04-19-15 Chat Archive

@SVicGlass hosts #txeduchat "Inspiring Educators to get Connected"

  1. a1: It takes a village! I can't get better without learning new ideas, and I can't do that on my own! #txeduchat
  2. A1: I connect so I can be inspired. Twitter has made me a much better teacher even though I got a ways to go! #txeduchat
  3. A1-To learn & grow from amazing educators. Together we are better! #txeduchat
  4. A1: Connecting allows me to learn from there and improve my practice #lifelonglearning #txeduchat
  5. A1 I connect because I love learning! Connecting with other Edus gives me an opportunity to “stay a student” #alwayslearning #txeduchat
  6. A1 Better Q: Why didn't I connect sooner??? I connect b/c in the USVI everything/everyone is so remote. Love having support 24/7. #txeduchat
  7. @mcnairan3 Great point Andi. Can't tell kids to be passionate e learners and then not be one. #txeduchat
  8. @janamac My youngest daughter is in her 3rd year. We have some of the same connections. #txeduchat
  9. A1: I connect to learn from others outside of my four walls of my district. Everything is not just one way #txeduchat
  10. A1: I connect to learn from others outside of my four walls of my district. Everything is not just one way #txeduchat
  11. A1 I lived and worked as a non-connected educator for 18 yrs. I never want to go back to that way of life & work #txeduchat
  12. @AlexVKluge of course I want2seek like minded people...who doesn't, but I also want to be challenged in my thinking and teaching #txeduchat
  13. A2: after school trg on Excel & a crew of Ts stayed to have a round table for an hour-fifteen mins after the training was over #txeduchat
  14. @msEdtechie @1to1Brian @sarahdateechur you all should check out the #txeduchat! Thinking of y’all as we talk about “connected Edus"
  15. @SVicGlass A2 it was in a dark secluded alley. I had a suitcase and @Tom_Kilgore had a roll of $1 bills.... #txeduchat
  16. @Tom_Kilgore @mmebrady "They are all our children. We will all profit by, or pay for, whatever they become." -James Baldwin #txeduchat
  17. A2: We attended #EdCampNavasota yesterday and collaborated with great educators from all over. Great discussions! #txeduchat
  18. A2 Friday afternoon showing a Ts how a makey makey worked and the opportunities for Ss we went into great ideas #txeduchat
  19. Saturday, with about 75 other awesome educators at #EdCampNavasota -learned about coding, G- Classroom & building relationships #txeduchat
  20. #txeduchat a1. I connect so I can learn from folks much smarter than I am. Plus if I don't connect I'll shrink.
  21. A2: I'll Tweet out a question I have about ed, and someone from my PLN is kind enough to share their answer - a huge help! #txeduchat
  22. A2 The hallway conversations at ASCD in Houston were great. #txeduchat
  23. A2: math project with @edtechchic using Google draw. Awesome ideas came out of it #txeduchat
  24. @txeduchat and I've thought critically about a number of issues that I wouldn't have otherwise as a result of connection #txeduchat
  25. #txeduchat A1 It’s how the challenge @txeduchat .. Constructively, objectively
  26. @MrsJones_Merton Our students do benefit from our connections!!! So do our live-in-the-flesh colleagues #txeduchat
  27. A2: Friday some1 on my PLN asked a question about tech tools - 3 of us were having a discussion and new tools were shared! #txeduchat
  28. A2- thats an easy one...yesterday at #edcamp35 AWESMAZING collab going on there. #txeduchat
  29. A2. A friend held a tech incoherence at his school and now we're having one next week. #txeduchat
  30. #txeduchat a1: because I never want to be content with where I am professionally and I believe iron sharpens iron
  31. A2 This morning during chats ! We're going to connect our classes through skype/voxer to learn from expert in the field- CW #txeduchat
  32. A2: Friday afternoon at a table full of students during lunch duty #txeduchat
  33. Hello! I'm Clara, instructional tech specialist in Plano. Sorry I'm late! #txeduchat
  34. A2 I've started a @goswivl initiative at my school and shared with my fellow APs and tweeps. #txeduchat
  35. A2: Participate in chats a lot but had a great F2F collab at recent #coffeeedu w/ @mcnairan3 and @KariEspin #txeduchat
  36. A2: Showed two ladies in my office how to use keyboard shortcuts to be more efficient in Google Mail. #txeduchat
  37. A2 the idea we are working on May be worth a couple mill from NSF #txeduchat
  38. A2 10 mins ago participating in #apchat I was invited to collaborate on an episode of @BACKCHANNELedu w/ @jcwastler & @Joe_Mazza. #txeduchat
  39. A2 - Connected with another school doing a 1:1 and shared resources. #txeduchat
  40. #txeduchat I just was talking to a Twitter "lurker" about this yesterday
  41. @treyw97 Have you had any luck convincing others about the power of the personalized PD. Some look like I have 3rd eye. #txeduchat
  42. A1: I connect because it's the best way for me to maintain professional relationships I form during conferences and other events. #txeduchat
