senior.
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  12. Good evening! Jarred from Peabody Mass. Instructional Tech Specialist #txeduchat
  13. Hello #txeduchat! Popping in and out tonight from WI. I'm Heidi, BTW...nice to meet you! And next year I will teach 5th grade!
  14. Gerald Schattle from Aldine ISD. Looking forward to tonight's chat #txeduchat
  15. John Bimmerle from Sulphur springs texas Instructional design and new to twitter #txeduchat
  16. Alex Kluge, Entrepreneur, visualization and instructional technology - on any device anywhere. Austin Tx. #TxEduChat
  17. Just lurking tonight, Jen from SE Wisconsin, used to teach in Irving. :) GT Coordinator/Online School Coordinator. #txeduchat
  18. #txeduchat Hi All! Tom from NJ, Middle School Educator in 20th yr. Gr 6 SS
  19. Nathan, MDSL, Tom's second best friend. Can't beat out Whitney #txeduchat
  20. @Tom_Kilgore Hi Tom! It's always great to see you on twitter! Hope you had an awesome weekend! #txeduchat
  21. #txeduchat Tina from Texas. I work with elementary teachers on rti. Good evening!
  22. Lesa Haney soon to be 5th grade teacher in Austin area #txeduchat
  23. We will be using the Q1: A1: format for questions and answers! #txeduchat
  24. Hi Everybody Thx for having me! Looking forward to sharing #mlearning & learning from you! 6 guiding ques, let's roll! #TXeduChat
  25. It's great to see so many people here for #txeduchat tonight! We are excited to get started. Tonight's moderator is @kevin_corbett
  26. Q1 What are the characteristics DEFINING "Mobile Learning" How do we know it when we see it? #mlearning #TXeduChat
  27. Gina, 5th grade, Southwestern Iowa. Chiming in first time for #txeduchat #txeduchat
  28. @txeduchat Thanks - glad to be here :) Hope to get to know more about the Texas Edu scene. #TxEduChat
  29. Good evening friends! I'm Allie from Columbus, OH. Elementary teacher. #txeduchat
  30. A1) Why do we need to differentiate between mobil and non mobil learning? False dichotomy? #txeduchat
  31. Hello all. Stacie here, elem SS curr coordinator Mckinney tx #txeduchat
  32. A1: In my limited experience, think Mobile Learning = learning using mobile devices #txeduchat
  33. Hi #txeduchat I’m Tracie in the only checkout line open at decatur tx Walmart.
  34. @kevin_corbett A1 mobile learning is anytime anywhere learning. Using a device to access content when it is convenient for Ss #txeduchat
  35. A1: Mobile learning is learning outside of the traditional classroom structure. #txeduchat
  36. A1: Is it the transportability of the device that makes it mobile learning? #txeduchat
  37. #txeduchat A1 Mobile learning is defined by learners in motion, not tethered to a desk, classroom or teacher.
  38. #txeduchat a1 i like to design mobile elements into learning - not separate but to enhance the l.o.
  39. A1: I like to call mobile learning non-restricted learning. #txeduchat
  40. @feltonsfives good question Gina...by the end of tonight, I may show device doesn't matter ;) #txeduchat
  41. A1: Mobile lrng isn’t about the ‘device’, it is move about having access to information and creativity wherever and whenever. #txeduchat
  42. #txeduchat Mobile learning means the opp to learn anytime anywhere. Sources could be Hashtag chats or the reading of blogs.
  43. A1: DESIGNING learning experiences for mobile devices is a first step to mLearning. #txeduchat @robinwb
  44. A1 Travels with the S. Available in multiple contexts - outside of formal learning env's. #TxEduChat
  45. A1: Mobile learning to me also means movement! Learning everywhere while on the move! #txeduchat
  46. A1: So the differenced between global learning & mobile learning is what? #txeduchat
  47. A1 m. learning should consist of a device but not only internet access.key is to see students having individual interactions #txeduchat
  48. A1: It's what everyone expects. Kids, adults, all learning needs to be available on the run. #txeduchat
  49. @kevin_corbett #txeduchat a1wow that's though1 I would say students using various devices & learning @ their pace teacher becomes moderator
  50. Hello #txeduchat My first time attempting to join a chat. I teach at risk 1st and 2nd graders. I'm excited to learn tonight
  51. @3bugs1rat: A1: I like to call mobile learning non-restricted learning. #txeduchat” all learning should b non restricted ;)
  52. @TracieGCain Be careful Tracie in that checkout line! So glad you joined, apt comment on Mobile Learning for sure! #txeduchat
  53. Hi, Stephanie, Regional Administrator, South Metro Atlanta suburbs excited to join #TXeduChat!
  54. A1: Mobile Learning, to me, is learning outside of a traditional setting. #txeduchat
  55. @algebrasfriend #txeduchat Sure. Students learn on the go doing things, making things. Think flipped learning on the go.
