06-28-15 Chat Archive

Connecting Educators with @mythsysizer and #iste2015

  1. I'm at a table with 3 Australians and 3 Americans live tweeting for #txeduchat tonight in the #ISTE2015 PLN Lounge. http://t.co/EBGLGCVjuq
    I'm at a table with 3 Australians and 3 Americans live tweeting for #txeduchat tonight in the #ISTE2015 PLN Lounge. pic.twitter.com/EBGLGCVjuq
  2. A1) I joined Twitter on 2011 to hear from others. I really started connecting about a year ago. #txeduchat
  3. A1: Joined Twitter three weeks ago as a way to expand my educational professional network. #newtotwitter #techresources #txeduchat
  4. A1: I joined because of my Itech @SVicGlass I'm so lucky to have her @school and as a friend! I've grown so much in just one yr! #txeduchat
  5. A1: I made my prof.account 14 months ago...we were doing book chats together as ICs, also #TCRWP encouraged attendees to join. #txeduchat
  6. A1: signed up for Twitter almost 2 yrs ago...did nothing w/it until 6mos ago. Inspired by @E_Sheninger and his book #noregrets #txeduchat
  7. I joined a couple of years ago because our district wanted us to. I've continued because of the joy of learning. #txeduchat
  8. A1 Started tweeting this past Feb after an awesome PD run by our dist Tech TOSA @Jennifer_Gabor #TXeduchat
  9. A1: One year rookie of Twitter after taking PD class last summer. Did a lot of lurking at first! #txeduchat
  10. A1: 2013, because I was in an iPad class and they made us join. Just now getting active on it or trying to #txeduchat
  11. #txeduchat A1 May '07 Twitter n me met. Whilst I don't remember why I signed up for certain it might have been to tweet where I was atm.
  12. A1: I joined twitter while taking over social media for an #edtech nonprofit I worked for. Stayed for the connections. #txeduchat
  13. A1 Joined Twitter but did nothing til compelled to thank @adambellow for his keynote :) Didn't use it til last yr4 #edmodochat #txeduchat
  14. A1: I joined about 2 years ago. I didn't have much of a plan, but Twitter has expanded my understanding of the classroom. #TXeduchat
  15. A1: @TechNinjaTodd Summer Learning last summer kicked it up a notch for me! Twitter + PLN = unforgettable PD. #txeduchat
  16. A1: I joined 2 years ago but didn't start usingit until @venspired inspired me! Followed her and got hooked #txeduchat
  17. A1: March. Heard about many teachers using it and figured why not? #txeduchat
  18. A1 Joined years ago, but started using it recently after reading @ToddWhitaker's book What Connected Educators Do Differently. #txeduchat
  19. A2: continually motivated and inspired by the EDUs that are in my PLN. Build me up and I am always learning! #txeduchat
  20. A2 The resources , ideas and awesome educators I have met on Twitter has helped me grow as an educator #txeduchat
  21. A2: new ideas and opens up so many possibilities to learn from others #txeduchat
  22. A2) Being connected allows me to learn from the best. People are so kind to share ideas and listen to mine. They inspire daily. #txeduchat
  23. A2: It helps me feel that I'm not alone, helps me remember that I am a part of something so much bigger than just my school. #txeduchat
  24. @mythsysizer I'm just getting started, hoping to find some great answers to help with classroom challenges #txeduchat
  25. A2. Being connected re-energized me. I look to my PLN to challenge me to be stronger, more effective, and better for my Ss. #txeduchat
  26. A1. 2007 when it was “What are you currently doing?” A way to micro blog. Lots of #failwhales in those days. #txeduchat #ISTE2015
  27. A2: It allows access to new ideas, feedback from educators and non-educators; makes communication and research more real time. #txeduchat
  28. #txeduchat joined a few years ago. began in earnest a couple weeks ago. realized twitter chats are my jam on Friday
  29. Shelley from Texas. We need to connect to grow/learn. Change doesn't happen when we shut ourselves away. #txeduchat  https://twitter.com/mythsysizer/status/615323050830008324 
  30. I love seeing teachers who are as enthusiastic about teaching and learning as I am. #ISTE2015 #txeduchat
  31. Feeling inspired sitting next to all these awesome teachers. Conversation is great #txeduchat #iste15 #aussieED
  32. A2 It allows me to connect with others around the world & enables me to gain a variety of resources at no cost or minimal costs #TXeduchat
  33. A2: In world of top-down PD, being connected has given me insight, inspiration,motivation...more in last 6 mos than 18 yrs prior! #txeduchat
  34. A2: Sunday night chats help to energize me for the coming week. I have also learned and shared from many smart educators. #TXeduchat
  35. A2 Being connected has improved my knowledge as an educator.connections I have made continue to assist as I grow. #txeduchat
  36. A2: connecting means learning new ideas. It breathes life into an older veteran like me #txeduchat
  37. A2. Being connected models what the "A" game really is in educational leadership. #txeduchat
  38. @mythsysizer A2: my PLN inspires and motivates me to connect others! Gives me energy! #ISTE2015 #txeduchat
  39. Running late, but happy to join! Matthew from East TX, 8th Grade Social Studies. #txeduchat
  40. A2: It provides you with strategies and ideas for innovation in the classroom. Sharing ideas across disciplines and districts! #TXeduchat
  41. A2. It reminds me there there are great educators out there coming up with new and exciting ways to educate our students. #txeduchat
  42. A2: It has made me aware how deficient my use of available tech is & has motivated me to try some next school year. Baby steps! #txeduchat
  43. @mythsysizer #txeduchat It is what enables me to share the CritterKin message of kindness, get feedback & collaborate w/smart folks. Awesome
