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#txeduchat on Branding your Campus with @McHilPride

  1. Welcome to #txeduchat tonight! Let's get started with introductions: Tell us who UR, where you work, and what you are reading this summer.
  2. @melissaeverhart tonight on #txeduchat they are discussing branding your school. I would love for you to join the chat and brand misd LMS
  3. Don't forget to use the #txeduchat hashtag on your tweets tonight so that others can follow along.
  4. Ricky Board I teach in Everman and I’m reading personalized learning #txeduchat
  5. Brett from Fort Worth checking in for a bit. Topic near & fear to me. Reading more @bernadettejiwa this summer! #branding #txeduchat
  6. Hi everyone, Tom in North TX, sad to be leaving my 4th learners but excited to be heading to new role at ESC11 as well! #txeduchat
  7. Karen, elementary principal, Arkansas.Reading Beyond the Bake Sale. #txeduchat
  8. Hi all!! Jessica, instructional coach from Cen TX...finishing up Learn Like a Pirate & Evocative Coaching #txeduchat
  9. Hi #txeduchat ! I'm Heidi & I teach 5th gr. in Merton, WI. I'm rdg. Ditch That Textbook by @jmattmiller...met Matt F2F @USMSpark last wk! :)
  10. #txeduchat urbie, education engineer from arizona.. I design transformation learning experiences for clinicians and their teams
  11. #txeduchat Marty Keltz Toronto .. and @JenaiaMorane has been reading the draft of the new Not Perfect Hat Club book to me. Loving it!
  12. @txeduchat #txeduchat @EduPGH Rachelle from Pgh, I teach Spanish will be reading #tlap & What Connected Educators do,soon as Prime delivers
  13. @cruisesmom: Hi all, I'm Windy,I work in Midlothian. I'm reading about three books simultaneously-that's what librarians do. :) #txeduchat
  14. @txeduchat Hello! MTS @austintylerisd - I'm reading The Book by D Carnegie and A Separate Peace. I have a long book list waiting. #txeduchat
  15. I'm J. Rod from McAllen High School. I'm also known as @Mchi_Yearbook. I'm reading up for my admin exam next month. #txeduchat
  16. Welcome everyone! I am looking forward to a great evening with all of you. This is truly one of the best ways to learn here at #txeduchat
  17. @nortnik Excellent Karen. I hope you enjoy #txeduchat tonight. It should be a fun topic for all.
  18. @Tom_Kilgore What? No more 4th graders? What a loss for them! Tell me about your new role! #txeduchat
  19. Melissa Jones, Inst. Coach from Katy ISD TX, reading #bookaday: today was Half A Chance by Lord. Prof text: Notebook Connections.#txeduchat
  20. I'm Aaron Hogan, HS AP in College Station. I'm reading a lot. #DITCHbook, Lots of #CorwinCE, #TLAP, Blended, & @ajjuliani's 2 bks #txeduchat
  21. Good evening! Brad McEachern from Warren ISD in TX. I am starting to read The Leader in Me. Should be a great read! #txeduchat
  22. Rachel from Iowa City, IA MS/HS Soc Studies.For fun reading Gone Girl and Private London, for work, PBL and SBL books and blogs. #txeduchat
  23. #txeduchat Faige retired kinder teacher in Los Angeles. Will finally get to stack of books I have bought. Read some Let's see what PLN says
  24. I am Angela from MI. I teach Ss with LD in grades 3-5. I am reading Beyond the Bake Sale and #LearnLAP this summer. #txeduchat
  25. @urbie Wonderful to have your views in the mix Urbie, always learn something from you! #txeduchat
  26. #txeduchat Lindsay Foster... not sure what I'll be doing next year...
  27. Elena, SF, Ca New 5th gr teacher after years at middle. Looking forward to having my own class & all subjects! #txeduchat
  28. Hello everyone my name is Efrain Amaya, principal at McAllen ISD. I'm currently reading "Urgency" by J. Hotter. #txeduchat
  29. daisy from Warren excited for @iPadpalooza #iplza15 hope to see a lot of familiar faces there #txeduchat
  30. Karen from Alabama. Reading Learn Like a Pirate and Ditch That Textbook. #txeduchat
  31. Q1: Who do you feel is the person responsible for branding your campus/district? #txeduchat
  32. @McHiPride Thank you sir, was hard saying goodbye to my kiddos but I'm VERY excited about my new role! #txeduchat
  33. @urbie Welcome Urbie. It is always nice to have you with us. Thank you for being here on #txeduchat
