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@bedleybros host #txeduchat

  1. Q1 - Home/School Relationships have changed. What are the factors that have impacted that change? #txeduchat
  2. Starr from NY. Checking in. Good topic. One I struggle with #txeduchat
  3. @urbie Glad to see you again Urbie! Thanks for being a part of the #txeduchat community.
  4. @martysnowpaw It is on our campus, and we will be having a wig wearing dance off #txeduchat
  5. A1-Ps have become more knowledgable and high stakes testing has become the final measure rather other items #txeduchat
  6. I'm Sam. #txeduchat Former MS teacher; currently work for the TN equivalent of ATPE.
  7. A1 technology has made communication infinitely easier. We are more transparent. #txeduchat
  8. @BedleyBros It’s the next day! MOnday 10am I’m in the future and already know what’s gonna happen! THis is gonna b a GREAT chat. #txeduchat
  9. A1: I think the fam dynamics are different...all the different make ups of what defines a family.. #txeduchat
  10. #txeduchat A1 We are in the age of Social Media. Communication is fast & immediate
  11. Mike from SoCal, love this topic - committed to building a stronger bridge b/w school & home. #txeduchat
  12. A1: It’s weird…parents are more involved…and less involved in their kids' lives in school. #txeduchat
  13. A1: family dynamics the economy and job demands all have an impact #txeduchat
  14. A1: Definitely technology! Can share so much w/ parents on a daily basis thru blogging, classroom twitter accounts, e-mail, etc. #txeduchat
  15. A1: I know for my school we have seen a huge change in demographic, which has impacted our culture. #txeduchat
  16. A1: We live in an instant, informational age and Ps and Ss expect it. #txeduchat
  17. @BedleyBros #txeduchat As in everything else, the Internet & SM have changed the school home connection forever.
  18. A1 education had changed. Ts feel overwhelmed at times I think. Making it harder to sustain home/school relationships #txeduchat
  19. A1: the structure / dynamic of families has changed & so has the school's role in connecting w families #txeduchat
  20. A1: both parents working so Id imagine it being harder to visit Ts etc luckily many tools can now bridge the gap #txeduchat
  21. A1: Societal view of education has changed. Actually society has changed, lol. #txeduchat
  22. #txeduchat A1: more Ps are interested in the methods that are used in the classroom. It is imperative to communicate w/ Ps innovation used
  23. A1: Expectations for communication have certainly changed. Ps want to be "plugged in " in today's classroom & a good thing! #txeduchat
  24. @Scotteach so true. Their knowledge and often misunderstanding abt common core creates challenges too #txeduchat
  25. @BedleyBros A1 the ways we communicate and the modes information is passed to others #txeduchat
  26. A1: also the way concepts are taught and how the school is structured and sheer number of students in a class can impact #txeduchat
  27. A1: Ability to communicate with Ps during the school day with artifacts of their child learning using online tools. #txeduchat
  28. @8Amber8 Thanks! It’s a strange phenomenon…but I think it’s true. Parents are more likely to be superficially involved, I think. #txeduchat
  29. A1: Districts need to be culturally responsive in their relationships w/Ps and Ss. #txeduchat
  30. Hello @BedleyBros This is way cool, I can hear your chat in the background while I watch tweetdeck. U guys R fun 2 listen 2! #txeduchat
  31. Technology makes it easier but in low ses areas it isn't always feasible #txeduchat
  32. #txeduchat Ss are the same - but the medium in which we communicate is vastly different & diverse
  33. A1-Society is changing, thus requiring a change in how we communicate. We no longer just work 7:30-3:30. #txeduchat
  34. Parents have far more access and yet still don't get involved. For example online grade books and blogs #txeduchat
  35. @mssackstein star I agree w/ u but for as easy as it has made communication it has made things more difficult #txeduchat
  36. A1: Factors: More Ps working & different home situations can equal more responsibility on Ts to find ways to stay in contact #txeduchat
  37. joining a bit late ;) K-5 Tech teacher in Las Vegas, Nevada! #txeduchat
  38. #txeduchat A1: social media & communication methods have increased and are easier than ever. Ps & Ts can communicate daily regarding Ss
  39. A1: I think parents are more likely to helicopter (hover and view) but less likely to really deal with real issues. My 2¢… #txeduchat
  40. A1: social media allows transparency in classroom learning, connections are immediate #txeduchat
  41. @martysnowpaw @BedleyBros parents are refreshingly receptive to blended learning to support their child's learning #txeduchat
  42. A1) Technology. Easy to send/receive something. However can be a bad because face to face communication becomes difficult. #txeduchat
  43. A1 As a parent and educator, it is hard to check in on all the sites (grades, blogs, etc.). I like it, but also like F2F #txeduchat
  44. @mssackstein Very true Starr, it is feast or famine for sure! Some Ps that are very keyed in & others not #txeduchat
  45. @d_mulder Oh man, if totally agree. They are quick to contact me but not talk to their child. #txeduchat
  46. Hello #txeduchat - Darin, sixth grade teacher from Iowa dropping in, late to the dance as usual! :)
  47. #txeduchat A1 2 income families, American (over)work ethic. Decreasing gov't support of some schools. Surprised how little visible #edtech
  48. A: Technology has enabled teachers & admins to give parents a 24/7 window into the classroom/school. Not just newsletters. #txeduchat
  49. I believe parents want to feel they're part of a community. Where the school is the hub, and they feel valued, comfortable. #txeduchat
  50. A1 I think parents want to be involved but sometimes its overload for them as well. So many ways to stay updated. #txeduchat
  51. @tracyacramer agreed. So easy to get things mixed up in writing. Phone calls still most effective when f2f not possible #txeduchat
  52. A1: parents have lots of q's about school and what goes on, no need to just tell them they can follow classrooms and see it all! #txeduchat
  53. A1 There rMore lines of communication. More ways in to increase connectivity. But still struggle with low-income parents at times #txeduchat
  54. @mssackstein #txeduchat all this takes more time and is sometimes harder to remember Ts can try to condense info in just a few places