  56. A1Using a device that gives you the opportunity to learn anywhere anytime #txeduchat
  57. I'm Sarah from northern IL. A1) mobile learning is from any device learning something new from anywhere...home, school, etc #txeduchat
  58. We're on roll-- all good! I'll provide possible Answers for your consideration. Separating it out is getting more difficult #txeduchat
  59. @kevin_corbett I am in the camp of the device doesn't matter. Isn't it the authenticity of the task? #txeduchat
  60. @whitneykilgore: A1: DESIGNING learning experiences for mobile devices is a first step #txeduchat" designing learning device agnostic?
  61. A1 mobile learn lets Ss to connect w/ learning process anytime, creating ability to connect to the lesson when its fresh in mind #txeduchat
  62. A1 - mobile learning is more than accessing content; it is creating anytime anyplace #txeduchat
  63. @Tom_Kilgore thanks!! Glad to join in. Tweeting from conference in san Antonio tonight!! Love that I can still chat wherever I am #txeduchat
  64. A1 Mobile learning is on-the-go, can be anywhere at anytime, and often self-directed #txeduchat
  65. @snydesn2 Tom!!!!!! I didn't see you here! Always good to see you my friend! #txeduchat
  66. #txeduchat A1 Mobile learning is technology (smartphone, tablet, etc) dependent. It can include networked collaborative students.
  67. Valerie, HS AP in Keller, TX, checking in a little late. #txeduchat
  68. A1: Creating learning opportunities outside of a traditional CR. Structures should allow for instant feedback for the learner. #txeduchat
  69. How many people think that mobile learning started with an iPhone? #txeduchat
  70. @J_Bimmerle That definitely expands the opportunities for Ss to learn or creates more opportunity #txeduchat
  71. @robinwb Learning Device Agnostic: Yes!! OS, screen resolution, bandwidth... there are many considerations. #txeduchat
  72. #txeduchat Mobile learning should be self-guided or at least self-directed with facilitation and reflection. #txeduchat
  73. @wmchamberlain @feltonsfives I'm glad to hear someone talk about the device not mattering. The device is a TOOL. OUTCOME is key #txeduchat
  74. @feltonsfives: @kevin_corbett I am in the camp of the device doesn't matter. Isn't it the authenticity of the task? #txeduchat” me too
  75. #txeduchat A1 Mobile learning is also defined by paucity of pedagogical support.
  76. A1 #txeduchat Also feel mobile learning is more personal to Ss
  77. The funny thing is that mobile learning has been used since 2001 in higher education #txeduchat
  78. @SteveHayes_RB60: A1) Mobile learning = connected learners #txeduchat” so true more connections = more learning
  79. @kened1705 It's more personal because it is more authentic to students mode of consumption. #txeduchat
  80. A1: Mobile learning is anytime, anywhere and Ts going outside of the traditional classroom structure #txeduchat
  81. #txeduchat when I hear mobile learning I think learning on the go--anywhere --
  82. @nathan_stevens Don't count me in that camp Nathan, has been going on for a very long time in my opinion;) #txeduchat
  83. Q2 Share Your Favorite EXAMPLE of Mobile Learning? Your Preferred Mobile Learning TOOL? #mlearning #TXeduChat
  84. A1: I've done more mobile learning this yr than any other yr of my life! Grocery store, Target, waiting at piano lessons, etc. #txeduchat
  85. A1 Mobile learning is NOT traditional curriculum on a mobile device - hapens too often when new tech is integrated w/o thought #txeduchat
  86. Mobile learning is open ended, differentiated and engaging by nature #txeduchat
  87. Never thought of mobile learning this way, but the comments are starting to change my mind #txeduchat
  88. A2 #txeduchat My favorite tool has to be @blendspace for flipped instruction. It's so awesome. #flipclass
  89. @Tom_Kilgore How powerful for Ss to be able to share when it is fresh, that convo in the store while waiting, can happen w mobile #txeduchat
  90. @kevin_corbett #txeduchat A1 looks like: students using devices correctly and completing task on or above their level.
