07-26-2015 Chat Archive

Host @artistwithwords talks about social media in education

  1. Welcome to #txeduchat tonight - Let's get started with introductions! Who are you, where are y'all from and what do you do?
  2. Don't forget as you are tweeting tonight to use the hashtag #txeduchat This allows others to find your tweets and follow along.
  3. Ross Principal Oxford MA joining my colleagues from Texas tonight! #txeduchat
  4. Hey #txeduchat! I'm Aaron Hogan, high school assistant principal in College Station, TX. Looking forward to a great chat tonight!
  5. Manny, HS Principal from Marble Falls. Great to be with the #txeduchat again!
  6. @stephwurking Thanks- I'm been MIA a little bit from SM to get ready for school AND finishing my papers for admin program #txeduchat
  7. Ryan from Round Rock ISD. Looking forward to the chat before we start our summer conference tomorrow. #txeduchat
  8. A1: @nuzzel is great for finding articles you missed that the people you follow are reading and sharing. #txeduchat
  9. Christina, former kinder teacher, ITS and current SBtrustee, and and loving working here-> @neprisapp #foreveraneducator #txeduchat
  10. Q1: What social media tools are you most comfortable using? Which are your favorites & why? #txeduchat
  11. @Tom_Kilgore Ahhh....thanks Tom! I only feel ready because PLN inspires me to be better! #txeduchat TY for all you do!
  12. @BarbaraGruener Umm...if it doesn't kill you, it makes you stronger, right? That's what I've been sticking to..lol #txeduchat
  13. A1: @buffer is a life saver when trying to keep from overloading your feed all at once! #txeduchat
  14. A1: Of course twitter is my favorite! I'm hooked! It allows me to connect with so many people! And it's fun! #txeduchat
  15. RT @Artistwithwords: Q1: What social media tools are you most comfortable using? Which are your favorites & why? #txeduchat
  16. A1: Twitter, of course! I just got involved recently and I'm finding I am getting more PD than I ever imagined. #txeduchat
  17. RT @messerlyk RT @Artistwithwords: Q1: What social media tools are you most comfortable using? Which are your favorites & why? #txeduchat
  18. #txeduchat Hello, this is Jessica McDonald, and I am a principal with Northwest ISD. Looking forward to learning together!
  19. RT @Artistwithwords: Q1: What social media tools are you most comfortable using? Which are your favorites & why? #txeduchat
  20. A1: Definitely Twitter is my fav social media, but I also use FB, Instagram, Voxer, Periscope, Linkedin, Skype IM, and Google+. #txeduchat
  21. @MrHowardFMS Two hours of chats back to back! THis is going to blow our minds. #titletalk #txeduchat
  22. Ashlee from...Texas....in this #txeduchat ;) I teach 3rd grade in an IB school, ready to learn from ya'l!
  23. A1: Love using Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram...Twitter is my fave social media of course! #txeduchat
  24. A1: Twitter and Instagram are my go to SM. Getting more into periscope #txeduchat
  25. A1: Twitter & Facebook! Definitely use Twitter the most...easy to spread news/messaging...also great PD tool! #txeduchat
  26. @Artistwithwords A1 Twitter primarily. Facebook is an evil known only to Pearson. Google+ is what it is. #txeduchat
  27. Tuning in to #txeduchat and #tmchat tonight! Hope I can stay up...late on east coast! The awesome conversations on education are worth it!