  55. A1 the ways parents can communicate with teachers has increased by 10 fold #txeduchat
  56. Yes, I can boys! @BedleyBros! I'm fine, thank you, and yes, I always enjoy #txeduchat !
  57. Worked in a Title I school last year and parent/teacher relationship was difficult because of limited parent involvement. #txeduchat
  58. A1-There's a negative perception of schools that has grown. Need to build stronger relationships to change that #txeduchat
  59. @ScottRRocco Agreed Scott. Our families are more non-traditional and our communication methods need to address this #txeduchat
  60. A1: School Loop and other tech. advances-- definitely pros and cons. #txeduchat
  61. @Tom_Kilgore the disparity is enormous. Creates other challenges. Like with kids #txeduchat
  62. I see a lot of comments about technology making a difference. Is the digital divide ever an issue in your schools? #txeduchat
  63. A1- The change of the times! There are lots of way we can improve that though. Communication is key! #txeduchat
  64. @BedleyBros...the feed is like a fire hose tonight! So much learning to do! #txeduchat
  65. We all are enjoying the dialogue @BedleyBros! Great to hear you thinking out loud! #txeduchat
  66. #txeduchat A1Ps want to understand why education looks/sounds so different. They appreciate the social tech that makes understanding doable
  67. @DCulberhouse I agree David! We have had a lot of luck involving them more within the school.... even at the high school level. #txeduchat
  68. This is so true! @nathan_stevens: A1 the ways parents can communicate with teachers has increased by 10 fold #txeduchat
  69. @principal_SMS plus there is an expectation that teachers be on call 24-7 #txeduchat
  70. #txeduchat A1 My parents used to attend PTA, curriculum nights at the end of their long days. 50 years later Mrs n me too. Why no change?
  71. @BedleyBros working with our parent coordinator @hjreed to get more parents in or at least on board #txeduchat
  72. @TheLaneFloyd I agree. It's difficult when they don't have the skills to stay updated. #txeduchat
  73. Parents often have less time to be involved, but want more information on what is actually happening. #txeduchat
  74. . @AmyHeavin your comment is right on w the major changes in school/parent relationship. There is no end of the day anymore. #txeduchat
  75. A1-the internet has created a society that demands instant answers/feedback. This has also impacted the way families question us. #txeduchat
  76. @BedleyBros that's exactly what I'm doing.---.listening to your comments while reading on TweetDeck #txeduchat
  77. @Tom_Kilgore @BedleyBros I can't stop smiling, listening to do these guys! #txeduchat...You guys are doing a super job BTW!
  78. A1 you could make a digital magazine, or a short videos, or use @RemindHQ as one way communication #txeduchat
  79. Q2 - What do positive home/school relationships look like? #txeduchat
  80. @Pottridge Welcome Carmen! We are using the #txeduchat hashtag tonight and you can watch the action live on  http://txeduchat.com 
  81. @MsFurnas @principal_SMS I have found this to be true. Especially for my online classes. Phone will ring at 11pm regularly! #txeduchat
  82. A1: It's all about relationships--that truly has NEVER changed. ;) #txeduchat
  83. @LynnHillFord @BedleyBros #txeduchat S&M increases opportunities for connection especially with working parents.
  84. A1-technology has made communication easier but P involvement hasn't necessarily increased #txeduchat #SummerLS
  85. A2: Open, two way communication. Letters home are not two-way. #txeduchat
  86. A1: Internet has created a time where parents want instant access. Educators must be aware of tools to make that happen #txeduchat
  87. #txeduchat A1 Parents at my kid's high school still get called when they use cell phones (for anything) in class.