  91. A2 Any device connected to wifi is my prefered device! There are so many tools that offer different capabilities.#txeduchat
  92. A2: My favorite example of Mobile Learning is going on right as we "speak!" Educators learning collaboratively via #txeduchat
  93. Q2: My preferabled tool would be @GetKahoot Great engagement for Ss great feedback for Ts #txeduchat
  94. A2: My Twitter PLN on my Galaxy S4! Twitter on the ipad annoys me. #txeduchat
  95. A2: Mobile Twitterchats or interviewing others in the community. I like learning from experience. #txeduchat
  96. Mobile learning via Twitter, Facebook and following Blogs...always in my IPAD #txeduchat
  97. A2: Twitter chats for me personally are great for learning! #txeduchat
  98. A2 My favorite is Twitter & the connections I've made that would not have been possible #txeduchat
  99. A2: I think mobile learning has to be geared towards the collaborative approach to be authentic. #txeduchat
  100. A2 4 me, creating a lesson on Educreations and using Aurasma to video my PrK research presentations-most familiar with the iPad #txeduchat
  101. A2: Twitter is preferred for my own learning. Math teachers have some amazing chats online - and of course #txeduchat!
  102. A2 Twitter chats & conversations are great. Skype another favorite - ask friends in dif areas/careers to Skype in w/class. #txeduchat
  103. @robinwb I was one of the first to make ebooks for palms .pba and .lit for everyone #txeduchat
  104. A2 Share Your Favorite EXAMPLE of Mobile Learning? Messaging and polling quick bits of learning #mlearning #TXeduChat
  105. A2 #txeduchat fav mobile tool is skype we may not be mobile but we are connecting all over the world and social media
  106. #txeduchat A2 Best example of #MobileLearning is the backchannel: tweeps sharing stuff through their unique lens. #edcamp, #devlearn, etc..
  107. A2: I also think Mobile Learning is not Digital Instruction where we Ts use a "cool" app to snag Ss attention. #txeduchat
  108. A2 As an orchestra teacher, anything that connects 2 Wi-Fi &takes us outside my class, allows us 2 explore other types/styles #txeduchat
  109. #txeduchat Mobile Learning=engaging stud& tcher becomes facilitator of lrning. All students experience stretched lrning via Mobile Learning
  110. A2 Fotobabble student take pic of algebra problem, then explain steps they went through. Simple, and they have to talk it out. #txeduchat
  111. A2 I love augmented reality, and students exploring on devices that they control and manipulate #txeduchat
  112. Haha! Q2 a cart with wheels on a sunny day and and watercolor outside 🌞 (art tchr) iPads can come too #txedtxeduchat
  113. MT @urbie #A2 Best example of #MobileLearning is the backchannel: tweeps sharing stuff through their unique lens. #txeduchat
  114. A2 Well, other than my own work :) I make a lot of use of online moocs and videos, esp while exercising. #TxEduChat
  115. @kevin_corbett A1 avantgo and Tlingit was the bomb back in the day. Not @explaineverything and @showmeapp are awesome #txeduchat
  116. Some GREAT examples we can ALL learn from! Good Job Group! #txeduchat
  117. A2: Mobile learning is about the students doing, not the teachers showing. #txeduchat
  118. #txeduchat Twitter is my favorite but I love Ted Talks as well. A2
  119. A2: Ss using devices to tweet, snap, film, research, post, create and share their trip to Washington, DC live with Ss and Ps #txeduchat
  120. Q2b (2 of 2) I often find Ts do not have smartphones bc of cost/data rate$. Ss DO b/c their parents are paying. #TXeduChat
  121. Enid Public Schools is looking for a Media Production Specialist apply, online at  http://ow.ly/zoREf   http://ow.ly/i/6iutU  #txeduchat
  122. Q2b I'm curious...would you mind sharing if you currently own/use a #smartphone? (optional) 1 of 2 #TXeduChat
  123. @ValPope330 This would be great for science students doing field work and collecting data in the community #txeduchat
  124. The chat is moving fast tonight. Don't worry if you can respond to everyone, we will post the archive tonight. #txeduchat
  125. @ValPope330 Gdocs very easy way to have Ss collaborate together even if not "together" & asynchronously for sure! #txeduchat
  126. A2 Google forms for Anything and everything. Entry/exit tix to simple formative quick assessment #txeduchat
  127. Over 500 M mobile subscribers in Africa. Dominant ed is via TEXT MESSAGING (SMS) #txeduchat
  128. @carri_ponton Interesting - I tend to use a desktop for twitter chats, easier to type. #TxEduChat
  129. @nathan_stevens: @robinwb I was one of the first to make ebooks for palms .pba and .lit for everyone #txeduchat” cool! Heh outed you!!