  44. Hi #txeduchat It's Barbara, jumping in late out here in CA for #naesp where I'm speaking on TH. Can't wait!
  45. A2. It’s always changing and always an adventure. To me it’s getting better. #txeduchat #ISTE2015
  46. A2: I found 3 tools this yr that have transformed my practice. All were from Twitter recs #txeduchat
  47. A2: Being connected helps me find like minded educators that help me realize my ideas aren't completely crazy...LOL! #txeduchat
  48. A2 Its a thing of beauty to tweet a ? & get As from educators within mins. Once a fellow tweeter wrote a blog 2 help answer my ? #txeduchat
  49. A2) I learn more talking to ppl I follow than at any conference session. It's exciting to find like-minded ppl & learn #txeduchat #ISTE2015
  50. Yes! It makes it ok to take risks and then ask for feedback from your peers! Crazy awesome! #txeduchat  https://twitter.com/MelissaBalcom/status/615327056658743297 
  51. A2: it's my weekly motivator! I love using Twitter for research, quotes, feedback, direction, and motivation! #txeduchat
  52. A2: I gain new ideas, perspectives, and tools from others. I also find that when I tweet from PD I learn and retain more, #txeduchat
  53. A2: Collaboration is huge. Prof dev for sure. Reflection from chats, trying new things. Using it with Ss and opening their world #txeduchat
  54. A2: It inspires me to learn from others/try "New things" It keeps me on top of my game Also shows my Ss that I am always Learning #txeduchat
  55. A2. Want to bring the world to my students. Want to provide them with the skills for being lifelong learners. #txeduchat
  56. A2 Opens the doors to many resources. I can ask a Q & get many different answers. It makes me think outside my comfort zone #txeduchat
  57. A2: The "Negative Nelly's" aren't on Twitter! We get to stay positive and share ideas/goals with fellow educators! #txeduchat
  58. A2:  Sometimes taking risks is easy, but sometimes better when jumping in with friends. #txeduchat #plza15 http://t.co/eMvdHOOsRv
    A2: Sometimes taking risks is easy, but sometimes better when jumping in with friends. #txeduchat #plza15 pic.twitter.com/eMvdHOOsRv
  59. #txeduchat Never known my PLN not to have an idea, opinion or hand holding to offer. It's incredible how generous & supportive they all are
  60. A1: Jumping in late, but joined Twitter in Aug. 2011 thanks to @SHSULIBSCI! Made ALL the difference! #txeduchat
  61. A2: Connected educators are inspired to stay current and grow from others. #willingtolearnhowtoteach #txeduchat
  62. A2 So many amazing resources & support from my twitter #pln. I love how everyone is so open & kind & shares w/o a second thought! #TXeduchat
  63. RT @txeduchat: You can GROW your PLN by following others in the #txeduchat #aussieED #ISTE2015 chat tonight! Be sure to follow back :)
  64. The ideas and conversations with other teachers and leaders open thoughts and grow brain connections. #txeduchat
  65. A2: being connected gives me access to so many resources and ideas. The best teachers steal, right????!! #TXeduchat
  66. #txeduchat was one of the first chats I joined last year and @Tom_Kilgore and everyone was so kind that I couldn't help but come back :)
  67. @KirvenTillis Doing good. Trying to get back in the Twitter world #txeduchat and help the hubby find a job
  68. A2 Learning and growing my knowledge-base inspires me. Being connected adds to my resources! Two heads are better then one! #txeduchat
  69. A2 When those on twitter are honest about their successes and failures, that transparency is encouraging and motivating. #txeduchat
  70. A2: It's just really great to see people trying so many great ideas even if they're not feasible in my context. #txeduchat
  71. @mythsysizer The energy that I get from my PLN is palpable. There just aren't enough words to describe @twitter #inspiration. #txeduchat
  72. A2 I am continuously inspired by proven ideas that work and I am motivated by the enthusiastic testimony of other teachers. #txeduchat
  73. A2 The growth, insight, & expanded horizons offered by SM PLN is almost necessary to teach today's Ss. Like taking off blinders. #txeduchat
  74. A2) It's a great way to learn from the best educators & to bring the world to the classroom. PLN brings out the best in you. #txeduchat
  75. A2 Twitter keeps me up to date on new titles to check out for my library. It also provides ideas on how to use them. #txeduchat
  76. A2: because of the inspiration that exists from Twitter, I find myself motivated to always encourage others to join. #txeduchat
  77. #txeduchat A2 Musta shared 1K times but still fun. Before connecting w/educators worked far away. Tons o' learning since. Now work at home.
