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Policy, Voice and Privacy with @rafranzdavis

  1. Welcome to #txeduchat tonight with @RafranzDavis - Let's start with introductions! Who, where, what?
  2. Hello! Knikole Taylor...Lancaster, TX....Master Teacher/Math and Science Coach #txeduchat
  3. Hi everyone, Tom in North TX, learn from/teach amazing 4th graders every day. Best job on the planet! #txeduchat
  4. Trey AP in McKinney... Finally stopped seeing STAAR answer docs and test booklet numbers in my sleep. #txeduchat
  5. This is my first #txeduchat ! Secondary ELA teacher from Rockwall, TX
  6. hello, #txeduchat - michael from columbus ohio here middle school teacher
  7. Hi #txeduchat! I'm Kelly from St. Louis, MO. Middle school tech teacher.
  8. I'm Aaron, high school AP from College Station. Looking forward to a great #txeduchat tonight!
  9. Princess from N. Texas, 2nd grade teacher. Let's hope I can keep up tonight. #txeduchat
  10. We have quite a discussion planned for tonight! Please continue to post introductions. Q1 is coming in just a few #txeduchat
  11. Melissa Jones,  http://Inst.Coach  from Katy, TX. Ready for my Sunday night inspiration for the week #txeduchat
  12. Amy, middle school technology integration specialist from Green Bay, WI. #txeduchat #IAedchat
  13. @MarceauQD You will do fine in your first chat. If you need anything just tag @txeduchat and I'll help you. Ok? #txeduchat
  14. Rachelle a Digital Learning Specialist from Sugar Land, TX #txeduchat
  15. @SoontobeEdD This will always make me smile! So glad to have you join us Christian! #txeduchat
  16. Hello #txeduchat! I'm Heidi, from WI, and I teach 5th grade! Love this chat!
  17. Chelsey Mawson Student Teacher from SWOSU in Weatherford, OK. #txeduchat
  18. @RafranzDavis We are excited and honored to hear your thoughts on these issues Rafranz! #txeduchat
  19. Wow! Thanks to all the #txeduchat community members who joined us tonight in support of Policy, Voice, & Privacy with @RafranzDavis
  20. I'm Cat, I teach at an alternative high school in Arkansas. #txeduchat
  21. @SoontobeEdD Hi Christian, great to have you here sir, hope to catch up at ISTE! #txeduchat
  22. Q1 When it comes to district parental consent forms, how has social media redefined who/what constitutes as media? If not, why? #txeduchat
  23. Hi. I'm Steve, from Oregon, a math coach ready to learn from #txeduchat
  24. #txeduchaT Jena BAll CritterKin writer & illustrator tweeting in from North Carolina.
  25. A1 In our district we do not publish/show student faces on any tweets- only back of the head. #txeduchat
  26. A1: not much has changed at all. Do have to be a lot more careful. Have noticed a fellow teacher posting pics on FB. Not smart. #txeduchat
  27. Hey guys! Andi...Gifted ed teacher in Texas. Mostly lurking tonight, still cooking dinner. :) #txeduchat
  28. I don't show any Ss in my pics on social media - just their work and maybe an occasional hand #txeduchat
  29. A1 In small towns like mine, the lines are blurred. Parents are likely to be friends or followers. Tread lightly #txeduchat
  30. A1 Ss have opt in or out on registration this has to be check before Hs Ss are photo'd below 9th no faces #txeduchat
  31. A1 I haven't seen an official answer, but I just take pics of hands or blur the faces. Maybe it hasn't been considered. #txeduchat
  32. Lots of tweets about sharing student work and not faces. No worries...we'll get into that soon enough :) #txeduchat
  33. Hi, #txeduchat! Brent...7th grade science teacher from Katy, TX.
  34. A1 Better safe than sorry, never post students faces on Twitter or other personal social media accounts. #txeduchat
  35. A1: not sure I understand the question. Are we talking about new requirements for consent? #txeduchat
  36. Q1 It is unclear what is allowed but I refrain from showing anything with kids except the occasional hand or back of head. #txeduchat
  37. When I was principal I used to tweet photos with students all the time. I always made sure I kept the list hand of opt outs. #txeduchat
  38. A1 If not careful, SM is publicly available and easily reproducible. You have to think of a much wider, uncontrolled audience. #TxEduChat
  39. @RafranzDavis Individual Ts may post Ss work on their websites or in Edmodo. Work we do w Ts we just take pic of Stu at work #txeduchat
  40. @RafranzDavis A1 take Facebook rules for security rule change to reveal what they have hidden #txeduchat
  41. @nyrangerfan42 Great approach, I try to have all pics be spontaneous as well Michael, that way not too many faces in photos #txeduchat
  42. A1 I'm a back of the head type Tweeter. Student work is first name only. Know your opt out families. #txeduchat
  43. Alison 1st grade blended teacher in Kansas. Excited for this topic! #txeduchat
  44. I cringe when I see personal teacher accounts openly showing students. Maybe they have special permission though? Who knows. #txeduchat
  45. @nyrangerfan42 Here, they are likely to be friends before they are Ps of students. Do we unfriend bc their kid is in our class? #txeduchat
  46. #txeduchat A1 I'm a parent. I remember wondering the first time I saw a consent form w/photo language. No prob for me but ty for asking.