  34. Hi, I'm Deniece from Waxahachie TX. I'm a GT Specialist in Lancaster. #txeduchat
  35. Also rereading Teach Like a Pirate. Any good resources on PBL or SBL would be appreciated. #txeduchat
  36. Howdy #txeduchat Barbara from Friendswood checking in with a special wish for happiness to all the Dads in our PLN!
  37. @cruisesmom Greta to have you here Windy! I'm guilty of the same, too many great books out there! #txeduchat
  38. Lets get started with our first Question of the evening. #txeduchat
  39. It is great to see so many members of the #txeduchat community come out to hear from @McHiPride tonight!
  40. A1: Who is responsible for branding a school? -Admin -Teachers -Everyone who's working hard for kids. #txeduchat
  41. A1: I have to be the Story-tellor in chief as the district super. But everyone has to lead the charge...all hands on deck. #txeduchat
  42. A1: I think a joint choice should be made on a theme and then everyone in the district/school should uphold that brand. #txeduchat
  43. @the_Madeleine. Leadership is responsible. However Ps really are the ones who brand by word of mouth. #txeduchat
  44. A1 I think everyone. But a sense of ownership and pride should filter down from the top #txeduchat
  45. So when am I hanging out with all my Texas friends next week? #txeduchat
  46. @McHiPride @Bstamm00 A1: it starts with the superintendent. He is the main rider for the brand #txeduchat
  47. A1: Everyone has a part-Ts, Ps, Ss...no voice too small...everyone leaves a mark #txeduchat
  48. A1: I think every T, Admin, Ss, & parent should have a voice in telling our school story! If we don't tell our story, who will? #txeduchat
  49. Suzette, Math teacher from CA. A shoutout to all the Dads here in #txeduchat
  50. Alex, #EdTech innovator in Austin Tx, was working on a bit of branding via Linkedin.  http://www.vizitsolutions.com/  #txeduchat
  51. A1: All of us, considering that one person's actions can send a message to our communities. #txeduchat
  52. Jump in and have a great conversation tonight on #txeduchat We will archive the chat for you and post it on  http://txeduchat.com  after.
  53. A1: It is every stakeholders' responsibility to overwhelm the community w positive messages about the great work at your school. #txeduchat
  54. #txeduchat A1 For actually directing, setting the tone of the org's branding? The principal (sets vision, goals). Execute vision: everyone.
  55. A1 Leaders must be the storyteller-in-chief to communicate brand. If we don't do it, someone else will. #txeduchat @E_Sheninger
  56. @aaron_hogan gotta have parents and community in there as well! Don't have a brand if you're not a part of their stories! #txeduchat
  57. #txeduchat A1 EVery citizen of the school (student, staff and parents). Branding is what is actual, not visual.
  58. A1: I'm guessing that it's every stakeholder's job. We're writing to story together, right? #txeduchat
  59. A1: All stakeholders: T's, Admin, support staff, P's, S's, BOE, etc. a team effort. Admin should guide vision. #txeduchat
  60. @LuPodmore You mean it isn't the principal's job Lucy? Couldn't agree more, we all have responsibility! #txeduchat
  61. #txeduchat Hello, everyone! Cynthia Olivarez, AP at McAllen HS. Glad to be joining you tonight.
  62. A1: ideally a school chooses an admin & a teacher to post regular tweets or blogs about the school. But in actuality. all are! #txeduchat
  63. A1: It is a shared responsibility, but admin MUST model expectations and give Ts some autonomy can't block ALL social media. #txeduchat
  64. A1: All the stakeholders: students, staff, admin, parents, the community. #txeduchat
  65. A1: it's starts with the leaders: super, principals, Cilt, teachers... Everyone has a part to play #txeduchat
  66. A1: I feel the district chooses a brand that Indiv campuses can connect to and make their own. Then Principals and Ts represent #txeduchat
  67. A1: Everyone should be responsible. It should be known by all so it can be used by all #txeduchat
  68. A1 I think the principal can start the fire with branding the VISION #txeduchat
  69. A1: The principal has to take the lead in school branding, modeling not just what to say but how to say it for others to emulate. #txeduchat
  70. @cruisesmom #txeduchat Great point. A chain is only as strong as its weakest link, as is a school!