  28. A1 Most comfortable with Twitter for school & Facebook socially. Started Facebook pg for school this summer....finally. #txeduchat
  29. A1: Twitter hands down is my favorite. I useit to brand my school and for my own personal/professional growth. #txeduchat
  30. A1: Twitter because it allows me to stay connected with my PLN and engage with specific ed topics #txeduchat
  31. A1. Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, @TpTdotcom and @periscopeco to connect with other Ts and @Seesaw to connect with Ps #txeduchat
  32. A1 Twitter is my go to but Voxer extends the connections- hard for me to keep up though- venturing into GHO #txeduchat
  33. A1 Twitter has quickly become my favorite this summer. Before it was Facebook & Instagram #txeduchat
  34. A1: I'm warming up to Instagram, I plan on using it more this coming year #txeduchat
  35. Q1 Twitter for PPD/PLN, LinkedIn prof networking, FB friends and family #txeduchat
  36. A1: I am a Twitter fanatic. I use it to celebrate successes and inspire those around me. #txeduchat
  37. A1 Twitter #txeduchat gives us flexibility to connect with students, educators & parents easily
  38. We started out focusing on Twitter, but now we're getting great response w/ facebook.  http://www.facebook.com/rrisd.pd  #txeduchat
  39. A1 Stay away from Instagram for edu, but love Twitter & Edmodo for school stuff. FB is touchy #txeduchat
  40. @Kidsmathtalk I use Twitter but not Instagram. Is there a benefit to using both? #txeduchat
  41. @Artistwithwords A1 Twitter is fast paced and has answers that most forums wish they had #txeduchat
  42. A1 I love the immediate interaction of Twitter with educators/authors, etc #txeduchat
  43. A1: I used to use @HooteSuite but then during a chat it wasn't sending tweets when I scheduled them! #txeduchat
  44. @matthew_arend Oh, you're a week ahead of me. I'm back tomorrow morning. Ready to go! #txeduchat
  45. @sandeeteach I downloaded Voxer at ISTE this summer. Excited to see if I can expand uses on campus #txeduchat
  46. A1: Twitter and FB I use daily. Trying out Periscope. #txeduchat
  47. A1 Twitter is the bomb for professional needs and I am all about it. Facebook is the best for getting info out to Ss and Ps. #txeduchat
  48. A1: I use FB and Twitter regularly - when I surveyed parents, they prefer FB - #txeduchat
  49. A1: Instagram (pics are pwrful) Twitter (my edu-information hub) Pinterest (untapped potential) Google+ (communities!) #txeduchat
  50. A1: LOVE Twitter and Blogger - learn, share, connect, and grow! #txeduchat
  51. A1: I like Twitter and use Tweetdeck. Love connecting with my PLN. #txeduchat
  52. @curryhj2000 I like how you can post from Instagram to FB and Twitter all with a check box #txeduchat
  53. A1 I have grown so much professionally with Twitter. I am grateful to my PLN & amazing tweeters like @aaron_hogan @ @MrSchuReads #txeduchat
  54. A1: Facebook is always great for connecting with families! Everyone is on Facebook. Grandma to the great aunt! #txeduchat
  55. #txeduchat A1 Twitter. So simple it's hard to mess up + so many educators are on it. Why do I use Twitter? It's where the educators Are.
  56. A1 TWITTER! Love connecting, sharing, learning, collaborating, & having fun w educators around the world. Twitter does this 4 me! #txeduchat
  57. A1: Love Twitter and FB, use Pinterest & blog over at  http://corneroncharacter.com  Trying GHO to present in Idaho from TX in 2 weeks! #txeduchat
  58. @Tom_Kilgore Almost over, but just had great vacay with the family! Life is good! #txeduchat
  59. A1 I use Twitter to post book reviews and suggestions for students --- books in their faces at any opportunity #txeduchat
  60. K-8 school leader from DE! Texas is my second home! My wife is thinking I might have another wife there! Nope...just good people! #txeduchat
  61. A1 Students are all over Instagram -- I am trying to figure out how to make that work for me. #txeduchat
  62. @curryhj2000 I find that there is different "type" of Teacher on IG. Quick inspirations and feel closer connection b/c of pics #txeduchat
  63. A1 Twitter and Google+ as both have allowed me to easily find groups that are easy to engage w/others. Lots of sharing #txeduchat
  64. #txeduchat A1 Having so many choices that enable us to stay conctd, obtain info, Google+ communities, there are so many options
  65. A1: Social media must haves: -Twitter -Facebook -Voxer -Buffer -Nuzzel -Pocket -ScoopIt -Instagram -Pinterest -LinkedIN #txeduchat
  66. @curryhj2000 @Kidsmathtalk I think so. One is more text/links, the other is pics/vids. Both use hashtags can be interconnected #txeduchat
  67. A1: I like to use Facebook to connect with families because a larger audience lies there. Great way to push out info & celebrate. #txeduchat
  68. @ShaundaD I Like periscope except for the fact it drains my battery and my data usage.... :/ #txeduchat
  69. Good evening #txeduchat! Hopping on from CA. Teacher educator and literacy researcher
  70. @MrHowardFMS You could post a pic and then have ss reply with possible captions #txeduchat