  43. A2 Um, tonight was pretty spontaneous for me! #txeduchat Missing Tx & looking for inspiration from everyone.
  44. A2: @PaulSolarz tweeted asking for a Skype visit and together we launched a mentoring program w/his Ss the next day. Rewarding #txeduchat
  45. A2 #txeduchat A Google Drive Docs full of collaborated word problems! Very neat! @prissy207
  46. @BrianAlaback I've gone 9 yrs before connecting - too much going on in world of ed to ever ignore again! #txeduchat
  47. #txeduchat A2: online chat with colleague in another state. Never met f2f but always share great ideas
  48. A2 Collaborated thru GHO with @burgess_shelley and adapted our interview process. Seeing the benefits!! #txeduchat
  49. A2 I bought “Stu Superpowers” book at #ASCD15, started reading, and then few days later author was in the #txeduchat! #awesomesauce
  50. A2) dropping everything to come up with a plan for some needy reading kids with @JessPagn11 @MargieFlores73 #txeduchat
  51. @SDartmann7 #txeduchat . I didn't know what I needed to know when I was in college/grad school. Having resources &help in real time powerful
  52. A2: Participated in EdcampHouston yesterday, viewed The Texas Promise w colleagues Thurs while chatting on Twitter to respond #txeduchat
  53. A2: I sent a Tweet out about a new tech tool we bought for our campus, tagged the creators and now were planning a Ghangout. #TXEduChat
  54. A2: when I was getting together with a friend and we just started talking about lessons and makerspace ideas #txeduchat
  55. A2: My last spontaneous collaboration? Getting together over lunch with educators at #EdCampNavasota #txeduchat
  56. @bradmceachern I was at #edcamphouston and learned so much! Such a great wealth of information connecting with educators! #txeduchat
  57. Remember that you can grow your PLN by following others in the chat tonight. #txeduchat
  58. A2: About 5 minutes ago, discussing the best way to present a #PBL workshop to staff. #txeduchat
  59. A1. I connect bc it's a fun, effective, and convenient way to be a lifelong learner. #txeduchat
  60. A2: #txeduchat Coming up with scavenger hunt to send @themrmcewin on with @dockmoore & @rcolemanva so he could find the new 3D Printer
  61. A2.1 Other recent examples include co-moderating #SchoologyChat, & collaborating with @BuffEnglish #D211edchat & ConnectD211 #txeduchat
  62. .@wyowayne68 I've shared like crazy and made it rain jeans passes. Some follow and some don't. #txeduchat
  63. A1: I connect because I'm really bad at staying up to date on new stuff. Twitter especially keeps me aware. #txeduchat
  64. @SVicGlass @Tom_Kilgore Tom needed more topic ideas for his chat and I had some fresh ideas from over seas. #txeduchat
  65. A2: meeting for 3 days last wk- roomie and I collaborated long into night AFTE. meeting all day #txeduchat
  66. I agree and the support network cannot be matched any other way @BuffEnglish #txeduchat
  67. A2) Spontaneous collaboration-- Voxing to arrange flights to share a ride with a friend to #edcampmagic. #txeduchat
  68. @txeduchat If we want other eds to be connected we have to FOLLOW them to get them started! Use #FF and give virtual hug! #txeduchat
  69. A2: Talking to my coworker after school,the convo ended with us talking about the different between contractions/compound words #txeduchat
  70. Q2 A1 Just chatted w a teacher about a conference this summer where we hope to meetup and collab on a vlog together! #txeduchat
  71. A2: That would be when @TheWeirdTeacher opened up a GDoc and all of #weirded collaborated on designing lessons for anyone in need #txeduchat
  72. @TechIntegratio1 So many possibilities by doing this! We are determined to do more of this collaboration next year. #txeduchat
  73. A2: I love the #leadupchat Voxer group and talk daily with people there. I have learned so much from them. #txeduchat
  74. A2) @jamcglone74 from KY joined in our March staff meeting via #448teach. He had a snow day and still dialed in! #txeduchat
  75. A2 There have been various chats I have been in my bed rolled over into a chat & jumped right in. #txeduchat
  76. #txeduchat A2 #AprilBlogaDay is my latest spontaneous collaboration. I missed yesterday. Going strong and reading others’ thoughts n ideas.
  77. @JoAnnJacobs68 Can you tell me us more about how this works. Is it online or in your building? #txeduchat
  78. @wadestanford Yes and great ideas come from the passion you hear on twitter chats #txeduchat
  79. A2: Love that because of 24-7 atmosphere of learning, spontaneous collab happens in a non-stop cycle of neverending awesomeness. #txeduchat
  80. A2: Connected with @mrsvannasdall and we collaborated about Genius Hour in a GHO. #txeduchat
  81. Q2. It was somewhat spontaneous to bump into @smgaillard who is amazing and agreed to be one of the organizers for @edcampGlobal! #txeduchat
  82. @dothinkeducate I am doing PBL/CBL training this summer. Would love to hear your plans for hooking them! #txeduchat
  83. @robert_schuetz I'm loving ConnectD211 - growing a movement slow & steady in our local set of passionate educators! #txeduchat
  84. @LisaMilstead Love this lurking lady! We will "collaborate" once again in June.... #USVI #txeduchat
  85. a2) #txeduchat Last spon collab last week- got together for meeting were thinking of ways to enhance reading at our school before done.