  47. A1: transparency is key & parents need to be aware. Releases should include the use of SM. We have school FB and Twitter to post #txeduchat
  48. Q1: It has redefined it because media is everywhere. Makes it quite difficult at times. #txeduchat
  49. You can grow your PLN by following others in the chat tonight! #txeduchat
  50. A1: Now, more than ever, we have to be cognizant of whether or not students can be pictured in our publicity/Twitter/FB posts. #txeduchat
  51. Govt teacher from Rockwall, TX here #txeduchat A1: Makes me wonder about retweeting/reposting.
  52. @grizfan99 Same here Stephanie, my learners' blogs all take same approach #txeduchat
  53. A1: P's can opt out (by signing letter) & not have Ss pics on school/classrm twitter pages, local paper, etc. #txeduchat
  54. #txeduchat A1 I know there are dangers in social media but a head-in-the-sand (by Ts as well as parents) isn't a learning solution.
  55. A1: As for the form itself, I think we use blanket wording to cover digital/social media #txeduchat
  56. #txeduchat A1: Social media has played a great part in redefining what media is considered. However, many times the forms does not always...
  57. Q2 When it comes to the sharing of student work...what role, if any, do parents play in deciding what is or is not shared? #txeduchat
  58. We aren't allowed to post much.I'd like to be allowed to have a very specific parent permission form in order to do a little more #txeduchat
  59. The opt out list where I was a HS principal was a short one page document! I knew who was on it! #txeduchat
  60. A1: I guess one big question is who is the anonymity intended for? Faces probably won't hide identities if the viewer is local. #txeduchat
  61. I run the Twitter and IG feeds for our campus. We don't put faces on either one. There are parents who do not consent to pics. #txeduchat
  62. A1 We have photo/social media consent forms but all the surrounding issues are still new frontier to Ts Ps and Ss. #txeduchat
  63. A1 The default assumption is usually that SM is harmless. This a great way to shoot yourself in the foot. #TxEduChat
  64. A1: When parents are enrolling online that is one of the questions they must answer if consent is given or not. #txeduchat
  65. Ryan Smith from Round Rock ISD. Good to be hear to learn tonight. #txeduchat
  66. We can show faces but not full names. Parent controlled sites are a whole different animal. #txeduchat
  67. #txeduchat include the social media or may not go into great detail and sometimes that can open another can of worms
  68. A1: We have to be extremely cautious about protecting our Ss and respecting parents' privacy wishes. #txeduchat
  69. A1 We don't share anything....name or photo. ...without consent #txeduchat
  70. A1: great question, we need to be transparent with parents, but we still don't have it down yet fully as to what is safe to post #txeduchat
  71. A2: Not sure about this one. I always have the Ss decide & even then there are no names attached... #txeduchat
  72. A2 Ps have some choice when they sign Beg of Year paperwork. They can choose to opt out. #txeduchat
  73. #txeduchat A2: Often times while teachers and schools should get their input, they are not always consulted though they should be!
  74. A2 whenever I want to share Ss work with others I 1st ask the Ss if it is ok and quick call home 2 ask Ps I don't use real names #txeduchat
  75. A1: We need to help educate our parents and community on the "why" of sharing knowledge. #txeduchat
  76. @MrsJones_Merton How old are those students? Do students have the right to decide solely for themselves? #txeduchat
  77. Love sharing student work! If they are secondary students I get their permission, and only share the great things! #txeduchat
  78. A2: Ps sign forms w/permissions to share Ss pics/info etc, once form is signed yes, it's up to the Ts & school what is shared #txeduchat
  79. A2: No names. If student sample includes info that gives a lot of info, out of respect, it would not be shared fully. #txeduchat
  80. Correction- I never post student faces on social media. Thanks @edvents for catching that! #txeduchat
  81. A2: when sign consent it should include the term "student work" parents can choose to opt in or out #txeduchat
  82. With parents, as a principal I didn't check with them often when sharing work. #txeduchat
  83. A2: This is tough. There's HUGE value in sharing with an authentic audience, but how to balance w/ parent expectations? #txeduchat
  84. @RafranzDavis I teach 5th graders. R U talking about sharing work on SM? If so, we never use last names. #txeduchat
  85. #txeduchat A2 No one has asked me, that I can recall, about sharing my kids' work or not. Mrs remembers it happening once, about an award.