  71. @joshua_shepard @ShaundaD I am following too many peeps on Periscope - I am constantly getting notifications #txeduchat
  72. A1: I find I use different SM for different parts of my life.I'm becoming a multiple personality on SM-professional and personal. #txeduchat
  73. A1: I also LOVE blogger...been blogging since 2008 :) so easy to do. But also like the Tumblr platform...looking at switching #txeduchat
  74. Q2: How have you used social media tools to support student learning? Share an example or two. #txeduchat
  75. . @pcroskey3 Does Twitter impact your classroom practice? How does it help you improve teaching and learning? #txeduchat @dankrutka
  76. A1: Twitter is my favorite. Could not get Ps to follow. Adding FB and Instagram this year. Meet them where they are! #txeduchat
  77. @whitneykilgore sometimes. Sometimes I find Twitter EDUs a little too self promoting. #txeduchat
  78. A1- Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Remind- Easy to communicate with parents and students. #txeduchat
  79. @joshua_shepard @ShaundaD I like Periscope too. Feel like it is being a little overused by Ts right now though.#txeduchat
  80. RT @Artistwithwords: Q2: How have you used social media tools to support student learning? Share an example or two. #txeduchat
  81. @carrionconnects It aggregates all the articles the people you follow are sharing/posting. App is user friendly. Use it daily. #txeduchat
  82. @MLunoff Some classes are meeting and connecting using Voxer. What grade do you teach? #txeduchat
  83. A2 Twitter hashtags to backchannel and have students post responses in one place. Works like a charm and I love it. #txeduchat
  84. @JofeeTremain Me too, keep us posted on what your experience is with Periscope! #txeduchat
  85. Other tweeters I've learned a lot from @DianaLRendina @NancyJoLambert @R_H_Steele. The list goes on, they inspire & challenge #txeduchat
  86. @aaron_hogan What-A-List! Oh, and hey Aaron, I went to a Ukelele Band Concert at the retirement center yesterday. #inspiring #txeduchat
  87. #txeduchat A1 I like Pinterest, too. I got turned on to what it can do thanks to @mrspixel5 at #EdCampWestTexas. It encourages curation.
  88. A2: I need to do a better job of using social media to support student learning. Used mostly for communication and celebration. #txeduchat
  89. A2 Always share blogs thru FB & Twitter w/other edus. Great way to get PD & try new ideas in classroom. Great way to connect w/Ss #txeduchat
  90. A1: I look forward to using Periscope more to celebrate happenings in our school, and push it out via Twitter. #txeduchat
  91. A2: We tweet with authors our predictions, questions, and comments about books we are reading. #txeduchat
  92. @urbie @mrspixel5 Love the visuals of Pinterest! Even made my 75 yr old mom an addict! :) #txeduchat
  93. #txeduchat A1 I start from the tool my sts are used to - from Facebook to Whatsapp to Instagram or to Snapchat
  94. @cherisemcb Voxer is an app that will let you send quick voice messages to others. It's like a voice text/tweet. I like it. #txeduchat
  95. @messerlyk SO agree!!! If TEA acceptS academic journal rdg, they should accept Twitter feeds and posts #txeduchat
  96. @Artistwithwords A2: wanted 2 use Twitter but no parents were into the idea. I used @RemindHQ and that was nice for Ps #txeduchat
  97. @sandeeteach I'm actually a principal. Would love to hear more on uses for classroom for Ts? Always want to support them #txeduchat
  98. @hatchdw We have 1:1 with Chromebooks and students will have them at home this year-hopefully this eases that concern. #txeduchat
  99. A2: I use a class Twitter as PR with parents. Also allows students to showcase their work. #txeduchat
  100. A1: since Twitter is popular I will go with @voxer. Love the depth it brings to conversations. Learning to leverage @periscopeco #txeduchat
  101. A2: Encouraged Ts to use Twitter in their classrooms as an engagement tool! Also used it during a PD session I lead w/staff #txeduchat
  102. @knelsonedu I agree! So important to do this! Twitter is great for Ts to share w/one another-use other SM to share w/parents. #txeduchat
  103. Q2: Encourage Ss to connect w authors via Instagram, Twitter, etc. Many authors respond to their questions/encourage reading #txeduchat
  104. A2: I created a summer reading club in Edmodo for older elementary students. They loved it! #txeduchat
  105. @sandeeteach @mrspixel5 I'm planning to use Pinterest to curate my #cuerockstar Vegas experience in August. #txeduchat
  106. RT @aaron_hogan: A1: Social media must haves: -Twitter -Facebook -Voxer -Buffer -Pocket -ScoopIt -Instagram -Pinterest -LinkedIN #txeduchat
  107. Q2: Post and tweet student action and success, it gives parents a look inside our work every day #txeduchat
  108. @MrHowardFMS I make significant use of hashtags, as well. The provide a good way to focus. #txeduchat
  109. @cherisemcb Actually @DawgTech is my class Twitter account @blaze_biscuit is our Instagram @Artistwithwords oops! #txeduchat
  110. A1: Twitter is my fave social media. My PLN #k12ArtChat is a fiercely dedicated bunch! #txeduchat
  111. #txeduchat Faige from Los Angeles just lurking and learning today.