  78. #txeduchat Hearing great ideas that already work is my favorite part of PD on Twitter.
  79. A2: #txeduchat #ISTE2015 #notatiste15 Motivates me to do more, do better ALL the time, feel a push from the connections Ive made...
  80. @deanpearman #txeduchat Wow. What's project? I do a lot of work w/kiddos & they're willing to collab but sometimes hard w/out devices.
  81. #TXeduchat A2: The sharing of ideas and visuals is unrivalled. Also wonderful way to connect classrooms with experts rather than email reqs.
  82. @JebPuryear Ah, that makes my day! Twitter chats are a great way to connect. I rely on ppl I've met through chats all the time. #txeduchat
  83. That's a goal for summer...go back and really look at all those amazing ideas saved in my timeline! #txeduchat  https://twitter.com/sjctex/status/615327434225938432 
  84. @BarbaraGruener @mythsysizer @twitter Exactly why Ts have to experience Twitter because an explanation never does it justice #txeduchat
  85. A2: I get such a rush of new ideas that I'm introduced to during twitter chats. Saves me hours of research. #txeduchat
  86. A2: My #PLN is supportive of risk-taking, shares great ideas, inspires me, and mentors me, sometimes w/o even knowing. #txeduchat
  87. @mrkempnz @mythsysizer #txeduchat If it 's what I think it is, you know my thoughts & a big hug go with you!
  88. A2 I'm humbled by all the children's lit authors that are willing to share their writing lives & answer questions. #txeduchat
  89. @JenaiaMorane @mythsysizer Awesome that being connected can now be global Texas->Philedelphia->Sydney Australia. #txeduchat #aussieED
  90. @JebPuryear :) Come join the conversation! I'm a fan of Twitter chats. #txeduchat
  91. The "Click" when you realize how many amazing Ts there are globally. It happens on Twitter! #txeduchat #ISTE2015 #aussieED @mythsysizer
  92. A2: Being connected inspires me to try new things & be open to new possibilities in the classroom. Changes everything! #txeduchat
  93. This is David from Sugar Land - like to share things that are cool and would really get kids excited in class #txeduchat
  94. A2: Being a connected educator drives me to walk the walk as a creative leader for my campus. #txeduchat #ISTE2015
  95. #txeduchat A2 Alone I can have a couple-three ideas a day. Connecting w/educators via Twitter exposes us to each other's ideas.
  96. A2: #txeduchat Allows my students to see beyond our classroom walls and ends up motivating them which i turns continues to motivate me
  97. A3 I'm not sure if I contribute anything of value to my PLN, but a star from a stranger is always good! #txeduchat
  98. A2: You people "get me.” Not many of my FB friend care about #edtech or #iPads or #learning OR #THINKING or #txeduchat. Thanks PLN.