  86. A2) If you can't remember the last time you collaborated... ask yourself if you are really teaching. #reflection #txeduchat
  87. @awillery I just connected w/ pep through another chat & we are going to brainstorm ideas. #txeduchat
  88. A1: I don't know about them, but I know why I didn't: I had no idea how to use SM in this way. Decided to check and here it was! #txeduchat
  89. A2: putting together video submission to BKM contest. #txeduchat
  90. A3: I love perspective of other people, and always feel the need to look outside my own walls to see what's out there. #txeduchat
  91. A3- for me it was a who and not a what...@vwoelders inspired me to join twitter...and for that I owe her a BIG THANK YOU!!!! #txeduchat
  92. A3 All credit goes to @perret02 my MRS (Media Resource Specialist). She showed me how easy and awesome it is! #txeduchat
  93. @HalLRoberts Hey you! I just sent you a bunch, and I mean a bunch, of DM's! Have fun reading! #txeduchat
  94. A2 - Read about a class for Student "help Desk" & we are starting one next year - Super Excited!! Students will tell our story #txeduchat
  95. RT @bethhill2829: A2: I love the #leadupchat Voxer group and talk daily with people there. I have learned so much from them. #txeduchat
  96. A3: stumbled onto a tech edchat purely by accident & now I'm addicted b/c it feeds by brain #txeduchat
  97. Hi, #txeduchat tweeps, it's your favorite Canadian in Mexico: Leslie at American School in #Mty. :)
  98. @LisaMilstead Me too Lisa, there is & will always be more for me to learn if I want to keep improving my practice as an educator #txeduchat
  99. A2 #txeduchat @TCCA12 in @AldineISD was life changing! I had no idea all the Tech out there! It has been a whirlwind since! Thx @SVicGlass
  100. @bethhill2829 YES! The #leadupchat Voxer group is AMAZING! Wonderful collaboration & inspiration! #txeduchat
  101. A3: I encouraged my T's to become connected and decided that I needed to lead by example. Best decision ever. #txeduchat
  102. A3: Was a Twitter lurker until #TarletonOOC with @drcbaker Now I'm constantly trying to get others to get on and tailor their PD #txeduchat
  103. @SVicGlass there is so much power in connecting. Opportunities to work w/ vibrant educators looking to enhance the profession #txeduchat
  104. A3 I had a colleague who was ahead of me in the Twitterverse and pulled me along! Thanks, @AnnaUpah, changed my world! #txeduchat
  105. @txeduchat @SVicGlass I connect because there are so many smart people out there! I can learn so much from them! #txeduchat
  106. Egads! I'm missing #txeduchat tonight! I guess I will have to catch the archives. Too busy w/my Twitter presentation for inservice!
  107. A3: That would be @LorraineShimizu - she invited and modeled the use of tech connections to learn, tried it--- now hooked #txeduchat
  108. A3 We talk a lot about Stu voice, but Twitter gave me a voice too! And it’s great to know other Edus are listening! #txeduchat
  109. A3: I know I process best through conversation, so an opportunity for focused, challenging conversation was a no brainer. #txeduchat
  110. A3 For me, it's not "what"... it's "who"..... anyone want to take a guess at who "made me" do it??? #txeduchat
  111. A2 Heard a teacher talk about @voxer while in line at the grocery store, gave her my handle and we later connected with her team. #txeduchat
  112. a3) #txeduchat Joined T in July. Two days later was sitting on couch early morning and was getting T from a conference Learning connected me
  113. A3: @posickj, showed me the twitter pathway&haven't been the same since! There's a whole world of fabulous educators out there! #txeduchat
  114. A3 - Texas' very own @mattBgomez inspired me! Met him at Nat'l Kind. Ts Conference! Learning on Twitter ever since! #txeduchat
  115. #txeduchat A3 The opportunity to grow and develop collaborative professional relationships. Amazing online and in person experiences so far
  116. @Tom_Kilgore @LisaMilstead if you aren't learning, better check your pulse. You are probably dead #txeduchat
  117. A3 my desire to know more and what else was going on who could I learn from. Make PD my own without waiting for it #txeduchat
  118. @SVicGlass @robert_schuetz it was great to talk to other teachers cross-country who use the same tool I use. #txeduchat
  119. A3 Hanging with @tomwhitby & @drezac 3 yrs. ago @ice_il conference convinced me to become better connected. #txeduchat
  120. A3: Connected with a lot of runners here, enjoyed that, so decided to see if the same was true for education on Twitter. It was! #txeduchat
  121. @SVicGlass #txeduchat the very first tweeps I met in #Edtechchat & #PTchat made want to come back and want more & got it in Texas
  122. a3: A #twitter session at #amle2014 hosted by @blocht574 - showed me the power of #pln - got on #mschat that was the beg of end! #txeduchat
  123. A3 I was inspired by the people I initially connected with & it snowballed from there. #txeduchat
  124. A3: while searching for lesson ideas I discovered #tlap & @cybraryman1 felt like I discovered a lost civilization #txeduchat
  125. @SVicGlass It’s awesome! We will chat and check out the #txeduchat archives via GHO or something!