  86. A2 in the Hs setting if Ss is Jr or Sr I let the Ss make the choice but I explain why I want to use it #txeduchat
  87. A2: I teach Media. Would love to share their work. HS level they do have a feed on YouTube. MS level we don't share. #txeduchat
  88. A2: We just wrote Memoirs in Writer's Workshop & had a gallery walk. Some Ss chose not to put theirs out 2 share bc too personal. #txeduchat
  89. @herbertoneiljr most our parents feel a sense of pride when they see their students work/image posted. Which is why most opt In #txeduchat
  90. A2: I guess I've never really involved Ps in this. I don't post names or faces. If a S doesn't want it shared, I respect that. #txeduchat
  91. @urbie Interesting question, I think most consent forms I've seen have wording for images, work, etc all combined #txeduchat
  92. @herbertoneiljr #txeduchat part of that is due to the fact that Ps have an expectation that they will not present their child in a neg way
  93. @aaron_hogan Not just pictures, but even more innocuous things like vacation plans are deserving of care. #TxEduChat
  94. .@rwootenits I wonder how many parents really read all of the paperwork that gets sent home #txeduchat
  95. I always found that the Ps in my community loved when you shared the great things their student was doing. Know your community! #txeduchat
  96. #txeduchat A2 Why wouldn't you want to share student work? In the 60s-70s when I was in school no one asked. It was just published.
  97. A2: I teach HS juniors and simply ask the student if I can keep their work as an exemplar--they're usually happy to say yes #txeduchat
  98. @rwootenits This is awesome. Is this form public? Would love to share this. #txeduchat
  99. Balancing parents right to protect the privacy of their children with recognizing stellar work is tough #txeduchat
  100. @herbertoneiljr I have had the same experience. I have a class FB and Ps Love seeing what we're doing in class. #txeduchat
  101. A2) Most of my Ps don't really mind having me post pics of my Ss. But I have them sign my forms just in case admin gets upset. #txeduchat
  102. Our opt out list is short, we are allowed to post unless parents send back form. We don't have much parent involvement. #txeduchat
  103. A2 Parents do have the ultimate decision of what gets sgared, but I think there is a big fear of the unknown with social media #txeduchat
  104. @herbertoneiljr Very true, gives a sense of transparency if parents can see into the schools when they wish too #txeduchat
  105. A2: Back when I was in the K-12 classroom 12-15 years ago I sent home a Permission letter that allowed me to use images. #txeduchat
  106. #txeduchat I share student work on my site but it isn't identifiable. Just a project. No names.
  107. In Corsicana, if I wasn't sharing the parents would ask what the problem was. They loved seeing it! I knew my community! #txeduchat
  108. @urbie Not an attorney but think it would be based on using Ss creations in addition to names, images, etc. #txeduchat
  109. @tntechgal I make sure I read it as a Parent (maybe bcuz I'm aware). I don't allow more than what's necessary. #txeduchat
  110. A2 Even if the school doesn't ask, the parent or stu should have the right to say no. #TxEduChat
  111. A2 More open water. We've always proudly shared within our walls. Now walls might be global. Are we considering the new issues? #txeduchat
  112. @BClarksonTX Without their parent's permission do you really feel it is acceptable to post images/work? #txeduchat
  113. @grizfan99 @tntechgal Indeed, and I feel like I am not changing anything can you use the papers I signed last year? #txeduchat
  114. A2 We are encouraged to take pics of our lessons and post to the school website. #txeduchat
  115. A2: If a teacher is using sm it needs to be defined in each assignment what they are putting out there. Involvement is key #txeduchat
  116. A2 Run it past a colleague as well before posting it for all to see. #txeduchat
  117. Q3 How can we give students a voice in this world without compromising student/family privacy, even with consent? #txeduchat
  118. @herbertoneiljr #txeduchat That is key! However, sadly, many times Ts and admin, do not always know their community&it creates more problems
  119. A2: if you let Ts, Ss, & Ps know your why, they are always willing to put their part. The WHY is vital. #txeduchat
  120. We're getting to a point where an active digital footprint is expected for HS grads...interesting implications for privacy #txeduchat
  121. @Tom_Kilgore #txeduchat So parents can opt out, Ss work isn't published. Then Ss age out at 18 and are what, clueless? Sounds like bad idea.