  88. @mssackstein Sometimes I think they are overwhelmed with it all as well as life. #txeduchat
  89. A1: Social media/technology, like it or not, has made communication almost constant. #txeduchat
  90. A2: When parents and teachers feel like they have an open door to each other #txeduchat
  91. @BedleyBros A2 my son's teacher would tweet back and forth with him about school and other fun items #txeduchat
  92. A2: Positive home/school connections have to be built on a mutual trust between Ts & Ps. #txeduchat
  93. @hatclark Correct. Some did not have phones or language was an issue. Had to depend on either mailing communication. #txeduchat
  94. A1: The school which I (parent) attended as a student is radically changed from that which I (educator) work in #txeduchat
  95. A2: Feedback from H influences School/Classroom decisions. #txeduchat
  96. A2 communicative. Parents know what's going on and what to expect. Contact goes both ways. Learning is supported at home #txeduchat
  97. Q2: Communication, 24/7 availability, and a no fluff type of relationship with parents. #txeduchat
  98. A2: partnerships not confrontations a relationship that works like a cycle where school/home build and support one another #txeduchat
  99. A2: constant and ongoing open honest respectful timely patient flexible #txeduchat
  100. @MsFurnas Very true, the personal and professional line is blended, you have to be a professional all the time #txeduchat
  101. A2 open. knowing that both sides, Ps & Ts, are working for the good of the Ss. #txeduchat
  102. A2 set multiple forms of communication as the standard and post regularly #txeduchat
  103. A2 making sure we are always communicating constantly with our clients via email, texting, websites. Keeping them in the loop. #txeduchat
  104. .@coachcore As Ed. Consultant to movie Race to Nowhere I have also seen how it has backfired, impacted, & put undo stress on kids #txeduchat
  105. #txeduchat A2: Ss & Ps have a voice. Also, the relationship is utilized to help the Ss adapt to adversity. It is OK to be challenged.
  106. A2: phone calls home when you catch their kid doing something awesome! #relationships! #txeduchat
  107. A2: Parents know what's going on in the classroom/school on a consistent basis, beyond when school starts & vacations. #txeduchat
  108. A2 Ps and Ts AND Ss working together. All for one common goal: that individual students' success. #txeduchat
  109. A2: The best home/school relationships are open, honest, and clear. #txeduchat
  110. A2- Consistent, Positive, Variety of modes to reach parents #txeduchat
  111. #txeduchat Reading Prize Posse - Ts visiting homes to catch kids reading. Gr8 community builder. Ss LOVE.
  112. A2b: Ps are more than informed about learning activities but are actively involved. #txeduchat
  113. A2: Like this chat question/response, not in days, but hours. Finding out what the need is, addressing it, & checking back later. #txeduchat
  114. A2) Both parties being open and honest with each other. Both have the best interest of the student in mind. #txeduchat
  115. A2: Positive home/school relationships are tons of back & forth. Should be collaboration as the norm #txeduchat
  116. @sjsbates I agree! I think schools need to do a better job of asking for feedback from parents! #txeduchat
  117. A2 open responsive relationship. Ps need to feel u care. Ts need to feel Ps care. #txeduchat
  118. #txeduchat communicate with email, texts, @edmodo , twitter, and phone call ,try all different types
  119. A2: open, honest communication through multiple venues, face to face, phone and with technology #txeduchat
  120. A2: Trust and open communication. Both parties have something to offer. Need to work together to make great schools #txeduchat
  121. @Kidsmathtalk there is a web-based app my son's school uses. It is around 5 pages with large images #txeduchat
  122. @AmyHeavin Fully agree! We need to have clear channels—in both directions. #txeduchat
  123. #txeduchat A1 Considering explosion of mobile devices why are districts and schools still using Flash so much on their websites?
  124. +1 “@askMsQ: A2: partnerships not confrontation-a relationship that works like a cycle where school/home build/support 1 another #txeduchat
  125. A2-Understanding of the importance of the partnership in Ed & clearly defined roles help foster better H/S Relationship #txeduchat
  126. @Scotteach It has clearly been a while since I’ve been on a chat.. I put Q2 instead of A2…#txeduchat
  127. A2 Ps and Ts working together to help Ss be successful at school #txeduchat #summerls
  128. If you aren't listening to the @BedleyBros live on  http://txeduchat.com  -----> Listen live while tweeting #txeduchat twitterchat + audio
  129. A2: Positive home/school connections have continuous two way communication. Communication is the key! #txeduchat
  130. A2 not just ps and Ts, students are involved in communication too #txeduchat
  131. a2: Partnering & investing in this relationship so as to support student passion & growth through expectations & honest feedback #txeduchat
  132. I'm going to have a private twitter account this year for families to stay up to date along with @RemindHQ #txeduchat
  133. A2 Equality in voice. Parents and Ss understand that we are a TRIPOD. It takes all three legs to be successul. #txeduchat
  134. #txeduchat Ts visiting their Ss at ball games, dance recitals - showing they care
  135. @MrsJones_Merton this speaks VOLUMES!!! Especially when parents have only heard negative phone calls before. #txeduchat
  136. A question for the group: is 24/7 access a good thing for Ts and Ps? I've seen Ts burning out because they check in too much! #txeduchat
  137. A2. Consistent, two-way, open, candid and kind. Student-centered. #txeduchat
  138. Clear communication; phone calls; notes home; I think school can use social networking more effectively. #txeduchat
  139. A2 An open door policy is essential. As a T it created trust and content with parents. As a P I am always weary of a closed door #txeduchat
  140. @bradmceachern It is amazing how much that matters Brad & reduces misconceptions on both sides! #txeduchat