  126. A3 My PLN from @edmodo not only inspired me to connect through Twitter but still inspire me to be a better educator #txeduchat #edmodochat
  127. A3: I live in rural N. CA. & was the only one in my area aware of the move to Web 2.0 - looking for forward thinking educators. #txeduchat
  128. a2: Friday meeting with edtech team. Discussing PD- How do we change education? #txeduchat
  129. A3: I figured (hoped) that there were more like minded educators out there like me, those risk taking, left field educators. #TXeduchat
  130. @bethhill2829 so true, it's often the ideas of fellow leaders outside of my box that I find most inspiring! #txeduchat
  131. A3-Years ago I started and life took over. I needed to connect again. @MrsMorgansClass inspired me to come back #txeduchat
  132. A2: a spontaneous collaboration resulted in a GHO with a 5th grade class in Missouri so they could see and learn about sharks #txeduchat
  133. I got tired of sorry PD at my schools. When I found out about Twitter, I was hooked. #txeduchat
  134. A3 - Getting involved in a chat 1st time. My master's students have to participate in a chat and then see the power of twitter #txeduchat
  135. A3 @paigehanks showed me the power of twitter for personalized PD. #txeduchat
  136. A3: #txeduchat there is an abundance amount of opportunity to express creativeness by being connectED. Ambition inspired me.
  137. Q3 A1 When I found out teachers were reading my blog to their students while I lived and taught in Costa Rica 10 years ago. #txeduchat
  138. A3: #txeduchat too many free resources & other connected passionate educators to resist. Got pulled in instantly just by lurking on Twiter
  139. A3- My students deserve more. It's my responsibility to create a better learning environment and meaningful experiences for them #txeduchat
  140. Have you ever connected online and then met face to face? Was that connection better or different that if you met f2f first? #txeduchat
  141. A2: brainstroming ideas with @JenaiaMorane and @martysnowpaw to create #touchcast videos for our animal research projects #Txeduchat
  142. @CoburnCori kept telling me all the edu-goodness on Twitter, and I needed to step take charge of my own learning. #txeduchat
  143. A3 Read a blog post by @mrhooker and followed his challenge. Haven't slowed down!! #txeduchat
  144. A3 I was inspired to get connected after attending TCEA14 for the 1st time and connecting with lots of connected educators #txeduchat
  145. Q3 At a conference, Alan November made it look like so much fun and so easy to connect with anyone in the world!! #txeduchat
  146. A3: was a lurker for years and @Gregbagby encouraged me to Twitter chat- thankful for that push. Have a gray f2f and virtual PLN #txeduchat
  147. A3 people I respect & trust never gave up asking me for 2 yrs to get connected. Grateful for their perseverance #txeduchat
  148. A3: I came across #HouseofEdTech podcast and it immediately impacted my perspective as a teacher. #txeduchat
  149. A3) curiosity brought me and consistent learning and networking has kept me here! #txeduchat
  150. A3 After the initial connection, I kept/keep coming back b/c of the fluid channel(s) of ideas. #txeduchat
  151. A3: I "accidentally" became connected...joined Twitter to see what kids were using & realized many educators communicated on it #txeduchat
  152. A3.1 I didn't get the Twitter thing at first. Once I did, there was no turning back. The world is my oyster! #txeduchat
  153. A3) Our state did a great job connecting teachers with TENET in the early 90's. I've been hooked ever since. #txeduchat
  154. A2: found a potential teacher for our STEAM summer program with great ideas for a new course at #Edcamphouston #txeduchat
  155. A3: The flood of positive educational ideas is good for my attitude. Connecting helps me from getting off course as an educator. #txeduchat
  156. A3 I just liked in a couple of chats, then I was in a #tlap chat, I was hooked and now I can't learn enough #txeduchat
  157. A3: building my PLC throughout Texas and beyond. Customized PD #txeduchat
  158. A3: What I learnt was that there are some absolutely inspiring and mind blowing educators out there! So great to learn from them. #txeduchat
  159. @txeduchat better, I think. Like meeting an old friend F2F for the first time. #txeduchat
  160. A3: NYSAIS Tech conference all the way back in 2001. #txeduchat
  161. @BuffEnglish Was it a real awakening ... "aha" moment for you? That teachers are here on twitter? #txeduchat
  162. @SVicGlass @Tom_Kilgore All of a sudden a spot light came on. It was #edchat police. They needed topics too. #txeduchat
  163. @aaron_hogan Agreed. When I am down a chat usually energizes me and puts me back on the right track. #txeduchat
  164. @lesliefarooq Pretty amazing how educators make Twitter a way/place to help each other! #txeduchat Ts out-trend pop culture all the time!