  130. Q2 Twitter = PLN tool Kahoot = S engagement.Remind101 communication #txeduchat
  131. Learning from others on Twitter, but also reading blogs (Feedly) YouTube instructional videos to learn from others. #txeduchat
  132. A2: Favorite mobile learning tool is @twitter! It's customized professional development available globally 24/7! #TXeduChat
  133. A2 twitter, skype, google hangouts, students creating educreation lessons for others to see at home #txeduchat
  134. @Tom_Kilgore Agree. Most of my recent learning thru chats on Twitter. Proud to be part of PLN. #txeduchat
  135. A2b: I think the smartphone for the educator has become like the rank book and dry erase marker had. Essential. #txeduchat
  136. A2b Yes, have a smart phone & use it for photos & video at spur of moment. Kids (k-4) love discussing it. #txeduchat
  137. A2b have a smartphone, but don't use for teaching. Use iPad, laptop, Mimio #txeduchat
  138. A2: my favorite mobile learning is happening right now- collaborating with other educators via Twitter chats! #txeduchat
  139. Q2b. Yes On my way! smartphone. I got them for my 2 teens for mobile learning. #txeduchat
  140. We assume learning is tied to classrm assgnments. a lot of learning happens when my kids get caught up in creating on their own. #txeduchat
  141. @kevin_corbett Yes! They'll have to pry my Samsung phone from my cold, dead hand! #txeduchat
  142. @MrsJones_Merton @kevin_corbett #txeduchat absolutely Mobil learning 2 me means comfort cafe style & good digital citizenship
  143. A2b Had a great convo w/ HS Ss abt tech & how I use it - Facebook personal, Twitter professional, etc. Started b/c of my phone #txeduchat
  144. @J_Bimmerle Great approaches & healthy dose of formative assessment allows so much better instruction, agreed John! #txeduchat
  145. #txeduchat I own and use a smart phone. I actually wrote my first blog post on my smart phone. #challenging A2b
  146. #txeduchat A2: Love learning from blogs but am really picking up on twitter feeds as well.
  147. A2b: Own and use smartphone and tablet - but mostly to consume. #TxEduChat
  148. @TracieGCain I agree. Learning doesn't always come with an assignment and an assessment. #txeduchat
  149. @kevin_corbett: Q2b I'm curious...would you mind sharing if you currently own/use a #smartphone? #TXeduChat” have one
  150. @kevin_corbett Friend who teaches kinder. says some kids don't know how to grip pencils - too used to swiping. Hard to imagine. #txeduchat
  151. #txeduchat A2b: I still have a flip phone actually cause I use an iPad mini and my MacBook Pro to communicate online.
  152. @BarbaraGruener Oh, Barbara, U R going 2 love twitter! Twitter rocks! I'm going to "follow" you right now & add U 2 my PLN! #txeduchat
  153. A2 for me Twitter for students google drive and teacher blog on Chromebooks #txeduchat
  154. A2b have a smartphone and iPad. Keep on hand for pictures and more. #txeduchat
  155. A2: Actually my fav mobile device is a book (any book)! #txeduchat
  156. A2B: Yes, iPhone dependent and can't imagine not having the resources it provides in hand! #txeduchat
  157. A3: In an effort to show students how to learn. In fact, we can show our students HOW WE LEARN! They need to see that. #txeduchat
  158. @kevin_corbett: 38% of TWO-YEAR-OLDS use mobile devices #txeduchat” love that - 55% of people have a # for their wedding learned it today!
  159. @kevin_corbett: 38% of TWO-YEAR-OLDS use mobile devices #txeduchat” yes, my 2yo loves my iPhone! Very proficient w/it!!