  99. A3 Trying to stay active in chats. Sharing ideas/asking for ideas #txeduchat
  100. Yes there are Tom RT @Tom_Kilgore: @grizfan99 So many amazing folks to learn from for me every week! #txeduchat
  101. @MsPetkovsekMPMS #txeduchat Yes! We all need support to "take chances, make mistake and get messy." In other words be Not Perfect :-)
  102. A3 Don't feel like a contribute a whole lot to PLN but I RT a lot of the great ideas that are shared! ;) #txeduchat
  103. A3) I try my best to respond asap when someone DM's me on Twitter & help with as much as I can.. cuz I get that back. #txeduchat #ISTE2015
  104. A2 I stay current w/ tools & technology & get inspired by other professionals #TXeduchat #ISTE2015
  105. A3. Sharing my lessons, thoughts, jokes, memes and flawless selfies 😝 #txeduchat #ISTE2015
  106. A3: I'm new to Twitter, but I hope to answer questions and share resources so best practices become common practices! #TXeduchat
  107. A3) I share to those that I feel would be most interested in connect through hashtags. We connect, interact, and learn. #txeduchat
  108. A3: I try to encourage others to join the PLN to see the benefits #txeduchat
  109. A3 Engage in conversations about timely topics and build relationship through and beyond Twitter. #txeduchat
  110. A2: just the relationship opportunities and sharing of knowledge and experiences are inspiring #txeduchat
  111. A3: contribute by sharing thoughts, blogging and helping other thought leaders' voices be heard. Be sure to find chats as well! #txeduchat
  112. A3: I contribute to my twitter PLN by participating weekly. I like to invite others and connect. #txeduchat  https://twitter.com/mythsysizer/status/615328335707533313 
  113. #TXeduchat I retweet great ideas so that others in my school can see them & I add things that have worked for me.
  114. A3: sharing ideas, only recommending the best I find, speaking positively about the profession, retweets to give credit where due #txeduchat
  115. @mrkempnz Welcome! Looking forward to learning from the Best Educational Tweeter!! 😊 #txeduchat
  116. A3 I share resources relevant to chat topic, am respectful of differing opinions, share links of resources for easy access #txeduchat
  117. A1: I joined a year ago, but never used it until recently. @jessahanson has encouraged me and helped me learn the ropes #txeduchat
  118. A3. Read, retweet, share ideas with my PLN. As I learn more, will share more. #txeduchat
  119. #txeduchat A2 Exposure to #tlap in particular inspires/motivates me. Why fear? I'm a pirate!
  120. A3: Being new to Twitter I have taken time to explore all the PLN opportunities... Next Step - share my experiences with others. #txeduchat
  121. A3: Try to give back by sharing tips and insights, helping to showcase the innovative educators in my PLN - Love it #txeduchat
  122. A3: Active chat participant, post #bookaday titles, live tweet from PD, encouraging others to join & participate. #txeduchat
  123. A3 I appreciate when the ?s are released in advance. It helps me brainstorm ideas to share that will hopefully add value. #txeduchat
  124. A3: share ideas, thoughts, RT content, fav good stuff and publish from my blog #txeduchat
  125. A3) Best part of twitter is access so many differing ideas - really allows you to refine and stretch your thoughts #txeduchat
  126. A3: I contribute to my PLN through: -motivational quotes -informative and challenging articles -sharing blog posts #txeduchat #ISTE2015
  127. @oJaison Instant PD 24/7 - Gotta love Twitter Education Chats & Connected Educators. #txeduchat
  128. A3: I share the power of Twitter on my campus, and district trainings every chance I get. #txeduchat #iste15
  129. A3: I share ideas, ask questions, seek feedback, answer to my best ability, share my blog as well as any other resources I use! #txeduchat
  130. A3: Respond to questions, ask questions, post articles and comments in order to engage members of my PLN. #txeduchat
  131. @heatherklandrum hehe thanks Heather / it was an honour to get that but it's just a label / we are better together #txeduchat
  132. A3: We at #nt2t host a weekly chat to help newbies navigate @twitter and chats. I also seize oppst o connect IRL w/PLN friends. #txeduchat
  133. A3. After getting the courage to post to my 1st edchat, I believe I contribute when I validate, share or challenge respectfully. #txeduchat
  134. A3 mostly by listening and giving support and occasionally coming up with a good idea to share #txeduchat
  135. A3 I am actively connected. I share ideas, resources and review what others think and do across the globe. #txeduchat #ISTE2015
  136. A3) I provide experience (25 yrs) and a willingness to learn something new every day. #txeduchat
  137. A2: amazed at resources and ideas shared on Twitter. This is only my second live chat to participate in. Think I'm addicted. #txeduchat
  138. WOW, this is a fast chat.. are you having fun #txeduchat? Don't worry if you miss something. We archive it every week.