  71. @urbie Agreed, Urbie...you definitely need a leader who is connected, progressive, & WANTS to tell your school's story. #txeduchat
  72. @elena_SF_CA Very true, I think we all make a difference in everything we put out there. Online or in the line at the grocery! #txeduchat
  73. GT teacher- Katy: A1- all staff brand, but must follow lead of super. and admin #txeduchat
  74. A1 A school's branding is more subtle than most co's because there is so much interaction on different fronts. #txeduchat
  75. @Bstamm00 Couldn't agree more. Just hampered by limits of 140 chars. #txeduchat
  76. A1: All stakeholders play a part in branding - like vision - it starts w/leaders....#txeduchat
  77. @GoldenSuzette We are glad to have you with us Suzette! Thanks for joining in the #txeduchat fun.
  78. @nortnik great point, social media is a POWERFUL tool in a campus brand. #txeduchat
  79. @nortnik Love that Karen, sounds just like the way we should set example/model for our learners in same way as well! #txeduchat
  80. A1 school head is (independent school) and ALL who make the place welcome to Ps Ts Sts and staff. The community is our village" #txeduchat
  81. Hey #txeduchat Ben-educator/learner I. Reno NV happy Father's Day to all the dads out there
  82. @Tom_Kilgore #txeduchat A1 Starts from admin, works done, and all parties work together, have equal ownership
  83. @McHiPride Or at least has to be in tune with story the school is telling. #txeduchat
  84. @McHiPride A1: Campus-Admin should lead, inspire the vision. District-Supt & Bd. #txeduchat
  85. A1: I believe Ss are the most powerful brand. Their buy-in to the campus brand equates ultimate success! They're our market #txeduchat
  86. A1. It is everyone’s responsibility to brand. We all have a stake in it. #txeduchat
  87. @LuPodmore So true, I think many folks leave it to the admin team when we should all be telling our story! #txeduchat
  88. Branding a school is started by leadership finished by parents and students. #txeduchat
  89. Q2: Is it important to brand your school/district? Why or why not? #txeduchat
  90. @ConsultJodi #txeduchat Absolutely, branding is most effective if distributed through community stories and celebrations.
  91. A1:I think how big the district is plays a role in branding. There's a difference between developing branding unity in a 1A v 5A #txeduchat
  92. A1 Have a district dept handling media but everyone can spread the word about what's awesome in classrooms #txeduchat
  93. A1 social media # gives a great platform to keep all stakeholders informed! #txeduchat
  94. A1: If the story of a school was an orchestra, the principal would need to conduct it. If part is out of tune, it sounds off. #txeduchat
  95. @steph_frosch true for sure, but those that understand the importance/necessity of a campus brand must push! #txeduchat
  96. @nortnik So easy to get our message out when we use social media, any thoughts on how to convince those that disagree? #txeduchat
  97. @Msjackson4real #txeduchat I agree Social media needs to be harnessed effectively or schools' branding will suffer.
  98. @stuartkellynz Stories are spread via word-of-mouth. Parents tell parents about your school. #txeduchat
  99. A2: Yes, very important-your story will be told even if you don't tell it...show pride in who you and your Ss/Ps are #txeduchat
  100. #txeduchat A2 Because if the school (or any org) doesn't own its branding others will.
  101. Amazing conversation about branding your campus tonight on #txeduchat - If you aren't here yet, join us! #mnlead #lrnchat #futureready
  102. A1 Traditionally brand identities are established at a high level, but reflected across all the contacts with the community. #TxEduChat
  103. A2: There's nothing more important than telling your school's story. It's been a game changer! Celebrate kids each day. #txeduchat
  104. @awakenlibrarian They are the best champions of what we are doing & are so vocal when empowered! #txeduchat
  105. A2: Absolutely! Others create your brand from the outside if you don't tell/show your brand. #txeduchat
  106. @AlexVKluge #txeduchat In our school's experience holistic branding is often the most powerful.
  107. @aaron_hogan Like the analogy. Conductor leads orchestra & sees that all contribute #txeduchat
  108. A2: It is important to brand. It's less important to be catchy/trendy, and more important to know what story you are telling well #txeduchat
  109. @Msjackson4real agree helps connect schools with families in a simple effective way #txeduchat
  110. #txeduchat Important to very proactively brand the school or the media will do it for you and that won't be pretty.