  160. A3: Because being able to learn 24/7 is a blast! Anytime-Anywhere! #txeduchat
  161. A2b) Smart phone, but not as smart as what my kids have (the latest- mine is 3s iPhone) #txeduchat
  162. A3 B/c the world is changing, knowledge growing exponentially, we know more about how kids learn, need to give variety of options #txeduchat
  163. @txeduchat @kevin_corbett My kids didn’t OWN a mobile device at that age, but they could already use mine! #txeduchat
  164. A3: I think mobile learning is about being a lifelong learner. Ss need to know learning occurs all the time anywhere they are. #txeduchat
  165. A3 Great 21 century skill that students can use as life long learners anytime anywhere #txeduchat
  166. A3 Mobile learning is outside the box and allows our Ss to create and explore #txeduchat
  167. A3: It's important for Ss to understand & practice the concept of learning being a constant process. Not isolated to school #txeduchat
  168. #txeduchat A2b iPhone, iPad and oodles of apps, probably too many installed at one time..
  169. Q3 To model being a community of learners 24/7. Ts can't stop learning and neither should Ss. #txeduchat
  170. A3: As phrase always says we need to "meet Ss where they are" educationally, why not w/ #mlearning? #txeduchat Learning opportunities abound
  171. Need to get back to the chats! Will do so after my baseball season ends. See you soon! #iaedchat #iledchat #ALedchat #txeduchat #USedchat
  172. A3: Simply put. Mobile learning just is. If we aren't advocating and imploring it, then we just are not. Get it? #txeduchat
  173. A3 our students expect it, it allows personalization, it takes students outside of the walls of classrooms, further exploration #txeduchat
  174. A3: mobile learning is the future similar to our on demand movie world now. #txeduchat
  175. A3: because learning in and of itself is mobile. It's about a learning commons than just a classroom in 21st century schools #txeduchat
  176. A3 because today's students are changing...even if we don't like it, we have to meet them where they are.#txeduchat
  177. A3: I don't think it is a 21 century skill. It's a timeless skill. #txeduchat
  178. A3 Its where the students ARE now. Gives teachers chance to help students find their own answers to many Q's #txeduchat
  179. In a 3-yr survey of our eLearning Ss 99% had their own phone and ~95% paid by parents (most smartphones) #txeduchat
  180. @AlexVKluge @kevin_corbett LOL! That's why I didn't mention a model, just the manufacturer. ;) #txeduchat
  181. A3) Important for us to pursue mobile learning bc that’s how our Ss are learning. Learning isn’t confined to a room. #txeduchat
  182. @kevin_corbett: Q3 WHY Should We Pursue Mobile Learning? #mlearning #TXeduChat” we should pursueit cause the kids are there already
  183. #txeduchat A3 Accessability, unlimited resources and ease of use.
  184. @kevin_corbett A3 mobile learning is real life learning. allows students to learn when it convenient for them #onabus #withafox #txeduchat
  185. A3 the nature of knowledge has changed - now learning must be mobile to develop creativity, deep thinking #txeduchat
  186. A3 If we aren't moving forward we're moving backwards. To continue to be effective teachers we must pursue it #txeduchat
  187. #txeduchat A3 At a minimum we need to use #edtech #MobileLearning to differentiate how we learn from last two centuries.
  188. A3 Learning through many options. Let's Sts explore as questions occur spontaneously. #txeduchat
  189. A4: We need to shrink the gap between school and REALITY. #txeduchat
  190. A3) It’s pretty funny to be at a dinner and see friends all racing to google answer to a question. #txeduchat
  191. @feltonsfives Do you feel that supports Ss in viewing #mlearning as a potential part of life-long learning? #txeduchat
  192. A3: I love showing my Ss how I mobile learn,but in reality,the Ss were light years ahead of me! They R natives 2 mbile learning! #txeduchat
  193. Q3: More often I've seen teaching across curriculums and mobile learning accommodates this practice. Without it, autonomy reigns #txeduchat
  194. A3 #txeduchat Because that is where our students live. They don't know a world without mobile devices. It is their world
  195. Don't forget #mLearning is also where all of our jobs and businesses are going to too... #txeduchat
  196. A3 Limiting learning to the classroom is an artificial and unnecessary constraint. #TxEduChat
  197. You can continue to learn from your peers on your mobile device using Twitter - follow your fellow #txeduchat participants to grow your PLN.
  198. @MrsJones_Merton I have experienced that as well Heidi, Ss always a step ahead on latest devices & apps! #txeduchat They are naturals!