  112. A2 Edmodo as a control center. It allows for self pacing, reference, gives shy students a voice, modeling of digital citizenship #txeduchat
  113. Hey there all! Sorry, I'm late! Evin from Seattle -- totes crashing the #txeduchat! Haha.
  114. A2:As a principal I did a decent job of encouraging teachers to engage their students using twitter. The students responded well. #txeduchat
  115. @Artistwithwords A2 since I work with pre-service Ts, it is about showing the the value of SM in the PD #txeduchat
  116. A2: I use Twitter to showcase student #geniushour projects,student products, & student blogs. Authentic audience a click away. #txeduchat
  117. A2: Had student "reporters" in 4th grade class taking photos, crafting tweets, & keeping parents informed (w/my oversight;) #txeduchat
  118. Dang I need to get in on @voxer. People be all about it. Any good resource on using it I should check out? #txeduchat
  119. @MLunoff Admin friends are using Voxer to give quick feedback to Ts after an observation and Ts are loving it! Makes it pos. #txeduchat
  120. A2 I work w/Ts and often encourage them 2 join Twitter PLN. Also helped connect T's w/ours to collaborate beyond our schools. #txeduchat
  121. @kecarr @carrionconnects I use Pocket to save articles. I plan weekly Social Emotional Learning lessons for our Ss, and I can... #txeduchat
  122. A2: Have teachers teach lessons on YouTube to reinforce previously taught material. Place on website.Great for parent engagement. #txeduchat
  123. A2: Honestly, our district frowns upon interaction with S in any form on social media... I would love to use it more! #txeduchat
  124. @rossathibault Would love to use Twitter during PD session! Have to get more staff into platform first! #txeduchat
  125. @asembroski I know @steve_principal does tweet walks on his campus to showcase Ss & Ts weekly! Love the idea! #txeduchat
  126. A2. I have started a S written blog. We will be doing a shared writing activity 1x/wk so that their words express their learning! #txeduchat
  127. @sandeeteach @burgessdave Love, love, love that! I used the first several days for relationship building myself #txeduchat
  128. I really need to get my Voxer up and running again for ed purposes. #txeduchat
  129. Have many staff members not on Twitter! Going to develop a hashtag for staff to post positive tweets about class during the week! #txeduchat
  130. A2: Ss will be participating in some global math twitter tasks. We play #mysteryskype, and participating in Shark Week on Skype. #txeduchat
  131. A2. Used Twitter to mimic characters talking like Rikki Tiki and Nag, using economy of words #txeduchat
  132. A1: I love all things social media. I guess I have a hard time with Snapchat. I think that is the hardest to engage in class. #txeduchat
  133. A2 I've used Kidblog. S wrote poems, recommendations, summary, comments, etc of favorite books. With Ss input plan to expand it. #txeduchat
  134. A2: As a new secondary LMS, I want to definitely create a brand for the library. Instagram, Twitter and FB.I want Ss to help #txeduchat
  135. A3 I find when I want kids to share a picture or collaborate on something with a quick response, I have used @padlet or GDocs.#txeduchat
  136. @sandeeteach I love that idea! Very personal message that clarifies communication! #txeduchat
  137. @Artistwithwords A2 and sometimes it as simple as backchannelling with today's meet as a start to responsible SM #txeduchat
  138. A2: Twitter works great.I could send out the clssrm link for parents to view tweets even if they didn't want to join/follow. #txeduchat
  139. A2: Twitter is an avenue to share learning, show kids what they have done, & let them celebrate being celebrated! #txeduchat
  140. A:2 Instagram lets the campus/community know how much LIBRARIES SUPPORT ACADEMICS! (I'm not yelling :) Remind keep Ss updated #txeduchat
  141. #txeduchat A2: I used fakebook and faketweets to get my kids to use when our IT wouldn't allow students on Twitter or FB
  142. A2: Have a school improvement chat with parents to get feedback about the school's climate. #txeduchat
  143. Q2: I've used social media more for advocacy efforts including having students create digital portfolios. #txeduchat
  144. @Kidsmathtalk @rossathibault @jenmccray97 and I are doing a mock chat at our Tech Symposium Aug. 11 to help recruit~Can't wait! #txeduchat
  145. A2: Also learned about using @GetKahoot and Skype so class can challenge other classes. #txeduchat
  146. #txeduchat when I tried to send messages via @RemindHQ while ss were in room I felt a little disconnected. Typing instead of monitoring
  147. @MattJohnson10 @DawgTech have you considered Backchanneling (@Socrative app) to ensure privacy and digital content security? #txeduchat
  148. Hey #txeduchat I have a question-anyone use forums on a weebly website in lieu of twitter w Ss too young for the big kid pool?