  122. @RafranzDavis A1: D not responding fast enough. IMO, SM is creating/networking using a web-based platform to connect w/ others #txeduchat
  123. Maybe we need an updated form that states you cannot post unless specifically allowed to. #txeduchat
  124. A3: Ss should have a voice everyday! Communication is one of the 4C's. Am I not worrying about privacy & parent consent enough? #txeduchat
  125. A3 Type it up to remove recognizable handwriting and change up the names. #txeduchat
  126. #txeduchat a3: 1 thing I learned from Tony Vincent is the power of Digital Storytelling. In class we used  http://Recordmp3.org  and...
  127. @MsArlMiddle That rocks, means they are likely controlling their own persona/image online & thinking about the impact! #txeduchat
  128. A2 can decide IF students' information is shared/attached to work...Ts post work frequently w/out consent #txeduchat
  129. @McHiPride agree Ps need to always be in the loop you will then have their support #txeduchat
  130. A3: We can give Ss voice by teaching them the skills they need to use with social media. #txeduchat
  131. How do students begin making a positive digital footprint if their work is not shared? #txeduchat
  132. A3 I've encouraged some gifted MS writers/poets to publish online anonymously. Dip their toe in the water #txeduchat
  133. #txeduchat and while everyone did a digital story, I gave that child’s parent the link so only they could share with whomever they wanted
  134. @Tom_Kilgore Definitely true. But what if a student is an "opt out" and has nothing to show the admissions board? Sticky stuff. #txeduchat
  135. @txeduchat I mainly share students working on labs and close up shots of the hands-on activities we do in class (no faces). #txeduchat
  136. Dear English Teachers: Save countless hours, teach #CCSS, and grow those little minds. #sced #txeduchat  http://goo.gl/pLK52j 
  137. A3 Digital Citizenship is an important part of my curriculum, esp with so much tech integration and BYOD policy #txeduchat
  138. A1: our district is working out the details of parental consent on social media. Ss would love to be on my twitter and blog! #txeduchat
  139. A3 it is one of the 4c's Ss need to understand the digital footprint they create and how that can affect them both pos/ neg #txeduchat
  140. a3: we wouldn't expect Ss to drive without guidance - how can we expect them to use soc med w/o guidance? evolution of schools! #txeduchat
  141. A3 Ts and Ss need to know how to share on S/M safely and build their digital footprint gradually depending on age of Ss #txeduchat
  142. A3: I don't see how we're the gatekeepers of student voice in the world... Ours is to encourage them to find their voice. #txeduchat
  143. A3: Want them to have a voice. Want them to blog and be heard. However, we should always respect what the family/community wants. #txeduchat
  144. @Tom_Kilgore #txeduchat Wow.. that cookbook that my kid's preschool published has names and recipes. 1992 I think? Internet that bad?
  145. A3: I'm aware of digital citizenship, privacy, etc. but also want to be relavant! We owe it to our Ss.#txeduchat
  146. A2 We want to encourage autonomy, with the 18 yo sr making their own decisions. #TxEduChat
  147. @AlexVKluge do you think parents say no because they are unaware of well informed of their children's digital citizenship?#txeduchat
  148. A3 generally ask if okay w me sharing stellar work w class(es)...then ask f I can tell Ss WHO the work belongs to...ms us tricky #txeduchat
  149. A3: ss posts shouldn't give personal details, as ts we guide towards how factors impact their world, not what their world is #txeduchat
  150. A3: start a class blog/twitter/edmodo, ask Ss input & let them make contributions to the class w/o worrying @ info #txeduchat
  151. @SVicGlass @AlexVKluge great point.. I was told Facebook is for old people a few weeks ago #txeduchat
  152. A3 Never thought about it before a S who won an academic comp. did NOT want to be in the published team pic. Had to respect that #txeduchat
  153. Any educators w/ firsthand experience of parents rasing concerns about privacy? First #edchat...glad to make it to #txeduchat. Howdy, y'all.
  154. my Ss are THRILLED when they see their work on my twitter feed #txeduchat
  155. 40 minutes away to #BCEdChat! Join @MsVictoriaOlson and I to discuss Fostering Collaborative Environments at 7pm PST! #txeduchat
  156. #txeduchat A3: But it goes back to, publish the piece in a very discrete way however, allow the parent to share the information
  157. A2 Transitioning from near 0 for the 12 year old to near total self determination at 18. #TxEduChat
  158. A1: Ss should be proud of and show off their accomplishments. Creating their own websites, within or outside the school. #txeduchat
  159. @BClarksonTX @txeduchat I had students in my class years ago that were in protective custody and couldn't have images shared #txeduchat
  160. #txeduchat School yearbooks are in libraries in my town. I don't remember signing a release.