  199. @jennann516: A3) It’s pretty funny to be at a dinner and see friends all racing to google answer to a question. #txeduchat” not just me?
  200. A: 3 promote a lifestyle of learning that's at their fingertips anytime anywhere #txeduchat
  201. #txeduchat The thrill for me with ML is that my window of education opened tenfold with worldwide access to people and ideas. That's why!
  202. @Tom_Kilgore I think Ss need to be encouraged to look at learning differently than just classroom work. Takes some Ts investment #txeduchat
  203. #txeduchat A3 Like most innovations, which often take years to bear fruit, benefits of #MobileLearning may not reveal themselves for awhile.
  204. A3: like ads on TV, nothing to pursue. If you have a device the learning opportunities will just pop up in front of you. #txeduchat
  205. How many people are chatting on a mobile device right now? #txeduchat
  206. A3: mobility is it only about learning. It's also a business model for recreation (think digital receivers) #txeduchat
  207. I think most kids understand that learning is a constant process; it’s the adults who don’t get it. #txeduchat
  208. @kevin_corbett A3 mobile learning is real life learning, allows students to learn when it convenient for them #onabus #withafox #txeduchat
  209. A3 do teachers need to catch up? How can students model for teachers? #txeduchat
  210. @kevin_corbett Isn't that a rather limited survey - they are already eLearners. How general are the results? #TxEduChat
  211. Ss already do it, Ts need to do it to keep up and guide them #txeduchat
  212. @MrsJones_Merton @Tom_Kilgore I completely agree with both of you! Plus many Ss are fearless with the use of devices. #txeduchat
  213. #txeduchat A3 Then again, fruits may be seen sooner: connected learners (Ss who tweet, blog)..
  214. @freegrace289 Think it changes what we are covering as well, if Ss can Google answer we are asking the wrong Q as saying goes! #txeduchat
  215. @BPESPrincipal You're welcome! I have a surprise at the end for everyone too ;) #txeduchat
  216. @Tom_Kilgore @MrsJones_Merton Sit w/ #txeduchat granddaughter easily figures out game on her iPad. Has helped me discover more w/PicCollage
  217. A3) Teaching Ss to use mobile devices to learn, communicate, and create is preparing them for their future. #txeduchat
  218. A4: M tech will not always be novel. Remove the novelty of mobile learning and make it a comfortable extension of a Ss life. #txeduchat
  219. @WheelerCamille So true. How will this all evolve once wearable so arrive on the scene en masse? #txeduchat
  220. Creating a culture of Lifelong Learners- anytime, anyplace, anywhere! #txeduchat
  221. @dmyeager67 Definitely Danna, it is certainly an opportunity to show Ss we are learners as well! #txeduchat
  222. @bwinstonheath: Creating a culture of Lifelong Learners- anytime, anyplace, anywhere! #txeduchat”. Couldn't say it any better!
  223. Q4 What are the BARRIERS to the Adoption of Mobile Learning? #mlearning #TXeduChat
  224. @ABond013 @MrsJones_Merton @Tom_Kilgore agreed!! They plow through mlearning. They learn by trial and error not read the manual #txeduchat
  225. @jennann516 or seeing them at the local trivia night trying to hide the use of their phones to answer the questions! #txeduchat
  226. A4: Barriers include "it's just a fad", "I do my Powerpoints already" "It's another thing..." "I'm not a tech person like you.." #txeduchat
  227. A4 - fear that kids might text, play games, goof off, etc. You know, kinda like we doodled & passed notes w/ our pencil/paper :) #txeduchat
  228. A4: Barriers: Individuals who don't understand/adopt/embrace the concept of a different way of approaching learning #txeduchat
  229. A4 Barriers....Belief in innovation and buy in from adm, tchrs, and students. #txeduchat
  230. @yabooksandmore "Without it, autonomy reigns" What's wrong with autonomy? I see it as a powerful motivation. #TxEduChat
  231. #txeduchat A4 Stereotypes, misinformation, expense can block #MobileLearning. Digital citizenship, pedagogy training, sponsorship mitigate.
  232. Q4 Fear.... of being replaced, of looking inadequate, of knowing less than they do. #txeduchat
  233. #txeduchat A4 Skeptics are barriers. Many people still have not climbed on board the "mobile learning" train.