  141. A2: An environment & culture of transparency, trust, safety and support--among other things...#txeduchat
  142. A2: regular communication through various methods, they want instant feedback on an daily/weekly basis #txeduchat
  143. A2- Building relationships is essential no matter what medium used. Remember - it shouldn't just happen between 8-3:00 #txeduchat
  144. @mssackstein I give them my google voice, twitter, e-mail which allows them to feel more comfortable calling or texting imo #txeduchat
  145. #txeduchat Building relationships - When you have to have tough conversations there is trust
  146. @hughtheteacher @RemindHQ great suggestions I've heard so much about remindHQ as a great option #txeduchat
  147. @LisaDegnan1 agree! My Ss love when u show up to extracurricular events. #txeduchat
  148. A2: Positive home/school communication means T's call P's for + stuff too. #txeduchat
  149. @Tom_Kilgore Most situations that I deal with are tied back to a lack of communication at some point. It is essential! #txeduchat
  150. @LinesScience Not to mention the calls are really fun to make! It's a great positive "deposit" & doesn't take much! #txeduchat
  151. @usabbs each student is different, as is each parent, as is the ways to communicate with each parent. Work with (AND FOR) them. #txeduchat
  152. A2 communications that are positive, collaborative and which the intentions are to help or improve the Ss learning experience #txeduchat
  153. #txeduchat Parent, community & school interconnections can be enhanced with PBL.
  154. A2: Collaboration and lots of listening, empathy, compassion, and respect on both sides. #txeduchat
  155. @AnIowaTeacher #txeduchat my q as well when do Ts draw the line? How much is considered "above and beyond" without giving up all yr time?
  156. A2. I like 100 days of learning done by @FraserWood36 to communicate with parents, students, & community. Written by staff & sts #txeduchat
  157. A2: need 2B realistic. Ps can't expect Ts 2 imm. respond 2 every e-mail. But we, as Ts, need 2 reply w/in a certain time frame #txeduchat
  158. @JasonToenges Amen to this! I think we, as a whole, still do a poor job of pushing out the positives to our communities. #txeduchat
  159. A2 had Ps & Ss tell me they could handle Ts making mistakes if they knew they cared bout them #txeduchat
  160. @hatclark @LisaDegnan1 Baseball games are the best! Parents always ask to help me grade when I am there haha! #txeduchat
  161. A2 crap just went to check in journal app and saw @PowellGTTweets left his school as principal #bummer #txeduchat
  162. @LisaDegnan1 It is so fun to go to a ball game and see your student perk up and play that much harder when they see you! #txeduchat
  163. @bradmceachern So true sir, have seen same. If folks just talk it greatly reduces those types of problems #txeduchat
  164. Great home/school relationships require listening and work to build a genuine partnership for the best outcome #txeduchat
  165. Q3 - What have you done in the past to better school/home relationships that has NOT worked? #txeduchat
  166. @LinesScience @usabbs So true, some you never hear from others you hear from hourly. #txeduchat
  167. A2-I set an expectation that communication is returned promptly-for me, before I leave for the day, for Ts - 24 hours is a must! #txeduchat
  168. #GreatTeachers make sure to tell the stories of the great things happening in their classrooms. Parents need to hear them! #txeduchat
  169. What we have to understand is that parents have a set idea of how we are before ever meeting us...from their children. #txeduchat
  170. #txeduchat A1 100% use of informational apps, ideally in one place. Having to troll for info on attendance, grades, assignments is bad.
  171. @elisepeyrot23 agree. Parent/teacher relationship is not the same as "customer service" #txeduchat
  172. A3: random blogging; even with a website for parents to follow; parents did not follow it. #txeduchat
  173. @coachcore Absolutely!!! It's all about being strengths-based and not deficit based! #txeduchat
  174. Agreed! Which is the focus on consistent communication telling the stories of the classroom & school. @stevemacg @BedleyBros #txeduchat
  175. A3: While email is super convenient, most of my online communication with parents did not build the rapport I want. #txeduchat
  176. A3: Nt being intentional, nt specifically targetN the families needed the most...can't cast a net out and miss sme of the fish! #txeduchat
  177. A3: Ps checking out our blog to stay updated & share the work the Ss are doing in class. Epic fail. #txeduchat
  178. A3. Waiting too long to initiate conversation does not work! Also, expecting everyone to come to us. Let's go to them! #txeduchat
  179. @urbie Very true Urbie, if parents have to hunt for info we aren't doing it right as educators! #txeduchat
  180. A2 Great home/school partnerships include high quality communication from all stakeholders @ school #txeduchat
  181. Love the focus on extracurricular involvement being tweeted right now. Awesome stuff! #txeduchat
  182. @AnIowaTeacher @JasonToenges the mechanism are there It's the effort that many times keeps things from happening #txeduchat
  183. A3: 1/? Letters home abt event without follow up closer to event. #txeduchat
  184. A2 Communicate WITH parents not just AT them. Sharing info is good but not really communication. #txeduchat
  185. @MsGeekyTeach I'm the same. I answer emails really quickly. Best way to intimate contact #txeduchat
  186. A2. ssue with expectt of 24/7 avail. of T. love my gig, am devoted to it. Also a wife and mama. Will not be 24/7 in real time.#txeduchat
  187. A3 website with info. Ps don't check in to find out info. #txeduchat
  188. A3: Those sheets that Ts and Ps must sign each day to keep the Ss accountable. Too big of burden on Ts and Ps. Hasn't worked! #txeduchat
  189. A3: call about positive news earlier n the yr. #TXEDUCHAT esp 4 those kids that are usually n trouble. Also b real w parents
  190. #txeduchat A3 Sometimes all the newsletters/emails in the world don't equate to the same as a phone call. It's personal.