  161. A3 How to give Ss voice w/o compromising privacy,family? Give Ss multiple audiences with which to communicate. #txeduchat
  162. A3 Education IS sharing. But share to celebrate, inform, & educate, not exploit. #txeduchat
  163. Sorry to jump in late ~> A3: We need to ask the q's some Ps/Ss may not (ex. Will this hurt or help?) #TXeduchat  https://twitter.com/rafranzdavis/status/592497946081394688 
  164. I feel like I'm missing the boat here...don't we WANT2 share our school story?Respect those who sign form.At my school very few! #txeduchat
  165. A3) Education is key. I practice Twitter chat with a hashtag in the classroom. I explained what they can post etc. #txeduchat
  166. #txeduchat A3 Ss have a voice. Sort of. Has no student ever forged their parents' signatures? Do schools verify signatures?
  167. A3: Consent/privacy matters, however it was easy in my district to know who didn't want to put out there. Simple process! #txeduchat
  168. @TMag29 In global world Ss need to find positive/safe way to share ideas/work etc with others -Ts need to model and show the way #txeduchat
  169. .@nyrangerfan42 had T start a twitter acct & Ss of the day 'tweeted' about what the class lrned, no names no problem = proud Ss #txeduchat
  170. @MsArlMiddle @RafranzDavis Yes, and we have to thought about the digital footprint being developed of all stakeholders. #txeduchat
  171. A3: How can Ss have a voice w/o compromising privacy even w consent? -Pseudonyms on blog -Publish writing w limited access online #txeduchat
  172. We do, but when we share student work, is that our right to do? I'm asking the question, that's all. #txeduchat  https://twitter.com/MrsJones_Merton/status/592499403195318272 
  173. You can grow your Professional Learning Network by following others in #txeduchat tonight!
  174. A3 (cont) when Ss write to every audience the same never learn what is appropriate for "audience". Helps give Voice (cont) #txeduchat
  175. @herbertoneiljr Also, parent access need not be public access. Within the community you have available access controls. #TxEduChat
  176. @TMag29 so true. Everyone has a voice. What's yours and HOW do you use it? #txeduchat
  177. #txeduchat Does anyone have issues with Ps of your Ss sharing other kids' work? Not their Ss and IDing them?
  178. @RafranzDavis Absolutely, I agree. My Ps sign district&classroom consent. I'm just asking with no consent how Ss build footprint #txeduchat
  179. A3: have students not post pics of themselves and use usernames that only you as the educator know. They will have a voice #txeduchat
  180. A3 Utilize Google Docs and thoughtfully decide who you share with. #txeduchat
  181. A3 (cont) at the same time they learn not to "overshare" or give TMI #txeduchat
  182. A3) When Ss & Ps know what to expect out of SM, and they r ready to share their work, they should :) We should encourage them :) #txeduchat
  183. @RafranzDavis I found very few families/students didn't want their work shared. They loved it! #txeduchat
  184. A3: it's where #digcit is important for all stakeholders to understand. Once published, it's published. #txeduchat
  185. A3 model and teach digital citizenship- permission and privacy #txeduchat
  186. #txeduchat A3 Wearing my multimedia developer hat, everyone should have a voice on what happens with their likeness/works.
  187. A3 We need to model digital citizenship and what/when to share. #txeduchat
  188. @RafranzDavis depends on purpose....if it is meant to educate, yes....but not with people outside I'd Ss school w/out permission #txeduchat
  189. Q4 How are you educating parents about voice, social sharing and media awareness? #txeduchat
  190. A3 I think we can help Ss create usernames or handles that they can use consistently but helps maintain privacy #txeduchat
  191. A1 #txeduchat Can we have a consent form for P to give permission to post blurred pics of Ss faces? There's so much I'm unable to share :(
  192. A3: giving ss opportunities to post within a safe environment allows them to see the power of social media beyond selfies #txeduchat
  193. All Ps in our district must have a release form signed for S's pics to be taken. If not signed, no pics. #txeduchat  https://twitter.com/grizfan99/status/592499702773321728 
  194. @herbertoneiljr @RafranzDavis Agreed sir, only had a couple that didn't want & made accommodations. Just had to check pics #txeduchat
  195. I teach M/S. They blog, Tweet with pictures & first names-building digital footprint. Private school so maybe not same issues #txeduchat
  196. A3: Think a big thing here is to get everyone on same page - help kids + parents know why it's valuable to share publicly #txeduchat
  197. @8rinaldi I mildly disagree... My point was on the gatekeeper aspect. #txeduchat
  198. @RafranzDavis Thanks, Rafranz. I don't mean to be negative. I just love sharing what happens in our clsrm! #txeduchat
  199. @RafranzDavis sounds almost like a gray area when we have to place things on boards based on district lessons and input grades. #txeduchat
  200. #txeduchat We must teach students how to use their voice digitally. Digital footprint.