  111. Q2: Y.E.S. If you don't tell the story or your school/class, who will? 11 yr old boys and/or Facebooking soccer moms? #txeduchat
  112. A2: great things happen every day in classrooms and schools. We have to share the great things! Build a community #txeduchat
  113. @McHiPride Thanks for the invite. It should be an interesting conversation. #txeduchat
  114. Q2:Giving a clear cohesive message, logo & attitude makes all the difference. Pride in school ups the attitude for the Ts and Ss. #txeduchat
  115. @McHiPride Honored to have you here Supt. Ponce! Welcome to the chat! #txeduchat
  116. A2: finally answer the question of, "what did you do in school today?" #txeduchat
  117. A2 We brand w/ intention or not. The Q is what do you want your brand to say about your school/district? Take control. #txeduchat
  118. A2: Branding is essential.I think it makes a huge difference when a parent is looking at a school as a whole - unity is pwrful. #txeduchat
  119. @McHiPride #txeduchat Good question. Social media, share our experiences, involve the students.
  120. @BDicksonNV and it gives a common thread to foe success if you don't put good out there...#txeduchat
  121. A2 PR important here. Important to be what you say you are, IMO #txeduchat
  122. I advise schools to have their students wear logo wear to community events. Why? Disciplined students are rare sometimes. #txeduchat
  123. @Bstamm00 Now that sums it up Brett, Ss & parents want to tell their/our story if we are doing it right! #txeduchat
  124. A2 important so your successes aren't a surprise. Public perception=education is failing. We have the stories to prove that false #txeduchat
  125. A2: We can no longer to abstain from telling our school's story. Either we proactively tell 1 that's true, or 1 is made for us. #txeduchat
  126. @aaron_hogan A strong brand stands the test of time and isn't catchy or trendy. It lasts and we recognize it. We feel it. #txeduchat
  127. A2: It's important to brand your district and school. We have to let the world know the awesome things that students can achieve! #txeduchat
  128. A2: Families have choices today when it comes to education so it's imperative to tell your school's story loud & proud! #txeduchat
  129. @Msjackson4real Yes, they should be able to establish some unique character to individual schools. #TxEduChat
  130. @Tom_Kilgore #txeduchat A2 Yes, share info, keep everyone working toward same goals, build community
  131. @stuartkellynz they are talking on social media so we need to put out the positive #txeduchat
  132. Q2 We have a responsibility to brand our school...we need to tell our own story and highlight the great things we do #txeduchat
  133. #txeduchat A2 Schools central to the culture of the community. Branding properly can build that culture in a positive manner.
  134. A2: By all means brand but set an everyday viewable brand so success is easily noticed by all. Else the brand loses its effect. #txeduchat
  135. A2: We are a team, and every coach wants success for their T's and S's. #txeduchat
  136. @cruisesmom How did you impact my child today? How did the school impact the community this year? #txeduchat
  137. @tsschmidty @burgess_shelley @burgessdave So true, if we aren't telling our story others will be doing it for us, good or bad! #txeduchat
  138. A2 important to get message out about positive things going on- also allow families to see what's happening #txeduchat
  139. A2 Every decision we make is a choice & directly impacts brand. I'm not a proponent of letting cards fall & branding by chance. #txeduchat
  140. A2: I think the pt of branding is to say "We embrace the vision of our ldrship. And, we proudly contribute to this community #txeduchat
  141. @kilgoretech Someone will be telling your story. You're exactly right! We must be active participants in positive storytelling! #txeduchat
  142. Nick, Blended Learning Specialist from Lancaster, TX, joining late. #txeduchat
  143. A2: branding starts with a compelling vision and is realized through specific actions. Both are critical. #txeduchat
  144. A2: Yes, we are a brand-conscious society (fortunately or unfortunately). #txeduchat
  145. A2: Who better to tell the story than those writing it? #txeduchat
  146. Popping in and out...Matt, Elem. Principal from Plano ISD #txeduchat
  147. If a favorite restaurant closes down, people complain for years. If a school closes down, really no complain. Why? Impact. #txeduchat
  148. Very true Who else can tell the story of our school and the great things that are happening. ONLY WE CAN! #txeduchat  https://twitter.com/nathan_stevens/status/612791302871060481 
  149. A2: Yes, branding is important. It is how other think of your school or district. #txeduchat
  150. #txeduchat @TouchCast great tool for getting interactive video out to parents & even local media. You should take a look at @DebbyCall6
  151. @Tom_Kilgore I think we have to convince those that are concerned about SM by showing. Yes it has to be monitored..but POWERFUL! #txeduchat
  152. "the closer (more connected) people are to their schools the more satisfied they become with their performance" @jamievol #txeduchat
  153. A2:Yes! Our "instant" society needs the clarity & focus of branding to understand the priorities of our school/district #txeduchat
  154. Q3: In what ways have you contributed to your school/district’s image? #txeduchat
  155. A2: Branding has a powerful influence on community perception and can contribute to parent involvement/disengagement #txeduchat
  156. A2 Social Media is a branding tsunami. Use the power of it to revolutionize public perception of your school/district. #txeduchat
  157. A2: Branding is not optional. It all comes down to who creates and spreads the brand. #txeduchat
  158. A2: for me, it's important to brand the school as a way to connect us to families and community members and the doors that opens #txeduchat
  159. Hey #txeduchat! Going to be leading a module on Using Social Media to tell your site's story...suggestions on things to include?