  191. A2. with that said, blog avail. FB avail. webpage avail. twitter avail. but must unplug for sanity and family at times! #txeduchat
  192. A3: 2/? General policy statements sent home without personal contact abt subject. #txeduchat
  193. @bradmceachern @Tom_Kilgore Same here. When I get a phone call, it is usually b/c of lack of communication. #txeduchat
  194. A3: always try to have the first communicate via f2f or phone, get to know parent then tone in email etc is better understood #txeduchat
  195. A3 go to their events. Ask them about their lives and listen. We all care for our Ss, SHOW them. U maybe the only 1to show them. #txeduchat
  196. A3: Putting out a classroom newsletter and assuming that takes care of my responsibility to communicate home is not enough. #txeduchat
  197. YES MT @LisaDegnan1: #txeduchat A3 All the newsletters/emails in the world don't equate to the same as a phone call. It's personal.
  198. @schink10 Agreed and mandatory reading logs are the worst! I use them as a formative not a summative. Too much deception too #txeduchat
  199. @BedleyBros You guys hit a "bee-hive" tonight! #txeduchat is buzzing with information!
  200. #txeduchat Edu goes 3 ways - Ss - Ts - Ps & back again. It's a team. Everyone always learning becuz no 2 kids r same. PBL opens way 4 this.
  201. A3: Hosted a classroom technology night to go over class website, podcast, etc. Only 2 parents showed up but would do it again. #txeduchat
  202. A3-I'm not sure how much email really helps...Sometimes a personal phone call helps much more! #txeduchat
  203. A3 -- Jen From CA -- #txeduchat --- Though we had a class blog/pinterest page/etc -- it just didn't connect with parents.
  204. #txeduchat A2 I like idea of Remind101. Pretty sure my kid's teachers don't use. Even kids have to spend hours in line tp pick up schedules
  205. MT @LisaDegnan1: A3 All the newsletters/emails in the world don't equate to the same as a phone call. It's personal. #txeduchat
  206. @BedleyBros #txeduchat Working is not as important as trying, & trying again & again. Little by little you build trust & good word of mouth
  207. @jenmarten Agreed! Information is not the same thing as conversation. #txeduchat
  208. A3: It doesn't work to hit Ps and w/ certain concerns during 1st conference time in Nov. Do it earlier. #txeduchat
  209. A3 having parents only option of communication be a website. It was a miserable failure. 👎#txedtxeduchat
  210. A3: email response to an angry parent. DO NOT do that! #txeduchat
  211. A3) Tried signing agendas when students recorded assignments. Too many to remember and Ss, Ps, and I would forget to check. #txeduchat
  212. @schink10 #txeduchat It's about communication & building a relationship, don't you think?
  213. A3: Putting all information in one place & expecting parents to make effort to go there. Different communication channels needed #txeduchat
  214. #txeduchat A2 Football is really big at school tho. I guess that's a plus for parent-teacher relationships.
  215. @Tom_Kilgore YES; LOVE @RemindHQ & Ps do also! Still getting use to name change though. Just now starting w/ @SmorePages #txeduchat
  216. THIS! MT @saratruebridge: A3: It doesn't work to hit Ps and w/ certain concerns during 1st conf. time in Nov. Do it earlier. #txeduchat
  217. @ashleyhhurley Great point! We need to go to the parents, they're too busy 4 us to assume they will come to us for comm. #txeduchat
  218. A3 relying on e-mail to communicate. personal phones calls to Ps can go a long way #txeduchat
  219. @Scotteach agree...parents responded better w/phone call than email. Especially in low SES. #txeduchat
  220. @AmyHeavin @Tom_Kilgore On the flip side, T's who have fluid communication seldom have these issues. #txeduchat
  221. @LinesScience this is for Ss-Ts relations. But, if Ps see you have an interest and care, respect and trust follow. #txeduchat
  222. @BedleyBros @ClassDojo is great but I had parents who wouldn’t read it all the time and would ask me a month later.. seriously? #txeduchat