  201. A4: Spoke to Ps and Ss of @Life_Lions about the moments they capture with social media! Have fun! Let your moments be great! #txeduchat
  202. @MrsJones_Merton Yes, but there is a difference between our story and details about their story. #TxEduChat
  203. A3: @RafranzDavis Commit to not sharing personal info; like healthcare. Talk about usernames and how much revealed on profiles. #txeduchat
  204. A4 nights with Ps and Ss learning Digital Cit and the pos/ neg of this new world. A partnership #txeduchat
  205. @KayleyPults what district? I would love to heat more about this process. My district hadn't started. :( I hope to help. #txeduchat
  206. A4) This Q just reminded me that I need to be educating the Ps as well. Not just the Ss... Thanks for the reminder, #txeduchat !
  207. Sorry to hop in late, but I'm Matthew, teaching 6-8 Social Studies. #txeduchat
  208. @matthew_arend Simple to just ask permission at the teacher level beyond the school or district to protect myself and them. #txeduchat
  209. @MrsJones_Merton I know but there are some parents that will and care. We have to be mindful of that and include them. #txeduchat
  210. A4 As a Digital Learning Spec I've given presentations to Ps at campuses to help educate parents! I use lots of @CommonSenseEdu #txeduchat
  211. A3: Let students blog under a cool alias they they created. Ss would think that is fun. :) #txeduchat
  212. @Mmmariaharr How young is too young bc this momma is NOT okay with my personal elem school children on social media #txeduchat
  213. Has anyone had issues from ppl outside the school replying, RT ss posts? Just curious #txeduchat
  214. Funny tho I feel more concerned about #IWishMyTeacherKnew and poems/drawings than about a video of arobot perform its program #txeduchat
  215. A4: This is something we're building at my school. Can't wait to do a Q&A night with my MS parents on this topic! #txeduchat
  216. Q4: #txeduchat Just being real, this is an area I want to focus more n. I want them 2 know Im proud of their child&share what they are doing
  217. A4: I'm upfront w/ my P's on "Back to School Nite." They know about our classroom twitter page & school wide twitter feed. #txeduchat
  218. A4 Bring it up at every PTA meeting, school communication, and all around the building. Once it's out there...it's out there. #txeduchat
  219. A4 By modeling on Twitter, other s/m and holding parent nights to help educate about global learning/digital footprint etc #txeduchat
  220. #txeduchat A4: I als wanted them to know that everyone has one and sometimes at school that is where their child’s voice is heard the most
  221. A4: we had a great parent tech night led by @NancyWTech @techclara @TechKnowLeah important to teach parents digital citizenship #txeduchat
  222. @txchat 100% agree. It's not always the name that's the most personal thing. #txeduchat
  223. @knikole @Mmmariaharr I'm okay with Edmodo but not Twitter or Facebook w/o me knowing about. #txeduchat
  224. A4: Valuable to share, but be mindful of digital citizenship. I wonder about what some parents post at times. (Friends w/kids) #txeduchat
  225. A4: We send out enews and have a district app (for parents and students) with our feeds #txeduchat
  226. @TMag29 @8rinaldi IMO we teach #digcit and students learn proper ways to share voice we have helped them find #txeduchat
  227. A4: I wish parents knew what their kids posted all day. And night. Publicized schoolwork should be the least of their concerns. #txeduchat
  228. @knikole @Mmmariaharr My 5th gr daughter's T issued phones this yr, has them on Edmodo bc it's closed SM. Also removed browsers #txeduchat
  229. #txeduchat A4 At the very beginning of a term for each of my three kids there's a slew of paperwork. Curriculum night is 20 minutes of ???