  165. A3: My first reason for joining Twitter was to monitor my son. Little did I know that it would change my life/career. :) #txeduchat
  166. A3 my students were my inspiration To get connected. They didn't want to keep their learning a secret! #txeduchat
  167. @robert_schuetz What do you get from Twitter that you don't or can't in real life? #txeduchat (just curious)
  168. @txeduchat Oh my goodness meeting f2f is awesome.I'm better b/c of these people it's almost like speed dating but waayy better #txeduchat
  169. @BuffEnglish No idea how much ed talk was going on at Twitter before I joined. Thought it was just gossip and random thought. #txeduchat
  170. A3: My love for learning and always wanting my Ss to know more than the teacher next door. lol jk! #txeduchat
  171. A3 Inspried at first @edcamp. It is a constant EDU party on twitter - there is ALWAYS something EDUciting going on 24/7 #txeduchat
  172. A3: Our curriculum super. encouraged all Inst Coaches, trained & hosted chats for us with book studies. Grew from there. #txeduchat
  173. A3-I was inspired by a colleague, & the rest is history - I was hooked! Encouraging my Ts to join in too - a few have! #txeduchat
  174. A3 I changed my whole approach to faculty meetings, even gave a couple of presentations as a result #txeduchat
  175. Q4: What is one way to inspire educators to come aboard? #txeduchat
  176. A3 Sort of fell into it. Thought more about Facebook, but saw so man edu types on Twitter. #TxEduChat
  177. @snydesn2 @R_H_Steele HUGE! Accountability for ourselves is required--we need to surround ourselves w people who will push us. #txeduchat
  178. A3: Just reading about all of the super cool things that were being done in the classrooms of connected educators. #txeduchat
  179. @txeduchat It was. I went from "Twitter is stupid" to "Twitter is an awesome tool!" #txeduchat
  180. @Tom_Kilgore Thanks Tom! I feel honored to be here-- so many great edu possibilities in Texas! #txeduchat
  181. A3 I got stated with Twitter when our MRS group was challenged to tweet 3 times a week! Such great prof learning! #txeduchat
  182. Being connected is a perfect way to continue to be a lifelong learner. #txeduchat
  183. @MrsJones_Merton @posickj The person who showed me the @twitter light is participating in this chat tonight!Thanks @venspired!#txeduchat
  184. @txeduchat I love meeting my tech friends - always feel like I am meeting a celebrity #dontgetoutmuch always awesome! #txeduchat
  185. A3.2 I love attending conferences, once I realized I could get the conference "buzz" any day of the week... the rest is history! #txeduchat
  186. I almost forgot, but I'm here! Bobbie in Houston...what are we talking about? #txeduchat
  187. @txeduchat It's great to meet folks and already know you have shared interest and goals. #txeduchat
  188. @txeduchat Yes! I almost hug my tweeps like we’ve been long time friends! We’ve taken selfies and everything! #txeduchat
  189. @Tom_Kilgore Yes, I used to suspect that somewhere out there someone like me existed; and now I know for sure thanks to Twitter! #txeduchat
  190. A3 @WeverWorld signed me up... but it was 2 yrs later, at a GE conference, hanging w a bunch of tweeps 4 a wk that got me going #txeduchat
  191. A3 I too got inspired after attending TCEA a few years back. #txeduchat
  192. A3 I was inspired by all the amazing people and their willingness to share their free resources. #txeduchat
  193. A3: I've always enjoyed social networking then I attended #txgoo 2 years ago and followed folks that have rocked my EDworld #txeduchat
  194. A3: Was inspired to get started w/ connecting by @utalaniz I just took longer to "listen" & get started than I should have! #txeduchat
  195. A3: I created my @frugalteacher blog in 2011 and quickly discovered how valuable Twitter is. #connected #Txeduchat
  196. A4 I tweet great examples of teaching and learning all around #eddins Fun to give shout outs to my staff! #txeduchat
  197. A4: Sharing great experiences, constantly talking abt how it helps you, modeling, encouraging #txeduchat
  198. I met @8Amber8 here and we worked together shortly after F2F.We've worked 2 develop our F2F relationship ever since. I love her! #txeduchat
  199. A3 LOVE seeing the pics from so many talented educators and Ss. I'm a sucker for the images and quotes. #txeduchat
  200. @janamac Would you be willing to blog about this and let us post it on #txeduchat ?