  234. @sarahdateechur Added to that the uncertainty of T role in the learning /teaching framework. Change can be frightening #txeduchat
  235. Biggest barrier is Ts and Admin who have not witnessed the power of ML first hand. They have to live it authentically to buy in #txeduchat
  236. A4 Support to help people change and try new things #txeduchat
  237. A4 $, resistance from teachers/admin, time, security/safety, availability of use when sharing carts, no prep, lack of knowledge #txeduchat
  238. Tech won't replace teachers but teachers who use tech effectively will eventually replace teachers who do not. #txeduchat
  239. A4: Barriers=people, policy, and practice. The people that write the policy, or the people that are engrained in their practice. #txeduchat
  240. A4 Fear that mobile learning won't produce expected results (control issues) #txeduchat
  241. A4: reluctant educators, poor tech. infrastructure, funding. #txeduchat
  242. A4 I think we're scared that Ss might know more than us. Fear of control. Fear of unfamiliar #txeduchat
  243. A4: What if the Ss use it for EVIL. This is a miniscule number. They need consequences and praise those who follow the rules. #txeduchat
  244. A4 #txeduchat In our district it is the restrictions on access
  245. A4 BYOD can mean inequity in some areas, fear of widening the gap b/c Ss don't have equal access. #txeduchat
  246. A4) Barriers include tcher confidence in Impact on accountability, student access, and the dynamics of changing the culture #txeduchat
  247. We are no longer th keepers of knowledge. Kids know the info is out there. Together, we must apply, evaluate, create. #txeduchat
  248. A4: Think barriers lower than ever before, Ss have access to mobile device more often than internet. #txeduchat Opportunity for learning!
  249. A4: I see a lot of the word "fear" in answers. Combat fear by leading by example. SHOW how awesome mobile learning can be! #txeduchat
  250. A4 #TXeduChat $$$-Money-$$$ or it's lack. Equity is an issue in public schools, but we cannot wait to build.
  251. what about content? that's not an app or canned (or made by a corporation vs teacher?) #txeduchat
  252. @jarredhaas Yep, it is like any other classroom management issue. Don't ban tech because of a few bad apples. #txeduchat
  253. A4: Ts not embracing the technology, district restrictions #txeduchat
  254. A4 confidence in infrastructure - nothing like setting up learning on equipment/apps only to find that the technology won't work. #txeduchat
  255. @MrsJones_Merton Yes, show the great thing that can happen and they will follow #txeduchat
  256. A4 #txeduchat Seems we are so worried about the things students might do that we limit the things they can do
  257. A4: mobile learning needs to be self directed while Ts are monitoring and helping Ss reflect. #txeduchat
  258. @kevin_corbett I think that's part of the fear factor - content is wide open - what if convo turns to something controversial? #txeduchat
  259. A4: Ts need to teach digital citizenship, which they may not know how. Many have the attitude "it's not part of my curriculum" #txeduchat
  260. A4 Existing content or software not suitable for mobile devices is a big one. #TxEduChat
  261. A4 #txeduchat I teach in a very poor area. Honestly not have internet or cells. It's hard
  262. Mt“@SteveHayes_RB60: A3) Teaching Ss to use mobile devices to learn, communicate,create is preparing them for their future. #txeduchat” yes
  263. @dayankee @jarredhaas Agreed, BYOD or 1:1 are simply things Ts need to add to classroom management in my opinion. #txeduchat
  264. @jenmarten Controversial Topics? Oh MY! ;) Great learning opportunities :) #txeduchat
  265. A4: "Lets monitor everything Ss are doing before they do anything wrong so they will be perfect" Really? Is this a good idea? #txeduchat
  266. @algebrasfriend Bandwidth is the foundation of any tech program. It makes or breaks tech use in schools. #txeduchat
  267. @yabooksandmore Shouldn't digital citizenship be a part of everyone's curriculum? What area does it not reach? #txeduchat
  268. A4 Ts not seeing the need, value, and understanding. Done it this way...always yuck! #txeduchat
  269. @WheelerCamille: A4 #txeduchat I teach in a very poor area. Honestly not have internet or cells. It's hard” & this is the pivotal issue
  270. A4: with mobile learning Ss still need to interact with others #txeduchat
  271. @jenmarten @kevin_corbett Controversy can then create a teachable moment or example to build conversation upon in my opinion:) #txeduchat
  272. @connolly335 But we can't rely that just because it's cool and motivational, its a better way of doing something. #txeduchat
  273. @Tom_Kilgore Yes, many students carry in their pocket access to more information than is in the library of congress. #TxEduChat
  274. #txeduchat A4 It gets down to time.. to update lesson plans, to make accessible to Ss and staff. Probably still not widely understood #how.