  160. Are you interested in growing your PLN (professional learning network)? Follow others in #txeduchat tonight and they will likely follow back
  161. A2: You want ppl to recognize your district or school - and branding does that, hopefully in a positive way. #txeduchat
  162. A2: Branding is crucial at middle or high school because the parents are not on campus. Social media becomes their peak in. #txeduchat
  163. Hello! Knikole from Lancaster joining the Twitter party! #txeduchat
  164. A2: W/ tech tools & SM at our fingertips, the 21st century makes it very easy 2 tell our story. It's our responsibility 2 do so. #txeduchat
  165. #txeduchat A2 With branding it's more than shouting out positives & wins. You have to have courage to own when something goes awry, too.
  166. A2 higher % of families have phones over computers- use social media to connect with schools #txeduchat
  167. A2:Very important! It is even more powerful when your Ss do it because they are the stars in the community.#txeduchat http://t.co/fUJREBWR0a
    A2:Very important! It is even more powerful when your Ss do it because they are the stars in the community.#txeduchat pic.twitter.com/fUJREBWR0a
  168. @abrightteacher @teachlove4SpEd @nortnik Very true, I'm an advocate of showing value & helping folks get started any way I can #txeduchat
  169. A3 speak positively about campus and district...share good things going on constantly #txeduchat
  170. A3: I blog our success & collaborate w/Ts as a campus advocate of our aspirations/success. Shout it from mountaintops! #txeduchat
  171. A3: Sharing Ss stories on campus FB page, marketing Montessori wherever I am, networking to improve campus reach and resources #txeduchat
  172. A3: When we became a STEM district, I piloted a STEM class. Experiences in my class became associated with our STEM brand. #txeduchat
  173. Working with some Ps right now about a parent "job description" one thing mentioned is expectation that Ps share campus story #txeduchat
  174. A3 Involve our community decision makers in more school events. Hosted a mayoral forum on campus. GRT event #txeduchat
  175. a2. An identity is needed so all that follow know what we are about. #txeduchat
  176. A3 BE what I want to see in others. I relentlessly model, model, model the brand. If u want purple cows, u have to be one 1st #txeduchat
  177. A3 I started a twitter account for my campus...love to acknowledge my students, parents and most importantly teacher's hard work #txeduchat
  178. A3: Making use of Facebook and Twitter in order to reach out to the social media crowd. #txeduchat
  179. A3: Set up site Twitter acct (@HarborViewElem) and going to be setting up a site Instagram and Facebook page for next year #txeduchat
  180. A3: P engagement as well as T & P satisfaction. Our HB5 community engagement measures were huge!! #txeduchat
  181. A3: I am always aware that I'm a district/school rep when I wear our school tshirts. I brand my school w/in our district #txeduchat
  182. #txeduchat A3 I post on the district hashtag and attach my blog to my webpage.