  223. A3 #txeduchat As an enrichment teacher, I diminished my role & should have contacted parents much more.
  224. @JasonToenges That is a recipe for disaster Jason for sure. Have seen many miscommunications about tone/message via email #txeduchat
  225. A3. Not finding out how parents prefer to receive info. #txeduchat
  226. A3 Parent confession here, sending home a ton of stuff at 1x. I'm a teacher & don't read all the stuff that comes home w/ my kids #txeduchat
  227. A3 I used to send out emails weekly to those subscribed to my webpage. Ended up a one way communication #txeduchat #SummerLS
  228. A3: Don't assume you know what a parent is thinking. ASK and give Ps their voice. #txeduchat
  229. A3) I hate making phone calls but understand how personal they can be and the benefits they have. #txeduchat
  230. @TheLaneFloyd As a mom these things drive me crazy, too! and then kids are penalized if I forget to sign! #txeduchat
  231. I have had 1 or 2 to chk website - not as effective...“@hatclark: A3 website with info. Ps don't check in to find out info. #txeduchat
  232. @TheLaneFloyd So agree - too many signatures to really read what Ss write #txeduchat
  233. A3. Different tools work with different communities. Importance is telling the stories & ensuring each voice matters @BedleyBros #txeduchat
  234. For those who are interested, we are still finalizing the date for #pad2014 #txeduchat
  235. Lot's of talk about checking sites,blogs,&signing papers.We have 2 keep in mind multiple Ss in a family with multiple systems! #txeduchat
  236. Our daily actions with students sets the stage for our home/school relationships... #txeduchat
  237. @saratruebridge YES! and paraphrase (not parrot) to be sure you are hearing them correctly! #txeduchat
  238. @sonjaschulz We had to do them for IEP purposes. Talk about panic when the parent brings it up in the meeting! #txeduchat
  239. @bradmceachern @AmyHeavin Very true, a little bit of investment in communication can nearly wipe out problems #txeduchat
  240. A3: trying to just use one type of communication, found it better to put same info out through multiple mediums #txeduchat
  241. A3 if Ps is angry, make sure you have your admins in the communication loop so they have your back. That's their job. #txeduchat
  242. A3: Sometimes the best efforts to be consistent end up making it consistently inconvenient for all. #txeduchat
  243. A3: Reading logs - sign that your child has read? Really? Assignment notebooks don't always get the response back I want either. #txeduchat
  244. @martysnowpaw @BedleyBros #txeduchat In Japan saw Ps & Ts who'd been working 2gether on child's edu from K-6th. They were partners & knew it
  245. Q4 - What effective tools/methods have you deployed to foster positive school-home relationships? #txeduchat
  246. A3 - Sometimes a phone call goes a long way in taking care of what didn't work. Personal connections are still so important #txeduchat
  247. @ashleyhhurley A3 posting admin resignations as small obscure link on website helps a lot #txeduchat
  248. #txeduchat A2 It's up to me/us to get the school-teacher-parent thing up and running right. How to start?
  249. A3: remind 101, they signed up then unfollowed...or their child unfollowed. #txeduchat
  250. We need to tell the stories in whatever way that makes it comfortable for parents/students - SM is only the vehicle #txeduchat
  251. @sonjaschulz Yep, had a dad once ask if I'd called the right house. Son was in 5th gr & never received + call before. #txeduchat
  252. a3: Using email for anything that is emotionally laden #txeduchat
  253. A3. Also, don't do things on school schedule always. Need to consider parents who work 3rd shift, etc. #txeduchat
  254. @Americans2012 Exactly. So where's that balance at? :) Kidding, but seriously, we sometimes get dragged down w/out knowing it. #txeduchat
  255. A3: Remember, even if it doesn't "work" for all, going the extra mile is worth it even if it only benefits a few stus/Parents. #txeduchat
  256. @ashleyhhurley: A3. Not finding out how parents prefer to receive info. #txeduchat” Back to school survey. That's a great idea!
  257. A4: Home visits have worked the best, but realistically that can be dangerous and lots of places frown upon it. #txeduchat
  258. @ashleyhhurley @saratruebridge Very good approach Ashley, a summary email to outline what was said & what happens next works! #txeduchat
  259. A3 Still working on learning their language. We have translators but I want to do more to communicate w/ them directly. #txeduchat
  260. A3: you need multiple ways to communicate with Ps. F2f, website, email....#txeduchat
  261. @LisaDegnan1 #txeduchat AND every child has potential 2 make the world a better place if his/her unique skills are encouraged and nurtured.