  201. A4: talk it up, express how much you love learning w/ your PLN & show your calendar with tweetchats listed & set to a reminder #txeduchat
  202. @txeduchat Had the chance to meet several followers at Mid-Winter this year. Awesome time!! #txeduchat
  203. A4 #txeduchat Teach them! Keep is simple! I just introduced a friend to twitter because of all the knowledge one can learn! @prissy207
  204. A4: show value- I'm asked all the time "where did you get that idea"- I try not to smuggly answer :) #txeduchat
  205. @wyowayne68 As an English teacher I thought "What?! 140 characters for MY thoughts? No thanks!" #SoNaive #txeduchat
  206. A3: the immediate & constant learning, & out of the box thinking is what inspired me to get connected. #txeduchat
  207. Well, you can lead a teacher to twitter, but can't make them tweet!Thank goodness @SVicGlass took a risk and embraced Twitter. :) #txeduchat
  208. @treyw97 @weemsamy @techwnancy You three were ready to get connected! And you all add so much to my work! #txeduchat #PLN
  209. A3.1: #txeduchat @Joli_Barker showed me that an enormous amount of learning can take place right here in the twittersphere.
  210. A4 meet them where they are. Find one hook and let it grow from there! #txeduchat
  211. @SVicGlass #txeduchat A2 jumping in on new chats, making new connections and working together on an idea, finding common ground
  212. @MelissaJonesIC I love when there is a district focus. Working on building that critical mass. #txeduchat
  213. A4: Actually show them. Let them see first hand the benefits of the eduTwitterverse. But don't ram it down their throats. #txeduchat
  214. A4: Sharing an honest success story is a powerful way to help others begin to believe in the power of connecting. #txeduchat
  215. A3 Guess if I look beyond recent SM, I was connected for ages. Starting with the earliest Newsgroups / internet chat. #TxEduChat
  216. @SVicGlass #txeduchat I love sharing RL examples of how a Twitter connection has led to collaboration or an author visit, or or or ...
  217. @MrsMorgansClass @JenaiaMorane is locked in her apartment writing the definitive @TouchCast tutorial as a result. #txeduchat Good Stuff!
  218. @txeduchat Great question! Global perspective, on-demand support, & learning on my terms are my initial thoughts on this #txeduchat
  219. @rwootenits This is like a college course with a Wealth of great info in Cliffnotes form! (but accurate lol) #txeduchat ROCKS!
  220. A4 Show Ts the power it can have in an area of their interest. Talk about it show them one on one #txeduchat
  221. A4: We are offering a "Hashtags & PLNs and TweetChats, Oh MY" workshop in Aug. to model, do a mock chat, practice w/colleagues. #txeduchat
  222. A4: I have three members of my admin team lurking right now... Just have to get people to dip their big toe (or thumb) #txeduchat
  223. A4-Modeling. Sit w/ them and show them how to use it. Encourage use by having a school hashtag they can share to. #txeduchat
  224. A4: Share the things that you learn from being connected. #txeduchat
  225. A4: pay it forward to all teachers the resources and ideas we learn online and eventually they will ask for the source #txeduchat
  226. A4: One of my favorite phrases is, "Look at what I found on Twitter!" #txeduchat
  227. A3b: I think it's important for Ts to see the value of Twitter and address the misconceptions of it! #JustinBieber #txeduchat
  228. A4: #edcamphouston got quite a few Ts tweeting for the first time, or refreshing their relationship with Twitter. #txeduchat
  229. @SVicGlass @rwootenits if only we could write a masters thesis in 140 characters...that would ROCK! #txeduchat
  230. @rwootenits @CoburnCori Spent Thursday & Friday with her - watching her do her thing. She's an amazing woman & educator #txeduchat
  231. A4: inspire by require.... All of our Ts are on Twitter for PLNs - offer lots of support/time/training/coaching #txeduchat
  232. @SVicGlass #txeduchat @EduPGH #kti2014 @PAECT A1 Connecting is how we grow, continue to learn, share our ideas, learn new ones. @edcampPGH
  233. A4: Share your personal journey of becoming a connected educat. Start with 1 tool & support & praise along the way. Make it fun! #TXEduChat
  234. a4: tell them all the great ideas you got from your #PLN - I'm vocal about "go this idea or resource on a twitter chat" #txeduchat
  235. A4: We inspire each other to get connected by capitalizing on our relationships and walking side by side #txeduchat
  236. A3 I was inspired to connect & learn beyond the boundaries of my district & the ps they provide #txeduchat
  237. @wyowayne68 yes, now I am trying to replicate on my campus but it is slower to build. #txeduchat
  238. A4 Share with & show them your fantastic resources. Promote it like a relentless PR rep! #unwavering #txeduchat
  239. A3. Challenged to use Twitter at ISTE in Denver 5 years ago, never looked back, only forward. #txeduchat
  240. @SVicGlass @Tom_Kilgore nathan vanished into the dark using his Sith powers. Whitney weaved through the traffic #txeduchat
  241. A4 Model, keep talking about the power, get them involved in a chat that meets their needs. Tell them you find this on "twitter" #txeduchat
  242. @aaron_hogan Telling the story of connecting is so powerful! I love to share mine to help others see its benefits. #txeduchat
  243. A4: We can inspire educators to join us & connect by showing value. We have to tell the stories of what we have learned/gained #txeduchat
  244. A4: Show them that it's not the monthly faculty meeting or the unscheduled PD on early dismissal day! #txeduchat
  245. @txeduchat of course I would. Always willing to blog. Helps me reflect #txeduchat
  246. A4 Lead a PD session centered around power of Twitter. They start to "get it" after that. #txeduchat
  247. A4: working on this. Competition among our staff. Using model presented at TCEA Spread the fire #txeduchat
  248. #txeduchat A4 Share the benefits. Speak of personal experience and show evidence of growth. Inspirational value alone is worth the leap.