  149. MT @Tom_Kilgore: A2: Had student "reporters" in 4th grade class taking photos, crafting tweets, & keeping parents informed #txeduchat
  150. #txeduchat A2 I'm not there yet (using social media to support learning). In October I had a program launching. It'll have a wiki & blogs.
  151. @Principal_EL you could use someone like @TweetBeam to share those tweets in the office or on the projector at a faculty meeting #txeduchat
  152. RT @smARTisteacher: Q2: I've used social media more for advocacy efforts including having students create digital portfolios. #txeduchat
  153. Not yet, but I plan to find out! :) I am new at using Periscope for school, just discovered it in May! #txeduchat  https://twitter.com/hatchdw/status/625475177304981504 
  154. A2 also @edmodo is a great place to get students in the right SM frame of mind #txeduchat
  155. A2: I had a parent who came up and said "I didn't follow but I read the tweets every time you sent out the link. I loved it!" #txeduchat
  156. Q3: Have you used social media tools to enhance professional development for educators? Share examples. #txeduchat
  157. A3 @Socrative is really great too, although I haven't used it as much with Ss. #txeduchat
  158. A2 #txeduchat How about trying to connect with scientist familiar with phenomena you are studying ? Talk about 3 dimensional learning, 4D?
  159. @txeduchat A1: FB- This is my 1st time trying out Twitter! #txeduchat still not sure if I'm using the hashtags and @ signs correctly!
  160. @MrHowardFMS @padlet I'm hoping to get more into both of these this year. What are advantages of @padlet vs. Google? #txeduchat
  161. @MattJohnson10 @MrsDouglas4th But I am transitioning into a new role...not sure how I will use it now. #txeduchat
  162. A2: As a coach I've used it more for PD for self and Ts...opportunities and info that Twitter and Facebook provide are endless #txeduchat
  163. @elisekallen I think they are similar, but Evernote has a lot more access/long term longevity value I think. #txeduchat
  164. RT @DavisWelcome: A2: Have a school improvement chat with parents to get feedback about the school's climate. #txeduchat
  165. Love @KidblogDotOrg, gives Ss a global audience for their writing. So many ways to connect Ss globally. Also love @MysterySkype. #txeduchat
  166. @inspiredAP So true! If we aren't telling the positive stories, others are driving the conversation about education! #txeduchat
  167. @Getwannabe @smARTisteacher #txeduchat Interested in how you are using social media to create digital portfolios. Do tell more.
  168. #txeduchat definitely like using fun tools too @GetKahoot and @responster_ @padlet for Ss discussion and assmts
  169. Also, anyone use storify for parents not connected to SM? Can you share an example? #txeduchat
  170. RT @aaron_hogan: @elisekallen I think they are similar, but Evernote has a lot more access/long term longevity value I think. #txeduchat
  171. @Tom_Kilgore @burgessdave Yes! Quiet signal n ready position and I'm ready to ENGAGE all day! Set the tone/ build relationships #txeduchat
  172. RT @Artistwithwords: Q3: Have you used social media tools to enhance professional development for educators? Share examples. #txeduchat
  173. @yabooksandmore @cherisemcb For my own personal development. I'm in a voxer group full of fantastic Edu leaders who push me well! #txeduchat
  174. @DavisWelcome I thought about surveying parents and then create chats about needs. Do you have ideas for me? #txeduchat
  175. A2: We do Earned Honors. So for those Ss, read something online (podcast, article, @TheCrashCourse) & discuss online. #txeduchat
  176. #txeduchat A2: I used Poll Everywhere for quick assessments, Kahoot for the ssame
  177. A3: Recently participated in PD with @kimbearden on Periscope and belong to several professional groups on Voxer. #txeduchat
  178. A2: specific hashtags on Twitter are great 4 school events and provide us all w/ a quick reference point midst a huge collection #txeduchat
  179. @herbertoneiljr we also have used twitter for teachers and PD with a book study this summer #txeduchat