  139. This may be useful for everyone at #txeduchat happening right now - 9 things all educators should be tweeting  http://bit.ly/1KiDVnL 
  140. A3) Organizations can assist in providing support during adoption of tech which includes purposeful differentiated PD. #txeduchat
  141. A2: #txeduchat Being connected has allowed me to partner with @itslearning and @fractuslearning to share things happening in my classroom...
  142. A3 Articles or blog posts are my favorite to read. To give back I try to either rt the good ones or pass along what I've found. #txeduchat
  143. Not sure about topic #txeduchat I have watched many #ISTE2015 tweets Saw ignite & keynote @soledadobrien on Periscope
  144. A3 I contribute to my PLN by sharing best practices that work for me in the classroom. #TXeduchat
  145. MT @TheHeadKnuckle A3 Best part of twitter is access so many differing ideas - really allows you 2 refine & stretch your thoughts #txeduchat
  146. A3 share articles that inspire me, get tools for my toolbox & share resources that impact my classroom #TXeduchat #iste2015
  147. A3 Contributing via chats has been my go-to. Also like to Retweet ideas that I want specific Ts to see/think about . #txeduchat
  148. A3: sometimes a bit daunting...who wants my opinion? Your PLN does and brings it out of you! #txeduchat
  149. #TXeduchat A3: 1st: Sharing. 2nd: Talking about what is shared. 3rd: Trying it in context. 4th: Feeding back what is working. 5th: Repeat.
  150. A3. Asking questions, searching my Twitter feed for question marks to help find solutions #TXeduchat #ISTE2015
  151. A3 I try to share as many resources as possible! Also join in as my chats as I can. #txeduchat
  152. Far from perfect. Our mistakes show students it is ok to fail, especially when you get up and try again. #txeduchat  https://twitter.com/JenaiaMorane/status/615328820284006401 
  153. A3: Participation in chats. Collaborating with projects and ideas. #txeduchat
  154. A3 as my bio says, I am a professional hypewoman for my PLN. Always trying to promote the greatness they share. There's lots! :) #txeduchat
  155. @MrsVerret: A3: I'm not great at contributing, but I'm working on getting better. Any advice? #TXeduchat
  156. @kilgoretech Yes that sense Andy of people 'getting us' is incredibly powerful. Has made a tremendous impact on my Voice. #txeduchat
  157. A3) By supporting their vision, and creating something original and unique as a Global Collaboration Lab. Ss grew 2 as result. #txeduchat
  158. @mythsysizer #txeduchat Life is a happening w Connected Edus. I add my voice to theirs-blogging, creative galleries of artistic expressions
  159. Learning Doesn't Stop At Three O’Clock: Reasons Ts and Ss Need a Class Blog!
http://t.co/VRPsG1TWry http://t.co/AqowhfJN22
    Learning Doesn't Stop At Three O’Clock: Reasons Ts and Ss Need a Class Blog! #txeduchat  http://wp.me/p3lngC-2  pic.twitter.com/AqowhfJN22
  160. A3) If nothing else, being another connection to bring educators together. #txeduchat
  161. A3: The way to the best idea, is a lot of ideas. I just throw in my two cents if/when applicable. #txeduchat
  162. @amyrollmann It is one of my fav ways to find new ideas & collect resources. Lots of great chats out there #txeduchat
  163. A3: contribute by tweeting with hashtags. Each campus should have one! We use #siglerlearns #txeduchat
  164. Sorry #txeduchat but I need to go and start my day here in Singapore! Have an awesome chat and stay connected :)
  165. A3 #txeduchat when some1 asks I reference Twitter. Have gotten several people "hooked" to the magic. Periscope is most recent find.
  166. A3 Chats and PLNs help me remember great ideas that I've used & some that I wanted 2 but havent. That jumpstart helps me share. #txeduchat
  167. LeeAraoz: Learning Doesn't Stop At Three O’Clock: Reasons Ts and Ss Need a Class Blog! #txeduchat  http://wp.me/p3lngC-2 
  168. A3: I share our blog  http://ln.is/blogspot.com/6wxGS  w/ library activities. Tweet articles & blog posts by others. #txeduchat
  169. @korytellers And you do it so well Kory - very grateful for your support. #txeduchat
  170. @jenmarten You are definitely one that I learn from and always check links you provide. #txeduchat
  171. A3: Very excited to Extend the Conversations at my PD this summer with @twitter #txeduchat
  172. @mrkempnz glad to have you stop in for the chat today, even if only briefly. #txeduchat
  173. That’s awesome RT @grantmsmith90: A3: new to Twitter, but I hope to A Qs and share Rs so best practices become common practices! #TXeduchat
  174. A3 Getting brave to blog and publish my thoughts  http://mybrainupsidedown.blogspot.com/  #txeduchat (12 Things for Admins to Remember- from Ts Point of View)
  175. A3: stay connected all day. My pln is like my classroom; there's alway opportunities to learn spontaneously! #txeduchat #ISTE2015
  176. A3: #txeduchat #ISTE2015 #notatiste15 I am still feeling my way through the #PLN but learning how to be more involved...