  262. A4- positive parent phone calls. Try to call each parent at least once per qtr. with positive news #txeduchat
  263. @MsFurnas One of the reasons I am not a fan of that. Still use it to cover all bases but not my go to method. #txeduchat
  264. Late joining #txeduchat ... Love the topic, love the co-mods @BedleyBros Will catch up to edu-chat. #awesome
  265. A4: @RemindHQ has been VERY useful. Also, S-created blogs abt what is going on. #txeduchat
  266. A4: Email is good for distributing information, but even better is to post it on a class blog/site. #txeduchat
  267. A4: LOVE getting @Vistaprint magnets with my E-mail, Skype, and Google Voice number. They always have me when they need me! #txeduchat
  268. A4-flip back to school & then hold Meet N Greet in the time previously used for B2S #txeduchat
  269. A4 taking the time to allot for phone calls or personal note sent home. #txeduchat
  270. A4: Social media has been great to connect with community, but it cannot be the only method, must find ways to connect with all #txeduchat
  271. A4: Calling a parent w/ a positive puts you on the same team forever, pretty much. Compliment their kid & you're gold. #txeduchat
  272. A4: Several T's used Remind this past year w/ great success. #txeduchat
  273. A4: If I were in K12 education today, I would have a class Twitter account too. #txeduchat
  274. A4: Longer P/T conferences. Ps need a solid introduction to our classroom, routines, & expectations. Easier to intro tech then. #txeduchat
  275. A4-offering educational articles to support current teaching methods #txeduchat
  276. Love the idea of making positive contact first. Difficult to do when you teach 150 plus. #txeduchat #realistic
  277. A4. Having a school Twitter feed, Ts on Twitter, blogging, Ss portfolios, family fun nights, my new fav tool: Remind @RemindHQ #txeduchat
  278. A4: Love @RemindHQ and wish I could use it more! Twitter feed worked well putting things out too. #txeduchat
  279. Chat FAST? The archive will be available tonight but in the meantime, you should listen "live" on  http://txeduchat.com  #txeduchat
  280. @sjsbates I've tried those also but are often frowned upon. But tend to work so much better than a call #txeduchat
  281. Visibility, especially as a school leader is paramount...in the morning, through the day, and at the end of school. So important. #txeduchat
  282. #txeduchat We visit homes to catch our Ss reading. We engage our families by having special nights to showcase S work
  283. A4: If an e-mail from parents "sounts" emotional, respond w/phone call. Easy to misinterpret tone of an email. #txeduchat
  284. A4 My GoogleSite has been great to be a 1stop shop for Ps. Has weekly agenda,tests,hwk,links to our instagram. #txeduchat
  285. A4-admit when I make mistakes & don't get defensive! Because we all make errors. #txeduchat
  286. @mwiersy @ashleyhhurley Some parents have bad school experiences that deter them, it'd be nice to meet away from school. #txeduchat
  287. A4 If you have an idea for a tool to help w/ this, you should pitch it at Startup Weekend Education ATX  http://austinedu.startupweekend.org/  #txeduchat
  288. A4 -- The students --- their total excitement and enjoyment of our lab rippled out to parents #txeduchat
  289. #txeduchat Q4: Coffee Chats with the Counselor are a lot of fun and parents seem grateful to have the info we share.
  290. . @TheLaneFloyd I'd like to use approach, knowing consistency is the key. But, hard to maintain when other methods prevail #txeduchat
  291. A4 make sure to talk to all of the Ss Ts before a meeting, more info goes a long ways. Ts working together 4the Ss is powerful. #txeduchat
  292. A4: having an active role in he community. Attend student events and introduce yourself to families. Be visible and available. #txeduchat
  293. MT @sjsbates A4: Calling a parent w/ a positive puts you on same team 4ever, pretty much. Compliment their kid & you're gold. YES #txeduchat
  294. A4: We use our campus FB pages constantly to share with P's what their S's are doing each day. Great tool! #txeduchat
  295. @JasonToenges Difficult but not impossible. 5 phones calls per day gets all of them in one month. #txeduchat
  296. A4: Use Gform to get info at open house, use @RemindHQ for reminders, @SmorePages to keep parents updated weekly #txeduchat
  297. A4 - Remind is a fantastic tool! I've set up a Twitter account for the school to share. #txeduchat
  298. @beyondtech1 #txeduchat Yes, STORY! Everyone constantly telling story of their life. We can help 1 another so much by listening 2 stories.
  299. A4 I use @RemindHQ 👍for one way communication with my parents giving updates in class, updates with teams, cancelations, etc. #txedtxeduchat
  300. #txeduchat A4 We have a district Night of No Limits where S projects are displayed & Ss present their ideas
  301. We need to think about multiple comm. channels between home and school. One means of comm. is not enough. #txeduchat
  302. How many of you have classroom Instagram pages?? Were they hard to run past your admin to get going? #txeduchat
  303. @sjsbates I need to do a much better job of this... would be nice for consistent positive contact... #txeduchat
  304. A4 I actually VISIT their home. I think that speaks 2 the parents that you really want to connect. And not just when things r bad #txeduchat
  305. @sjsbates Agreed!! We can't just call when Ss are being bad. Highlight the positive as well! #txeduchat
  306. Q1. more personable, more personal... more tools to connect home & school... more learning opportunities that include families. #txeduchat
  307. Reading some stuff on ambient awareness from 'Smarter Than We Think' that has my brain percolating on communication... #txeduchat
  308. A4:Facilitated a panel of Ps for a dist.to DIRECTLY hear what Ps had to say about how they feel about relationships, hmwk, etc. #txeduchat
  309. Communicate 1st and Often.. Even if the news is bad you will have a better shot of parents support... #txeduchat
  310. #txeduchat A3 After getting a blank stare from my 17 yo aster asking why her iPad stays home all the time I asked her Ts and got nuthin.