  180. A2: Using @Seesaw it has a form of social media-Ps can subscribe to get kid work in email(private)-integrates w/other apps #txeduchat
  181. A3: I have trained staff on building a PLN via Twitter, and we are working on this continually! Would love to have our own #. #txeduchat
  182. A3 Tweet chats for learning experiences on campus. Blogs used for discussions in fac mtgs. Videos to demo inst strageties #txeduchat
  183. @MLunoff Plus, takes the stress away of wondering what did my principal think- Builds relationship/trust #txeduchat
  184. 2 other elem principals & I have hosted a Twitter challenge this summer for our Ts. We copied ideas from @TechNinjaTodd #txeduchat
  185. RT @Artistwithwords: Q3: Have you used social media tools to enhance professional development for educators? Share examples. #txeduchat
  186. A3: All of the teachers at @ChristieCubs jump on #EdSlowChat during the school year - such a great way to grow and learn globally #txeduchat
  187. A1: I use Instagram, Twitter, and FB, but haven't tried implementing them in the classroom yet #txeduchat
  188. A3: Our district has a great chat every Thursday night, it is actually interesting to get insight from Ts around you #txeduchat #dentonchat
  189. A2 as the new LMS I'll be the webmaster for our school's FB, Twitter, Weebly, & school site. I hope 2 increase community involv. #txeduchat
  190. A3: I've gotten so much #inspiration for my PD presentations from images I've found and chats I've participated in on Twitter! #txeduchat
  191. A3: Yes...sharing articles...making connections...improving my base knowledge to coach better #txeduchat
  192. @MattJohnson10 @DawgTech @Socrative Excellent, I think you'll be impressed. It's a 👉 Low risk/High value #EdTech proposition! #txeduchat
  193. A3: presented pd then had faculty use a common # to reflect/respond to a prompt to model how they might use it with their Ss. #txeduchat
  194. A3: Model using Twitter & share its benefits w/ anyone that will listen. Connecting w/ amazing educators has been a gamechanger! #txeduchat
  195. @yabooksandmore @cherisemcb If you read a blog/want to know more. Voxer gives a longer interaction quicker (because it's spoken) #txeduchat
  196. A3 I sit on the PD committee in my district and I advocate for Ts to take advantage of the thing we are doing now: #twitterchat #txeduchat
  197. A3: I use Twitter to share articles/blogs and other sources of learning for teachers. I also use Facebook Pages. #txeduchat
  198. A3 We regularly provide Twitter handles & hashtags in and on materials 4 our Ts to easily connect with companies, authors, etc #txeduchat
  199. #txeduchat A3: @BethHouf did a summer PD introducing Twitter to our staff for building PLN
  200. 💡 #PDchallenge2015!
MT @mrhooker: 1st one to finish all 21 & document gets put in the book! (coming 2016)
    💡 #PDchallenge2015! MT @mrhooker: 1st one to finish all 21 & document gets put in the book! (coming 2016) #txeduchat pic.twitter.com/S1b3Er1Lec
  201. @mrspixel5 definitely Twitter for networking. Gives access to larger audience for feedback/reception! #txeduchat
  202. A2b My school is on FB. School showcasies activities, Ss accomplishments, special events, etc. Ss & Ps ♡ it. #txeduchat
  203. A3: Our district did 10 day Twitter challenge. Got staff acquainted w/Twitter. Then school PLN hashtag.  http://ln.is/www.smore.com/r3dvk  #txeduchat
  204. #txeduchat A3 It's great for bringing people together. All these chat!
  205. @ShaundaD of course! You can follow me, too :) I'm working on becoming more active with it!! #txeduchat #periscopeteachers
  206. @yabooksandmore @cherisemcb There are, but only informally. It's a "pull your group together" thing. #txeduchat
  207. A3: it has the potential to become the professional development (if not already) for teachers! It is the place to start! #txeduchat
  208. @Principal_EL you could intro them to Twitter and encourage them to do #nt2t chat on Sat morning (new teachers to twitter) #txeduchat
  209. A3 we have also had a Pinterest SD - gave T half a day to create things they have pinned & then meet to share out ideas #txeduchat
  210. @conniehamilton #txeduchat Love your Twitter Challenge. And agree that is a perfect start!