  275. @AlexVKluge mobilelearning allows collaboration, whereas autonomous classrooms typically supports lecture,Q&A, top down bottom up #txeduchat
  276. A4: I think we limit ourselves also because we don't take the time to explore and/or allow our Ss to explore. #txeduchat
  277. @dmyeager67 So true. Some of the most dangerous words are "We've always done it this way!" Run! #txeduchat
  278. @jarredhaas @connolly335 Totally agree, but not everyone is comfortable w/ that. Comes back to control of curriculum. #txeduchat
  279. Is mLearning TOO advanced from the factory-model classroom to make the leap instructionally? #txeduchat
  280. @BronwynRumsey True. I like to have a good working of apps and tech before I introduce it to the kiddos. #txeduchat
  281. @kevin_corbett lack of creativity is bigger hindrance than lack of content or apps or anything else. Ts mush think how and why #txeduchat
  282. Ss are fearless with tech. devices and going through the trial and error process. Let them explore. #txeduchat
  283. @yabooksandmore @AlexVKluge Not only does mobile learning allow for collaboration it creates opportunities.#txeduchat
  284. @kevin_corbett Definitely! But depending on support w/in district & community, this is tricky for some, esp. w/ science. #txeduchat
  285. @kened1705 We need to take the opportunity to teach a bit of responsibility. #TxEduChat
  286. @algebrasfriend that's why I ask. Will baby-steps implementation catch-up to the 21st C or mLearning? #txeduchat
  287. Yes but sometimes jumping into an app to explore with the students is exciting! @dayankee @BronwynRumsey #txeduchat
  288. Q5 Should Schools PROVIDE the tools (portable devices)...OR...Have Ss Bring Their Own Devices (BYOD)? #mlearning #TXeduChat
  289. #txeduchat A4 Marry #MobileLearning to #tlap: passionate Ts risk new stuff.. Maybe awaken interest in Ss. So many maybes/what-ifs.
  290. A5 I'm more comfortable when schools provide devices - then we are all working from the same platform. Learning to deal with BYOD #txeduchat
  291. @txeduchat @kevin_corbett No - start small, progress step by step. For us, lead by example. #TxEduChat
  292. @kevin_corbett I think authentic learning is too advanced for factory-model. :) #txeduchat
  293. Here's an idea! Have a panel of students to explore with Ed apps. They can set up criteria for the best apps and score it #txeduchat
  294. Q5 A mixture of both. In a perfect world we would provide Ss with the device, but districts don't have the funds! #txeduchat
  295. For equality, schools providing tool; may be leaving someone out in BYOD #txeduchat
  296. @ABond013 agreed-and we can assist them in learning to interact properly instead of them learning inappropriate way 2 interact. #txeduchat
  297. A5: School should provide devices for this generation. 1:1 should be the reality of the next generation as we reach more equity. #txeduchat
  298. A5: As long as each Ss has a way to connect using any tool- I am good! Who brought it or provided it is irrelevant. #txeduchat
  299. Q5 Whatever it takes to get the Ss access is tech is important. #txeduchat
  300. When the school provides the tools there is the advantage of consistency #txeduchat
  301. #txeduchat A5 Good question. Our HS sent out a survey b/c we don't all have access to the same devices. I'm not sure what they decided.
  302. @kevin_corbett More Ts stepping away from traditional approaches that don't suit in modern classrooms. What works best w/Ss=win! #txeduchat
  303. A5: both.Its easier to have options/student participation both ways. Some students own devices, others don't so cover all bases #txeduchat
  304. A5 I like the idea of school providing devices to students. But think they should have access to personal devices too #txeduchat
  305. A5 We provide stacks of printed texts, we will replace them with provided devices for those who don't have their own. #TxEduChat
  306. Q5 Schools!! Did we ever ask students to provide their own paper to print a textbook on? #txeduchat
  307. #txeduchat A5 The economic status of each district is an important variable in determining that answer.
  308. A5: why does it have to be one or the other? If everyone has a screwdriver what is going to get built? Supplement what they have. #txeduchat