  183. @McHiPride Internet and face-to-face. From parent-led coffees to pictures on instagram. #txeduchat
  184. A3: support school in community, professional behavior in public (hide the wine glass at the restaurant if Ss stop by table.) #txeduchat
  185. @nortnik I was skeptical myself at first, I share that with people all the time. Can't imagine not using it now! #txeduchat
  186. A3: Set up school FB, Twitter, Instagram accts. Convinced the SB we needed a new district website. #txeduchat
  187. A3 Share classroom learning w/school community when SM kept at a distance 4now #txeduchat Let parents & others know what's happening
  188. Q3: We have our own clsrm twitter acct @jonesclass103, I send out daily e-mails 2 P's & my Ss create a monthly video newsletter! #txeduchat
  189. A3: our district #RRISD seeks to be a world class destination district. I contribute to the effort through my professionalism. #txeduchat
  190. A3: From Day 1, I'm in the hallway helping parents. I am able to recognize new faces and welcome them to the Mt Peak Family. #txeduchat
  191. A3: As an ELA Inst Coach I plan events such as vocab parade which are well attended, facilitate early lit seminars for parents, #txeduchat
  192. @abrightteacher @Tom_Kilgore @teachlove4SpEd I agree. We have pockets of Ts that are tech savvy and they are leading the way! #txeduchat
  193. A3:by giving my Ss voice in the comm., collaborating w/ businesses & the college, and presenting about awesome things @ my school.#txeduchat
  194. A3: as T for @Mchi_Yearbook we run social media unofficially, this year it was official and we have grown #txeduchat http://t.co/L92xDe2zWs
    A3: as T for @Mchi_Yearbook we run social media unofficially, this year it was official and we have grown #txeduchat pic.twitter.com/L92xDe2zWs
  195. A3: Expressing support to parents for district initiatives. Sometimes they need to hear it from people in the trenches. #txeduchat
  196. Very important to get our parents involved. I started a Ps Ambassadors @ my campus to help tell our story #txeduchat  https://twitter.com/matthew_arend/status/612792772613910528 
  197. A3 calculated risk taking with students at the center; what I would want for my own children; opportunity to think and question #txeduchat
  198. A3: Providing great customer service and a positive attitude help make an impact when branding your campus. #txeduchat
  199. Also brand my school/district based upon my attitude and professional is around town and on social media #txeduchat
  200. @cruisesmom Yes, the school will generate feeling and impressions in the greater community. #TxEduChat
  201. Crisis communication is very critical. Parents are picky and can leave their school in no time. #txeduchat
  202. A3: (cont) PLNs like this is another ex for sharing the story. Grabbing other samples of success & implementing it at your campus #txeduchat
  203. @cbolivarez Totally agree with this! Customer service is a huge part of branding. #txeduchat
  204. @nortnik Did you have any difficulty with edcode or board policy regarding posting of pics of Ss? #txeduchat
  205. A3: I helped lead the way to our National School of Character distinction. Such an honor to work at an NSOC. @CharacterDotOrg #txeduchat
  206. A3: We use every opportunity possible to put the positive out there. Blog this year allowed teacher, student and admin voice! #txeduchat
  207. @BakerLovesBooks So true Amanda, we are walking ambassadors in everything we do/say around town! #txeduchat
  208. @cruisesmom It is imperative to own that process and drive it in a positive and consistent direction. #TxEduChat
  209. A3 bringing my own kiddos to the district also spoke volumes to Ts and Ps I support #txeduchat
  210. @McHiPride The Supt/Board set the big vision. However, daily actions support your school/district's image. #txeduchat
  211. @Tom_Kilgore Caution is not a bad thing... it is when the mind is closed that halts progress. #txeduchat
  212. @txeduchat #txeduchat @PAECT @peteandc @EduPGH A3 Have taken Ss to showcases,show what they can do Invite Commun in to see work, share w/Ts
  213. A3: I love to be one of the first to meet the new move ins. I want them to know we are in this together as a family #txeduchat
  214. A3: We launched a hashtag to celebrate great instruction in our district! #txeduchat http://t.co/9KE58DUhEi
    A3: We launched a hashtag to celebrate great instruction in our district! #txeduchat pic.twitter.com/9KE58DUhEi
  215. A3 our HS chose # worldclasscampus and we encouraged teachers to post what What happened in class #txeduchat
  216. We've had to rebrand our school w/in our community. We aren't a poor school w/disrespectful Ss - we are leaders! #LIM #txeduchat
  217. A3: I value the diversity that we pride ourselves in, and show this every day in my classroom and in my life. #txeduchat
  218. @tsschmidty We do have a policy that we have to have parental consent. We include this in the handbook for them to sign off. #txeduchat
  219. A3: A thing that had a great impact was sending school shirts to local businesses that supported us!They wear them all the time!#txeduchat
  220. @McHiPride Parents share positive stories via Facebook and over coffee. #txeduchat
  221. We are always in the eye of the community which means we always need to be cognitive of our actions and SM posts #txeduchat