  211. @aaron_hogan How does that work? I've used Voxer just to leave short voice comments. #txeduchat
  212. A2: I love to make HW assignments w/ Instagram w/ hashtag I make. The rule? It's an picture of something we talked abt in class. #txeduchat
  213. A3: Use TodaysMeet during PD session/faculty meetings to capture Ts thinking and/or questions. Pull in relevant conversations. #txeduchat
  214. A3 I think it would be nice to challenge all staff to get on twitter and start sharing/collab on there. Lots of opportunity #txeduchat
  215. @asembroski I've never been in a district or edu team that uses Twitter for meetings. Wonder what it's like when u know others #txeduchat
  216. @bethhill2829 I started 1 for my district this year. Started out slow but has picked up over time. #txeduchat
  217. @nathan_stevens Chloe gives you 2 thumbs up for working my little pony into #txeduchat again.
  218. A3: I'm using Skype to present #mysteryskype and create a backchannel using Twitter. #txeduchat
  219. Do you have to be on at a certain time for @voxer or is it listen and respond when you can? #txeduchat
  220. A3 Our district opened up Twitter this past spring, so I'm hoping that more colleagues will join in the free PD (chats)! #txeduchat
  221. A3: Love following other educators who tweet from conferences. @marjiepodge was my first. Now also @craigyen and many others #txeduchat
  222. A3: We had a district hashtag for AVID conference so we could share learning w/ea other #txeduchat
  223. #txeduchat A3 Paraphrasing those film noir hard-boiled detective shows I grew up watching, "There's a million tweets on Twitter." This is 1
  224. A3: #EdSlowChat is a one question a week format so perfect for new teachers-this is the other big one for our campus! Love #txeduchat Sunday
  225. @romenendez14 It's a voxer group. We share about what we're learning, where we're challenged, & encourage each other. It's great! #txeduchat
  226. A3: We created a short online video for our substitute teachers to learn our school safety processes. #txeduchat  http://www.wilsonschoolsnc.net/?DivisionID=17324 
  227. @MrHowardFMS All the best with that Joshua, any tips on how you show others why informal PD like this is so important? #txeduchat
  228. A3: I belong to a global community that uses Skype Instant messaging to communicate 24/7, #txeduchat
  229. @abrightteacher @marjiepodge @craigyen Yes! Very cool to follow along with colleagues who are sitting in on something great. #txeduchat
  230. @abrightteacher Totally agree!! One conference had a # for those not there. I've learned so much even not there. #txeduchat
  231. A3: My Voxer group has been a huge asset to my professional growth in the last 6 months! #txeduchat #leadupchat
  232. A3 I've also done Twitter presentations for Ts & Ps to help them grow PLN & improve communication #txeduchat
  233. @MrHowardFMS We're going to plant gift cards & tweet out clues after our workshop to encourage Ts to stay engaged on Twitter! #txeduchat
  234. Kahoot/YouTube to create virtual glitter during PD. Google Drive so participants can share during PD Padlet to share ideas #txeduchat
  235. That's the practicality of sharing across social media and the need 2 think twice about what u share #txeduchat  https://twitter.com/cruisesmom/status/625473494705307650 
  236. @MrsMorgansClass Louise what an excellent idea. Is there a cost to Skype's instant message? #txeduchat
  237. A3: looking at using Google Hangouts on Air more effectively for professional opportunities for T's this year #txeduchat
  238. @MrHowardFMS lucky you! Being in your position sounds like a great opportunity #txeduchat
  239. A3 Im active in chats or hashtags used by our district and school. I'm hoping others will c benefits & feel more comfy using it. #txeduchat
  240. A1 A2 do parents know Twitter? Had Ss tweet in overnight field trip to Austin, had to coach parents, they loved it. #txeduchat
  241. @aaron_hogan Just learned about Voxer at ISTE. Determined to get better with it @sandeeteach helping me in this #txeduchat now!