  230. @urbie Yeah, teaching intellectual property concepts and how to bring them into play will serve Ss for a long time. #TxEduChat
  231. A4: P's have loved being able to keep in touch to see what's going on! Don't post every day...just special events. #txeduchat
  232. Excited to see lots of new faces tonight! Be sure to follow those new to you and grow your PLN! #txeduchat
  233. A4- My experience has been that if you model for parents social media like you would for students they're respond positively. #txeduchat
  234. Students are creating all types of moments! We just have to educate them on creating great moments that will not hurt them! #txeduchat
  235. @MelyndaJones @knikole @Mmmariaharr Can be done w/locked blogs & private class accounts too. Just needs set up/management #txeduchat
  236. A3 #txeduchat Sadly, I don't see an answer for this? U have 2 get P consent and let the Ss go...take chances; that's real world
  237. A3: Publish work w/o using real names. Set up blogs where only parents can access it. Respect Ps wishes not to publish S's work. #txeduchat
  238. @8rinaldi yes I think there more accountability in private schools since money is being tied to the school #txeduchat
  239. A4: If you want parents to learn something, you have to -teach it with good models -start with the end in mind -teach & reteach #txeduchat
  240. A4- When you can validate how social media can be positive it puts parents at ease. Just my opinion. #txeduchat
  241. @herbertoneiljr start in lower grades with positive social media post. Set it up for Ss to think of SM in a positive light. #txeduchat
  242. A4: In general I find most P's thrilled to be updated via twitter! Again, we respect those that don't. No problem. #txeduchat
  243. Part of the reason I tweet & blog using pseudonymous handles is to protect my Ss & research participants. It's a tricky issue! #txeduchat
  244. Yep, agree! We have an elem on SM but we are responsible for his accounts & have had to step in. #txeduchat  https://twitter.com/knikole/status/592500599662358528 
  245. When I teach parents about social media, I don't use the fear method. It's about fun and creating moments! #txeduchat
  246. @knikole @Mmmariaharr my daughter is 6y/o abs she doesn't have an account but I an taking her now about her digital foot print. #txeduchat
  247. @PNetherly I totally agree! Ps just want to know their child will be safe. #txeduchat
  248. @Tom_Kilgore #txeduchat @EduPGH A4 sending form home w/explanations, show resources at Open House, regular emails, calls, @edmodo
  249. A4: We're using social media to teach parents about several aspects of Social Emotional Learning (including digital citizenship) #txeduchat
  250. @PNetherly Agreed, we don't have all parents following our class Twitter account but many do #txeduchat
  251. A4 can do better here....lots of S issues @ school bc of social media....Ps have to set rules and monitor social media a#no tech #txeduchat
  252. @HolcombHawk Regardless of what we think about what kids post, their data is STILL their right to own @TMag29 #txeduchat
  253. @SVicGlass need to start that conversation with my 11 year old ....YESTERDAY...thanks #txeduchat
  254. @debsnet Yes and @edmodo is also great for that! Nice private group in cyperspace! #txeduchat
  255. #txeduchat I think that education regarding social media is something that should be shared often. We must be able to keep up with our kids
  256. A4 - It is important to be ok w/parent still is uncomfortable even after education on the topic. Is it a battle worth fighting? #txeduchat
  257. @SVicGlass Plano. We have been told that they are working it out, so wait. I think it would be faster if each school decided. #txeduchat
  258. A4: Great question. Im not. need to work on that for next year. They have is a document that they do not read. Must be educated #txeduchat
  259. A4 Everyone still learning. Ps who opt out often opt in when they see others sharing. But Ss can have challenging things to say. #txeduchat
  260. @rwootenits Exactly. Once trust and respect from parents is earned, I rarely find consent an issue. #txeduchat
  261. @RafranzDavis ethics & privacy are too important! We can be moved or excited but others' stories & work are not for us to share #txeduchat
  262. @SVicGlass Even though Ss may commonly use SM, doesn't mean they understand the ramifications. #TxEduChat
  263. A2 in the HS setting I think k we should post more with there twitter or instagram handles. They really like that. #txeduchat
  264. @SBoiarsky I agree Susan, we discuss often in our class about what we share & don't, as well as why #txeduchat
  265. Q5 What steps have you taken to learn about data and privacy? Why does this matter? #txeduchat
  266. #txeduchat A4 Ok head hurt. Say you have a class of 30. 5 kids' parents say no way. How do Ts manage it? Separate but equal activities?