  177. Anna here in TX - Elem. Teacher - I'm on & off on twitter but share learning and try to participate in chats once in a while #txeduchat
  178. #txeduchat A2 I now have global classroom to learn from and be inspired. Understand how tech can work across the globe and cultures.
  179. A3 I tweet at conferences-ideas that should be shared so others can also share in the great knowledge that is all around us. #txeduchat
  180. A3 Share ideas and resources and teach new to twitter folks what I do know about Twitter, small steps leads to big things! #txeduchat
  181. Twitter continues to be my go to for questions, learning and connecting #txeduchat Found great bloggers here
  182. @sandeeteach Are you kidding me? You are SUNSHINE and encouragement personified! #txeduchat
  183. A3: Sharing blog posts and connecting with other educators that are passionate about #geniushour, #innovations, and #stuvoice. #txeduchat
  184. Moving From Digital Citizenship to Digital Leadership
Another beautiful sketch note via @sylviaduckworth http://t.co/zQ6wdMhhdj
    Moving From Digital Citizenship to Digital Leadership #txeduchat Another beautiful sketch note via @sylviaduckworth pic.twitter.com/zQ6wdMhhdj
  185. .@amyrollmann It is one of my fav ways to find new ideas & collect resources. Lots of great chats out there #txeduchat
  186. @McHiPride thanks for watching. Really got back into it the last few days. #txeduchat
  187. A2: Being connected helps me to keep my edge as an educator! I'm current on philosophies, trends & successes! Sorry I'm late! #txeduchat
  188. #txeduchat A2 A connected educator is as much about learning as it is about teaching. Must model lifelong learning. My PLN helps me grow.
  189. A3) By promoting & uplifting PLN and their ideas. We have some great educators out there. #txeduchat
  190. #txeduchat A3 I support adult learners so my perspective on learning & development is a little different from K-12. I chat/share lots.
  191. A3 I live-tweet during F2F PD in order to share new learning & awesome ideas. Its also a great way 2 archive what I've learned. #txeduchat
  192. A2)Believe it has made me a more aware and thoughtful teacher. Twitter offers daily PD and that makes it even better for my Ss! #txeduchat
  193. A3. Tweeting at conferences and sharing awesome ideas I find along the way #TXeduchat
  194. A3: Twitter is often my "Google" for finding answers, resources and ideas. #txeduchat
  195. The top issue for my guests in Season 1 of my Podcast. You guessed it - global connections --  http://PushingTheEdge.org/itunes  #txeduchat
  196. #txeduchat A3 Be a contributor and receiver of new ideas, pedagogies in terms of tech and modern learning. Also by using multiple platforms.
  197. #txeduchat Try to contribute by using educations past, particularly the 1960s as a lens to look at the need for change today. Believe it!
  198. @korytellers Without a doubt you are the cheerleader the joy in many a day! #txeduchat
  199. A4- I am ashamed2say, but research & evidence informed practice has all come via/because of twitter #txeduchat #ISTE2015 @mythsysizer
  200. A4: I've learn more about PBL and PCL and into stepping outside my comfort zone to bust down the doors in mobile learning. #txeduchat
  201. So far, I have learned a lot about tools for integrating technology into the classroom, and branding ideas from other schools! #TXeduchat
  202. A3: I love joining @twitter chats in all education topics -admin, teachers, leaders, sups- nice to see their perspectives! #txeduchat
  203. .@MsPetkovsekMPMS I think no judgement is key. Too often other Ts judge and ridicule a new idea/method, love how my #PLN supports #txeduchat
  204. @urbie Yes you do sir and I am very glad to have your views when you share them! #txeduchat
  205. A3: joining chats, sharing ideas/lessons taking place on my campus, sharing my own learning, & seeking out help when needed #txeduchat
  206. @JebPuryear @jenmarten Good to see you treading water with us. This one is fast and furious! #txeduchat
  207. Passion-Driven Learning For EDUs: What if the Genius Hour Model Was Used For PD??
    Passion-Driven Learning For EDUs: What if the Genius Hour Model Was Used For PD?? #txeduchat  http://wp.me/p5D09s-4Y  pic.twitter.com/omcff0cRpN
  208. @McHiPride #txeduchat Would love their feedback on CritterKin. Always a challenge to get them actively engaged.