  222. A3: social media tells the story, but also connect F2F and be brave! Present at conferences and share your story. #txeduchat
  223. A3: I tweet many school events and student achievements #txeduchat
  224. @Tom_Kilgore @abrightteacher @nortnik I just try to model & have Ss get involved w/positively spreading the word about our school.#txeduchat
  225. A3: Sharing Ss & T's success through social media...#txeduchat
  226. Remember when there is a vacuum of information others will fill it in for you #txeduchat
  227. A3: Customer service for kids, parents and the community. #txeduchat
  228. @Tom_Kilgore People are always watching & listening. Esp when you are "on the inside" #txeduchat
  229. a3. Learning and living our district's/campus' mission and vision. #txeduchat
  230. A1 parents, students, teachers...everyone who believes in district is responsible for sharing and publicizing #txeduchat
  231. NEVER underestimate the power of the model. Walking the talk is the BEST PR for your brand. Period. #txeduchat  https://twitter.com/steph_frosch/status/612792813931999232 
  232. A3: To or row we will be taking our first bookmobile into the community to give away books..great branding. #txeduchat
  233. @nortnik How do you avoid posting pics of groups of Ss who have not been cleared by Ps? #txeduchat
  234. A3: We've seen a huge change in our district's branding over the last few years. Huge push from district admin, but adopted by Ts #txeduchat
  235. @KirvenTillis Have your parents received you doing this well, any examples? #txeduchat
  236. @daisyray215 We try to do a great job in positive communication. We want to reach out to our community and to other districts. #txeduchat
  237. @tsschmidty @HarborViewElem Our students manage the Instagram page. I find more parents on Facebook. #txeduchat
  238. I promote our district hashtag - #wfredbirds on a daily basis and serve as a Digital Leader. Always make Branding a priority. #txeduchat
  239. @GoldenSuzette That is fantastic that you embrace diversity! #WeNeedDiverseBooks is my fervent campaign! So thank you! 😊 #txeduchat
  240. @daisyray215 Interesting question. We place a strong emphasis on peer reviews, a school can't simply market a brand. #TxEduChat
  241. A2 Yes! It's so important to tell your own story. Who knows it better than you? #txeduchat
  242. Q4: If you are not branding your school, then who is? #txeduchat
  243. @McHiPride You have high school students who share their stories. Use that to a benefit. #txeduchat
  244. Wow... we know #txeduchat is moving fast. Don't worry about reading everything we will archive it for you and post to  http://txeduchat.com 
  245. A3: Collaborate w Ts, facilitate S to S collab, take risks with new tools, resources. Keep learning relevant to Ss. #txeduchat
  246. @tsschmidty That's a great idea! @austintylerisd give business partners who support us an Austin tshirt. #txeduchat
  247. @tsschmidty @nortnik online policy usually has photos in it. Most parents don't have issue bc of how social their kids are #txeduchat
  248. @NKeithBlend Ts are on the front line. We should be branding our school, we are with the Ss all day. #txeduchat
  249. A4: If you're not branding your school, everyone else is. #txeduchat
  250. @wfsuper I think it shows in forward thinking districts that embrace social media & are good at getting their message out! #txeduchat
  251. A4: If you don't tell your story, someone else will and it may not be the one that you want to be told. #txeduchat
  252. @Tom_Kilgore it's been great! I tweet from all events from football to academic decathlon; Ps have been very positive! #txeduchat
  253. A4: If we don't brand, then it comes from the most vocal disgruntled parents. #txeduchat
  254. #txeduchat A3 By asking questions. What does 'highest performing' mean? When can my kid use a smartphone in her class? By being informed.
  255. @daisyray215 You have to express the brand with your community interactions. #TxEduChat
  256. @Msjackson4real @nortnik Was just curious if you got much pushback from Ps or DO regarding posting of photos #txeduchat
  257. A3 #txeduchat Talk positively in public. No need to hang dirty laundry at grocery store.
  258. A4: Why sit back/let the branding process happen passively? Take action, write your story, & make a difference in your community. #txeduchat
  259. @McHiPride Could our brand be reduced to our scores? To our biggest complainer? Or to the rumor mill? YIKES! #txeduchat
  260. A4: If you don't brand your school or school district, then you leave it to chance; or whoever makes the effort to brand you. #txeduchat
  261. A4 people looking to move forward their own story of education -often it's the wrong story #txeduchat @McHiPride
  262. @BakerLovesBooks I agree. Our actions speak louder than our words because we are associated with districts. #txeduchat
  263. A4; This is a scary question! The answer is other people who might not have the whole picture & spread a negative image! Yikes! #txeduchat
  264. A4: Naysayers, accountability reports, anyone who thinks they know what your school is about. #txeduchat
  265. A4: If not you, it will be the loudest voice which may or may not be on your side-once a voice has spoken it's hard to hush #txeduchat
  266. A4: I have noticed it is usually board members, Ss, happy & upset Ps, the college, and other Ts. #txeduchat