  242. Joining in late.Lucy Villarreal Education Specialist at Region One #txeduchat
  243. A3: I'm pretty sure I'm responsible for peer pressuring so many of our Ts to join Twitter this year lol #fortheirowngood #txeduchat
  244. A3 have contacted author & company via Twitter during trainings. Adds level of expertise unmatched by what we can do alone #txeduchat
  245. we host twitter chats for our staff that earn them pd hours #txeduchat
  246. @R_H_Steele It's kind of unreal. I would have never believed it could be half this good. #truestory #txeduchat #leadupchat
  247. @curryhj2000 we all love glitter, especially if you don't have to clean it up! #txeduchat
  248. @R_H_Steele Do you archive all the tweets? I don't think I've gotten the link. #txeduchat #EdSlowChat
  249. @curryhj2000 @abrightteacher I followed #'s for conferences I wanted to attend but couldn't. Great way to learn! #txeduchat
  250. Q4: If you could learn more about any social media tool, which social media tool would you choose? #txeduchat
  251. I love social media because you can teach in Alabama but still jump right into a chat for Texas educators. :) #txeduchat
  252. A3 something as simple as a unifying # during traditional PD allows 4 more engagement collab interaction #txeduchat  https://twitter.com/artistwithwords/status/625475716755263488 
  253. A3: so many Ts are shy or scared, once we showed them, they were # go-getters! We tweeted at Faculty Mtgs. #txeduchat
  254. @yabooksandmore I have a statement about what glitter is but I better not since the is a #pln #txeduchat
  255. @aaron_hogan Need to connect Aaron, I'm hooked on using it myself now since our whole team is onboard! #txeduchat
  256. @BarbaraGruener @MrHowardFMS Love this challenge idea and the gift card plant to keep the excitement happening. Nice! #txeduchat
  257. A4: I want to know more about Evernote. How are you using it for edu purposes? #txeduchat
  258. A4: I have to learn more about voxer ~ just not there ... YET! #txeduchat
  259. @LMurray_ Awesome idea to get feedback from a survey to determine what your focus will be. I can send you some sample surveys. #txeduchat
  260. There are SO many of my teachers who are hip -- I'm surprised they aren't on it yet. #txeduchat Seems like it has to be a schoolwide thing.
  261. #txeduchat A3 Everyone at #NotAtISTE15 @jenwagner with her Google+ group.. others hosting karoake, prizes, Ignite sessions..
  262. @abrightteacher I love @Seesaw ! It has been great for T reflection too. I've watched Ss videos this summer. Insightful. #txeduchat
  263. A4 I would like to use Voxer more with a group of people than just people I know #txeduchat
  264. @Artistwithwords A4 I've heard Snapchat is popular but not sure how that would work in the educational context #txeduchat
  265. @MrHowardFMS Awesome approaches sir, shows them the value & eases them into using it! #txeduchat
  266. A4: Definitely want/need to learn more about LinkedIn for prof connections and Voxer (does it eat everyone's data?) #txeduchat
  267. Drat... Joining late. Jodi, KatyTX, GT teacher elementary. Going to read to catch up. #txeduchat
  268. A4: I am interested in the possibilities with periscope. #txeduchat
  269. @MelyndaJones spread the word! Be a leader & influence as many Ts as you can #txeduchat
  270. #txeduchat A3: I would like to learn more about Periscope and Voxer,If they could enhance Ss engagement
  271. A4: Periscope. Also, whatever the Ss are into now. There's a new one daily popping up! #txeduchat
  272. I've used #voxer but I can't figure out how it could be PD. Someone share! #txeduchat
  273. @BarbaraGruener Oh, Barbara! You need to try it! Get an account and I'll practice with you if you want sometime :) #txeduchat
  274. A4: Periscope and Voxer for sure. I have been playing with them both, but need to use them with purpose! #txeduchat
  275. A4: I'd love to learn more about Evernote as well. I use it for conferences but I KNOW I'm not using it to it's full potential. #txeduchat
  276. A4: Periscope, Snapchat (How can we use it for education safely?), and Classroom Messenter. #txeduchat
  277. A4 Google Plus, Voxer, Skype & GHO. If I have time, Google Sites & Google Communities as well, but don't want to take on too much #txeduchat
  278. @rossathibault That's mine too! So intrigued by the potential power of periscope #txeduchat
  279. A4: have heard of Seewsaw and Voxer, my curiosity is definitely piqued #txeduchat
  280. A4: I want so badly to connect more with #Skype - I need to play with it more to break down my classroom walls!! #txeduchat
  281. A4 FLIPSIDE- I'd love to help anyone interested in using Instagram or Pinterest for education! #txeduchat
  282. A4: I would love to see how Ts use social media when teaching. I've heard of Ts using @TodaysMeet. I've never used it well. #txeduchat
  283. @cruisesmom If we include PD on how to use the various forms of social media; teachers would run with it. #txeduchat
  284. A4) I need to learn more about Voxer. Trying to better utilize Tweeter to energize PD.#txeduchat
  285. We are thinking of creating a #TxEduCamp in Spring. If you would be interested please follow @TXEDUCAMP for more details. #txeduchat
  286. A4 periscope is very intriguing. I would love to learn more about using it in my classroom. #txeduchat