  209. Need to check out, but appreciate the uplifting global collaboration! #txeduchat
  210. Sorry didn't know company here ( well not really my son but he gets my attention) LOL #txeduchat
  211. Q4 I've learned about PBL, ECE, Math, ESL/DLI, prof articles - various chats and recs from coworkers #txeduchat
  212. @shanemason Mine is tweeting and adding to the conversation while not at a conference. #notatiste15 #txeduchat And promoting unconferences.
  213. A4) SBG and #TTOG. This really intrigues me and I also love growing as a teacher leader…(I’m still in the classroom.) #txeduchat
  214. A4. So many! Most recently notion of mindfulness inspired by #nyedchat via @danieldmccabe, @DJrSchug @cvarsalona comes to mind. #txeduchat
  215. A4 - is it too much of a cop out to say an appreciation for twitter as a PD resource? #txeduchat
  216. A5: blended, flipped, active learning, PBL, colab tech, list goes on, it's hard sometimes to filter #txeduchat
  217. #txeduchat A4 Times like this I wish Twitter allowed for tweets >140 characters..
  218. @martysnowpaw #txeduchat Great point Marty, I think we're revisiting the importance of legitimate learning communities.
  219. @Sciology #txeduchat Good! The thunderstorms finally stopped (3 days of thunder, lightning & rain) so I got outside. Wonderful. How are you?
  220. @mythsysizer So much learning going on Twitter-voice, choice, digital world, #digipoetry is exploding now. #TXeduchat #ISTE2015 Q4
  221. A4 I have learned about #mysteryskype from several in my #PLN.Have not had the opportunity to do this,but when I can it's on! #txeduchat
  222. A4 Just now finished #titletalk and learned about ways to motivate content teachers to include reading as part of their day2day. #txeduchat
  223. A4: Twitter has given me an insight into tools & methods to incorporate technology into the classroom #onlineresourceguide #txeduchat
  224. A4 I've learnt a lifetime worth of things from @ShiftParadigm about teaching practice, inspiration and life in general #txeduchat #ISTE2015
  225. Often wished that documented participation in Twitter chats and documented application in class would count towards PD #txeduchat
  226. A4: Twitter has reinforced for me the power of Voice - you never know how much you can impact #txeduchat
  227. A4: Super passionate about learning and leadership. Love anything and everything about personal and professional development! #txeduchat
  228. #TXeduchat I have learned about all parts of teaching.That is the best part, there r no limitations and you get ideas fr all over the world
  229. A4: I have learnt so much around assessment, #sbl #sbg #leadership and some great personal connections. #txeduchat #ISTE2015
  230. @lekadegroot is an awesome resource who helped me to think outside the box and see possibilities with tech. #txeduchat
  231. Apps For Administrators: 
CURATE, CREATE and SHARE content with parents & staff!!
http://t.co/azLP07Vi1i http://t.co/5n3HsBNeNx
    Apps For Administrators: CURATE, CREATE and SHARE content with parents & staff!! #txeduchat  http://hubs.ly/y0Tk8F0  pic.twitter.com/5n3HsBNeNx
  232. #txeduchat A4 Great q. How to use Twitter for now teaching & learning and how to learn fast and multiple pedagogies.
  233. @ShawnaFord1 @DianaLRendina would love to learn about #makerspaces - I recently read a great bk on this and used in classroom #txeduchat
  234. A4 Makerspaces, EdCamps, Digital Citizenship, and Connecting Educators. #txeduchat
  235. #TXeduchat A4 I can't count them all -so many like makerspaces, flipped lessons, genius hour, personalized learning, DBQ's. Learn from all!