  249. A4: #txeduchat Others need not be scared. Dive in, play around, experiment. Learn through one of the best methods; trial and error.
  250. A4 I offer teachers tech cash for tweeting. They can buy jeans passes etc with it #txeduchat
  251. A4: use the ideas you learn from others, and share where it came from #txeduchat
  252. @awillery @wyowayne68 I started following celebs & politicians, then realized: "What are all these teachers talking about here?" #txeduchat
  253. A4-When they see the great things happening with their own eyes or hear the awesomeness they want to join. Share, share, share! #txeduchat
  254. A4: when they ask me "where did you learn that?" I always give credit to my pln and social media. #txeduchat
  255. A4) #txeduchat Tweet Parties. Have hosted on and have another in a couple weeks. Learned the idea from @Jennifer_Hogan
  256. A4 - @lorigedwillo and I hosted a "come try Twitter & a chat with us" night! 2 came but that's better than 0! #txeduchat
  257. @TMag29 Those that are lurking should just jump in! We all had to at some point. Many are here to help you learn Twitter! #txeduchat
  258. @rwootenits It is awesome to see the success and still see them on chats after the class has ended. #txeduchat
  259. Q4) I email tweets 2 resources I think they will connect with in their work.Then they ask where do these great things come from? #txeduchat
  260. A4 When I share something that impresses people, I be sure to mention the discovery coming through my Twitter PLN. #txeduchat
  261. A4: I kept talking about cool stuff and convos on here & enticed @rdavisteaches. Keep talking it up: show 'n' tell every day! #txeduchat
  262. @bethhill2829 I use that one all the time - share articles & ideas w/ my Ts to model power of connecting! #txeduchat
  263. Q3. I was inspired to become connectED by the many awesome teachers who work in my district #txeduchat
  264. #txeduchat A3 Being in a major rut Fall of 2013 got me looking outward, not in the usual places.
  265. A4: Important for peers to see importance of continuous learning. #txeduchat
  266. A4: Lead by example. I like to lead w/ "I learned this on twitter." "I saw this on twitter." "I heard about this on twitter." #txeduchat
  267. #txeduchat Twitter lets me open my CR door to like-minded Ts. We spend all day w/Ss and we love to talk > Twitter lets us share it all!
  268. A4 Keep sharing what U learned & where Ur source comes from Personally invite them 2 join U. Keep asking until they join join #txeduchat
  269. A4: #txeduchat show them! Show off the resources you find from being connected and they will get curious
  270. A4 Make it meaningful to them. Show them examples of teachers similar to them and how they utilize such a great resource. #txeduchat
  271. A4 If you say "I saw it on Twitter" enough, they start listening. #txeduchat
  272. A4: I have encouraged staff to get connected via Twitter and we are getting there! Several celebrate via tweets daily. #txeduchat
  273. A4: share ideas and it sparks conversations and where I learned about it. #txeduchat
  274. @rwootenits yesterday was a day full of hugs...edcamps meeting my PLN WOW #txeduchat and yes "win-win"
  275. A4 Continously share things that you find from your PLN and eventually they will ask "where do you get all this??" #txeduchat
  276. A4.1: #txeduchat There is a whole world of resources, collaboration, and inspiration right in our very reach.. why not take advantage?