  267. @teachlove4SpEd Totally agree. I just love how our district has set the tone and Ts have advanced the vision "on the ground." #txeduchat
  268. A4: those that choose to wield the tools of storytelling, tell the story. #txeduchat
  269. Q3 Creating opportunities to get the community in the schools to see what they're investing in, using social media to highlight 👍#txeduchat
  270. A4: those that choose to wield the tools of storytelling, tell the story. #txeduchat
  271. @tsschmidty Ts are very careful. We video many of our events & Ps want their kiddos included. #txeduchat
  272. @matthew_arend Yep! That's the direction we're working (both in people's hearts and out of their mouths on social media) #txeduchat
  273. @Bstamm00 Yes!! We need to get the positive stories out there, because those don't spread naturally. #txeduchat
  274. A4 - parents -both positive and not, community members, students... #txeduchat
  275. A4: Disgruntled Ps, local media with an axe to grind...vocal minority will drown out the silent majority if they stay silent! #txeduchat
  276. @cruisesmom @tsschmidty We've also sent character posters to our local business and they hang them to partner with us! #txeduchat
  277. A4 Don Meyer once said if you dont give them an opinion someone else will. W SM we can frame the conversation if we choose. #txeduchat
  278. A4: there are always a vocal few, usually negative, who are more than willing to control a school/district's brand if allowed. #txeduchat
  279. Customer service is doing anything from sending new parents thank you notes to inviting income families to a summer picnic. #txeduchat
  280. Digital leadership and branding can be done from many levels in the organization; unity build momentum #txeduchat  https://twitter.com/wfsuper/status/612794043328806912 
  281. A4: My students were bummed the day @McHiPride passed us in Twitter followers. However, they see it as a challenge. #txeduchat
  282. @nathan_stevens #txeduchat Exactly! ...and it is happening all the time in TimeMagazine, and on CNN & Fox News.
  283. A4: The story is owned by whoever is telling it. Take time to bring in as many stakeholders as possible to tell your story well! #txeduchat
  284. A4: @McHiPride If we aren't branding then mostly likely the nay-Sayers are. They tell us our Ss can't learn, our Ts don't care. #txeduchat
  285. It is our responsibility to let them know how hard our Ts and Ss work. It is not easy being a T or Ss. #txeduchat  https://twitter.com/LuPodmore/status/612794565561446400 
  286. @reillysusan1 @martysnowpaw Thank you! the Ss actually write the scripts themselves with T guidance. #txeduchat
  287. A4: It will come from the LOUDEST parents, teachers, & students - either positive or negative (or a bit of both). #txeduchat
  288. A4: only the folks at the supermarket and the ballpark. It's important to both influence and control the messages being sent out #txeduchat
  289. A4: No one can advocate for your campus like the principal. We know the story like no one else #txeduchat
  290. A4: Sometimes the media brands the campus. Most cases in scandal & rare cases as enlightenment. However WE are the trailblazers! #txeduchat
  291. A3 Wonderful parent involvement and participation brands our school. #txeduchat as do people whose role it is to share who we are
  292. @tsschmidty @Msjackson4real No, we do not list names and the parents have been very complimentary. #txeduchat
  293. building positive relationships with Ps is key. Vital. Build them and they will help tell OUR positive story. Positive branding #txeduchat
  294. I think we have to have consistent channels for getting the positive stories out there. Does our community know where to look? #txeduchat
  295. A4 Students and parents are constantly branding for us...good or bad....must always remember they are our customers. #txeduchat
  296. A4 If we don't brand & leave it to chance, it's like a vending machine at Chuck E. Cheese...you never know what's coming out! #txeduchat
  297. A4: as a ldr I model & encourage Ts & Ps to. If we aren't, then it is the outspoken negative experiences that take center stage #txeduchat
  298. @nortnik @Msjackson4real I think that is the key...not identifying students by name or posting single shots of uncleared Ss! #txeduchat
  299. A3 At a GAFE summit @HollyClarkEdu opened my eyes about branding. After that I jumped in! Posting @DonorsChoose helped too! #txeduchat
  300. A4: I think the Ss are powerful "branders". The community (& Ps) listen when children speak. #txeduchat
  301. .@Bstamm00 Absolutely! It's important we do more than move the newsletter from print>website. Make a transformational difference! #txeduchat
  302. Q4 Everyone who enters building, sees students, teachers anywhere & who follows any social media is making assumption & sharing #txeduchat
  303. Q4: My staff also help brand by keeping lines of communication open...they all use twitter/webpages. #txeduchat
  304. Q5 coming up in 2 min. #txeduchat Thanks for being here this evening. Great conversations.
  305. #txeduchat A4 We are. Being passive about branding our org is a choice. Choosing to do nothing gives others tacit permission to do so.
  306. A4: If you're not including students in your social media branding, you're missing a huge audience. #txeduchat