  236. A4 #txeduchat some of the best children's book recommendations come from @utalaniz
  237. @GarnerRockstars Welcome to the club my friend! Admitting is the first step, well it is the only step. Tweet away! #txeduchat
  238. A4: Many tech tools & ideas, EdCamps, maker spaces, branding, literacy ideas - learn from everyone but especially chats. #txeduchat
  239. A4: I learned about the SAMR Model, Social Media use by other educators, and education leadership information. #txeduchat
  240. @stuartkellynz #txeduchat hoping with tools like @TouchCast to see a reimagining of Media Literacy & teaching that is mulimedia/modal
  241. A4. Have learned a lot from #tlap #learnlap and #edchat. There are so many great chats out there and so much to learn. #txeduchat
  242. @heatherklandrum #edcamps are my new love these days. I wouldn't learned without twitter. #txeduchat
  243. @ProgresivTeachr @MsPetkovsekMPMS #txeduchat Great point. Often those who ridicule are the least capable and confident. Reacting via fear
  244. A4: Multiculturalism, Diversity, how to communicate positively, leadership, values, and math from @SVicGlass and @MathCoachCorner #txeduchat
  245. A4: Mindset - the passion, the drive, the persistence, the 'out there' initiative of educators online- can't get enough of this #txeduchat
  246. @jaherbel @MsPetkovsekMPMS thanks! I like the phrase "sharing is caring." If we help each other we only get better. #txeduchat
  247. @LeeAraoz This is so awesome! Going to use it for next year as centerpiece of revamping of staff PD! Thanks! #txeduchat
  248. A4 consistent interactions with @8Amber8 @TechNinjaTodd remind me of the reality of educating our children #txeduchat
  249. A4 Mindsets in the Classroom @MaryCayR, standards based grading @drjolly throwing out grades @markbarnes19 #txeduchat
  250. #TXeduchat A4: Flipped, blended, prezi, padlet, piktochart, canva - all essential work tools. @kathyschrock and @rmbyrne were my early gurus
  251. #txeduchat A4 PBL, Genius Hour.. list goes on. Basically it gets down to engagement, butts-out-of-seats, making learning visual @DonWettrick
  252. @Ryan7Read Exactly! So excited to learn more and actually attend one this summer! #txeduchat
  253. A4) #satchatwc is also an incredible exchange of ideas (various topics). And of course #txeduchat
  254. A1: Joined TW about 3 years ago looking for a social media alternative to FB to connect with interests vs. just friends-family #txeduchat
  255. @LeeAraoz #txeduchat A4 good post. Twitter has been great in helping developing sustainable communications mostly with students. e.g. GAFE
  256. @sandeeteach Yes that being brave - finding the guts from within - tremendous impact from supportive PLN #txeduchat
  257. A4. EDCAMPS!! First heard of them via an edchat a year ago . Now I'm helping organize #edcampldr Boston on 7/13! #txeduchat
  258. A4 I got my confidence back as a teacher.Was reminded that I do know a lot when it comes2teaching kids. @johnwick was big part. #txeduchat
  259. A4: #txeduchat #ISTE2015 #notatiste15 I have learned more about @geniushour, makerspace and also coding than I ever would of elsewhere...
  260. @brynmw #txeduchat A4 Likewise, particularly the need for formative assessment, less so for summative.
  261. A4 @donalynbooks is so giving when it comes to sharing what she is learning in conferences she attends, it feels like u r there. #txeduchat
  262. @scienceullrich #txeduchat Great post. Ts need to be holistic in their learning and teaching.
  263. A4 @rickwormeli2 and redos & retakes - Rick is great abt responding to tweets, @dylanwiliam for formative assessment #txeduchat
  264. @mythsysizer #TXeduchat Twitter was where I first found out what SEL was Social Emotional Learning, what we called Character Ed. Inspiring.
  265. I learned from nctm15 this year - didn't get to attend but got a lot from those who tweeted at the conference. #txeduchat
  266. Fellow #txeduchat friends! Please follow, share, and check out @EdCampPCTX15 ! September 19! We will be hosting in my district!
  267. Jumping in late-learning more about using twitter to build PLN, leadership. #txeduchat
  268. A2 Being connected holds me accountable and encourages me to grow as a professional. #txeduchat
  269. A4: digital literacy has been huge! Twitter helps with technology integration & being current with ideas & tools #txeduchat #ISTE2015
  270. @GregBCurran #txeduchat A4 Great point Greg. Twitter makes everyone's voice equal and valued.
  271. A5: can't wait to see the suggestions. I only do this and #tlapmidlo #txeduchat
  272. A5) first one was #gtchat on Friday. absolutely loved it. going to have to make myself a calendar of ones to visit #txeduchat
  273. @Ryan7Read I feel more empowered to try new things that I've learned about from my PLN. Tech conf this year was A BLAST!! #txeduchat
  274. A4: greater meaning in my teaching, connecting w/ Ss most important. Learned from so many! Little things, big things. #TXeduchat
  275. A4: as a principal, love learning about leadership-resources, ideas, professional books, PD. #txeduchat
  276. Great to read so many #iste2015 inspired comments #txeduchat wish I was there.
  277. A5: you mean there are other chats besides