  267. @HolcombHawk @AlexVKluge true. I hear it all the time. It's a great example of evolving social media. A yr ago it wasn't. #txeduchat
  268. A4: Our campus communicates w/ Ps really well but we could do a better job educating them on what Ss r really posting. #txeduchat
  269. @Tom_Kilgore It's always nice to see parents embrace social media and learn with their kids #txeduchat
  270. Shaing Ss work is no different than sharing the work of adult- permission should be granted by the owner. If minor then Ps. #txeduchat
  271. @RafranzDavis @JennWillTeach yes yes! & we should be modelling respect for the data of others & their right to own & control it #txeduchat
  272. A5: I've gone to trainings over data and privacy...It matters because it's the law! #txeduchat
  273. @RafranzDavis @TMag29 No doubt. It's key that Ss personal sharing is widely unmonitored by Ps. We should teach proper SM sharing #txeduchat
  274. A5) can you give me some links that will help me learn about data and privacy? #embarrassed @RafranzDavis #txeduchat
  275. #txeduchat A5 Since Q1 googling the subject and asking Mrs. I don't get it. Whilst I don't want my kids young pix out there.. 1/2
  276. @AlexVKluge @SVicGlass And that's why its so important for Ts to teach/model safe and positive digital footprint #txeduchat
  277. A5: Teaching digital citizenship has taught me so much about digital citizenship. #txeduchat
  278. A5 Webinars and online research... Why? I like my job. #txeduchat
  279. @AlexVKluge agreed. Educating Ss I'd an everyday ongoing lesson. It evolves like Google. We must educate the same way! #txeduchat
  280. @PNetherly @Tom_Kilgore Agreed Princess! Embracing a communication tool that is foreign and not understood builds relationships. #txeduchat
  281. A5 I cannot stress enough about the greatness of the Privacy Technical Assistance Center  http://ptac.ed.gov/  #txeduchat
  282. Q5: As digital citizenship liaison on campus I did a good bit of research in order to help ed our Ss abt their digital footprint. #txeduchat
  283. A5 I haven't learned a lot but I make it a point to become familiar with Terms of Service #txeduchat
  284. #txeduchat a5: Again being honest, I haven’t done much in this area. I mean I have tried to familiarize myself w district protocol, thats it
  285. we make a spreadsheet in google drive at the start of the year for who can do what, where, what can & can't be posted #txeduchat
  286. A5: Lots...I want to ensure my Ts and Ss are protected- as @NancyWTech says you can't build a wall to keep all out..must educate #txeduchat
  287. A5 A concern is to be aware of the special circumstances of Ss/Ps IF it's my business. Trust is paramount #txeduchat
  288. Following my first #txeduchat. What is acceptable to share of student work? Learning a lot.
  289. #txeduchat A5 Any friend, relative that ever snapped a pic or received a clay ash tray can put it out there. 2/2
  290. A5: our wifi filters block Instagram and FaceBook our student data comes from the analytics built into the blog sites #txeduchat
  291. A5 learning about & enacting research ethics (eg in my PhD) has been my best trainer in terms of ethical issues #txeduchat
  292. A5: The best thing when it comes to data and privacy is to have common sense! #txeduchat Know your school and community! Know the law!
  293. Sometimes reading Terms and Agreements feel like you need a lawyer #txeduchat
  294. Really the only answer RT: @herbertoneiljr: A5: I've gone to trainings over data and privacy...It matters because it's the law! #txeduchat
  295. A5 I should really learn more. Should know more so I can encourage more. #txeduchat
  296. Follow others in #txeduchat tonight in order to grow you Professional Learning Network!!
  297. @ProfessorX1130 which document?I'm looking forward to parent camp in the fall to educate Ps on theirs & their kids digital FP.#txeduchat
  298. Kids first and that means protecting them and having trusting relationships with parents be respectful of their work -its theirs #txeduchat
  299. A5 I also read and learn a great deal from @funnymonkey via his blog  http://funnymonkey.com/  Great work breaking down TOS #txeduchat
  300. @KayleyPults @SVicGlass Both lawyers and politicians are probably involved. Let us know how it works out, around 2025. :) #TxEduChat
  301. A4: I make my blog as helpful to Ss & parents, showing the positive side of social media. Parents need to know they can trust Ts #txeduchat
  302. A5 I've learned to protect myself against any concerns. Must be above reproach at all times. Professionalism doesn't end at 3:30 #txeduchat
  303. A5 district keeps us pretty informed of dis and don't'so #TxEduChat
  304. Bottom line is that we cannot afford to NOT understand data/privacy. The info is all online. Districts must teach this too #txeduchat
  305. #txeduchat Q5Privacy is important! Our students are growing up in a digital age. We must educate our students.
  306. Hey #txeduchat! In the HOU area? Keep Oct '15 open. We're nailing down a date for some collaborative PD at #EdCampKaty! See u there!
  307. I took more heat as a principal for what I didn't post versus what I posted...They wanted to be in the tweets! lol! #txeduchat
  308. @RafranzDavis #txeduchat Bottom line schools need to take there heads out of the ground and address it. Ignoring serves no one. 1/2
  309. @8rinaldi @SVicGlass Absolutely. And don't forget to teach the teachers and admins too. :) #TxEduChat
  310. @RafranzDavis Thanks for sharing this. Passing this along to more educators! #txeduchat
  311. @herbertoneiljr That’s awesome Herbert! Great perspective- being bold and sharing your thoughts is empowering. #txeduchat
  312. @RafranzDavis #txeduchat At start of this last term, my youngest as a senior, i asked about use of social media and head-in-sand was answer.
  313. A5 - A pvious a applies here. Why does the ss data exist? Who does it benefit, if it is not the ss, why does it exist?