  277. A4: Share the power of being connected & our responsibility to encourage each other - "Learn to Share, Share to Learn" #txeduchat
  278. @snydesn2 Well said sir, if we show the outcomes we have achieved & what we have learned folks join in! #txeduchat
  279. @wyowayne68 @BuffEnglish Me too! I joined and just let it sit there for over a year before I realized the power 4 learning here #txeduchat
  280. A4 Share, Share & Share some more. You never know if and when it will happen so don't quit. #txeduchat
  281. A4: Exposing them quickly to people that are in their position. #txeduchat
  282. A4 I have actually stopped trying to convince Edus to use Twitter. They have to find their own why? IMO #txeduchat
  283. A4: We have to show them the value of having a PLN that is always there to help and HOW it can benefit them. #txeduchat
  284. @skimbriel Yes! I also like embedding tweets in blog posts to credit the source, and expose the sharing place! #txeduchat
  285. A4 - I show them how fast my #PLN responds to my needs, then we practice tweeting & I share my PLN with them. Voila! Hooked! #txeduchat
  286. I also encouraged the teachers at my school to try the 21 day Twitter challenge! #mwetchrs #txeduchat
  287. A4 attach it to things you are already doing. We started a book study and have a Twitter feed with it! #BCBookChat #txeduchat
  288. A4 share share share. Connects me to others who are inspiring and that I can inspire #txeduchat
  289. @mellissasanchez #txeduchat @EduPGH A3 Absolutely, I want to be the best T I can, and provide what they need. Totally agree :)
  290. A4 Model, Model, Model for them. Tell "your story" of how/why you connected... what Twitter is/isn't. Squash the misconceptions. #txeduchat
  291. A4: I try to focus on telling my story and showing colleagues what connectedness has offered me. #txeduchat
  292. A4 Bring them along slowly. Creep, crawl, walk, run! Sometimes trying to follow 5 chats at once can be overwhelming ;) #txeduchat
  293. have to check out early, #txeduchat - can't wait to read the log later :) have a great week!
  294. A4 Let them know you got ideas for today's awesome lesson on Twitter! Then show them how to use Twitter! #txeduchat
  295. Scott from Texas here with a Rocky and Bullwinkle, my pet squirrels and my 2 remaining gray cells. Lurking while cooking #txeduchat
  296. RT @bradmceachern: A4: We have to show them the value of having a PLN that is always there to help and HOW it can benefit them. #txeduchat
  297. #txeduchat Meeting passionate educators that are so committed to their craft continues to energize me. A4
  298. A4 I try to email an interesting article (link) to my staff every week with mention that its from Twitter #txeduchat
  299. A4: Share your classroom story via a classroom twitter page. Ours is: @jonesclass103 #txeduchat
  300. @BobedaRobert Try "slowedchat or just "lurk" the first time. Also use @TweetDeck to help organize. #txeduchat
  301. Q5: What are some resources to share with Future ConnectED Educators? #txeduchat
  302. @rwootenits I agree. People need to find this and apply in their own time for it to be effective. #txeduchat
  303. @bethhill2829 You need to visit with @steve_principal!! He has a great plan to advance Twitter on his campus. #txeduchat
  304. A4 .@MelanieBurford3 did a great Twitter 21 day challenge with her group. It was cool! #txeduchat
  305. A4: I share things w staff from my PLN, and spotlight how I network with people all over the country (and world) #txeduchat
  306. A4 My Twitter PLN was like a hidden treasure. I've found a goldmine of thoughtful, savvy, progressive, divergent thinkers! #txeduchat
  307. @SOC54 Great to have you with us. You sound creative and we really like that. We hope you jump in and share soon :) #txeduchat
  308. We also have to help them get over the fear of being on social media. So much can be shared in 140 characters. #txeduchat
  309. A4 just invite to your fav chat & intro them to the group! #txeduchat
  310. A4 Demonstrations! A demonstration is worth a 1000 presentations. Here is an example w/ @donald_gately  http://bit.ly/1LxyLaf  #txeduchat
  311. A4 (cont) It’s related to finding “Like-minded” Edus. If I have to coax you, you may not be “like-minded” #txeduchat @iamDrWill
  312. A5: Twitter, duh! And not be afraid of twitter chats and all the people and resources shared during them. #txeduchat
  313. A4: When Ts turn to me &I ask a question, I say "Wouldn't it be nice to have dozens of customized Ts you could turn to any time?" #txeduchat
  314. @BobedaRobert Very true Robert, we can show them how with "practice" Twitter sessions on campus hashtags and #nt2t #txeduchat
  315. @rsvoigt Interesting post your wrote inviting 5 respondents... I like! Lost the link, pls retweet? #txeduchat
  316. @rwootenits I have found some have such limited knowledge. When given sales pitch they are in. #txeduchat Sometimes need to lead to water.
  317. A5 Specific chats/hashtags/educators to follow and help them get started. #txeduchat
  318. A5: Share @TweechmeApp for visual learners and then model how to use @TweetDeck to ease chats #txeduchat
  319. My Connected Educatorsp g  http://cybraryman.com/connectededucator.html  Be Connected - Be Engaged - Be Informed tl enable you to be a constant learner #txeduchat
  320. A4 Model the benefits. Highlight experiences and encourage others to try something new. There is an abundance of opportunities. #txeduchat
  321. A4 the goal is 2 get folks 2 share & collaborate. The format becomes secondary. Our job is 2 important 2 go at it not connected #txeduchat
  322. @awillery Thanks. We're hoping it goes well. I'll be on TweetDeck and my co-presenter on HootSuite, both on screen to watch. #txeduchat
  323. A4 I tell those not on board that connectED means 24/7. Bend it to your schedule so it doesn't become another thing to do. #txeduchat
  324. A4 I give a Digital Advocate award complete w/ PD badge on doors to promote other Ts to get connected.  https://youtu.be/XG8y2XK3tk4  #txeduchat