  311. A4 Phone calls are great but make sure they are real - kids & parents see thru you when you're just checking names off a list. #txeduchat
  312. A4:Send home daily e-mail w/ hilights from R day.P's love it. They also follow us on twitter thru-out the day @jonesclass103 #txeduchat
  313. A4: one of my faves was a GHO for parents as we prepared going 1:1, kept all parents informed and gave them a chance to ask Qs #txeduchat
  314. A4 phone calls and parent conferences have achieved the best results for me #txeduchat #SummerLS
  315. A4 smoke signal are a great way to communicate inside the building #txeduchat
  316. a4: We try to do a lot of shared learning. One of my favorite is our @padlet dinner conversations with our 3rd grade S&Ps #txeduchat
  317. @LisaDegnan1 any time you get Ps INTO the building is a major win for relationships and community! #txeduchat
  318. @bradmceachern Awesome way to use FB Brad, very forward thinking in your district sir! #txeduchat
  319. @Kidsmathtalk I wish our teachers each had a phone in their room in order to make this happen. Four teachers share 1 phone. #txeduchat
  320. @Americans2012 I know the feeling all to well, emailing a parent at 11:00 PM on a school night! :) #txeduchat
  321. A4: Don't just post grades. Post examples of work. Demonstrates learning & growth. Shows that learning not just about a score #txeduchat
  322. @JenaiaMorane Who & what we are is built around story. It cant be said enough times #txeduchat
  323. #txeduchat A4 We give video tutorials to Ps & Ss to view at home to ensure understanding of concepts. We post to our websites & email out
  324. A4: Prt2. Ss super excited abt learning is also a wonderful communication method. Pumped Ss = Pumped Ps #txeduchat
  325. A4 and finally in honor of Mel Brooks, you can Fox the message #foxit #txeduchat
  326. @ashleyhhurley Trying to provide our parents w each semesters school happenings.Be considerate of working/busy Ps.#txeduchat
  327. @d_mulder #txeduchat Getting Ts & Ss connected on Twitter can enhance connectedness. Bring Ps & Ss to #NT2t Sat. Mornings 9AM EST #PTchat
  328. @AnIowaTeacher Need to be careful with this, I think. Definitely get parental permission before posting pics of kids online. #txeduchat
  329. @txeduchat @schink10 #txeduchat A4: We use PBL 2 make edu collaborative & translate learning 2 relevant RL activities ALL contribute to.
  330. A4: open doors, parents are always welcome, good or bad we welcome the conversation, we all want the same thing - student success #txeduchat
  331. A2. They are continuous, open, reciprocal, dialogical, respectful, authentic, and student focussed. #txeduchat
  332. A4) I have notified parents that their child's work was being used as the hallway example and how good it was. #txeduchat
  333. If we want to improve our home school relations...we really need to spend time on emotional intelligence. Necessary at all levels #txeduchat
  334. A4: Encouraged Ts and As to attend events like Ss football games, recitals, performances, visits in hospital/home, etc. #txeduchat
  335. @JasonToenges @Kidsmathtalk ..And actually, you could just compliment the kid. They'll tell their parents. #txeduchat
  336. A4 in my library, I have had family reading nights to get Ps involved #txeduchat #SummerLS
  337. Remember if news is bad it's not like wine it does not get better with time #txeduchat
  338. @dgrice I love this idea. Such a great way to give perspective. #txeduchat
  339. @LinesScience #txeduchat Highlight their child. & they will come. But make it for ALL Ss not just top 10%.
  340. A4: Ss did a weekly video update that was emailed to Ps. Let Ps know what was happening in class that week. #txeduchat
  341. #txeduchat A3 Last time I went to start-of-school-year gathering all talk involved scholarships, testing, applying to colleges.
  342. A4 I also hold meetings and let parents share with other parents what’s successful for them. Home - Home relationships as well. #txeduchat
  343. @d_mulder Plan on that, but wonder if they can be posted to our school web page, to my classroom web page, why not here? #txeduchat
  344. @principal_SMS Transparency for the win! We are in this together for Ss success! #txeduchat
  345. We collect parent email placed in a feed-info goes direct. Ss take turns telling their stories online so theres a surprise #txeduchat
  346. Q5 - What type of information is vital to clearly share with parents/guardians? #txeduchat
  347. A4: Be a good listener when parents are talking. Let them keep talking until they are done. #txeduchat
  348. MT @saratruebridge A4 Encouraged Ts & As to attend events like Ss football games, recitals, performances, visits in hospital/home #txeduchat
  349. What about flexing staff hours when possible to host events for parents to be considerate for all. #txeduchat
  350. @AnIowaTeacher We had that at my last school with pix on Facebook. Some parents made a stink. Changed policy as a result. #txeduchat
  351. @beyondtech1 #txeduchat And how we make sense of our lives is through telling & retelling stories. LUV 2 hear how stories change as Ss grow.